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Turning “Auditors” into “Inquisitors”???


In September 2004 I returned to CCDallas for 6 weeks, for a “Leaving Staff Security Check” (ordinarily a requirement for leaving an area “with clean hands and a clear conscience”).

Scott Gordon – DSA Costa Rica – 2004-2009

In this case, I wasn’t being ordered to do one, but it was “policy,” I was going to follow it and hey – I wanted one.  Why?  I don’t know, except I did not feel good about the way things had gone the last years I was there, and I thought it was probably something about “me” (maybe something I “did” – something that I hadn’t looked at?) that would “make me feel better” if I found it.

A typical, humble, self-effacing reaction, for a responsible staff member.

With no one immediately available to do it, I went into the Academy to complete a course on “handling suppression” (3rd time through, due to changing versions) and then resume my auditor (counselor) training – learning to operate an “e-meter.”

For various reasons, not the least of which was the pressure of my post as DSA (Director of Special Affairs), guarding the “church” from outside harmful influence, it had been quite some time since I had been smoothly “flying” through an auditor training course.  I had done this same metering practice drill – and delivered successful auditing – so many times before in the past.

But now I was having a rough time doing the drill – barking at the meter, desperately prying with an aggressive, accusative tone – in a misguided effort to “make it read.”

My attitude towards persons had undergone a change.  The spread of the David Miscavige “toughness” RTC valence (“cold-chrome steel”) was beginning to affect me.

david miscavige on nightline

“Tough Guy”

According to some of my security-minded superiors, I had been too “reasonable”* in handling “security risks” and was being too “trusting” of others and was treating them “too much like a chaplain would.”

(*reasonable – using excuses not to confront a reality)

Several ordered trips out to Los Angeles (always at least partially, at my own financial expense, and definitely at my own expense in terms of peace of mind), served to reinforce the conditioning.  The last two out of three visits I had missed return flights home, in spite of stressful racing through traffic, because there was always “one more thing to handle” before I could be “allowed to go.”  This was just more expense, humiliation, and only developed more, unnecessary traffic for me in my crazy-schedule-life as schoolteacher by day and DSA by night.

In retrospect, what was being looked for as some “ideal” valence (personality) I suppose, must have been to be more like our “hero-savior” David Miscavige with his cold-chrome steel, maniacal obsession with making people “Keep Scientology Working” – all 10 points carved in…  cold-chrome steel.

Religious Technology Corporation
“Cold-chrome Steel”

Whatever that means!

Loren Spethman

So anyway, the supervisor at the time (Loren Spethman – now my co-audit twin) wisely observed that my communication attitude needed “adjusting”.  And so, being that Loren was a nice guy, he gently (and successfully) helped me adjust my attitude on my own self-determinism, by showing me a little-known reference that was to change my entire outlook and recover my lost understanding of auditing:

You are acting suspiciously.  He feels it.  He of course has overts all over the track.  You are restimming* them by being suspicious.  You are not running O/W* but appear to be trying to, so processes are mixing…

…don’t act like a detective! An auditor is a detective only when doing O/W on a pc that won’t give.

– LRH – HCOB 29 Oct 72 – XDn Series 17 – CASE K

Wow.  Exactly.

“Scott (I says to myself as I re-read the passage in a state of disbelief), WTF are you doing???”  “Remember… you know, auditing? … you know… like caring for… helping, the person in front of you?”

Uh… WTF were you thinking???

Right then and there, and from that point on, I stopped imitating Golden Age of Tech robots and put some warmth back in to my communication.  The meter responded nicely.  Back to the drill and back to being an “auditor,” not a “detective.”

E-meter set-up

In my remaining several years of training and auditing while holding my staff post in Costa Rica, I would have to revisit this reference time and again as the worsening environment made it difficult to overcome what I knew in my heart, to be a very wrong approach.

I was not, I reasoned, an “inquisitor,” though there were times that I would catch myself in session going to the very edge of such a dramatization.  Well, you know, this was how others coming back from Flag were “auditing,” and how they were starting to “audit” me…

It would be years before I was to learn the background of such inappropriate counseling attitudes and how they entered a “help” subject.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that short but powerful, admonition from the old man himself, was to become a giant step on the road to salvaging my auditing (and all that I’d learned about it) from the growing insanity that was taking hold of lower organizations like mine.

Now back to my introduction, because auditors had been made so scarce, by the way, I wasn’t able to get the security check I came to Dallas for in the 6 weeks I allotted, even though I had flown up at my own expense to do it (spending my meager annual staff salary many times over).  And this was no vacation for me – I stayed busy those 6 weeks holding my old DSA CCDallas post on a volunteer basis.  So near the end of the visit the Executive Director on the last day could only say, “Look, as far as I’m concerned, this is a transfer – you don’t really need a security check to go on from here.”

True enough.    I was contracted staff on post at a pioneer-area mission in Central America, and we were the “next, Ideal Org!”  (uh… still waiting…)

But what I really wanted – needed – was some kind – any kind, of a session after all those years doing without.  Any auditing… was better than no auditing…

Actually, as I realize now, I had never really recovered from the special “rollback” reverse scientology “auditing” that had been run on me over two years earlier.  So as her words of explanation for no auditing this time faded, I began sinking once again, into an all-too-familiar state of disappointment.  At moments like these, being “just a staffmember!” (as a Celebrity Center Int staff member so snidely put it to me once – “oh, you’re just a staffmember!”) seemed a little like being “dirt” on the sidewalk.

Still, I wanted to be an auditor, and I wanted auditing.  After all, I could clearly see that the bulk of the trouble orgs were getting into (and DSAs were called upon to handle) was caused by a lack of intelligent application of the brilliant and workable spiritual technology of founder L. Ron Hubbard and so, I went back to Costa Rica and was good for another 5 years of work-for-no-real-pay.

Auditors (Counselors) in Scientology are the backbone of its practice of individual and social betterment.

Loren Spethman audits Scott Gordon

Auditing works, and it often works miracles.  Such miracles in fact, that were you to consult any serious adherent, these miracles experienced would themselves account for the dedication – even the occasional fanaticism – of those who had experienced them.

Auditing is based on the magic of communication.  But it goes way beyond the “feel-good” of talk therapy, or the “relief” experienced in getting a good acknowledgement from a friend.  The skillful use of special techniques such as repetitive questioning, and the use of an e-meter to identify precise areas of upset, can create with auditing, a concentrated release of “charge” (emotional affect, or tension) that can bring the person up to a state of enthusiasm which can persist in life as a nice – even more or less, permanent – “gain” in really living abundantly.  For many, these “gains” register as increased intelligence, alertness and health.

Attackers and critics of the subject err in theorizing that the “cult” element of Scientology and its adherents comes from “conditioning” or “suggestion.”  That certainly does occur in any closed group.  However, it does not adequately account for the above-average tolerance for stupidity and abuse, despite above-average intelligence, found in most of those attracted to the teachings and practice of Scientology.

(At least it was that way in times past!)

Scientology works so well in fact, that the unscrupulous have made quite a cult out of it!

Modern Radical Corporate Scientology, as chaotically and arbitrarily devised under the dictatorship of David Miscavige (usurper of the fortune and legacy of founder L. Ron Hubbard), uses a number of tricks to accomplish this.

One of these being that it is hard at work making the few auditors left (and even fewer in-training) into a corps of fanatics more fit to be “inquisitors,” than spiritual counselors.

Some of the points of the Auditor’s Code are as follows:

1.   I promise not to evaluate for the preclear or tell him what he should think about his case in session.

2.   I promise not to invalidate the preclear’s case or gains in or out of session.

14.   I promise to grant beingness to the preclear in session.

16.  I promise to maintain communication with the preclear and not to cut his comm or permit him to overrun in session.

17.  I promise not to enter comments, expressions or enturbulence into a session that distract a preclear from his case.

22.  I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.

These points, among the most critically important points which establish a trusting relationship between counselor and client, are regularly and routinely violated in today’s “church,” in order to accomplish what David Miscavige has thoroughly re-instituted as “security checking” (once completely abolished by L. Ron Hubbard in 1969 reforms) in an insane preoccupation with “security.”

His security.

The end product has been an alteration in the basic, fundamental purpose of auditing from “making a person more free and powerful,” into, “making each other be good” (the actual, basic purpose for the practice of  IMPLANTING*).

*IMPLANTING – the use of pain, drugs, sensation and/or hypnosis to bypass conscious awareness of a being and “implant” thoughts and emotions that are not his and that will react on the person under “triggers” known as “associative restimulators”

This process has been slowly accomplished over a long period of time, wherein subtle changes were introduced through the mechanisms of authoritarian “altitude”* and “verbal tech” :

*altitude – status and authority which brings about increased ability to influence one



  • making “sure” of a floating needle (which understanding could not be simpler, unless your certainty has been invalidated) – by blanket accusation (as DM did at the Golden Age of Tech release 1996) that “we know you auditors are calling floating needles that are not” (calculated to confuse and guaranteed to miss withholds)
  • redefinition of “floating needle” – arguments over whether the needle floated “long enough” to be valid despite LRH teaching that a floating needle could be “fleeting” and easily missed if not watched for
  • using videos to establish what is an “instant read” (on the e-meter) when LRH never ordered that – introducing a confusion of arbitraries
  • ordering Flag auditors and C/Ses to security check higher-level cases despite being an interruption of a person doing well, in direct contradiction to a published LRH bulletin saying not to – issuing non-LRH contradictory orders to make these into “regular 6-mos. checks”

What is the actual intention behind all this?


Lying to control people and make a lot of  money.

Lust for power.

And worse.

For a person who continues to physically batter his executives, lock good people up in violation of their human rights, destroy lives, wreck families and even throw his own wife away to penal bondage so he can roam free to commit adultery…

David Miscavige w. girlfriend

Photo doctored for effect – depicts an actual report

What your donations buy?

Eventually it may very well come to this:

L. Ron Hubbard warned that one fundamental computation of a suppressive being (in Christian terms, “D.M.onic”) is:

everybody dead so I can be safe

It’s only a matter of time before the spiritual gains he once received in doing actual Scientology auditing, which gave him an extended ability to operate powerfully, which he then abused, are utterly lost.  It’s only a matter of time.

He has already destroyed the ability for a human being to benefit from the skilled counseling of auditing which has the potential to raise mankind out from eons of disastrous implanting and into recognition of the basic goodness of the being:

On the day we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.

– L. Ron Hubbard, Writer and Philosopher

And then sadly, we could soon witness the too-often tragic and usually destructive end of what used to be an organization capable of freeing beings.

We just hope and pray that more beings don’t get hurt in the process.

Because David Miscavige has made this organization into:

An abusive cult

Brought to you by his royal…


*reasonable = the cult definition of “reasonable” was originally intended to mean “explaining away irrational circumstances,” but has come to mean, “reasoning about it” instead of merely “following orders” – no kidding!
*overts = harmful acts
*restimming = restimulating
*O/W = overts and withholds auditing (confession of harmful acts and those withheld, originally for the relief of the person restraining self from reaching)
*IMPLANTING = the practice of inserting commands and/or any other control mechanisms below the awareness of another being
*altitude = a upward difference in perceived level of ability (see also: “authority”)