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Watchful Navigator Leaks OSA Intelligence Training Vault





(some links still under construction… released today in order to leak the attached document…)

Watchful Navigator has been on a long observation project (“wait and see”) – completely baffled by the maneuvering of the Tony Ortega-Karen de la Carriere-Jeffrey Augustine intelligence mission that has worked effectively, by using socially-engineered “popular sentiment” and other underhanded tactics – at isolating major reform whistleblowers, Marty Rathbun, Mike and Virginia McClaughry, Allen Stanfield with his AlanzosBlog, Arnie Lerma and myself, Scott Gordon.

(Note that of the above whistleblowers, I am the only one who remains a practicing independent Scientologist, non-religious counselor, for reasons I will go into in another, future article.)

Some years ago Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were balked at their correct strategy of appealing to the FBI and IRS government agencies for intervention in this out-of-control “religion” (Church of Scientology) that asserts a heartless and criminal-enabling policy called ‘FAIR GAME” as “religious doctrine.”  As a last resort, Leah Remini, through the show prepared for her by her Hollywood handlers, has heroically sought to embarrass the David Miscavige empire into reforming, with barely perceptible results and no real reforms – only stonewalling silence in response.

And while the above-named reformers have independently in their own way, worked to dig deeper into this government-protected criminal racket for answers, what has the Ortega-Carriere “Anti-Scientology” movement been up to?

*attacking Narconons – competitors of Catholic and Psychiatric drug rehabilitation centers which are even more costly and arguably more dangerous (they seem to be more adept at keeping their failures out of the news)

*basking in “mini-media” – Tony Ortega articles and other ineffective celebrity tabloid updates

*attacking investigations into Hubbard’s real background

*purging and re-organizing ESMB (“Ex-Scientologists Message Board”) to eliminate “conspiracy theory” from public view

*mercilessly attacking Resa Aslan’s attempt to present the auditing (counseling) technology of Scientology, as separate from official Scientology

-and the list goes on…

Meanwhile, “tick-tock” (as the ex-Scios like to say, as if we had all the time in the world) – Lisa McPherson’s murder remains un-prosecuted, though many reasons to re-open the case were given in Marty’s written and video testimonials.

Dedicated staffers in Hubbard’s Sea Org – some of the best and brightest beings who prefer to submit total allegiance to the microcosmic world of Hubbard’s “saving the planet,” over the greater society’s destructive, “destroying the planet” alternative, continue to fall prey to this government-sponsored religion‘s quiet program of cultural genocide through its “no family” policy as the submissive order-follower Guillame Lesevre’s directive ordered by corporate Scientology dictator David Miscavige, who has exiled his own childless wife so that he can sleep with his secretary.

Photo evidence and testimony has been posted in full public view, of blatant INUREMENT – a direct disqualifier for IRS tax exemption, and the IRS does nothing (I have already linked numerous clues above as to why that is – yet Tony Ortega refuses to investigate and Karen de la Carriere shepherds ex-staff and other vital whistleblowers into secret, closed groups – her husband Jeffrey Augustine has been reportedly approaching key whistleblowers for recruitment into a far more disturbing pyramid scheme than corporate $cientology – Freemasonry(!) – you can’t make this stuff up).

Which brings me to some questions I am not allowed to ask around Ortega-Carriere haunts, and would get me banned from ESMB in a heartbeat.

Is corporate $cientology some kind of sub-division of Freemasonry?  the CIA?  the U.S government?  the British Empire?  ALL OF THE ABOVE???

Because its lay-out matches up perfectly with an official state religion worthy of a globalist New World Order.

So I have chosen this day, the 57th birthday (30 April 1960) of “supreme commander” David Miscavige, to release the Office of Special Affairs intelligence pack in full, with many issues written by Naval Intelligence Officer L. Ron Hubbard (whose CIA file remains sealed and unreleased to the public more than 30 years after his death) which shed light on traditional western intelligence methods and tactics adapted to enhance this new religion which has proven highly effective in motivating staff to work for little pay and long hours and willingly subscribe to punishment, aligning it fully with objectives any global elite would be expected to harbor – conspiracy or not.

If so, this would explain the ruthless “divide and conquer” strategies of the Ortega-Carriere axis who push the “Hubbard-as-god” (official “church” and some independents) vs. “Hubbard-as-clown” (Ortega, Jon Atack, et al) extremes.  But mostly (conceding that Karen as a practicing Scientologist did not really attack Hubbard’s technology overtly), have been strictly controlling alliances, group memberships, party lines and most importantly, exercising information control.

This article is push-back on that information control.  Serving notice to those practicing it that the irrepressible drive for Truth and Freedom is simmering underneath the lying suppression, and that we are in fact going to the Truth and Freedom movements where care for truth, natural law rights and other fundamental human rights are still priorities, and where agendas – state-driven or ego-driven – are heavily frowned upon.

Releasing this mostly complete* package of what goes on in the intelligence world through its main divisions of intelligence, public relations and legal system manipulation, accomplishes a vitally needed step in an ethical challenge to the ethically challenged.

(*this pdf is a partially sanitized version omitting key Guardian’s Office references that are still being used by Office of Special Affairs secret intelligence staff for black operations)

So if you are among the “ethically-challenged” who can no longer see the truth and tell the truth because of the people you have been hanging around, the crimes you have not laid out on the table that you’ve been a part of, and the limits placed on your free speech to speak the truth, then this is your invitation and opportunity to self-correct, because these injustices have been going on far too long.

It is time to get this potentially huge, but currently-crippled movement, to reform, correct and redress wrongs done in the name of Scientology, back on track, on the up-and-up and actually accomplishing effective action with correct targets.

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