ex-OSA staffmember works to reform the subject of Scientology


Scott Gordon – Loren Spethman

Loren has been my co-audit twin since December of last year, when I washed back up on American shores after years of harrowing adventure in Costa Rica, exiled back to my own country.  Loren picked me up, gave me a locational out at his little “farm,” gave me a place to stay and he and his parents became my second family.  Both of us still on church lines (still technically, on staff!), we decided to audit.  It was abundantly clear that the “Bridge” was gone in the current church.

We then proceeded to get each other through correction lists and Quad Ruds on problem terminals.   The years of abuse began to unravel.  Reverse Scientology was successfully corrected.  Every session was another step out of the trap that the modern church has become, and into freedom.  Loren bravely applied “read it-drill it-do it” from the 1980 CO-AUDIT HCOBs, and gave me a full PTS rundown, complete with Service Facsimile and Evil Purpose handlings, that completely changed my viewpoint and put me back “at cause” with the roller-coastering terminatedly handled.

David Miscavige was a reading “known before?” item for me on the PTS Rundown – one of many, including a few other church terminals that never could have been handled in the org!  From there, it became easier and easier to forgive and forget the abuses, and grant beingness to others like never before.

We have been co-auditing the first of the Grades AND we have delivered the SuperPower “Bright Think” line-up to each other to spectacular results.  As a result of all that, I have been living life again at high-intensity with a greatly restored Havingness – even after all the huge losses, including of course, the church we dedicated 15+ years of our lives to.

Loren and I served together on staff in Dallas, where he joined in 1994 and was my junior as Book One auditor and then Basic Courses Supervisor in Div6.  He was ripped off from being public sup when the GAT evolution of 1996 forced him into Div4.  He went on to become a top-notch Professional Course Supervisor in high demand, with a number of spectacular recoveries of long-bugged students (including pre-OTs at Flag) on course, as well as getting through training to become a fully-interned Flag Class IV Auditor.

Loren braved a great deal of abuse – mostly at Flag – and it is auditor’s-code-protected data until he’s ready to speak out.  What I can tell you is that it rivals some of the stories you have heard elsewhere as far as the extent of corruption of the tech and its outright reversal.

As our auditing progressed, it became more effective and powerful in direct proportion to the degree we let go of the rigidity we were programmed into, and just “audited for the pc.”

Until today, I had kept all this under the radar since Loren has been making good use of his “good standing” to keep our friends inside informed, up until recently, when he found out he had finally been “declared.”

Loren is currently Supervising for the North Texas field and developing co-audit materials per the 1980 CO-AUDIT Series and LRH references spanning the entire line of research, to enable rapid training and co-auditing in the field.

Words cannot express my appreciation and pride in what we have accomplished together thus far.

Scott Gordon

Loren Spethman – Scott Gordon

Comments on: "Co-Audit Twin Appreciation Day" (9)

  1. Thanks Scott for the validation.

    The Bright Think process was published and run on preclears and then withdrawn by LRH from the preclear lineups because it was intended that it was going to be delivered in the Bright Think Rundown on Super Power. What that exactly is no one knows, and I don’t even know anyone who claims to know. But I do know LRH intended staff to have it. Since Super Power remains unavailable against LRH instructions to make it available soon, some 30 years(?) later, LRH’s wishes still are being withheld from staffs and everyone else that I am aware of. The Bright Think is an awesome process that we programmed with set-ups from LRH processes that are not on the levels themselves. Per KSW, the above matches as close as I know to carrying out LRH’s intention to get staff some case handling to help them deliver the Bridge to others. It is the purpose that I go with and the Policy that backs that up. Forget the policy that says why LRH can’t be applied. NUTS. Until someone shows me something else, I am going with LRH.

    Thanks Scott, because co-auditing does work if you do it like LRH intended : )

    • Good points. We have taken LRH’s intention to reward staff, and applied proven technical concepts to unburden the case for safe delivery of a powerful process. It worked very well. And it is so nice to have finally gotten even more of the exchange we worked so hard for.

  2. Scott, next I will have to tell my story publicly, but I see it that it was LRH tech that was being abused – my losing of LRH at Flag was the kicker, not any personal physical abuse. Not going into detail now, but there are abuses that go on at Flag, and they aren’t minor. There is a lot of good I saw and experienced there, but it would be a lie to deny abuses.

  3. Fantastic! Very Well Done to you both! Free to audit and communicate, what a pleasure it is to read this.

    “… never could have been handled in the org!”

    Yes, that says it all.

    Love to you both.
    Richard Kaminski

  4. Good stuff. When I was on staff I loved the whole co-audit idea. It was very hard to get staff co-audits going, though, because of Int Mgmt’s policy of “No auditing is better than any auditing” with regard to staff.

  5. Doug Davidson said:

    I do not know how old this post is,

    but my hat is off to both you guys for taking what you know and applying it.

    The co-audit on each other is such a brilliant move.

    It is very heartening to know that others are “taking the ball and running with it”.

    We are doing the same, up here in Canada.

    Perhaps others are doing the same!! What if there are a bunch of us doing this?

    I’ll bet there are,


    Doug Davidson

    • It’s been several years, true, but our co-audit is still active and continues to be very rewarding. We no longer live in the same area, but we still make it happen.

      Thanks, and best of luck with your co-audit up there!

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