ex-OSA staffmember works to reform the subject of Scientology

Calling Out Karen de la Carriere…

I have been campaigning for a more coordinated effort between the ex-Scios who are activist, and Indies who care about reform, so that the Miscavige monopoly could be broken a little more than it already is, and so we can also have real examples out here of non-abusive and more inclusive Scientology.

It just has not gone over well.

There are a few however, who see the wisdom in this approach – and not so coincidentally they are not present since they are not welcome, at Tony Ortega’s – at Mike Rinder’s – at Karen’s ESMB (yes Karen and Jeffrey have been running ESMB in case nobody has caught on – and now watch them hold another CommEv on me over there, asking me for “evidence” of that…).

Mike Rinder in particular, due to the exposure he has been getting to “under the radar” church members, should have been able to work this in, and actually did a little, up until the South Africans went independent and then no more. But now you can see some of his material is being ghostwritten by Karen and/or Jeffrey Augustine.

And Karen, despite still auditing clients and being an LRH-trained Class XII, is busy playing “OSA” (as was her hat officially for 5 1/2 years – although now it’s looking more like an ongoing career) and mustering haters and attackers instead of – what are we talking about here – effectively uniting the very two factions she is all-over-the-map involved with – haters, attackers and ex-SO-still-Indy “victims” (Karen-made) who have lost their way – their purpose to take down Miscavige and have been instead persuaded to turn on others like Marty – like me – who won’t join up and follow with her new flock.

It seems that media finally now has no fear of corporate Scientology, but lawyers still do. Once again, I see that Karen has since 2013, retained and suborned the last effective lawyer who once won in a big way, for Debbie Cook. Since Karen could make (or break) the next lawsuit due to having positioned herself so centrally behind the troika and their sheep, then I hold her primarily responsible for the big ZERO in effective lawsuits over actual grievances, which in so doing could accomplish big steps in reform.

I once told her there are many of us who couldn’t qualify for Garcia’s $40K limit for participation in his suit, but who were yet close enough… pffft…

And where is her lawsuit against the church’s supposedly libelous expose’s on her?

I think this “old lady who has been backing Rinder” and throwing money around the field has been and is, following another agenda entirely. And I see that she pumped quite a bit of energy and resources into shutting down at least one of the persons (Alanzo) who had testified with direct hints she gave him as to where that agenda might be coming from.

Why do people who ask these questions of her get attacked or “disappear”?

Yes, Karen most of all, could have been the one to unite this field against her supposed “enemy” but has been busy, busy, busy – organizing, controlling, intelligence-gathering, public relations, articles, payments, transfers, appearances, cruises for shmoozes – doing lord knows what and why.

I am staying tuned here [Marty’s] because I keep getting more and more clues as to why it is that there is little or no work being done (not just ASC but FreeZone and Indies, too) to take effective measures to reform, bring about justice and put an end to abusive versions of Scientology.


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  1. marildi said:

    “And I see that she pumped quite a bit of energy and resources into shutting down at least one of the persons (Alanzo) who had testified with direct hints she gave him as to where that agenda might be coming from.”

    I’ve very curious about this, because just recently I looked over Alanzo’s blog and thought it contributed some intelligence to the former-Scientologists community. I’ve had blog exchanges with Alanzo for years – and the more I think about it, the more I think it isn’t like him to suddenly drop out without a word. Thanks.

  2. […] “The Village Voice was converted into a human trafficking criminal enterprise. Tony Ortega lived off the money of sex trafficking, much of it from minors, for almost six years. This is not gossip, and I am not the first to mention it. It is in a Senate investigation report. It has been written about by media watchdog sites… and [he] finally turned on the victims trafficked there and worked to dehumanize them by calling them ‘underage prostitutes,’ not children, which they were. There is no such thing as an ‘underaged prostitute.’ Minors who are forced into sexual slavery are not ‘underage prostitutes.’ He tried to poison people against his victims! CHILDREN.” (also featured here with numerous links – scroll down) […]

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