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Co-Audit Twin Appreciation Day


Scott Gordon – Loren Spethman

Loren has been my co-audit twin since December of last year, when I washed back up on American shores after years of harrowing adventure in Costa Rica, exiled back to my own country.  Loren picked me up, gave me a locational out at his little “farm,” gave me a place to stay and he and his parents became my second family.  Both of us still on church lines (still technically, on staff!), we decided to audit.  It was abundantly clear that the “Bridge” was gone in the current church.

We then proceeded to get each other through correction lists and Quad Ruds on problem terminals.   The years of abuse began to unravel.  Reverse Scientology was successfully corrected.  Every session was another step out of the trap that the modern church has become, and into freedom.  Loren bravely applied “read it-drill it-do it” from the 1980 CO-AUDIT HCOBs, and gave me a full PTS rundown, complete with Service Facsimile and Evil Purpose handlings, that completely changed my viewpoint and put me back “at cause” with the roller-coastering terminatedly handled.

David Miscavige was a reading “known before?” item for me on the PTS Rundown – one of many, including a few other church terminals that never could have been handled in the org!  From there, it became easier and easier to forgive and forget the abuses, and grant beingness to others like never before.

We have been co-auditing the first of the Grades AND we have delivered the SuperPower “Bright Think” line-up to each other to spectacular results.  As a result of all that, I have been living life again at high-intensity with a greatly restored Havingness – even after all the huge losses, including of course, the church we dedicated 15+ years of our lives to.

Loren and I served together on staff in Dallas, where he joined in 1994 and was my junior as Book One auditor and then Basic Courses Supervisor in Div6.  He was ripped off from being public sup when the GAT evolution of 1996 forced him into Div4.  He went on to become a top-notch Professional Course Supervisor in high demand, with a number of spectacular recoveries of long-bugged students (including pre-OTs at Flag) on course, as well as getting through training to become a fully-interned Flag Class IV Auditor.

Loren braved a great deal of abuse – mostly at Flag – and it is auditor’s-code-protected data until he’s ready to speak out.  What I can tell you is that it rivals some of the stories you have heard elsewhere as far as the extent of corruption of the tech and its outright reversal.

As our auditing progressed, it became more effective and powerful in direct proportion to the degree we let go of the rigidity we were programmed into, and just “audited for the pc.”

Until today, I had kept all this under the radar since Loren has been making good use of his “good standing” to keep our friends inside informed, up until recently, when he found out he had finally been “declared.”

Loren is currently Supervising for the North Texas field and developing co-audit materials per the 1980 CO-AUDIT Series and LRH references spanning the entire line of research, to enable rapid training and co-auditing in the field.

Words cannot express my appreciation and pride in what we have accomplished together thus far.

Scott Gordon

Loren Spethman – Scott Gordon

Fahrenheit 8008 – David Miscavige Burns LRH’s Books

Scene during the book burning in Berlin's Opera Square. Berlin, Germany, May 10, 1933.

An earlier-similar fanatic cult puts the fire to “forbidden materials”

” ‘Just burn the stuff is what you ought to do’ – well, that’s what they were saying at Flag – they were piling the stuff in dumpsters – taking it all out and just…  it’s useless stuff now… best thing is just to burn it” – (father of Sea Org members at Flag who observed the destruction of massive quantities of LRH materials after the release of the “Basics” in 2007)

“You should just take those old books and throw them out – they’re no good now…”   “…We carried out dumpster-loads of books for shredding here at PAC base…” – (ASHO staff on phone, August 2007 after the release of the “Basics”)

What about the “old” books?

After the release of “The Basics”, the ED at the local mission was instructed to tell the parishioners to gather their books and mail them back to the church in Los Angeles.  Living in Alaska, it wasn’t feasible to do that.  We were then told to “burn the books”.  This didn’t feel right but we complied with this “order”.  We did not apprise all of our parishioners of this fact, only the most dedicated ones as we thought that someone newer in the church probably wouldn’t “understand”.  We had a book burning bon fire at our house in which we burned all of the mission’s books that were now “old” editions of the newly released Basics as well as our own personal books.

Doubt Announcement 9/16/2012 by Susan Crane

These are quotes from staff and public I spoke with, who got caught up in a wave of fanaticism following the release of the Basics.  Reports from LA complex, Pasadena and Flag (Clearwater, FL) – to name but a few known to me – reveal a disturbing throwback to periods of fanatical book-burning which has plagued mankind in his ignorance, over many a rise and fall of civilizations.

The last place I ever expected to see this insane human dramatization manifesting, was inside this institutional church, where knowledge was supposedly ‘treasured,’  the very subject of its teaching, ‘Knowing How to Know,’ as ‘Scientology’ is usually defined.   In fact, I distinctly remember that the primary ‘reason to be’ of the new ‘Ideal Orgs’ being rolled out in 2004, was to become ‘centers of knowledge.’

Before departing with my young daughter for a family reunion out East, I found an old paperback version of Dianetics in August 1993 in a bookstore I stopped into.  I started reading it a few days later, and found answers I had been looking for all of my life, in the very first chapter.  I knew that I no longer needed to engage in political protest activity in order to ‘change the world.’  I knew that the answer to the human condition lay in clearing away the negativity of bad experiences stored in the reactive mind.  A couple weeks later I returned from the trip, book completed, and enrolled on the Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course.  And just weeks later I joined staff.

I then spent 16 years of the prime of my life dedicated to helping people to get enough understanding out of L. Ron Hubbard’s materials to be able to help themselves.

I had so much reverence and respect for the materials, that letting them drop to the floor seemed like a sort of sacrilege.  When I found ‘old’ materials in piles abandoned for ‘shredding’ during organization moves and remodeling ‘upgrades,’ I always rescued them.

(I once rescued a ‘Smash the Squirrels’ leaflet from ~1984 that was said by church spokesmen to be a ‘forgery,’ yet used identical foul language right to the word, to that reported over and over by witnesses, to have emanated regularly from our deceivingly ‘tanned and coiffed devil’-leader’s mouth).

“Marc, you G@@/@m!\! m@+#r f@(!(!ng (@(!(-$\/(!ng loser – they could tell it wasn’t the Old Man’s voice on that last tape!”

When you are in the business of altering materials for profit (to the point of inventing new printing fonts to prevent the photocopying of words which themselves long ago fell into the public domain), I guess that would make any old books laying around the org EVIDENCE of the crimes.

The only appropriate place I could think of for Scientology materials I might no longer have use for, is a used book store.  Maybe the interest of someone else could be sparked with the same words of wisdom which first caught my attention.  But not today.  Checks of new bookstores and Walmarts reveal few or no LRH books and even ‘used book’ stores are not much better.  So this ‘exciting new’ release also marked the end of dissemination of LRH materials.

View Historical Film Footage

German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine wrote in his 1821 play Almansor the famous admonition, “Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen”: “Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.”

Before July 2007, reports of LRH materials being trashed were unheard of, and would have been considered highly alarming if done.  After July 2007, saving the old books, which I and many others instinctively did do, was tantamount to an act of sedition.

COB’s real message:
“You don’t need the books that LRH had around. Buy mine and burn the rest.”

Compounding the overt (sin) was the fact that David Miscavige was so greedy to reap the personal profits (owing to his total control of Author Services, a non-church entity for which he resigned from the Sea Org  to assume full control of things in 1982) that he ‘musical-chaired’ (a Suppressive Act) all of management (except IAS reges) into a ‘Hey-You’ organization board of full-time registration-sales personnel with quotas enforced by sleep deprivation, a violation of more than one basic Human Right and a treasonous but brutally enforced, abandonment of post for all of management.

Sales quotas were so rigidly enforced that high-level executives stationed at Flag resorted to grabbing a student-pc from a courseroom session (they were slipped a note ordering them to end off session at the next command) and escorted this student-pc all the way across the base to the call-in center to assist in ‘closing’ his mother who was not interested in buying.

This insane and illegal closure of org business to concentrate entirely on sales, led to an outbreak of crime amongst Sea Org staff especially, with frantic staff getting into finance computers and ripping off accounts without permission of the account holders, on which many reports have appeared.

My own services account was robbed by an ASHO staffmember on Thanksgiving Day 2007.  Years later, at my insistence and persistence, a WUS staffmember selling more ‘Basics’ to me, was kind enough to follow this up for me, my account was marked for ‘correction’ and by the time I got back to Mexico,  since I could not get on service otherwise, the cost was absorbed by the comparatively poor Mexican org.  You read that right – the ASHO staffmember stole it at Mexico’s expense.

Many other staff and public were not so lucky.

In fact, as far back as 2007 I was getting reports of perfectly good materials taken from auditing rooms of Flag auditors who did not have time to rescue them due to the frantic nature of the orders, relegated to the dumpster.  Some of these were thankfully rescued by a caring young staffmember who shipped them to the Costa Rica Mission, where they line the shelves of the Qual Library to this day.

“Property is property of someone to the social personality and its theft or misuse is prevented or frowned upon.” – L. Ron Hubbard