ex-OSA staffmember works to reform the subject of Scientology


Two people came together – and they lived as one
But what God had joined together, now had come undone
    They were separated
    One was set up to be hated
        Ending in rejection…
        …The Pain of Disconnection

To the group she was devoted – enthusiastically
‘Total Freedom’ was promoted – ecclesiastically
    She gave them all that she owned
    They took her son from their home
    They were separated
    And all that time she waited…
        Waiting for correction…
        …The Pain of Disconnection

With help for one another, we make our way…
Father, mother, sister, brother – hope for a better day.
    But lost in broken promises
    Routed off the premises
    They get isolated
    Set up to be hated
        Hoping for correction…
        …The Pain of Disconnection

Scott Gordon – 30 April 2013
Creative Commons – License granted to record, perform and sell this work, provided it remains unchanged and credited to author.



Mother duck looks eagerly for the rest of her family.


The natural instinct of all life is to stay connected wherever possible.


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