ex-OSA staffmember works to reform the subject of Scientology

While Director of Special Affairs at the Celebrity Centre Dallas, I, Scott Gordon, started and ran an active local chapter of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, founded by the late, great Thomas Szasz, champion of liberty and opponent of coercive political psychiatry.

Front Cover

CCHR North Texas was closely allied with CCHR Texas, perhaps the most effective CCHR group on the planet, and was a descendent of Dallas CCHR Investigator Bob Frybarger’s phenomenal take-down of psychiatric fraud in the largest-ever FBI raid of its kind in the early 1990’s on Charter hospital and its pay-off scheme which recruited patients into enforced psychiatric treatment for all the insurance money they could bilk.

2012 raid in Houston – those psychs are still at it…

I oversaw the primary function of the group newly formed – to field and follow-up on, complaints from victims of the abuses of coercive psychiatry.  One particularly sinister organization that figured into the harassment and enforced deprivation of children from their parents, was a group operating extra-constitutionally (a law unto themselves, claiming right to seize children without a writ of Habeus Corpus or other constitutional due process measures that we have grown to expect since the founding of this country) known as CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES.

And in my briefings to higher-ups in the Social Reform wing of the Office of Special Affairs, I learned that  Child Protective Services was known to the church as a key component of suppressive, coercive psychiatry.

It was so feared in fact, that I was advised to proceed “cautiously” (undaunted, I did proceed, quietly assisting more than one mother to recover custody of her children) and to avoid publicly revealing the abuses being uncovered “until such time as we can afford to do so” (which was never, because church management continues to undermine the heroic efforts of its volunteers by shamelessly exploiting its PR value and channeling the resulting monetary contributions into dazzling idle-org-style, extravagant displays, leaving individual investigators such as Ken Kramer, to develop effective campaigns using their own personal resources).

(I know all about that – the above accomplishments required my own personal time and money investments to pull off).

As in any group, there are “good and bad” members and for sure, not all of CPS offices are corrupt, however, the number of complaints reaching the public (with multiples more suppressed or invalidated through terror) leaves little doubt that the agency has operated outside the law and could be therefore considered rogue and dangerous.  Moreover, the rules (or rather, lack of rules) that these agencies are allowed to operate from, practically guarantee that abuses will occur and that the system will be manipulated suppressively (and as you are about to learn, David Miscavige’s OSA and/or Attorney-hired Private Investigator minions have apparently attempted this very despicable manipulation at his behest).

So, hey – chills ran up and down my spine when I got into this brief report by ex-Scientologist mother of two (third on the way), Claire Headley, who with her husband Marc, in recent years left the church to start a new life and their own family after growing up in the Sea Organization, the lifetime service organization that is used to manage the corporate church of scientology.


David Miscavige

David Miscavige – practitioner of criminal psychiatry

This makes David Miscavige, author of the campaign of terror waged against the Headleys for daring to speak the truth about their experiences in the cult, a WILLFUL AND KNOWING ACCOMPLICE in utilizing THE SAME TERROR OF UNCONSTITUTIONAL SEIZURE employed over the past century in state-sponsored PSYCHIATRIC terrorism against POLITICAL OPPONENTS – that LRH wrote against in his Freedom Magazine articles:


and particularly:

Today’s Terrorism

Any who are not convinced that CPS operates extra-judicially and extra-constitutionally, need to do their research:


The children of Marc and Claire Headley were in this instance, very lucky.  Their auditor-trained, very “theta” Mom was able to demonstrate to a decently-oriented CPS investigator that any complaint about their home environment was clearly false.

The Headleys

It doesn’t matter whether you are “in” or “out” of the “church” of Scientology, or what you think of Marc Headley’s courageous whistleblowing and his insistence he is now an “ex”-Scientologist.  This should be a point of grave concern as it covertly though clearly, violates Human Rights and threatens their very existence in our civil society.

I am not exaggerating the implications here, I promise you.

David Miscavige was willing to put the Headleys’ kids at risk of coercive psychiatric drugging (a very common outcome of foster home placement) and to possibly tear apart their family*, by engineering a knowingly FALSE REPORT to one of the most suppressive agencies ever conceived on planet Earth.

*(tragically, removal or death of children further statistically favors the split-up of their parents)

There is one word to describe this:


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