ex-OSA staffmember works to reform the subject of Scientology

[Note – The post which follows below is a statement I made which did not use names or Scientology terminology, calculated to expose a history of Human Rights violations on the part of Corporate Scientology management, culminating in my expulsion without recourse, hearing, nor anything in writing.  I posted this on my Facebook page on 28 April of this year 2012, after finding out that Mat McCauley, the Inspections & Reports Officer of “Ideal Org” Scientology Dallas, had slandered me to another former staff member I used to work with, resulting in a cancellation of a counseling appointment with his son.  This was on top of his participation in a covert effort on the part of OSA (Office of Special Affairs) to win my trust, and get sensitive personal information transferred up to Dallas from Costa Rica, where my wife was waiting for my return, to “good standing” – deceptively leading us to believe that this was where our efforts were leading.  This serves as a classic example of how Corporate Scientology management covertly manipulates the lives of former, loyal staff members who fall under their suspicion for refusing to participate in Human Rights violations.  All in a desperate, despotic effort to cover up crimes that David Miscavige is in terror of having revealed.]

Lo que Dios ha unido, que no lo separe el hombre.
What God has joined together, let no man separate.
(Why they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder. – Mark 10:9)

First my marriage – now my livelihood – under attack.

No reports, no unhappy recipients of helpful counseling, no indicators of ill-will or “disaffection”. AND NOTHING IN WRITING.

I am “under investigation” once again. “Shunned” in the midst of suspicions and false accusations. Just like in 2002 when I was held against my will on a ship off the coast of Venezuela, delayed from returning to my public school teaching job – my livelihood at that time. Held and treated like a prisoner, though I had just contributed over $7,000 from a teaching salary of less than $2,000 per month, on top of fully manning my post to the late hours of most nights, in defense of “mankind.”

Criminal, illegal detention then. Criminal, illegal slander of character now. International Human Rights violations (my marriage is international – the ship was in international waters) subject to the overview of international treaty agreements, suit and prosecution under international law. Now, it’s also slander of character, hoping to deprive me of support, furthering that outlawed practice they (and I, as former spokesman) so vehemently deny employing, once entitled, “Fair Game”.

Criminals behave oh, so strangely, when they think that you know their real crimes.

And just maybe, I do.

Let he who has involved himself in this, be warned. My story will be told.

Your shameful, cowardly harassment of a sincere, humble and impoverished man who gave 18 years of his life to a dream you killed, will be exposed to the world. And I will see that my friends and comrades get the full fruits of all you have withheld from them, while you lavished in the wealth, and wallowed in the power, of that stolen from their labors and from their very lives.

They too, are sincere, humble and impoverished. I have not forgotten them, nor have I given up on the dreams that we sought to attain as we worked side-by-side. I pledge to do all I can to see that their contributions were not made in vain.

I have the means to do so in fact, almost exclusively through my hard-earned understanding of that wisdom which you so greedily sell, alter and abuse.

As a matter of fact, I have been full tilt, at my own expense, developing ways for those you have denied what was plainly promised, and only never delivered due to your criminal negligence as well as active suppression, for them to one day soon, actually have what is rightfully theirs.

The founder would have wanted it so, and this he so plainly stated.

So if you suspect me of conspiring to help restore a legacy you reactively through your crimes, have worked to destroy, I stand guilty as charged.

I once, oh so foolishly, consented to placing my daughter in your care, wisely denying herself the “chance”, as she in her youthful innocence had her own instincts for detecting criminal abuse. And then years later, had to rescue her from the brink of a disaster with the very technology you failed her utterly in your greed, to deliver. That bought-and-paid-for right to receive help which went undelivered, in criminal exchange, for over a decade. That which was paid for by a desperate believer – a working executive in your “order” – with his last hard-earned “set-asides” through months of hardship.

Oh, you say, “a mistake made in the lower ranks that we do not condone.” Really? Was that person encouraged by your example, to render service unselfishly? Was that person not rewarded for her neglect?

What yardstick is finance for measuring a “spiritual crusade”???

Goodness, righteousness, frowns at such arrogance. Justice weeps that you are not content to leave alone those who sacrificed their retirements, their futures, their youth and their dreams, but must look for ways and means of harassing them lest they reveal the simple power of the legacy and threaten your monopoly on it – or worse – expose your crimes against it.

Because we are a forgiving and innocent people, we only recently placed trust in moving up once again, to the “next step” with our hard-earned money – food for the coming months during which employment is uncertain and threatens to be scarce – freely “donated,” only to be turned away, our money in your hand – stolen.

Stolen. And not in one, isolated example, but many. Saint Kitts; San Jose, Costa Rica; Mexico City; Dallas, Texas; over and again. STOLEN from an active volunteer worker furthering projects benefiting “all mankind”!

THOUSANDS of dollars. THOUSANDS of hours. Retirement money.

All while I blew the whistle on factual, federal and national, crimes being perpetrated by certain small sectors of those “wealthy and influential” donors you’ve courted so enthusiastically with fundraising projects declared illegal by our founder at the first inkling of their existence.

You want crimes?

And you dare to place me “under investigation” for rumored errors in my own successful application of that which I managed to train for, alongside my continued contributions to the safety and well-being of all.

Another success among many, but which in this case resulted in a human being free from an addiction to hard drugs. Until that moment, one of your victims.

No longer.

I have cleaned up plenty other of your messes – “flaps” (disasters) blamed on your footsoldiers, left behind in your arrogance. I have even restored sanity to a psychotic, made so with your exported, make-guilty twist on techniques intended for the compassionate, but abused with wild abandon by the ambitious whom you carefully keep ignorant.

Even so, I have remained up to now and well beyond the day you illegally ejected me – without written declaration or the presence of ONE SINGLE written report – in gross violation of founding policy – willing to continue on! Contributing quietly to the dream and willing to leave the failure-stricken past behind, joyfully contributing to the expansion of awareness in others. The one and only public student of actual counseling technique enrolled at a center purportedly -dedicated- to the training of such techniques!

In fact, I was, up until I was driving in today on a failing tire to deliver help and service to a former comrade in need, quite ready to take your bad medicine, hold my nose, and keep on delivering selfless service to my friends, hoping that the truth would come to light and sanity would be restored.

For me, writing up reports such as this one, had become “wasted time” – time that could be spent bringing my friends and family to happier survival.

I wasn’t able to deliver help today because I was “third-partied” (slandered). And once again, foiled in helping my fellow man at my own expense – by your drunken, uncalled-for intervention and interference.

You have betrayed the dream of “help for all”. You have truly converted a potential temple of God into a den of thieves. And where it does not appear so to the trained eye, it is only because silently responsible practitioners whose motive remains to deliver real help, silently keep to those principles on which the subject was founded.

You once conspired successfully, to steal a legacy and murder a dream. Now you have invaded my city, tricked my friends into buying into and paying for, your outpost of oppression, and sent in your abusive henchmen (and women!) to garrison your center from which you propose to rob more souls for your twisted scheme. And so that murder of the dream, as perpetrated on its very founder, goes on.

You have enslaved my people with a virtual black enchantment. You have become just another, confirmed Merchant of Chaos.

With what shock did I return to your “travesty” – trumpeted as “accomplishment” – yet staffed by stubborn troops tricked into service and pressed into weak submission by your dark, abusive emissaries (always, always, hastily “recalled” lest even the rich and influential amongst us scream foul).

Knowing that my wife of my dreams – a true believer – herself an ethical and heroic whistleblower of earlier actual crime committed in the name of gross income – sent me here to restore my path to “good standing” on a shoestring. I bravely and sincerely submitted to such a challenge after being literally beaten half to death by another, lesser criminal. We both desperately awaiting word of my progress to this end. You yet presented me with an illegal and off-policy, verbal declaration that I was deemed an “enemy” of a group that I was productively and cooperatingly contributing to.

Then you left the matter open – for MONTHS now! – a mockery of justice – and verbally slandered me to my friends and shamed me before my wife, as others in her home country also had succeeded in doing in their ignorance and propitiation to your demands for ruthless treatment not found ANYWHERE in the founder’s writings, for any “do-it-yourselfers”.

You even used our trust in your promise to right the recent injustices, to gather “evidence” for your flimsy chain-of-command (I know every step and every skipped step in it – I worked in it!) – all at my wife’s expense!

Are you waiting to explain your repeated denial of my right to committee of evidence internally, before some international court of Human Rights?

Listen – you just haven’t anything to get me on. No crimes, internal or external, for which you could convince all but the most hypnotized and deluded, to hang me with.

Well, so you needed justification to declare me an enemy of your squirreled-up version of the founder’s “group” – here it is. Write it to my committee of evidence file. I haven’t named any names, but it’s obvious I am not writing about my school teaching career!

If you hadn’t quite illegally, viciously and covertly hostilely, cut nearly every last one of my communication and sustenance lines amongst friends and associates spanning decades, I would not need to now “fill the vacuum” in such a manner. You really do create your own enemies.

But I really can, “self-counsel” my affinity-reality-communication-understanding breaks and upsets and go happily on forward to fight the fire.

We are taking hold of the firetruck now – you and those deluded enough to follow you are now the “cur” dogs (or “curb” dogs – same thing).

Shame on YOU.

You – especially your authoritarian, abusive leader – an unclassed and unqualified “counselor”, who long ago lost your chance at certification by punching(!) your client in a “spiritual counseling session” and then went on in brutal violence and intimidation, to hijack the founder’s legacy, using the money you embezzled from him against him, manipulating his communications, destroying his family and holding his wife hostage the last years of her life, and quietly writing her out of history as she died of cancer in 2002 under the eye of your loyal watchers.

You will slither away in your shame and unrepentant greed, and collapse in on your mockery made of an otherwise real, pathway to freedom.

The truth will out.

And, with everything in my power, I will humbly continue to work at that which I have sought my entire life to do.

I stand with God as my witness, on the strength of the truth and justice herein.

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