ex-OSA staffmember works to reform the subject of Scientology


Marty Rathbun is Back…

Here are some important clarifications to the auto-translation that appears in the video if you are watching with “closed captions” (and this is intended further, to function as a glossary) –

*ad nauseum (not “at mezame”) – over and over to the point of nausea

*mimesis (not “nemesis”) – to mimic or copy in servile fashion

*troll forum (not “troll form”) – place where haters and agents gather to spread rumors and lies to influence and inflame the rest of the ordinary folk there (places like Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker or Mike Rinder’s “Something Can Be Done About It” blog or “Ex-Scientologists Message Board”) – they are *cowards* as they will not reveal their true identities nor for whom they are working

*troika – group of three people (word of Russian origin) – can you guess who these three are? (helpful hints in my final words below)

*90% (not “19 percent”)

I view Marty’s video here as the opening shot in a series which is going to have the two popes (David Miscavige, Tony Ortega) of their respective cults, running for cover, as well as the Queen Bee and her worker bee order-followers. Their day is coming.

No rest for the wicked!

Marty Rathbun – “Introduction”


Moving On Up a Little Higher

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