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Once upon a time there lived a lonely teacher who loved to play music, in the middle of the great kingdom known as Texas.   One day he received a special message from a beautiful Princess who lived in a far away land – the land of the “rich and beautiful coasts  – Atlantic and Pacific” – a faraway land known as Costa Rica.

This “lonely teacher who loved to play music” was very happy to receive messages from the beautiful Princess all the way from the faraway land of Costa Rica.  He sent back happy messages to her, and soon the beautiful Princess was ready to travel on the long journey to see this “lonely teacher who loved to play music” in the faraway land known as Texas.

When the beautiful Princess arrived she was very pleased with this “lonely teacher who loved to play music,” and she fell in love with him.  Now the “lonely teacher who loved to play music” was not lonely any more.   And he too, was in love with the beautiful Princess from the faraway land known as Costa Rica.

While the beautiful Princess was visiting this “teacher who loved to play music,” he had a birthday and his family invited them to a celebration one night.   His mother baked him a cake with birthday candles, for eating after a delicious meal for the beautiful Princess and “the teacher who loved to play music.”  

“Make a wish before you blow out the candles, Uncle Scott!” exclaimed the excited nieces of the “teacher who loved to play music.”

No one really knew it, but the “teacher who loved to play music” was really a Prince inside!  And deep down he knew that he really belonged with the Princess.  He had already asked the beautiful Princess to go to the Faire with him the next day and he was quite happy about their plan.  So when it came time to make a wish, the Prince closing his eyes, thought about what he really wanted and went about making a very special wish and a very beautiful plan.  

The candles went on burning for a minute.

He was thinking of a special ring – not like the usual ones, but something different – one made with special care.  And he was also hoping to find a special place at the Faire where he could present her with this special ring.  “Yes – the Faire!” he thought to himself secretly with excitement.  “I will find a special ring at the Faire, and at a special place there I will ask this beautiful Princess for her hand in marriage.”

Finally, after what seemed a long time in the “world of thought,” the Prince was finished with his great wish (although in the “world of real things” this magnificent plan had only taken less than a minute!)  In his imagination he was dreaming of finding a very special ring for the beautiful Princess.

The next day the Prince and the beautiful Princess made the journey away from town to attend the Faire.  Kings and queens, knights and ladies; a perfect place for a Prince and Princess to spend the day.

Now the Prince wanted to surprise the Princess and so he kept his secret plans well.  He made sure that the beautiful Princess saw all of the Faire except the special place he had imagined.  They helped each other find their way out of a big maze, the Prince kneeled to kiss the hand of the beautiful Princess, and then they both sat down to watch an awesome show of the great birds of prey.

Finally, the Prince was ready to carry out his plan.  But he needed a special ring.  He needed this ring to have a diamond as a symbol of lasting love.  And he needed this ring to fit the hand of the beautiful Princess.  How would he know what size to fit her finger?  Did he have enough gold to pay the ringmaker?  These were anxious questions, but the Prince was not worried.  He believed that his dream would come true.  He knew it would!

The Prince took the beautiful Princess to the place the Prince had seen in making his wish.  To his amazement, he found a beautiful garden with flowers and a sitting area for two, beyond a tiny bridge over a tiny stream.  And then, not far away he found – again, just as he had imagined – a shop full of rings.  Yes, full of rings – but – none, as far as he could see at first, with diamonds.  The Prince pretended that he was interested in a ring for himself and he searched the rings on display for some special ring he knew would be there, made for a Princess.

But wait – yes!  The Prince could see one ring in all the dozens of rings there; just one, special puzzle ring made out of 4 rings which wove together in a beautiful pattern.  This was the one! The one he wanted to give to the beautiful Princess.  And it was the one and only ring there in all the great Faire, that had the special diamond that he needed.  

But you see, the beautiful Princess was there with him and so the Prince had to hide his excitement at finding it, and pretend he was ready to move on.

Now, the beautiful Princess loved the Prince but she was in a strange faraway land and was still learning the new language of the Prince.  The Prince went off to buy the special ring and other presents for the beautiful Princess.  But when the Prince had told her she should sit and watch the musicmaking and wait for him to find something he wanted to look for, the Princess thought that the Prince would be right back!  

So when the Prince turned back up at the music circle after a whole hour had passed, the Princess was not pleased!  The musicmakers had long since gone from the music circle and the Princess had been left all alone!  The Prince had the special ring in his pocket, but he could see that the Princess was in no mood to receive a gift.  In fact, she was ready to just go home.  So he made his sincerest apologies and gently convinced her to take a little walk, coaxing her gently to stay a while longer, holding her hand and offering all of his special, loving attention.  The beautiful Princess began to feel very special again, and before long the Prince decided it was time to go to the special place he had found, in order to ask her the special question.

Now the Faire was closing at this hour and along came a guard of the Faire who told the Prince and Princess, who were seated in the special place talking, that it was time to go.  This could have ruined everything, but the Prince was very polite, needing so badly to quickly convince the guard of the Faire to let them stay.  With a gleam in his eye he promised the guard they would not be much longer in leaving the Faire.

More minutes passed as the Princess, who had already been given a little gift to explain the time away, began to wonder what the Prince was up to.

“Will you marry me?” the Prince finally said as he sat beside the beautiful Princess under a little arch made of plants and flowers.  Now the beautiful Princess was filled with surprise and wonder at the Prince and his magic question.  Could this be true?  Was the handsome Prince of her dreams really interested in joining her in marriage?  She thought for a moment, after asking the Prince to please repeat his question so she could be sure that was what he was really asking.

The Prince waited with anticipation.

“Yes,” she said finally and kissed the Prince.  The beautiful Princess had seen for herself that this “teacher who loved music” was really a Prince inside!  The Prince of her dreams!  

But now it was time to go.  So after the Prince and his beautiful Princess left the Faire which was ending for the day, the Prince showed the beautiful Princess the special ring.  The Princess was pleased!  The ring and its diamond was small, but it was very special.  

Just how special was the magic of the ring?  Well, besides looking “magic,” it was the only special ring topped by a diamond, that could be found in all of the Faire!  But there was one more requirement that would really make it magic.  Like Cinderella’s glass slippers, it was important to find the right fit!   Was it really the right one?  It was specially made and it could not be re-sized.

The Prince had the Princess close her eyes.  He took her hand and slipped the ring on her finger.

Magic!  It fit perfectly on the ring finger of the beautiful Princess!  

The Prince was happy.  The Princess was pleased!  The birthday wish and dreams of the Prince had really come true – and in the same magical way the Prince had imagined!  

The beautiful Princess worked hard to prepare for a special wedding.  She had lovely sky-blue dresses made for all the girls, and had more special puzzle rings of the same kind, made especially for the wedding with her Prince.  

And so, the Prince and the beautiful Princess were married at the end of that same year, each singing a special song to the other, and with a special walk through the flowers, went on to LIVE HAPPILY…

“Please join us Saturday, December 27th, 2003 – at 10:30am
at our Wedding at the Church of Scientology – Celebrity Centre Dallas

MrGordon (Scott Gordon) and Tatiana Lepiz

The beautiful Princess, magic ring visible on her finger, when she was still waiting for her Prince to return to her (banished by an “evil emperor” from ever seeing his beautiful Princess again).


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  1. My undying admiration to you, Scott.

    May your years be many and long and filled with love.


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