ex-OSA staffmember works to reform the subject of Scientology

The “nuttiest” conspiracy theory, ever! (until it’s not…)

As used in this article:
[“$cientology” = Hubbard’s joint intelligence project, preserved as the Church of $cientology, yet mostly with admirably sincere adherents | “Scientology” = the study of Truth and Knowledge, and the philosophical tradition of helping others with it – L. Ron Hubbard got it started (amidst many other assignments) and established highly successful methods of doing just that]


Watchful Navigator 1st Announcement Naming the Intelligence Troika

(The three profiteers – PR Troika – Tony Ortega, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder.)

And based on information posted at various points along the way, I have concluded there is an “Intelligence Troika” right behind them:

Karen de la Carriere – Jeffrey Augustine – Tony Ortega

While I have already and many times been “taught” that old lesson, that the penalty for blowing cover on deep-cover agents protecting government secrets is hell-on-Earth, I get a little tired of my friends getting played.

I have sworn... (1960)

Those who are unaccustomed to the world of intelligence, please understand that secrecy is paramount – the avoidance of paper-trails (evidence) and especially the often-deadly game of maintaining cover and hiding connections at all costs.

You are not going to get admissions (except on a death-bed) from them, nor are you likely to find “dox” (documents). But if you know what to look for, you can piece together a strong case for revealing what intelligence is put there to do. Keep the public confused about what the powers-that-should-not-be are really up to with their one-world, neo-age religions.


Karen De La Carrriere – Christine Rosair (Defense Intelligence Agency)

“She told me about her years…”

She told me about her years as an intelligence operative in the defense department. And she also told me about all the years she worked on Operations against $cientology’s “enemies” at OSA Int.

More on her intelligence background and its ramifications…

He has confirmed there is indeed evidence of Karen’s involvement in the Defense Department and that he will be publishing that evidence – along with a number of other documents – as soon as he is done with the current project he is engaged upon.

NEW! – And here we go – in her own words – “High Security Clearance to deal with Black Programs…” (How does someone have a dual career in $cientology and the Defense Department, including the top-secret NRO program?)


Church of $cientology reports give additional clues…

She also engaged in a long-term arrangement with a married British parliamentary adviser. She was set up with a posh apartment, expensive clothing and a large allowance, to be available on call for her services.


Jeffrey Augustine – Master Mason (Knights Templar)

[Jeffrey Augustine – also has top security clearances – is married to Karen de la Carriere]

Along the way, Augustine became a Master Mason and a Knight Templar. A scientific lighting expert by profession, Augustine has worked on lasers, medical devices, UV-C water treatment, and even lighted the prototype of a space vehicle. The author lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karen de la Carriere, an extraordinary woman who was once a very high ranking member of the Church of Scientology.

Jeffrey Augustine covers up Hubbard’s intelligence background…

“I really don’t see it based on all the research I’ve done that he would have had any value to the CIA. Because 1.  He just didn’t have enough ships or airplanes. He didn’t have trained people… HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY FORMAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE CIA THAT HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED OR FOUND OUT THROUGH FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACTS.  In fact quite the opposite… you can go to the actual CIA website and see what they have on the church. …mostly a collect of newspaper clippings about scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.  Very prosaic stuff.  So I just don’t see it.”

– Jeffrey Augustine (as transcribed at link above)

READ THIS ONE – More cover-up work by Jeffrey Augustine…

Jeffrey Augustine.  Mister I-Hate-Anyone-Knowing-Hubbard’s-Real Background (in intelligence).  Augustine doesn’t disappoint, doing his level best to steer John off that point after first presenting the idea that “no one” would have Hubbard in intelligence because of…. wait for it… his character.

We need to talk about that for a moment because this is one of the arguments Jeff discusses with Atack in the podcast.

Jeff seems to love to confuse intelligence cover with the person’s character.

One could ask: Why is that Jeff?

Attacking the McClaughry Research team – Jeffrey Augustine “Humor” Goes Dark

Note that Jeffrey Augustine keeps talking in his articles and interviews about “some guy” (he’s trying to position me! – Scott Gordon – WATCHFUL NAVIGATOR) who “wants to believe” that L. Ron Hubbard was a life-long intelligence agent so that he can remain the war hero that Scientologists have been led to believe in.

Sorry to disappoint, Jeffrey!  I don’t think Hubbard’s career helping the CIA was a “good” thing…

And everyone who’s followed L. Ron Hubbard and his lectures and policies knows that L. Ron Hubbard claimed that the CIA was a “suppressive” (as in “bad – really bad”) organization out to “steal mankind’s last hopes of freedom” (and how right he was about the true intentions of his masters, as he lied through his teeth – well I guess he would have to, wouldn’t he? – covering up his own connection).

I have personal knowledge that Jeffrey Augustine has been recruiting for freemasonry in the ex-Scientology community.  Freemasonry should set off a few alarm bells, since it is an insular cult with secrecy vows that would make a Scientology ‘OT’ cringe with terror.  A freemason is a ready-made intelligence officer who can be trusted to follow authority and keep its secrets.  And the Knights Templar is no entry-level mason group.  At that level, the controlled opposition rivalry with the Catholic church and its secret societies (in this case, the Knights of Malta who run the CIA for our “benefit”) no longer applies.

I have saved the best for last.  This guy is notable not for his credentials (as revealed in the first two) – but for his lack of credentials.


Tony Ortega (suspected CIA Mockingbird reporter under investigation for aiding underage sex trafficking)

Aside from completely missing or occluded years in his early adulthood biography, we find Tony bragging about one of his “key” articles.  It was actually, a brutal gaslighting of a victim of CIA mind-control operations and vicious attack on the reporter who dared to bring Sue Ford’s (“Brice Taylor”) detailed accounts to public attention.  (I’ve read her book, and you should, too.  It is a must-read.)
“Thanks for the Memories” – Brice Taylor

Here is Tony Ortega doing his smear job in 2000 (he’s so proud of it, he pulls it forward for re-publishing – in his supreme arrogance, he assumes you will find her story unbelievable because his masters have laid the groundwork and pop culture punishes real CIA mind-control victims, as “nuts”) to discredit her:

Tony Promotes his CIA Mind Control Hit-Piece

Debunking hokum, mind-control division

Recently we were asked by a reader about some of our non-Scientology writing, and, at nearly the same time, someone else asked us about the phenomena of people who claim that they are mind-controlled slaves of the CIA.


Smear Campaign Against Brice Taylor

Encouraging patients to explore those reactions, she eventually unraveled complex layers of mind-control programming that had resulted from years of trauma. Her patients recovered memories that satanic cultists had ritually tormented them as children, an experience that caused them to develop multiple personalities, or “alters,” which crowded their subconscious minds. CIA mind controllers later programmed these alters using drugs, electric shock, and other forms of torture. Monday learned that the alpha alter was the one patients presented to the world, while betas were sex slave alters (nearly all of her mind-control patients and the patients of other therapists undergoing similar treatment are middle-aged white women), and deltas were assassin alters. Monday found many other alters the more she dug into her patients’ minds.

– from the news broadcast segment on Dr. Pamela Monday

Like I said – you have to get the book (pirate copies are on the Internet if you need to sample it, first, before you order) for the details that make Brice’s story not only credible, but explaining of so many things I can’t go into in the space of this article.

The Village Voice – once a strategic propaganda page for the heart of New York City – was likely an abandoned CIA Mockingbird project before Tony Ortega “just happened to come along” (was assigned) and made use of it to simultaneously facilitate child sex trafficking (a deep CIA operation) and open up a controlled-opposition frontal assault against the Church of $cientology:

Tony Ortega’s Involvement in Child Sex Trafficking

“The Village Voice was converted into a human trafficking criminal enterprise. Tony Ortega lived off the money of sex trafficking, much of it from minors, for almost six years. This is not gossip, and I am not the first to mention it. It is in a Senate investigation report. It has been written about by media watchdog sites… and [he] finally turned on the victims trafficked there and worked to dehumanize them by calling them ‘underage prostitutes,’ not children, which they were. There is no such thing as an ‘underaged prostitute.’ Minors who are forced into sexual slavery are not ‘underage prostitutes.’ He tried to poison people against his victims! CHILDREN.”
(also featured here with numerous links – scroll down)

Tony Ortega’s Sex Trafficking Cover-Up

So, the purpose of the paper was not to sell papers!  Nope, it was for using the paper as a front for Backpage sex classifieds.  And to obtain the income, from advertisers.  And Tony Ortega was holding up that front, for five and half years.  Which is one reason nobody cared how he used the paper as a front. And Tony Ortega did take liberties.  Such as the one right above attacking Kutcher for having enough courage and integrity to speak out about the child sex slave trade the Village Voice was fronting.  Because all of the income was being generated from the classifieds section. The back page of the Village Voice, which was called “Backpage” which went digital on the Internet.

Tony Ortega’s Bosses Go to Jail

In the unceasing parade of human folly and hypocrisy, perhaps there is no better example of a man who, for years, falsely accused L Ron Hubbard and all Scientologists of endorsing and condoning pedophilia while he himself had made 90% of his paycheck off of Backpage sex traffick advertising, which led to horrific instances of child rape and murder.

The more you get past the idea that it’s all just a Scientology Fair Game operation of guilt by association to discredit one of their most vociferous critics, and look at Tony Ortega’s factual history, economic connections, and defense of the notorious BackPage.com, the more difficult it becomes to scrape your jaw off the floor in alarm.

Smart Enough to Start Backpage.com

The Voice and five other “alt” publications were acquired in 2005 by the New Times Media group, which had recently started an online classifieds website—Backpage.com. Pimping became the major business model at the tabloid chain, soon known as Village Voice Media. “The people I work for,” Ortega would later gloat, “were smart enough to start Backpage.com.”

So there it is:

The Intelligence Troika of $cientology:

Karen de la Carriere – Jeffrey Augustine – Tony Ortega

(Full-Time Operatives)

And guess who they DO NOT want you reading?

ALL 3 of them jumped all over this one…

Black Operation now completed – Karen, Tony and Jeff rejoice at having successfully leveled mind control tactics at their erstwhile flock, and for banning anyone from linking or even discussing Mike McClaughry’s work (and mine, by extension since I find most of it).

– Virginia McClaughry

You want to know how I discovered what these people were up to?  That’s how.  I simply shared some information I was learning from the research of Mike McClaughry into the intelligence connections and background of $cientology founder L. Ron Hubbard – who, by the way, is about the only person or subject I have ever heard of where you can not get a Freedom of Information Act request back for anything to do with what he was really doing with $cientology and his service record as an intelligence officer (bits and pieces have leaked out about his war-time Naval intelligence officer years).


So that is the Intelligence Troika positioned outside the Church of $cientology.

They do their work almost exactly like it is done from inside the church.

Their primary mission is to prevent the public from ever finding out that Hubbard $cientology was from the very beginning backed, facilitated, manipulated, and utilized by international intelligence services.

Their secondary mission is a little more difficult to grasp or demonstrate – particularly with the degree of betrayal and skepticism following the ejection of thousands of adherents of the Scientology religion for questioning the emerging evidence of corruption. (And back when it looked like Marty Rathbun would “play ball” with their plan, you can bet that Jeffrey Augustine as “J. Swift” had his/their own proposal for establishing Independent Scientology outside the church.)

Somewhere along the line – heymore than once – their plans have changed.

For example, as soon as it was seen that Independent Scientology could not be led and controlled, the orders evidently came down to just wipe out the practice of free and independent Scientology training of auditors and their practice of auditing (trauma counseling and philosophical-based counseling).

Why? Because the de-programming aspects of auditing done outside the control of Hubbard’s church or similar apparatus, are too unpredictable – they can relieve the effects of physical and psychological trauma – and this is completely at odds with their investments in mass-programming and the original intention to sequester these cooperative-help, self-improvement techniques into an insular cult that no one cares about (unless it is entertaining, in which case they’ll script shows and make money coming and going, and turn people off to Scientology even more than they already are).

“Make it unpopular” – just as Hubbard wrote –  NO ONE WILL GO NEAR IT.

Basically, if you are doing Independent Scientology outside the church, you don’t know who to trust, and that is exactly how they want it.  Members of the Troika and their followers have added the harassment of anyone who continues to practice Scientology auditing, another primary target serving their masters (and incidentally – exactly serving the interests of the original and of the new, David Miscavige version of Hubbard Scientology).

It’s so easy to do in an atmosphere of betrayal and loss.  Just use the general word “Scientology” when you mean the David Miscavige religious version until the word when uttered, produces a sense of rage.  Then build up a sense of collective guilt for so many of those guilty of not stopping what a handful of criminals enforced on the majority decent adherents of the faith.  Don’t neglect to drop subtle hints about auditing being “mind control” and plant the idea that the talk-therapy element could be used as an excuse for hypnotically altering personality to suit cult objectives.

There.  You have successfully “de-popularized” auditing.

Keep the de-programming therapy sequestered in the authoritarian cult.  If it frees minds to some extent, you can still brainwash them with “policy” and more powerful forms of control outside the auditing room.

You want to know what happened to the momentum and energy of the independent movement that could have swiped another few thousand away from the clutches of the $cientology cult?  To Marty Rathbun?  To Steve Hall?  To anyone who would not “play ball” with the hidden faction planted right in our midst?

Going back to the very beginning of this post:
Karen throws money at Independent Scientology leaders (“Shmooze Cruise” – the “Going Clear” tour, and other “business transactions” – you know who you are!) – and that is how their work is done.

As a matter of fact, notice that the very same techniques used to get you into $cientology are being used to get you out and away.  It’s a much easier, cheaper, more reliable method of getting rid of all your “grassy knoll witnesses” without killing all of them.

I myself qualify as an “Independent Scientologist” – (by definition, only – there is not any real “movement” left at this writing).  I find valuable techniques sequestered in the engineered mess of $cientology, and I teach and and encourage others to put them to good use.  These techniques fall apart when they are not used for good purposes.  This is why Hubbard sequestered them into organizations, where executives weren’t expected to know or use these techniques, but to follow orders.

Following authoritarian “command” IS the mind-control of $cientology.  Yes, fraudulent and hypnotic methods are used to build a prison of BELIEF.  But it is belief in authority that the state-sponsored religious cult wishes to instill.  And if a little therapeutic auditing is needed to lure you into the trap, what the hell…

We must never, ever let that happen again.  Practice auditing away from organizations or at least with a minimum of organization and even then – with no hierarchy beyond that minimally needed to deliver and correct the quality of, the auditing and training offered.

L. Ron Hubbard – brilliant man that he was, did in fact bow to an agenda – one he appears to have been in agreement with – and allowed himself an organization that catered to his every whim, and allowed his organization to be infiltrated and used by the very sinister forces he claimed to be against.

Yes, he did seem to pride himself on quality of the technology of helping through communication-based therapy.  That was good – whatever his primary motive.  Perhaps he needed to pour his goodness into helping mankind with effective techniques in order to counter-balance a shredded but screaming conscience over all his betrayals.

He did do the work.  He did work hard – many are witness to his sincerity in these periods.  He did even fraudulently convince some of us that he personally sourced and owned all of the work.  But.  Allowing his fatal policies of secrecy and authoritarian control to ever dictate its use again, after knowing what he really did, would be foolish – if not actually evil.

It’s totally okay with me by the way, for you to, “GET OUT!” of $cientology.  Just do it on your own volition – understand what you are doing, and process it fully (Scientology auditing not required – just some journaling and reflection to go along with your research and discovery of what really happened).  In fact, I have helped many persons to do just that and so has – don’t forget –  Marty Rathbun (too often wrongly accused of going back to the church).

Don’t do it in that crowd which is being skinner-box-conditioned by the Troika.

Finally, I am going to leave you with a list of top Troika supporters.  I have no idea how deeply they are actually hooked in, but…


Working for the Troika:

Chris Shelton – (regularly makes trips to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to meet with his mentors Karen and Jeffrey, for guidance in producing his on-the-steep-decline “Scientology Critic” show)

Nancy Many – (had no problem stepping up to carry out an operation against the McClaughry family – not many years ago and around the same time as she released her book, which is itself a powerful account of Hubbard’s abuse and her suffering at the hands of OSA – the Office of Special Affairs of $cientology)

Mark Plummer – (called up friends of mine trying to turn them against me and foil my trip to get together for auditing; runs groups and bully-manipulation gambits for Karen; viciously attacks friends of Arnie Lerma for questioning his suspicious death)
Screenshot_2019-08-25 Wayback Machine

Scott Pilutik – (attorney and co-writer for Tony Ortega – suspected of having a past connected to the old $cientology Guardian’s Office – but he won’t answer questions about that – being “on assignment” like that [Tony Ortega blog articles don’t make a whole lot of money] certainly raises suspicion – Arnie Lerma outs him on this page which you will find if you search the name ‘Pilutik’)

Mike Rinder – (a co-star of the Leah Remini show which exposes $cientology tragedies but carefully avoids real crimes and ongoing operations Mike was a part of – besides having personal incentive to keep himself out of jail, Mike Rinder just plain took the money – he has exposed far too little – and he has not exposed several critical operations out of those family-destroying and life-destroying, ongoing mafia operations he had a hand in running, up through his departure from the church in 2007)

(this is the “public relations” – shiny side of intelligence, or, “White CIA” – always coming from “good families” or established Hollywood stars or trusted operatives)

The LEAH REMINI SHOW is a huge distraction – it’s not bringing about reform, hurting the church or even covering anything new – and Marty Rathbun exposes their attempt to recruit him (and what a price he was made to pay for turning them down!).

Lawrence Wright – (see Marty’s revelations about Wright’s deliberate mis-characterizations of key events in Scientology history in Wright’s book, “Going Clear” – as a mainstream author who has been permitted to write books of interest, we find Wright covering up for the CIA here in his earlier book: The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 (if you believe the government’s conspiracy theory that CIA-imported muslim extremists with box cutters brought down steel towers with commercial aircraft) – there is no intention here of accusing him of being CIA, but he certainly had their blessing and his background of studies in Egypt certainly fit a familiar profile – suspiciously, we see Wright closing out the 1980’s “satanic panic” with a “nothing to see here” account of a plausibly deniable case they labled “False Memory Syndrome” in his perfectly-timed 1988 book “Remembering Satan” – a cogent counter-argument to Wright’s “limited hang-out” here)

Alex Gibney – (this is the “public relations” shiny side of intelligence – always coming from “good families” [father Frank Gibney was CIA] and therefore supported strongly in mainstream media, and with the huge budgets that filmmakers need to work their propaganda – while the film “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” was interesting and informative, it knowingly relies on Lawrence Wright’s deceptive accounts and serves a purpose we are never told about)

Russell Miller – (when you see someone who is entrusted with writing about royalty, be very aware – this is Majesty Intelligence turf and it is heavily guarded – despite evidence turning up regularly that refutes Miller‘s refutation of L. Ron Hubbard’s war record, he refuses to budge – it is very much worth noting that Miller mentored anti-$cientology writer Jon Atack for many years before Jon went on to write his own book, “A Piece of Blue Sky” – which is detailed and informative, but forwards the “falsified war record” cover-up of Hubbard’s Naval Intelligence operations before Hubbard’s talented services were converted into his CIA-backed founding of a religion – to his credit, Jon Atack has recently been speculating about intelligence ties into $cientology)

The Nasty Underbelly (Criminal Underworld) of Spy-dom:

Gary Scarf – (dead, but still deserves mention as a double-agent – so dirty that he was asked to carry out a murder, as he put it in a sworn affidavit, by OSA Int Security [OSA Black Ops section headed by Linda Hammel – who now runs OSA – The Office of Special Affairs for David Miscavige] – became a disruption agent in the ex-Scientologist community going back-and-forth in his loyalty with the church – and therefore was suspected of feeding information back to the church for money)

Joe Lynn – (classic paid troll – living-with-parents who were major military brass as Arnie related to me), basement-computer “activist” part of the 90’s new Internet army versus $cientology – now dead, he still deserves mention because of how evil he was [he was also a child predator once protected by major cult leader Alan Walter] – he had never done a single Scientology service, and yet was full-time on the job at ESMB [Ex-Scientologist Message Board – always monitored by OSA – taken over by the finance of Karen de la Carriere] and also how not once in over twenty years did I witness a single instance of anyone calling him out on his nasty language, irrelevant postings, steering hot-topic-threads off-topic [apparently his main job], attacking and de-railing hot-topic writers Arnie Lerma and several others – I’m afraid that Joe Lynn seems to have been helping the Defense Intelligence Agency pioneer its social media trolling that you now see coordinated on Facebook)

Many, many others who put $$$money$$$ before Principle.
Arnie Lerma identified and warned of them here

(And shouldn’t I at least mention that David Miscavige and his government-connected attorneys running $cientology and inuring millions of dollars illegally from a “non-profit” 501c, officially government-recognized “religion” – are probably the deepest CIA-Mossad-MI6 connections of all?  $cientology was their best candidate for a one-world, new-order religion of the future, as a projected alternative to the neo-feudal Catholic plan which is failing miserably.)

NEW Bonus – ESMB-Facebook Spies & Censors (ESMB = Ex-Scientologist Message Board)
(to catch a Facebook Spy – just post a http://mikemcclaughry.wordpress.com article and see who shows up to slime your thread! – hint – you will get lame, but foaming-at-the-mouth complaints of how “angry” they still are with the McClaughrys some 18 years after the fact – only get this – Mike & Virginia didn’t hurt anyone – they merely successfully outed agents taking over message boards, and that is unforgivable)
* Terril Parks (continuous strained natter directed at Virginia at every opportunity – and then some…)
* Ralph Hilton (started the false and slanderous “LSD in the toothpaste” rumor)
* Gene Trujillo (launched an attack using the LSD rumor, on 24 Aug 2019)
* Mark Plummer (see above – Homeland Security Agent – attack dog used to intimidate)
* Aida Thomas (regular censor & defender of Karen de la Carriere)
* Claire Swazey (regular censor & annoying defender of the Troika)
* Caterina Ethier (Kiki Budura) – recruiter/coordinator of agents/stalkers working Facebook (see screenshot for a sub-list including some not known before and not featured in this article – March 2021 update)
Screenshot_2021-02-20 Facebook Groups(4)* see note below

Agents or creepy stalkers?  Take your pick.

Many of these people (and other unknown trolls) also made false reports to Facebook flagging informational posts and links to the McClaughry work, getting these posts (or me) removed – sometimes BANNED.

Since this list is becoming a check-in reference for both Scientologists and ex-$cientologists – go ahead – join the list – and make our day…

*NOTE – presence on the above list does not confirm involvement in CIAntology intelligence operations – only that they are in Kiki’s circle of influence and therefore “dupe agents” trusted to support her gaslighting and message positioning.

I really am done with this intelligence game (other than strictly for defensive purposes, as I have done here with this article).  Intelligence not conducted strictly as a rightful means of defense, is actually the black art of deception, and this deception has been used by the same slavemasters for the same evil purpose for countless thousands of years – maybe longer – on this earth.

MI6, MOSSAD, KGB, CIA, NSA, DIA, SS, KKK, OTO, Church of Satan, Scottish Rite, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Jesuits – Freemason religions (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, etc.) – Mafias – all for the same old uses – pyramid schemes for holding onto power – dark, black-magick power over others – over their minds, their souls, their dreams – stolen and replaced with coerced exploitation (various forms and degrees of slavery) and maintained by inculcating belief in authority and belief in government.

The attraction for the little people like you and me is always the same:  the excitement of hidden knowledge and secrets, the lure of special membership, promises of position and power, and of course, money-money-money.

But it is all funded by their coercive THEFT of our resources using taxation and inflation, and a global network of financial fraud (bloodline crime families) which has been in place for centuries.  Put another way:  YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.

The Troika work for them.  They have to work.  They were not born into the “right” families.  But the right families have arranged it so they do get compensation and bonuses for their work.  The “carrot.”  The secrecy oaths and non-disclosure contracts tell of the “stick.”  At that level, you go away “for long time!” – to island in Panama, and you get back “with the program.”

“Stats & Production Record” – sound familiar?  You really think $cientology thought of that first?  Was Hubbard imitating or “duplicating” (orders)?

$cientology is just the modern version of their same old scheme.  The church still receives millions annually in donations, while the Hollywood mafia rakes in multi-millions of dollars in Leah Remini Show ratings.

All their roads lead to the same dark cesspool of suffering (“hell”) and focus on a dark energy projection of out-of-control selfishness (“ego”) that has long been assigned the term, “satan” (not a literal person – but a concept – and yet a very real mass of dark energy).  They have sold their souls, and so they want you to join them in their misery.  They are all covertly selling you “satanism.”  Worship of SELF – above all else.  ME-ME-ME.  The “only one.”  The dark side of EGO.  “I’ll earn my place in the New World Order by TURNING YOU IN.”

TRAITORS.  To the Human Race.  TRAITORS.


At the Pentagon – the planning, coordination and execution of operations (including domestic cults) bringing violence and death to mankind. Staffed by pedophiles and mindless order-followers – many of whom, lying to themselves, actually believe that they can get away with “serving two masters” – and some even have gone so far as to lie to themselves that they are actually serving “Christ.”

And while it is very important to be abreast of these techniques and the existence of secret societies who will factually kill each other for violating their oaths of secrecy – especially when those secrets are crimes – there is no important cause, country, religion, cult, secret society or anything else, that trumps Truth and Honesty and respect for the Natural Law rights of every sentient being in the universe.

However, I remind those who should know, that DEFENDING FROM HARM is one of those Natural Law rights I shall continue to exercise, and that makes EXPOSING these nasty mass-mind-control operations, a DUTY.

I have sworn... (1960)

“I have sworn Hostility against every form of TYRANNY over the mind of man.” – Thomas Jefferson

Please if you are so inclined, feel free to check into my projects of releasing the helpful aspects of Scientology auditing (counseling) to the general public, free of charge and away from the control of religion and intelligence cults.

This work is truly FREE




Recommended further research:

Mike & Virginia McClaughry’s Groundbreaking, Original Research

Marty Rathbun’s Exit from $cientology & Whistleblowing

Allen Stansfield Investigations

Current Conditions (exposing child trafficking)

Arnie Lerma Investigation & Memorial Page

Quit Your Cult:

Mark Passio fills in the Missing Knowledge that Hubbard Withheld or Ignored

[humor (until it’s not…) – a song I wrote – just before the intelligence dragon swallowed me whole…]

Come Out From Babylon:


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