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Virginia McClaughry – Malignant, Narcissist Bully – and Her Malicious Smear Campaign Being Waged Against Scott Gordon

This may eventually become a three-part post and updated right here, as needed. I am not going to clog my site here with multiple posts. I have made it known that the attacks need to cease, and when they are taken down in full, this post will be taken off-line.

I am moving on to resume my work which I largely interrupted giving up the bulk of my home space for two years, in trying to help a distressed couple, Mike & Virginia McClaughry, who had exceptional research skills and an important library of information uncovering L. Ron Hubbard’s (founder of the Scientology religion) intelligence background and his ties to the slavemasters running intelligence agencies across the planet.

Despite making it clear that their stay was temporary – giving them a full year’s notice and extending that by an additional 10 months later – and asking only that they pay a fair share of their use of utilities (no rent ever charged), Virginia threatened me several times that I would live to regret cutting ties with them – even though that was my right to have done at any time. This was the action of a bully, and several encounters I had with her regarding my reluctance to do her bidding were also done in a very bullying manner (reminiscent of Scientology Sea Org drama that women developed interacting in that authoritarian, militaristic environment she worked in). Recently she has been making good on those threats.

In fact, since they voluntarily left the premises of my house in March 2021, despite offering to extend their stay, Virginia has made no further research posts. The only posts she has found the time and energy to do have been attack posts that complain about me, or some aspect of my interactions and communications with them.

(Virginia has her own ideas about how she’s saving the planet by making the slavemasters recognize the error of their ways, at which time they will instantly become “good guys” again and stop oppressing good people)

This post is not about what we agree or disagree on. I obviously hold her work in high esteem or I would not have bent over backwards to see it continue…

Virginia’s attack posts have been coming at me on the Internet since April 2020, at which time I negotiated a truce and her attacks were withdrawn (for a while).

(Virginia’s idea of communicating with me is to send out a post on the Internet and to the in-box of her subscribers – this is known as “shame-posting”)

(more shame-posting, and this post has been restored as of this year, and is being used once again, as it was then, to accuse me of conspiring to commit a crime, which is in itself, a form of extortion)

The shame-posting and public attacks resumed at the beginning of 2022, and in these last months have been accumulating… Mostly these are based on wildly mistaken (or else intentionally malicious) interpretations of old, private e-mails Virginia has no business making public (even worse, many are taken from private e-mails furnished her by Loren Spethman, formerly my co-auditing/therapy partner who went behind my back and betrayed my trust in him sometime in the winter of 2021).

Loren Spethman has posted my personal e-mails and taken personal information out of context in some desperate effort to make me look bad in front of our mutual friends (some of whom were successfully turned against me). Loren accuses me of various things, including inventing allegations of criminal conduct, where he posts lengthy pages of laws he thinks I may have been in violation of, regardless of the actual situation and what my real actions taken were, all of them well within my lawful rights, most of them quite ethical and fair.

I am going to try to keep this short, and limit this at first, to furnishing proof that Virginia knew otherwise than what she accused me of in two of her posts.

If I decide to publish a full accounting or timeline, this will become Part III.

For now, here are some highlights:

  • V. continually interrogated me, starting with our first e-mails; in contrast, I was never interested in the barrage of details V. hit me with, and I often tuned her out; I was interested in information pertaining to her attackers – sure – who were also my attackers, but I did not ever take notes except on a few occasions after the fact, when she’d bullied me with ferocity and I needed to de-compress and document what had taken place
  • V. before I drove up to help in April 2019, never, ever discussed arrangements for their utility usage, nor did they once they arrived at my place; I told her clearly this was a small, older home, unfinished, extremely dusty and in the middle of several remodeling projects; the only thing I ever agreed to and that we discussed before I went up there to help them move out during an emergency eviction deadline, was to accept the risk of losing my job (a common ploy of CIA-$cientology hostile operations) V. was never promised any amount of time to stay, but the general understanding that I conveyed was that they were welcome to stay for a time until they could figure out where they could go
  • V. and Mike were given a clear verbal notice on 10 June 2019 – after V. attacked me verbally (screaming that I was an “abuser of women” and taunting me with nasty comments about my Argentine girlfriend whom she had never met) and attempted to get me to step outside and fight her (assault her), but did not succeed – that they had until 01 June 2020 to find another place to stay (this was extended later in April 2020, under the duress of cv-19 and in anticipation of Christine’s arrival, to allow an additional 10 months, which this time I put in writing)
  • V. was spying on me and particularly on my Facebook posts (see first article screenshot above)
  • V. made legal threats – implied and express – when she couldn’t otherwise get her way (see second article screenshot above); I once asked her point blank if she would actually use the state apparatus against me (when she did not want my friend Christine to arrive from Los Angeles to occupy an upstairs bedroom) and she affirmed with a snarling, “Yes, I would!”
  • V. – particularly making this a full-time problem in the last year after my return from Argentina (I traveled as often as I could to allow them space and time to complete their work, and to preserve my own sanity), made it impossible for me to get much of anything done during the day when I was awake, because she blackened the windows from any sunlight downstairs (I occupied the other upstairs bedroom) and insisted on sleeping during the day, when I needed and wanted to work on the house (I did not use this as an excuse not to take care of the place responsibly for all of us)

Virginia has had ample time by now to review my responses to her nonsense, kept to only one Facebook group (“Free Zone Scientology”), and therefore has no excuse for keeping up the libelous attacks on my character. I sent her a private e-mail message (copied openly to Loren) but she promptly put it up on the Internet on her site and published it, along with more personal details about my house and neighbors (known as “doxxing” – from the word “documenting”).

Part I – Here is the first post we are going to take up, although it is so over-the-top, especially for those who know me (including Virginia herself and including Loren Spethman), it seems ludicrous to even take it up for consideration. The proof I am going to furnish, however, reveals Virginia didn’t have a misunderstanding on my past associations, but took advantage of an ambiguous, private e-mail note in order to do so:

So Virginia depends on this maneuver in her attempt to convince the reader that I am a “life-long member” of a movement… Which movement? The pro-Nazi or anti-Nazi movement? It’s not clear reading that sentence alone, but anyone who knows what the original Black Panther movement was about should have no problem figuring that one out. (By the way, did anyone notice my response was to her interrogation of me about why I was even interested in the Nazi connections to the suppression of human freedom? the impatience on her end with my supposed naivete?)

So here is a timeline of anything Nazi-related over the course of my life:

  • 1972 – at age 7 I read an adult book, “The Hiding Place” – which is about a Christian family who hides a Jewish family in World War II until they are caught and sent away to a work camp (I cried at the part when she learns her sister dies). I resolved that I would learn all I could about evil in the world and do something to stop it. For a long time Nazis were a main representation of evil to me (and still are in the context of a larger picture including who their Jesuit-Vatican-British nobility masters are). Later in life, I watched more than a couple times, the movie made about the book.
  • 1988 – I attended a lecture given at the University of New Mexico by an Economics professor who called out Board of Regent member Frank Bormann as a “fascist,” and I started a student movement which resulted in an event during which the Board of Regents departed their meeting because the student protest was “too lively” (and resulted in the take-over of the President’s office in the Spring of 1989). At that time I thought the only way to fight for human freedom was to join the enemy of the Nazis – the communist movement (I became disillusioned with this approach within a couple years, but I did not drop my opposition to fascist government).
  • 1992 – I worked in support of the American Indian Movement (led by Russell Means) and the opposition to the celebration of genocide following the Columbus “discovery” of America, and led significant actions in support of the overall action, including writing articles exposing the Bush family Nazi connections (I was acquainted with the LaRouche publications that far back).
  • 1993 – I joined staff at the Church of Scientology, Celebrity Centre Dallas, where I would serve 11 years (plus an additional 5 years at the Costa Rica mission) in part, because I felt Hubbard was anti-Nazi and had answers to the abuses and over-reach of government of the kind often compared to the Nazis.
  • 2012 – After being excommunicated from the Church of Scientology, I took a renewed interest in promoting human freedom and exploring solutions to evil and totalitarian assaults on human freedom, and among other things, began following Mike & Virginia’s articles and work on exposing the roots of Scientology, learning more about the context of the Nazis and World War II and who really started that whole thing going.
  • In the interim V. and I had numerous conversations where it was clear that my central interest was in human freedom and the right to “alter or abolish government” (Declaration of Independence) – right in line with her work.
  • ca. 2017 – Scott Gordon is blocked from the Facebook group “SCIENTOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE” by its owner (Norwegian, neo-Nazi Tommy Stahl) for posting material challenging his holocaust denial…
  • even before these attacks started and long before she made such a ridiculous accusation, I was already a volunteer on a site documenting and indexing archives from death-camps during World War II…
  • the entire e-mail needs to be studied in full context:

(a little more context, as the full e-mail exchange from which Virginia has pulled one of my rushed statements out-of-context – note Virginia’s condescending attitude for me being “naive” at the time, about the role the British slavemasters – and the Harriman-Bush families on Wall Street – played to put the Nazis in power – and nowhere do I ever express admiration for Nazis – WTF?)

Part II – concerns Virginia’s attempt to shame-post me with the slur of “Slumlord”

(because “slumlords” work full-time energetically for weeks on end, and even hire professionals at their own expense to accommodate the new guests, setting up air conditioning for V. and paying the electric bill for it…)

  • When the McClaughrys arrived in April 2019, the plumbing drainage had been working fine for one or two people – the occasional guest. Within a couple weeks, the plumbing was backing up. It was an old system. We did not know what to do. I personally dug and had installed, a clean-out unit. That made it easier for a plumber to unclog, but it was still backing up every couple weeks. Thanks to Mike’s work, he dug around and traced the outline of the old plumbing. This made it easier to work out a solution (we were quoted about $12,000) and Loren and I designed this solution and I implemented it with Mike’s help – saving us a lot of money. I still spent the $3000 I made over the summer on this project, and by October it was fixed.
  • I paid for Loren to hook up their washing machine, and hook up the used gas stove that Mike bought.
  • I bought and paid for Loren to install, a nice ceiling fan for Virginia’s room.
  • I paid for Loren to run electricity wires to an air conditioning unit they had brought along. (This unit cost an extra $100/month in electricity, for which I paid half that cost the first summer, and all of the cost, the second summer of 2020.)
  • I paid Loren and joined in the work for two full days (and then more for later upgrades) to fix a leaky, shallow-pitched roof over the kitchen in the back.
  • During the first weeks and going into several months, I worked continually moving their stuff back and forth – sometimes three or more times – trying to get the rubix-cube puzzle adjusted so we could fit as much as possible into a small house with limited storage. I sometimes worked all waking hours doing it. Eventually I worked out enough room to save them their $90/mo. storage warehouse rental and bring all that stuff on site, safely inside.
  • I paid a mechanic (that Virginia found me) an extra $150 (yes, I was overcharged) to look over Mike’s brake light and advise him how to fix it.

Does that seem like a “slumlord” to you? (And consider that I resided upstairs in the tight spaces of a small house minding my own business and letting them get on with theirs.)

So I have been repaid for my efforts with heavy and repeated attacks, far beyond what most normal people will believe or confront, so that inevitably it’s easier to distance themselves from me in a state of doubt and confusion.

That is called, “black propaganda.” It is “black” because it seeks to darken the reputation in your eyes of me, my person and my work.

It was used for many years on Mike & Virginia by field agents and private investigators outside the Church of Scientology, and by intelligence agents deployed to flank that effort and make sure the McClaughrys were “utterly ruined” and silenced as much as possible.

It was used on me by those same people – albeit not nearly to the degree I witnessed it used against them.

Apparently now, Virginia has flipped, and is using these same techniques against me.

Virginia, shortly after I helped them relocate to my place for a shelter from the relentless bullying and attacks directed at her for her work in exposing the massive fraud of the Church of $cientology, revealed herself to me as selfishly controlling, and abusive. I have concluded after standing up to several attacks that became vicious beyond reason or justification, that Virginia is herself a toxic, malignant-narcissist bully.

I am not interested in taking credit for buying them two years with which to operate in relative safety and extend their valuable work. But that is what I did. Even for almost two full years after I had made it clear to both Mike and Virginia together, with their understanding and nod of agreement, that I was no longer part of any team or project of theirs, but would allow them a safe space from which to continue their work and plan their next move.

I was and still am, simply interested in getting on with my life, apart from theirs.

That is my right.

Anyone in violation of my rights is engaging in criminal behavior and is subject to laws against this. Libel and defamation always has been and always will be, unlawful.

So consider this a fair warning to anyone who even contemplates violating my rights.

Otherwise, and it goes without saying, you are respected and appreciated for taking the time to read this.

The Intelligence Troika – Controlled-Opposition $cientology Cover-Up

The “nuttiest” conspiracy theory, ever! (until it’s not…)

As used in this article:
[“$cientology” = Hubbard’s joint intelligence project, preserved as the Church of $cientology, yet mostly with admirably sincere adherents | “Scientology” = the study of Truth and Knowledge, and the philosophical tradition of helping others with it – L. Ron Hubbard got it started (amidst many other assignments) and established highly successful methods of doing just that]


Watchful Navigator 1st Announcement Naming the Intelligence Troika

(The three profiteers – PR Troika – Tony Ortega, Leah Remini, Mike Rinder.)

And based on information posted at various points along the way, I have concluded there is an “Intelligence Troika” right behind them:

Karen de la Carriere – Jeffrey Augustine – Tony Ortega

While I have already and many times been “taught” that old lesson, that the penalty for blowing cover on deep-cover agents protecting government secrets is hell-on-Earth, I get a little tired of my friends getting played.

I have sworn... (1960)

Those who are unaccustomed to the world of intelligence, please understand that secrecy is paramount – the avoidance of paper-trails (evidence) and especially the often-deadly game of maintaining cover and hiding connections at all costs.

You are not going to get admissions (except on a death-bed) from them, nor are you likely to find “dox” (documents). But if you know what to look for, you can piece together a strong case for revealing what intelligence is put there to do. Keep the public confused about what the powers-that-should-not-be are really up to with their one-world, neo-age religions.


Karen De La Carrriere – Christine Rosair (Defense Intelligence Agency)

“She told me about her years…”

She told me about her years as an intelligence operative in the defense department. And she also told me about all the years she worked on Operations against $cientology’s “enemies” at OSA Int.

More on her intelligence background and its ramifications…

He has confirmed there is indeed evidence of Karen’s involvement in the Defense Department and that he will be publishing that evidence – along with a number of other documents – as soon as he is done with the current project he is engaged upon.

NEW! – And here we go – in her own words – “High Security Clearance to deal with Black Programs…” (How does someone have a dual career in $cientology and the Defense Department, including the top-secret NRO program?)


Church of $cientology reports give additional clues…

She also engaged in a long-term arrangement with a married British parliamentary adviser. She was set up with a posh apartment, expensive clothing and a large allowance, to be available on call for her services.


Jeffrey Augustine – Master Mason (Knights Templar)

[Jeffrey Augustine – also has top security clearances – is married to Karen de la Carriere]

Along the way, Augustine became a Master Mason and a Knight Templar. A scientific lighting expert by profession, Augustine has worked on lasers, medical devices, UV-C water treatment, and even lighted the prototype of a space vehicle. The author lives in Los Angeles with his wife Karen de la Carriere, an extraordinary woman who was once a very high ranking member of the Church of Scientology.

Jeffrey Augustine covers up Hubbard’s intelligence background…

“I really don’t see it based on all the research I’ve done that he would have had any value to the CIA. Because 1.  He just didn’t have enough ships or airplanes. He didn’t have trained people… HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY FORMAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE CIA THAT HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED OR FOUND OUT THROUGH FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACTS.  In fact quite the opposite… you can go to the actual CIA website and see what they have on the church. …mostly a collect of newspaper clippings about scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.  Very prosaic stuff.  So I just don’t see it.”

– Jeffrey Augustine (as transcribed at link above)

READ THIS ONE – More cover-up work by Jeffrey Augustine…

Jeffrey Augustine.  Mister I-Hate-Anyone-Knowing-Hubbard’s-Real Background (in intelligence).  Augustine doesn’t disappoint, doing his level best to steer John off that point after first presenting the idea that “no one” would have Hubbard in intelligence because of…. wait for it… his character.

We need to talk about that for a moment because this is one of the arguments Jeff discusses with Atack in the podcast.

Jeff seems to love to confuse intelligence cover with the person’s character.

One could ask: Why is that Jeff?

Attacking the McClaughry Research team – Jeffrey Augustine “Humor” Goes Dark

Note that Jeffrey Augustine keeps talking in his articles and interviews about “some guy” (he’s trying to position me! – Scott Gordon – WATCHFUL NAVIGATOR) who “wants to believe” that L. Ron Hubbard was a life-long intelligence agent so that he can remain the war hero that Scientologists have been led to believe in.

Sorry to disappoint, Jeffrey!  I don’t think Hubbard’s career helping the CIA was a “good” thing…

And everyone who’s followed L. Ron Hubbard and his lectures and policies knows that L. Ron Hubbard claimed that the CIA was a “suppressive” (as in “bad – really bad”) organization out to “steal mankind’s last hopes of freedom” (and how right he was about the true intentions of his masters, as he lied through his teeth – well I guess he would have to, wouldn’t he? – covering up his own connection).

I have personal knowledge that Jeffrey Augustine has been recruiting for freemasonry in the ex-Scientology community.  Freemasonry should set off a few alarm bells, since it is an insular cult with secrecy vows that would make a Scientology ‘OT’ cringe with terror.  A freemason is a ready-made intelligence officer who can be trusted to follow authority and keep its secrets.  And the Knights Templar is no entry-level mason group.  At that level, the controlled opposition rivalry with the Catholic church and its secret societies (in this case, the Knights of Malta who run the CIA for our “benefit”) no longer applies.

I have saved the best for last.  This guy is notable not for his credentials (as revealed in the first two) – but for his lack of credentials.


Tony Ortega (suspected CIA Mockingbird reporter under investigation for aiding underage sex trafficking)

Aside from completely missing or occluded years in his early adulthood biography, we find Tony bragging about one of his “key” articles.  It was actually, a brutal gaslighting of a victim of CIA mind-control operations and vicious attack on the reporter who dared to bring Sue Ford’s (“Brice Taylor”) detailed accounts to public attention.  (I’ve read her book, and you should, too.  It is a must-read.)
“Thanks for the Memories” – Brice Taylor

Here is Tony Ortega doing his smear job in 2000 (he’s so proud of it, he pulls it forward for re-publishing – in his supreme arrogance, he assumes you will find her story unbelievable because his masters have laid the groundwork and pop culture punishes real CIA mind-control victims, as “nuts”) to discredit her:

Tony Promotes his CIA Mind Control Hit-Piece

Debunking hokum, mind-control division

Recently we were asked by a reader about some of our non-Scientology writing, and, at nearly the same time, someone else asked us about the phenomena of people who claim that they are mind-controlled slaves of the CIA.


Smear Campaign Against Brice Taylor

Encouraging patients to explore those reactions, she eventually unraveled complex layers of mind-control programming that had resulted from years of trauma. Her patients recovered memories that satanic cultists had ritually tormented them as children, an experience that caused them to develop multiple personalities, or “alters,” which crowded their subconscious minds. CIA mind controllers later programmed these alters using drugs, electric shock, and other forms of torture. Monday learned that the alpha alter was the one patients presented to the world, while betas were sex slave alters (nearly all of her mind-control patients and the patients of other therapists undergoing similar treatment are middle-aged white women), and deltas were assassin alters. Monday found many other alters the more she dug into her patients’ minds.

– from the news broadcast segment on Dr. Pamela Monday

Like I said – you have to get the book (pirate copies are on the Internet if you need to sample it, first, before you order) for the details that make Brice’s story not only credible, but explaining of so many things I can’t go into in the space of this article.

The Village Voice – once a strategic propaganda page for the heart of New York City – was likely an abandoned CIA Mockingbird project before Tony Ortega “just happened to come along” (was assigned) and made use of it to simultaneously facilitate child sex trafficking (a deep CIA operation) and open up a controlled-opposition frontal assault against the Church of $cientology:

Tony Ortega’s Involvement in Child Sex Trafficking

“The Village Voice was converted into a human trafficking criminal enterprise. Tony Ortega lived off the money of sex trafficking, much of it from minors, for almost six years. This is not gossip, and I am not the first to mention it. It is in a Senate investigation report. It has been written about by media watchdog sites… and [he] finally turned on the victims trafficked there and worked to dehumanize them by calling them ‘underage prostitutes,’ not children, which they were. There is no such thing as an ‘underaged prostitute.’ Minors who are forced into sexual slavery are not ‘underage prostitutes.’ He tried to poison people against his victims! CHILDREN.”
(also featured here with numerous links – scroll down)

Tony Ortega’s Sex Trafficking Cover-Up

So, the purpose of the paper was not to sell papers!  Nope, it was for using the paper as a front for Backpage sex classifieds.  And to obtain the income, from advertisers.  And Tony Ortega was holding up that front, for five and half years.  Which is one reason nobody cared how he used the paper as a front. And Tony Ortega did take liberties.  Such as the one right above attacking Kutcher for having enough courage and integrity to speak out about the child sex slave trade the Village Voice was fronting.  Because all of the income was being generated from the classifieds section. The back page of the Village Voice, which was called “Backpage” which went digital on the Internet.

Tony Ortega’s Bosses Go to Jail

In the unceasing parade of human folly and hypocrisy, perhaps there is no better example of a man who, for years, falsely accused L Ron Hubbard and all Scientologists of endorsing and condoning pedophilia while he himself had made 90% of his paycheck off of Backpage sex traffick advertising, which led to horrific instances of child rape and murder.

The more you get past the idea that it’s all just a Scientology Fair Game operation of guilt by association to discredit one of their most vociferous critics, and look at Tony Ortega’s factual history, economic connections, and defense of the notorious BackPage.com, the more difficult it becomes to scrape your jaw off the floor in alarm.

Smart Enough to Start Backpage.com

The Voice and five other “alt” publications were acquired in 2005 by the New Times Media group, which had recently started an online classifieds website—Backpage.com. Pimping became the major business model at the tabloid chain, soon known as Village Voice Media. “The people I work for,” Ortega would later gloat, “were smart enough to start Backpage.com.”

So there it is:

The Intelligence Troika of $cientology:

Karen de la Carriere – Jeffrey Augustine – Tony Ortega

(Full-Time Operatives)

And guess who they DO NOT want you reading?

ALL 3 of them jumped all over this one…

Black Operation now completed – Karen, Tony and Jeff rejoice at having successfully leveled mind control tactics at their erstwhile flock, and for banning anyone from linking or even discussing Mike McClaughry’s work (and mine, by extension since I find most of it).

– Virginia McClaughry

You want to know how I discovered what these people were up to?  That’s how.  I simply shared some information I was learning from the research of Mike McClaughry into the intelligence connections and background of $cientology founder L. Ron Hubbard – who, by the way, is about the only person or subject I have ever heard of where you can not get a Freedom of Information Act request back for anything to do with what he was really doing with $cientology and his service record as an intelligence officer (bits and pieces have leaked out about his war-time Naval intelligence officer years).


So that is the Intelligence Troika positioned outside the Church of $cientology.

They do their work almost exactly like it is done from inside the church.

Their primary mission is to prevent the public from ever finding out that Hubbard $cientology was from the very beginning backed, facilitated, manipulated, and utilized by international intelligence services.

Their secondary mission is a little more difficult to grasp or demonstrate – particularly with the degree of betrayal and skepticism following the ejection of thousands of adherents of the Scientology religion for questioning the emerging evidence of corruption. (And back when it looked like Marty Rathbun would “play ball” with their plan, you can bet that Jeffrey Augustine as “J. Swift” had his/their own proposal for establishing Independent Scientology outside the church.)

Somewhere along the line – heymore than once – their plans have changed.

For example, as soon as it was seen that Independent Scientology could not be led and controlled, the orders evidently came down to just wipe out the practice of free and independent Scientology training of auditors and their practice of auditing (trauma counseling and philosophical-based counseling).

Why? Because the de-programming aspects of auditing done outside the control of Hubbard’s church or similar apparatus, are too unpredictable – they can relieve the effects of physical and psychological trauma – and this is completely at odds with their investments in mass-programming and the original intention to sequester these cooperative-help, self-improvement techniques into an insular cult that no one cares about (unless it is entertaining, in which case they’ll script shows and make money coming and going, and turn people off to Scientology even more than they already are).

“Make it unpopular” – just as Hubbard wrote –  NO ONE WILL GO NEAR IT.

Basically, if you are doing Independent Scientology outside the church, you don’t know who to trust, and that is exactly how they want it.  Members of the Troika and their followers have added the harassment of anyone who continues to practice Scientology auditing, another primary target serving their masters (and incidentally – exactly serving the interests of the original and of the new, David Miscavige version of Hubbard Scientology).

It’s so easy to do in an atmosphere of betrayal and loss.  Just use the general word “Scientology” when you mean the David Miscavige religious version until the word when uttered, produces a sense of rage.  Then build up a sense of collective guilt for so many of those guilty of not stopping what a handful of criminals enforced on the majority decent adherents of the faith.  Don’t neglect to drop subtle hints about auditing being “mind control” and plant the idea that the talk-therapy element could be used as an excuse for hypnotically altering personality to suit cult objectives.

There.  You have successfully “de-popularized” auditing.

Keep the de-programming therapy sequestered in the authoritarian cult.  If it frees minds to some extent, you can still brainwash them with “policy” and more powerful forms of control outside the auditing room.

You want to know what happened to the momentum and energy of the independent movement that could have swiped another few thousand away from the clutches of the $cientology cult?  To Marty Rathbun?  To Steve Hall?  To anyone who would not “play ball” with the hidden faction planted right in our midst?

Going back to the very beginning of this post:
Karen throws money at Independent Scientology leaders (“Shmooze Cruise” – the “Going Clear” tour, and other “business transactions” – you know who you are!) – and that is how their work is done.

As a matter of fact, notice that the very same techniques used to get you into $cientology are being used to get you out and away.  It’s a much easier, cheaper, more reliable method of getting rid of all your “grassy knoll witnesses” without killing all of them.

I myself qualify as an “Independent Scientologist” – (by definition, only – there is not any real “movement” left at this writing).  I find valuable techniques sequestered in the engineered mess of $cientology, and I teach and and encourage others to put them to good use.  These techniques fall apart when they are not used for good purposes.  This is why Hubbard sequestered them into organizations, where executives weren’t expected to know or use these techniques, but to follow orders.

Following authoritarian “command” IS the mind-control of $cientology.  Yes, fraudulent and hypnotic methods are used to build a prison of BELIEF.  But it is belief in authority that the state-sponsored religious cult wishes to instill.  And if a little therapeutic auditing is needed to lure you into the trap, what the hell…

We must never, ever let that happen again.  Practice auditing away from organizations or at least with a minimum of organization and even then – with no hierarchy beyond that minimally needed to deliver and correct the quality of, the auditing and training offered.

L. Ron Hubbard – brilliant man that he was, did in fact bow to an agenda – one he appears to have been in agreement with – and allowed himself an organization that catered to his every whim, and allowed his organization to be infiltrated and used by the very sinister forces he claimed to be against.

Yes, he did seem to pride himself on quality of the technology of helping through communication-based therapy.  That was good – whatever his primary motive.  Perhaps he needed to pour his goodness into helping mankind with effective techniques in order to counter-balance a shredded but screaming conscience over all his betrayals.

He did do the work.  He did work hard – many are witness to his sincerity in these periods.  He did even fraudulently convince some of us that he personally sourced and owned all of the work.  But.  Allowing his fatal policies of secrecy and authoritarian control to ever dictate its use again, after knowing what he really did, would be foolish – if not actually evil.

It’s totally okay with me by the way, for you to, “GET OUT!” of $cientology.  Just do it on your own volition – understand what you are doing, and process it fully (Scientology auditing not required – just some journaling and reflection to go along with your research and discovery of what really happened).  In fact, I have helped many persons to do just that and so has – don’t forget –  Marty Rathbun (too often wrongly accused of going back to the church).

Don’t do it in that crowd which is being skinner-box-conditioned by the Troika.

Finally, I am going to leave you with a list of top Troika supporters.  I have no idea how deeply they are actually hooked in, but…


Working for the Troika:

Chris Shelton – (regularly makes trips to Los Angeles and Las Vegas to meet with his mentors Karen and Jeffrey, for guidance in producing his on-the-steep-decline “Scientology Critic” show)

Nancy Many – (had no problem stepping up to carry out an operation against the McClaughry family – not many years ago and around the same time as she released her book, which is itself a powerful account of Hubbard’s abuse and her suffering at the hands of OSA – the Office of Special Affairs of $cientology)

Mark Plummer – (called up friends of mine trying to turn them against me and foil my trip to get together for auditing; runs groups and bully-manipulation gambits for Karen; viciously attacks friends of Arnie Lerma for questioning his suspicious death)
Screenshot_2019-08-25 Wayback Machine

Scott Pilutik – (attorney and co-writer for Tony Ortega – suspected of having a past connected to the old $cientology Guardian’s Office – but he won’t answer questions about that – being “on assignment” like that [Tony Ortega blog articles don’t make a whole lot of money] certainly raises suspicion – Arnie Lerma outs him on this page which you will find if you search the name ‘Pilutik’)

Mike Rinder – (a co-star of the Leah Remini show which exposes $cientology tragedies but carefully avoids real crimes and ongoing operations Mike was a part of – besides having personal incentive to keep himself out of jail, Mike Rinder just plain took the money – he has exposed far too little – and he has not exposed several critical operations out of those family-destroying and life-destroying, ongoing mafia operations he had a hand in running, up through his departure from the church in 2007)

(this is the “public relations” – shiny side of intelligence, or, “White CIA” – always coming from “good families” or established Hollywood stars or trusted operatives)

The LEAH REMINI SHOW is a huge distraction – it’s not bringing about reform, hurting the church or even covering anything new – and Marty Rathbun exposes their attempt to recruit him (and what a price he was made to pay for turning them down!).

Lawrence Wright – (see Marty’s revelations about Wright’s deliberate mis-characterizations of key events in Scientology history in Wright’s book, “Going Clear” – as a mainstream author who has been permitted to write books of interest, we find Wright covering up for the CIA here in his earlier book: The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 (if you believe the government’s conspiracy theory that CIA-imported muslim extremists with box cutters brought down steel towers with commercial aircraft) – there is no intention here of accusing him of being CIA, but he certainly had their blessing and his background of studies in Egypt certainly fit a familiar profile – suspiciously, we see Wright closing out the 1980’s “satanic panic” with a “nothing to see here” account of a plausibly deniable case they labled “False Memory Syndrome” in his perfectly-timed 1988 book “Remembering Satan” – a cogent counter-argument to Wright’s “limited hang-out” here)

Alex Gibney – (this is the “public relations” shiny side of intelligence – always coming from “good families” [father Frank Gibney was CIA] and therefore supported strongly in mainstream media, and with the huge budgets that filmmakers need to work their propaganda – while the film “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” was interesting and informative, it knowingly relies on Lawrence Wright’s deceptive accounts and serves a purpose we are never told about)

Russell Miller – (when you see someone who is entrusted with writing about royalty, be very aware – this is Majesty Intelligence turf and it is heavily guarded – despite evidence turning up regularly that refutes Miller‘s refutation of L. Ron Hubbard’s war record, he refuses to budge – it is very much worth noting that Miller mentored anti-$cientology writer Jon Atack for many years before Jon went on to write his own book, “A Piece of Blue Sky” – which is detailed and informative, but forwards the “falsified war record” cover-up of Hubbard’s Naval Intelligence operations before Hubbard’s talented services were converted into his CIA-backed founding of a religion – to his credit, Jon Atack has recently been speculating about intelligence ties into $cientology)

The Nasty Underbelly (Criminal Underworld) of Spy-dom:

Gary Scarf – (dead, but still deserves mention as a double-agent – so dirty that he was asked to carry out a murder, as he put it in a sworn affidavit, by OSA Int Security [OSA Black Ops section headed by Linda Hammel – who now runs OSA – The Office of Special Affairs for David Miscavige] – became a disruption agent in the ex-Scientologist community going back-and-forth in his loyalty with the church – and therefore was suspected of feeding information back to the church for money)

Joe Lynn – (classic paid troll – living-with-parents who were major military brass as Arnie related to me), basement-computer “activist” part of the 90’s new Internet army versus $cientology – now dead, he still deserves mention because of how evil he was [he was also a child predator once protected by major cult leader Alan Walter] – he had never done a single Scientology service, and yet was full-time on the job at ESMB [Ex-Scientologist Message Board – always monitored by OSA – taken over by the finance of Karen de la Carriere] and also how not once in over twenty years did I witness a single instance of anyone calling him out on his nasty language, irrelevant postings, steering hot-topic-threads off-topic [apparently his main job], attacking and de-railing hot-topic writers Arnie Lerma and several others – I’m afraid that Joe Lynn seems to have been helping the Defense Intelligence Agency pioneer its social media trolling that you now see coordinated on Facebook)

Many, many others who put $$$money$$$ before Principle.
Arnie Lerma identified and warned of them here

(And shouldn’t I at least mention that David Miscavige and his government-connected attorneys running $cientology and inuring millions of dollars illegally from a “non-profit” 501c, officially government-recognized “religion” – are probably the deepest CIA-Mossad-MI6 connections of all?  $cientology was their best candidate for a one-world, new-order religion of the future, as a projected alternative to the neo-feudal Catholic plan which is failing miserably.)

NEW Bonus – ESMB-Facebook Spies & Censors (ESMB = Ex-Scientologist Message Board)
(to catch a Facebook Spy – just post a http://mikemcclaughry.wordpress.com article and see who shows up to slime your thread! – hint – you will get lame, but foaming-at-the-mouth complaints of how “angry” they still are with the McClaughrys some 18 years after the fact – only get this – Mike & Virginia didn’t hurt anyone – they merely successfully outed agents taking over message boards, and that is unforgivable)
* Terril Parks (continuous strained natter directed at Virginia at every opportunity – and then some…)
* Ralph Hilton (started the false and slanderous “LSD in the toothpaste” rumor)
* Gene Trujillo (launched an attack using the LSD rumor, on 24 Aug 2019)
* Mark Plummer (see above – Homeland Security Agent – attack dog used to intimidate)
* Aida Thomas (regular censor & defender of Karen de la Carriere)
* Claire Swazey (regular censor & annoying defender of the Troika)
* Caterina Ethier (Kiki Budura) – recruiter/coordinator of agents/stalkers working Facebook (see screenshot for a sub-list including some not known before and not featured in this article – March 2021 update)
Screenshot_2021-02-20 Facebook Groups(4)* see note below

Agents or creepy stalkers?  Take your pick.

Many of these people (and other unknown trolls) also made false reports to Facebook flagging informational posts and links to the McClaughry work, getting these posts (or me) removed – sometimes BANNED.

Since this list is becoming a check-in reference for both Scientologists and ex-$cientologists – go ahead – join the list – and make our day…

*NOTE – presence on the above list does not confirm involvement in CIAntology intelligence operations – only that they are in Kiki’s circle of influence and therefore “dupe agents” trusted to support her gaslighting and message positioning.

I really am done with this intelligence game (other than strictly for defensive purposes, as I have done here with this article).  Intelligence not conducted strictly as a rightful means of defense, is actually the black art of deception, and this deception has been used by the same slavemasters for the same evil purpose for countless thousands of years – maybe longer – on this earth.

MI6, MOSSAD, KGB, CIA, NSA, DIA, SS, KKK, OTO, Church of Satan, Scottish Rite, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Jesuits – Freemason religions (Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, etc.) – Mafias – all for the same old uses – pyramid schemes for holding onto power – dark, black-magick power over others – over their minds, their souls, their dreams – stolen and replaced with coerced exploitation (various forms and degrees of slavery) and maintained by inculcating belief in authority and belief in government.

The attraction for the little people like you and me is always the same:  the excitement of hidden knowledge and secrets, the lure of special membership, promises of position and power, and of course, money-money-money.

But it is all funded by their coercive THEFT of our resources using taxation and inflation, and a global network of financial fraud (bloodline crime families) which has been in place for centuries.  Put another way:  YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK.

The Troika work for them.  They have to work.  They were not born into the “right” families.  But the right families have arranged it so they do get compensation and bonuses for their work.  The “carrot.”  The secrecy oaths and non-disclosure contracts tell of the “stick.”  At that level, you go away “for long time!” – to island in Panama, and you get back “with the program.”

“Stats & Production Record” – sound familiar?  You really think $cientology thought of that first?  Was Hubbard imitating or “duplicating” (orders)?

$cientology is just the modern version of their same old scheme.  The church still receives millions annually in donations, while the Hollywood mafia rakes in multi-millions of dollars in Leah Remini Show ratings.

All their roads lead to the same dark cesspool of suffering (“hell”) and focus on a dark energy projection of out-of-control selfishness (“ego”) that has long been assigned the term, “satan” (not a literal person – but a concept – and yet a very real mass of dark energy).  They have sold their souls, and so they want you to join them in their misery.  They are all covertly selling you “satanism.”  Worship of SELF – above all else.  ME-ME-ME.  The “only one.”  The dark side of EGO.  “I’ll earn my place in the New World Order by TURNING YOU IN.”

TRAITORS.  To the Human Race.  TRAITORS.


At the Pentagon – the planning, coordination and execution of operations (including domestic cults) bringing violence and death to mankind. Staffed by pedophiles and mindless order-followers – many of whom, lying to themselves, actually believe that they can get away with “serving two masters” – and some even have gone so far as to lie to themselves that they are actually serving “Christ.”

And while it is very important to be abreast of these techniques and the existence of secret societies who will factually kill each other for violating their oaths of secrecy – especially when those secrets are crimes – there is no important cause, country, religion, cult, secret society or anything else, that trumps Truth and Honesty and respect for the Natural Law rights of every sentient being in the universe.

However, I remind those who should know, that DEFENDING FROM HARM is one of those Natural Law rights I shall continue to exercise, and that makes EXPOSING these nasty mass-mind-control operations, a DUTY.

I have sworn... (1960)

“I have sworn Hostility against every form of TYRANNY over the mind of man.” – Thomas Jefferson

Please if you are so inclined, feel free to check into my projects of releasing the helpful aspects of Scientology auditing (counseling) to the general public, free of charge and away from the control of religion and intelligence cults.

This work is truly FREE




Recommended further research:

Mike & Virginia McClaughry’s Groundbreaking, Original Research

Marty Rathbun’s Exit from $cientology & Whistleblowing

Allen Stansfield Investigations

Current Conditions (exposing child trafficking)

Arnie Lerma Investigation & Memorial Page

Quit Your Cult:

Mark Passio fills in the Missing Knowledge that Hubbard Withheld or Ignored

[humor (until it’s not…) – a song I wrote – just before the intelligence dragon swallowed me whole…]

Come Out From Babylon:


Jeffrey Augustine “Humor” Goes Dark

Normally a brilliant lampoon artist with a long record of laughs for his humorous shots at Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, Jeffrey Augustine looks to me to have come home drunk from the Los Angeles area get-together in the park yesterday:

Planted at the end of this very confused attack on Mike and Virginia McClaughry for continuing to reveal the intelligence background of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard we find the following:

“Murder By Numbers”

Once that you’ve decided on a killing,
First you make a stone of your heart.
And if you find that your hands are still willing,
Then you can turn a murder into art.

There really isn’t any need for bloodshed,
You just do it with a little more finesse.
If you can slip a tablet into someone’s coffee,
Then it avoids an awful lot of mess.

It’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.
Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.

Now if you have a taste for this experience
And you’re flushed with your very first success,
Then you must try a twosome or a threesome
And you’ll find your conscience bothers you much less

Because murder is like anything you take to
It’s a habit-forming need for more and more.
You can bump off every member of your family
And anybody else you find a bore

Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC
Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.

Now you can join the ranks of the illustrious
In history’s great dark hall of fame.
All our greatest killers were industrious
At least the ones that we all know by name.

But you can reach the top of your profession
If you become the leader of the land,
For murder is the sport of the elected,
And you don’t need to lift a finger of your hand

Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.
Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
It’s as easy to learn as your A, B, C, D, E,……….

It’s not a secret to those of us in intelligence community research, nor to Knights Templar Freemason Jeffrey Augustine, that Hubbard’s CIA handler Miles Copeland also happens to be the father of Stuart Copeland, drummer for the smash-hits rock trio “The Police.”  So it makes perfect sense why Jeffrey chose to feature their music, as he nevertheless desperately struggles to depict Miles’ tell-all material as “dangerous and deranged.”

What doesn’t make sense to the targets of his article, Mike and Virginia McClaughry and myself (Scott Gordon), is why besides planting violent imagery like:
“Can those two take this plunge off the edge of the world? Or would it cause their heads to explode?”
…why Jeffrey would choose of all the Police band catalogue, to leave us with “Murder by Numbers” (perhaps as a closing reminder of the high-stakes manner of retaliation he’d like us to believe our whistleblowing disclosures merit?).

This is going far beyond the fun humor that “OTVIIIisGrrr8” is known for.  This is in reality using a supposed humor channel to pass along a veiled but chilling, implied threat, and may be an indicator of how desperate Jeffrey is to contain the McClaughry revelations on behalf of his displeased masters.

In other words, he’s feeling the heat.  So much so that by my reading, he is flirting on the edge of crossing the line over into illegal harassment.

Jeffrey was counting on his regular readers not to pick up on exactly who he was referring to in his opening paragraph.  He was counting on those named to take it shuddering in silence.

And since we’re sure he’s going to take this down shortly for that very reason, here is a screenshot of his drunken handiwork for posterity:


Is Karen de la Carriere Blocking Reform?

Calling Out Karen de la Carriere…

I have been campaigning for a more coordinated effort between the ex-Scios who are activist, and Indies who care about reform, so that the Miscavige monopoly could be broken a little more than it already is, and so we can also have real examples out here of non-abusive and more inclusive Scientology.

It just has not gone over well.

There are a few however, who see the wisdom in this approach – and not so coincidentally they are not present since they are not welcome, at Tony Ortega’s – at Mike Rinder’s – at Karen’s ESMB (yes Karen and Jeffrey have been running ESMB in case nobody has caught on – and now watch them hold another CommEv on me over there, asking me for “evidence” of that…).

Mike Rinder in particular, due to the exposure he has been getting to “under the radar” church members, should have been able to work this in, and actually did a little, up until the South Africans went independent and then no more. But now you can see some of his material is being ghostwritten by Karen and/or Jeffrey Augustine.

And Karen, despite still auditing clients and being an LRH-trained Class XII, is busy playing “OSA” (as was her hat officially for 5 1/2 years – although now it’s looking more like an ongoing career) and mustering haters and attackers instead of – what are we talking about here – effectively uniting the very two factions she is all-over-the-map involved with – haters, attackers and ex-SO-still-Indy “victims” (Karen-made) who have lost their way – their purpose to take down Miscavige and have been instead persuaded to turn on others like Marty – like me – who won’t join up and follow with her new flock.

It seems that media finally now has no fear of corporate Scientology, but lawyers still do. Once again, I see that Karen has since 2013, retained and suborned the last effective lawyer who once won in a big way, for Debbie Cook. Since Karen could make (or break) the next lawsuit due to having positioned herself so centrally behind the troika and their sheep, then I hold her primarily responsible for the big ZERO in effective lawsuits over actual grievances, which in so doing could accomplish big steps in reform.

I once told her there are many of us who couldn’t qualify for Garcia’s $40K limit for participation in his suit, but who were yet close enough… pffft…

And where is her lawsuit against the church’s supposedly libelous expose’s on her?

I think this “old lady who has been backing Rinder” and throwing money around the field has been and is, following another agenda entirely. And I see that she pumped quite a bit of energy and resources into shutting down at least one of the persons (Alanzo) who had testified with direct hints she gave him as to where that agenda might be coming from.

Why do people who ask these questions of her get attacked or “disappear”?

Yes, Karen most of all, could have been the one to unite this field against her supposed “enemy” but has been busy, busy, busy – organizing, controlling, intelligence-gathering, public relations, articles, payments, transfers, appearances, cruises for shmoozes – doing lord knows what and why.

I am staying tuned here [Marty’s] because I keep getting more and more clues as to why it is that there is little or no work being done (not just ASC but FreeZone and Indies, too) to take effective measures to reform, bring about justice and put an end to abusive versions of Scientology.



Marty Rathbun is Back…

Here are some important clarifications to the auto-translation that appears in the video if you are watching with “closed captions” (and this is intended further, to function as a glossary) –

*ad nauseum (not “at mezame”) – over and over to the point of nausea

*mimesis (not “nemesis”) – to mimic or copy in servile fashion

*troll forum (not “troll form”) – place where haters and agents gather to spread rumors and lies to influence and inflame the rest of the ordinary folk there (places like Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker or Mike Rinder’s “Something Can Be Done About It” blog or “Ex-Scientologists Message Board”) – they are *cowards* as they will not reveal their true identities nor for whom they are working

*troika – group of three people (word of Russian origin) – can you guess who these three are? (helpful hints in my final words below)

*90% (not “19 percent”)

I view Marty’s video here as the opening shot in a series which is going to have the two popes (David Miscavige, Tony Ortega) of their respective cults, running for cover, as well as the Queen Bee and her worker bee order-followers. Their day is coming.

No rest for the wicked!

Marty Rathbun – “Introduction”


Moving On Up a Little Higher

View original post

Tribute to Dennis Clarke – In Memory of a Warrior for Human Rights


Dennis Clarke passed away from this life on May 9, 2017.

Your father, Dennis Clarke, was an inspiration and help to me. He was one of the greatest confronters of evil I have ever met, courageously and tirelessly working to expose the brutalities of psychiatry despite continual attacks from many fronts.  But along with all that, he was also one of the sharpest intellects and thinkers I have known.  His ability to shed light on events and conflicts, and to lead people out of herd mentality and into reason, was phenomenal.  When everyone around was clamoring for war, Dennis stood up for peace.  He was a leader and a man of integrity, and a very helpful influence to me.

Scott Gordon

Dennis was a friend of mine who helped me through a major investigation into criminal fraud somewhere west of Dallas, in the course of carrying out duties in my sphere of responsibility as Director of Special Affairs at Celebrity Center Dallas for Office of Special Affairs of the Western United States.  This was not a minor affair.  In fact, the corruption surrounding this long-time Scientologist we were investigating went so high up into the church, that for a brief period I trusted Dennis more than I did my superiors in OSA.  His detective work in getting the final, damning evidence needed to seal the case, and his ability to accurately report on it, made all the difference.

While I acknowledge that Dennis was not of exemplary behavior at all to those exercising their first amendment rights in picketing the church (I do not blame Mark Bunker for example, for how he’s said he feels about Dennis) or in practicing their religious freedoms in the new David Mayo organization called the “Advanced Ability Center,” there are many overriding reasons that I am not ashamed to call Dennis my friend.  My affinity for this being who did more than any I know to expose the criminal, evil aspects of institutional psychiatry boldly in public, is not alloyed.

I was a “fanatic Scientologist” too, when I knew and worked with and corresponded with Dennis Clarke (2003-2012).  But by this time he was older and wiser, and no longer focused on protesters or detractors of the church.  By this time, having been subjected to Fair Game from his own group, he was aware of a bigger picture of society and had a far more responsible and caring viewpoint about things.  He confided in me and I in him.   He shared concerns with me that people in the church – specifically OSA – were working on destroying him.  In turn, I pointed out to him that David Miscavige was not following Hubbard policy and in fact was being extremely abusive and had been steering the church into a fatal course.

Along with a “memories of” post I am going to share at the end, I’ve also collected some comments made by others who knew and worked with Dennis, to give a wider range of viewpoints – positive ones – to balance out what has been said elsewhere.

The following are excerpted from this post Marty Rathbun made about Dennis Clarke in 2011:

I certainly remember Dennis well from my early CCHR spokesman days. As I recall, he was the national spokesman while I was the spokesman for California. So I got to know him a quite a bit for a time.

FWIW, I also observed he could become “overstimulated” upon occasion. Yet he was someone I was proud to go with into battle. He never backed down.

Obviously his loyalty blinded him to the horrible threat, and ultimately death-star level devastation, within the church. But he certainly was not alone in that regard.

So here we are again, with M&M and other Indies moving in on the line to provide aid and comfort to a fallen comrade. Doesn’t matter if he/she is heads up or tits up.

To me, this is an acid test of whether we abide by The Code of Honor or not.

To me, this is one clear way we can evaluate who is real and who is a fake.

Scios lurkers, please look closely at this situation.

It speaks volumes. And at some point (my guess is really soon) each of us must choose a side to stand on.

After all, there are no spectators on the Road to Freedom.

Thanks to all who are helping.

Vic K.

This next one was in reference to Dennis working a radio show in Clearwater, for which he was attacked by as he put it, the “new CCHR group” there —

Sad but not surprising. Last I remember seeing Dennis was a decade or so ago in Clearwater where he ran an anti-psych radio show. I walked into his studio one day with my camera and with his permission took bunch of shots. Dennis was visibly delighted by this attention (though I was with OSA that visit was spirited by my personal interest). Dennis at that time was considered a loose cannon, a potential security risk… Wouldn’t Dennis – or anyone for that matter – kind of pick that up??? That they are excluded, not included. It’s one of the worst things you can do to another, make him or her feel excluded. Terrible stuff. So I think I felt for Dennis at that time, wanting to show some support.

Thanks Marty for answering the plea for help. I am not surprised that you did. You sir, are awesome.

And part of my reply to that:

…Dennis blew the whistle on these things [Ponzi schemes to “get going up the Bridge”] in reports and then got run out of town, losing his successful LRH-oriented radio show to these arrogant partisans who cut his financial base with third party.

Dennis started producing brilliant, early-warning write-ups about the post 911 war-mongering about to embroil the 4th dynamic, an Eli Lily cabinet White House, loss of civil liberties, Bush’s first psych meds prescription, etc.  He put ethics in on the warmongering taking hold on the Scientologist e-mail groups and generally set a good example of “independent thought” along the lines of LRH data series and ethics and justice.  This is when [all that] was quite unpopular amongst this crowd.  Many didn’t appreciate being reminded about LRH’s anti-war stance.

Dennis took up unpopular calls for justice for the poor and disenfranchised during a period when it was getting more and more popular in the group to blast people as “downstats.”   And he continued to be hit for it with reports from the most highly-placed of OT[Ambassadors] and DM [David Miscavige fanatics] bots.

Then in recent years, in his passion for uncovering nutritional and other related pro-survival technologies, he set about helping others gear up for the avian-swine flu, uncovered by his own research months before it hit the media.   Dennis stumbled upon the now-recognized miraculous breakthroughs in Vitamin D research.  This is today starting to finally reach mainstream media and the broader culture as a vital, but generally deficient nutrient, [a] cancer preventative, plague-virus preventative, and general health and immune-system builder long neglected due to poor and false advice to avoid sun exposure.

Dennis… faithfully stayed on the subject educating his readership for years.  Thanks to his [patient reminders] on that, I am among those of his readership now enjoying excellent health and a family member of mine was cured of a chronic condition once that deficiency was addressed…

“Change no man’s politics, change no man’s religion…” – LRH [one of Dennis’ favorite LRH quotes]



Monte Wow, I hate to hear this news about Dennis. Although I never met the him I did, on a few occasions, attend talks he gave when he would come through Portland back in the day. I always liked him and admired his modern day warrior beingness. Years later when I was living in Clearwater I would tune in daily to his 3hr long radio show, The Human Rights Hour. The HRH was not a radio talk show where any listeners would call in. Instead, it was Dennis filling the 3hrs with personal anecdotes, reading reports from numerous sources, interviewing really interesting guests and so on. Easily, the lion’s share of his program pertained in some way to the health care field. He also, of course, had shows about Dianetics and he often would play an LRH lecture. As I most of the time listened to his show through a litle boom box I had that also had a tape recorder. I ended up taping hrs and hrs of his programs. That noted, here’s a little side story about what I did with some of those tapes.

There were three guests that Dennis had on his show on a frequent basis. It was obvious that he really liked them and they really liked him. These three guests were: Dr. Udo Erasmus, the creator of “Udo’s Oil” (wonderful product!!), Dr. Sherry Rodgers, who shared incredible info straight from studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Assoc. This info that Sherry would bring to the table turned out to be a major process of false data stripping. And finally, there was Dr. Ann Blake Tracy who was an expert on psyche drugs. Well, I selected what I thought to be the best interview that each of these individuals had done with Dennis and I made numerous copies of each. Then, on a trip I made from Clearwater to AR then to TX and back to FL, whenever I came even close to a health food store, I would stop in, visit for a while then before leaving, give the mgr of the store copies of these three interviews. A couple of yrs later when I made another trip to AR, and stopped back in to a couple of stores that I had visited previously I noticed that they were selling books by all three of Dr.s and also were selling Udo’s Oil.

Dennis Clark’s sphere of influence was certainly of no small magnitude.

As far as the CoS’s and church mbrs not reaching out to help a fellow mbr in need, this lack of compassion and lack of willingness to lend a helping hand, is, per my observations, not atypical amongst organized groups. This is the manifestatin of a species that has become “dis” e.g., disconnected, disassociated, disaffected, disparaged, dispassionate, disloyal, disillusioned and so on.

This phenomeon of throwing fellow mbrs under the bus in their time of need even occurs within the so called secret societies. For example, My grandfather was a 32nd degree Mason and when he reached a point in his life where he really could use a helping hand and turned to his group expecting one…well, no helping hand came from the Masons.

Okay, that being noted with regards to organized groups, I have seen and experienced in cyber communities, when someone in such a community hits a hard spot in the road, there is no lack of compassion and actual help that other mbrs of the community are ready and willing to flow.


Some Memories…

Dennis Clarke was President of Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights for many years, before Miscavige pulled a coup on him behind his back, leaving him stranded in Mexico (late 80’s?) while heavy third-party was being generated and criminal Jan Eastgate was imported from Australia, where she had covered up Scio crimes (I do not know many more details than that).  Dennis came back from his hard-working tour through Mexico to find he’d been taken off post!

I am sure it was maddening for him the rest of his life, to never know that the COB had engineered such a heartless and brutal attack on a really effective spokesperson against criminal psychiatry. (I tried to drop such a hint to him when I got him to look at DM’s criminality before I was outed and declared SP in May 2012, but he believed in David Miscavige to the end because as he put it, he’d witnessed David “handle Shelly so wonderfully” when they’d gotten out of their limo where they had apparently been fighting, just before arriving for a movie showing at Flag, and felt that “proved” DM had “compassion” – yeah, I know…).

Dennis Clarke was the first winner of the IAS Freedom Medal, which in that day was actually awarded for something real. I’m pretty sure that this status showered on him by David Miscavige blinded him to the later, brutal betrayals of this despot against him.

I am aware of his earliest days reportedly “womanizing” around CCHR (which won him some female enemies in OSA), and his infiltration work for RTC’s nasty Fair Game operation against David Mayo in 1984, and his arguably bullying actions against picketers throughout the 90’s – Dennis was a true believer and energetic defender of his religion.

I wanted to share however, some extremely positive points about this man who once helped bail me out of trouble while investigating a corrupt field situation with a criminal fraud operation that went so high up the org board that my own post was seriously threatened and I was on the edge of a Comm-Ev removal from post for “attacking an upstat” [Scientologese for a “successful person” who should be “left alone” – which was at times taken to extremes, even when the person was demonstrably involved in criminal activity].

[I will tell that exciting story another day, because it’s too long for right here, and so it’s not that appropriate.  Dennis did some impressive investigative work and helped me shut down a criminal operation, and finally got me exonerated from doubts over what I was doing with the case.]

To me, Dennis was a person of integrity and head and shoulders above the typical corporate Scientologist in that regard. I think that he kept my secret in regards to tipping him off about the criminality of Miscavige coming to light in the emerging Tampa Bay Times Truth Rundown (he told me that of all the people – opinion leaders included – my alert to him in the form of an impassioned appeal message, was the only one that got him to really “look”), and in return I had already kept and continued to keep, his originations in confidence that OSA was infiltrated with “agents” and that some were actively working on taking him out (as in “killing” him), which I know seems paranoid, but from what I knew then and what I know now, I still believe to have distinct possibilities of being valid.  Of course, I know that by the time of Marty’s article, his mind was beginning to break down and this lingering feeling of persecution, rooted in older, actual situations, became a source of great distress to him.

David Miscavige really had long been “after him,” even if the greatest danger was no more.

I have no problem believing internal operations of such an alarming nature did occur in this criminal organization deep within OSA, along with parallel operations being run by outside agencies, some with interests supporting, some with interests against, Scientology.

I have no faintest doubt that David Miscavige was continually upset at Dennis Clarke’s Opinion Leader status and his incredible influence over the field, and his integrity such that if things like the “illegal 6-mo. checks” (which did raise Dennis’s interest greatly when I pointed it out) or David Miscavige’s betrayal of the public by violence and inurement of IAS and other funds, ever got through those filters of his defending his “religion,” he had the capability of bringing more down than even Debbie Cook did with her OL [“opinion leader”] status and letter. If you could have convinced this man that those crimes really did exist, he would not have tolerated it for a minute.

Dennis could not break away in the end, and when I, still “under the radar” and making preparations to drive to Clearwater and give him assists (about to bring an e-meter which in retrospect was dumb because although I had no great “back-off” – it would have not been okay with anyone since I was not of his case level – OT V), called him up at his Clearwater assisted-living home, he asked me point-blank if I was in “good standing” to which I replied honestly, “yeah, technically, but I think I’m in trouble” – he politely and graciously thanked me for the offer and said I should not drive all the way out to do that (plus other friends were rightly worried about my safety in Clearwater since it was becoming more and more obvious I wasn’t really “under the radar” anymore with OSA – they had people around Dennis who in retrospect as I write this, must have had access to his computer where my “treasonous” – to Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige – e-mails could be found).

So I’ll break it down into simple points some of the things he did during the time I knew him, which was long after all the work he did with major media appearances speaking out against barbaric practices of criminal psychiatry (I neither stupidly believe psychiatry has the answers to the mind, nor go to the other extreme and deny that there are not some decent psychiatrists, like Jung, Berne, and many others, very much worthy of study).

*Dennis Clarke stood up boldly and spoke against the war when Bush had 90% approval ratings and much of the Scientology field was very caught up in this and justifying the war (which as you know turned out to be illegal and practically baseless).  He did not just “shout people down” though – he painstakingly developed his arguments and presentations using a combination of LRH quotes and inspired writings from other sources.  On this Dynamic he demonstrated that he was a man of peace and steadfastly against the brutality of war.

*By the time of the 2004 elections, a number of Scientologists were becoming so blatantly political that e-mails began circulating from “official” church (Sea Org!) terminals caught up in it. Dennis and I talked about this epidemic at length, and though I was in transition to Costa Rica, I still had the ear of OSA Int, and we both put in the “Scientology is non-political” datum in “with a bang” – not – for the reason of tax-exempt status (which won the day with OSA) – but on principle. Dennis had taught me the mechanism in the mind that drives people to extremes (it is in the technical material on the Goals-Problem-Mass and audited on OT II to some degree) for which I will be forever grateful, since even without ever doing OT II it freed me from group-think and compulsion to “play teams” and “choose sides” (things that by the way, helped me straighten out in myself, a sense of real justice in contrast to Hubbard’s problematic “us vs. them” justice rampant in Scio think).

*Dennis pushed the breaking Vitamin D research (some would say too far, but the important point is that it has turned out to be highly important health information) with a constant stream of high-quality technical articles and presentations – he cared about getting this vital information out – and we both figured out an important truth with regards to race and skin color in humanity, and that is that the only reason for varying skin color and especially lighter skin for the human body at Northern latitudes, is to accomplish the absorption of Vitamin D from solar exposure, so that young females could develop bone structure suitable for childbirth (today they solve that unnaturally, with C-section births).

*Dennis was greatly concerned about reports of arsenic contamination in wells being drilled for third world populations, and he actually traveled overseas to investigate it first-hand. In the end he found that the contamination was “natural” (deposits of arsenic-concentrated veins in the earth) but we both remained suspicious, considering the WHO (World Health Org) was involved and people were being poisoned. The point here – whatever you believe about our suspicions – is that he cared enough to spend the time and go and look for himself.

*Dennis continually blew the whistle on numerous “Ponzi schemes” that fanatic and unethical Scientologists would continually concoct in hopes of getting rich and getting up the expensive Bridge. He was continually attacked by those who knew they were being foiled. Dennis demanded that businesses have exchangeable products and did not look well on pyramid schemes, at all.

*Dennis continually campaigned for justice using the most sensible quotes he could find (not limited to LRH). He was pushing Human Rights long before OSA finally came out with their campaigns after 2002 (and this ties back to my comment about his passion for peace within and between nations).

Yes, I know you some of you who were on the receiving end of this guy at protests will probably spot some uncomfortable ironies here – but Dennis was no typical, robotic, corporate Scientologist. His example of integrity in many areas, was positively inspiring to me – and I know to many others in the Scientologist community – and, in the end, this was part of the inspiration I would need to summon the courage to leave the criminal church, and to eventually today, continue whistleblowing and campaigning for real justice.

Dennis Clarke had quite a positive impact on my life.

Although I ended up cut off by “Disconnection” from Dennis, I always hoped he was doing well, and I know for certain that there is going to be quite a powerful being coming back to this earth in the near future.


Watchful Navigator Leaks OSA Intelligence Training Vault





(some links still under construction… released today in order to leak the attached document…)

Watchful Navigator has been on a long observation project (“wait and see”) – completely baffled by the maneuvering of the Tony Ortega-Karen de la Carriere-Jeffrey Augustine intelligence mission that has worked effectively, by using socially-engineered “popular sentiment” and other underhanded tactics – at isolating major reform whistleblowers, Marty Rathbun, Mike and Virginia McClaughry, Allen Stanfield with his AlanzosBlog, Arnie Lerma and myself, Scott Gordon.

(Note that of the above whistleblowers, I am the only one who remains a practicing independent Scientologist, non-religious counselor, for reasons I will go into in another, future article.)

Some years ago Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were balked at their correct strategy of appealing to the FBI and IRS government agencies for intervention in this out-of-control “religion” (Church of Scientology) that asserts a heartless and criminal-enabling policy called ‘FAIR GAME” as “religious doctrine.”  As a last resort, Leah Remini, through the show prepared for her by her Hollywood handlers, has heroically sought to embarrass the David Miscavige empire into reforming, with barely perceptible results and no real reforms – only stonewalling silence in response.

And while the above-named reformers have independently in their own way, worked to dig deeper into this government-protected criminal racket for answers, what has the Ortega-Carriere “Anti-Scientology” movement been up to?

*attacking Narconons – competitors of Catholic and Psychiatric drug rehabilitation centers which are even more costly and arguably more dangerous (they seem to be more adept at keeping their failures out of the news)

*basking in “mini-media” – Tony Ortega articles and other ineffective celebrity tabloid updates

*attacking investigations into Hubbard’s real background

*purging and re-organizing ESMB (“Ex-Scientologists Message Board”) to eliminate “conspiracy theory” from public view

*mercilessly attacking Resa Aslan’s attempt to present the auditing (counseling) technology of Scientology, as separate from official Scientology

-and the list goes on…

Meanwhile, “tick-tock” (as the ex-Scios like to say, as if we had all the time in the world) – Lisa McPherson’s murder remains un-prosecuted, though many reasons to re-open the case were given in Marty’s written and video testimonials.

Dedicated staffers in Hubbard’s Sea Org – some of the best and brightest beings who prefer to submit total allegiance to the microcosmic world of Hubbard’s “saving the planet,” over the greater society’s destructive, “destroying the planet” alternative, continue to fall prey to this government-sponsored religion‘s quiet program of cultural genocide through its “no family” policy as the submissive order-follower Guillame Lesevre’s directive ordered by corporate Scientology dictator David Miscavige, who has exiled his own childless wife so that he can sleep with his secretary.

Photo evidence and testimony has been posted in full public view, of blatant INUREMENT – a direct disqualifier for IRS tax exemption, and the IRS does nothing (I have already linked numerous clues above as to why that is – yet Tony Ortega refuses to investigate and Karen de la Carriere shepherds ex-staff and other vital whistleblowers into secret, closed groups – her husband Jeffrey Augustine has been reportedly approaching key whistleblowers for recruitment into a far more disturbing pyramid scheme than corporate $cientology – Freemasonry(!) – you can’t make this stuff up).

Which brings me to some questions I am not allowed to ask around Ortega-Carriere haunts, and would get me banned from ESMB in a heartbeat.

Is corporate $cientology some kind of sub-division of Freemasonry?  the CIA?  the U.S government?  the British Empire?  ALL OF THE ABOVE???

Because its lay-out matches up perfectly with an official state religion worthy of a globalist New World Order.

So I have chosen this day, the 57th birthday (30 April 1960) of “supreme commander” David Miscavige, to release the Office of Special Affairs intelligence pack in full, with many issues written by Naval Intelligence Officer L. Ron Hubbard (whose CIA file remains sealed and unreleased to the public more than 30 years after his death) which shed light on traditional western intelligence methods and tactics adapted to enhance this new religion which has proven highly effective in motivating staff to work for little pay and long hours and willingly subscribe to punishment, aligning it fully with objectives any global elite would be expected to harbor – conspiracy or not.

If so, this would explain the ruthless “divide and conquer” strategies of the Ortega-Carriere axis who push the “Hubbard-as-god” (official “church” and some independents) vs. “Hubbard-as-clown” (Ortega, Jon Atack, et al) extremes.  But mostly (conceding that Karen as a practicing Scientologist did not really attack Hubbard’s technology overtly), have been strictly controlling alliances, group memberships, party lines and most importantly, exercising information control.

This article is push-back on that information control.  Serving notice to those practicing it that the irrepressible drive for Truth and Freedom is simmering underneath the lying suppression, and that we are in fact going to the Truth and Freedom movements where care for truth, natural law rights and other fundamental human rights are still priorities, and where agendas – state-driven or ego-driven – are heavily frowned upon.

Releasing this mostly complete* package of what goes on in the intelligence world through its main divisions of intelligence, public relations and legal system manipulation, accomplishes a vitally needed step in an ethical challenge to the ethically challenged.

(*this pdf is a partially sanitized version omitting key Guardian’s Office references that are still being used by Office of Special Affairs secret intelligence staff for black operations)

So if you are among the “ethically-challenged” who can no longer see the truth and tell the truth because of the people you have been hanging around, the crimes you have not laid out on the table that you’ve been a part of, and the limits placed on your free speech to speak the truth, then this is your invitation and opportunity to self-correct, because these injustices have been going on far too long.

It is time to get this potentially huge, but currently-crippled movement, to reform, correct and redress wrongs done in the name of Scientology, back on track, on the up-and-up and actually accomplishing effective action with correct targets.

More info:








A New Career – A Year of Success

“Living well is the best revenge” – unknown

(Flourish and Prosper) “Sometimes others seek to crush one down, to make nothing out of one’s hopes and dreams, one’s future and one, himself…For whatever reason, efforts to improve oneself, to become happier in life, can become the subject of attacks…If one’s aims in life are worthwhile…if one flourishes and prospers, one certainly will wind up the victor.” – L. Ron Hubbard – The Way to Happiness – 1981


Scott Gordon – Counselor Class 0+

Today marks one year of doing nothing else professionally, but full-time research and study into spiritual philosophy applied to effective counseling, and actively counseling others for a fair and reasonable rate.

It is what I’ve wanted to do from the moment I finished my copy of Dianetics in 1993.  It is what I’ve studied in the 20 years since, in almost every spare moment, while heroically taking on the responsibility of advancing and defending an organization purportedly established for that very purpose.

The fact that I have come to realize that the modern organizations of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics and Scientology have betrayed that purpose (assisted mainly by the founder, himself), does not change that purpose of my own, in any way.

I am not going to lie and say that I am happy in every way with my current situation (refer to my articles on losing my wife to Hubbard’s enforced disconnection policies), but I do have something here to be very thankful for.

For the first time in my life of so-far 49 years, I am working at something that I truly love to do, and making a decent living doing so.  I work for myself and for my clients.  I help people who have been happy with that help.  And I have time to spend studying and researching improved methods of doing so, which methods also enrich my existence beyond easy description.

First of all, let me say that I could not have done this without my family, friends and like-minded associates who supported me, while I recovered from almost nothing and came from almost nowhere, to do it.  I will not forget that.

But I am proud today that I have achieved things I never dreamed possible, mainly by sticking to my integrity and doing what I knew was right.

As always, some have turned against me because they were not ready to shine truth and honesty in dark places.  And I understand – I recognize I have a very long way to go, myself.

Anyone connected to the corporate ‘church’ of Scientology has willingly turned a blind eye to a lot of suffering and injustice.  It is a long, long process to recover one’s integrity after all that.

It is no use comparing oneself to others.  I have learned that all you can do is to follow your heart where it leads you, stand as firmly as you ought, in your integrity, as it leads you upward to higher spiritual awareness, and compromise only as much as you absolutely need to, in order to maintain the cooperation of those around you that you might otherwise alienate through sheer speed of change.

I am just happy that my dream of professional success has become a living reality.

I have recovered financially to the degree of having fully made up for squandering my teacher retirement on the way to participating in a misguided effort to help an organization “help mankind.”   In fact, I have recovered many times over.

My retirement is secure, my health is fantastic, and my life’s work is a joy.

I cannot honestly say that I “have it all” – but what I can say, is that I am thankful for this fulfillment in establishing my own career at a level that I never imagined could happen in the space of one year.

One year ago today, I started counseling with my first paid client.  Today, he/she, among many other of my clients, is enthused with counseling, independent from religious organizations, and counseling and helping others using similar successful methodologies.


It is time for a new model.  Religion and science have failed us so many times.  But a movement of spiritually-minded, responsible and helpful people exists whose work is to formulate a healthy balance of ‘Know Thyself’ and helping to actively improve conditions around us.

“Become the change you want to see in others” is the guiding principle.  And any techniques that help others without adversely affecting their self-determinism and dignity in any way, are valid processes to be used in helping each other achieve those goals.

People associated with the Church of Scientology or the alternative Independent Scientology or FreeZone Scientology have nothing to fear from me in the long run, despite some of the “Disconnection” and even “Fair Game” practices, that have continued to come my way from some of the above.  I am going to continue to tell truths – however inconvenient – in as compassionate a way as I can, until all of the dynamics of life and spheres of existence straighten out and start making sense to me and begin to work for the common man who seeks answers.

Just one month before L. Ron Hubbard started pulling down a vital movement into one long, painful process of pulling ‘the shades of night’ on the very technology that hundreds of practitioners worked their hearts out to establish, he wrote these words that I have lived by since the day I read them:

MY PHILOSOPHY (excerpted)

“The study of philosophy is very ancient.  The word means: ‘The love, study or pursuit of wisdom, or of knowledge of things and their causes, whether theoretical or practical.’

All we know of science or of religion comes from philosophy.  It lies behind and above all other knowledge we have or use.

For long regarded as a subject reserved for halls of learning and the intellectual, the subject, to a remarkable degree, has been denied the man in the street.

Surrounded by protective coatings of impenetrable scholarliness, philosophy has been reserved to the privileged few.

The first principle of my own philosophy is that wisdom is meant for anyone who wishes to reach for it.  It is the servant of king and commoner alike, and should never be regarded with awe.

Selfish scholars seldom forgive anyone who seeks to break down the walls of mystery and let the people in…

…Know thyself … and the truth shall set you free…

…We are only concerned with how to show man how he can set himself free.

This of course, is not very popular with those who depend upon the slavery of others for their living or power…

Suppression and oppression are the basic causes of depression.  If you relieve those a person can lift his head, become well, become happy with life…

…I like to help others and count it as my greatest pleasure in life to see a person free himself of the shadows which darken his days.

These shadows look so thick to him and weigh him down so that when he finds they are shadows and that he can see through them, walk through them and be again in the sun, he is enormously delighted…

…So my own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom he has, one should help others to help themselves, and one should keep going despite heavy weather for there is always a calm ahead.  One should also ignore catcalls from the selfish intellectual who cries: ‘Don’t expose the mystery.  Keep it all for ourselves.  the people cannot understand.’

…For I know no man who has any monopoly of wisdom of this universe.  It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others.

If things were a little better known and understood, we would all lead happier lives.

And there is a way to know them and there is a way to freedom.

The old must give way to the new, falsehood must become exposed by truth, and truth, though fought, always in the end prevails.”

Re-read if you will, those words carefully, for they were carefully chosen.  It is my intention to take the man at his word (I left out the fibs about his past!), regardless of the betrayal that started soon after, with the penning of “Keeping Scientology Working” – those little increments of force and not-so-little outright lies about ‘source,’ replacing more and more of the ‘Affinity-Reality-Communication’ on which the subject is purportedly based.

And you think I am ‘1.1’?
(inside joke – means a person very hypocritical in actions relating to his words)

Be careful here – I am not asserting I am a “better man” or “smarter” or anything like that.  We are all deeply flawed human beings – probably without exception.   And I know that Hubbard faced real enemies in repressive government operations.  It is anyone’s responsibility to do their due diligence and establish the truth for themselves.  I am just saying that promises have been made, and that they are not superseded by someone’s insane effort to monopolize the subject “for our own good”:

“So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject—anybody that knows these techniques—is himself actually under a certain responsibility; that’s to make sure that he doesn’t remain a sole proprietor. That’s all it takes; just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man; it’s not safe for this universe.”

L. Ron Hubbard

(from Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”, given on 6 Dec 52)

For too long I have endured the cognitive dissonance of the outright denial of this promise to mankind by the church, its misguided parishioners, and now in the “independent” field by those still indoctrinated into blaming everyone but the ‘Master’- who have yet to discover the depth of betrayal we have all been subjected to.

So I remain a permanent ‘Class 0+’ counselor.   It’s all I will ever seek to attain as far as “official” credentials.  Why? Because Class 0 covers the true essence of what makes auditing work.  Because the years it took me to earn this status inside the church gave me all the metering skills needed for any level.  Because I ‘studied ahead,’ with honesty and integrity, earning my status of ‘auditor’ with dozens of successes above my grade, even while ‘in’ the church.  And because I protest the waste of thousands of lives waiting for the “approval” of “authority” to help one another with so many common-sense procedures designed for the purpose.

Auditors are made by auditing, and that’s just the way it is.  Professional integrity grows with results attained, and while training and internship is still recommended as one potential service of great value, it must never again become the only way.

Never misrepresent your level of experience or offer what you are not sure you can deliver, and you will do fine.

So to conclude all this, I am at heart, a philosopher – a lover of wisdom – and it is very rare, historically, to be able to make a living in this field.  I started my new professional career with 20 years of applied study, and a full year of intensive co-processing covering every important basic procedure available, up through the highest graduate level actions.  Now, a year of very satisfied clients has shown me that it can be done.

And now I am available to help you do it, if you happen to share that purpose.

And I thank those who have stayed with me – or even showed a little kindness and help along the way – from the bottom of my heart.

I live amidst a slowly fading tragedy – the loss of my becoming-soul-mate wife of 9 years, and the loss of my religion of 18 years – but despite all that, I can claim and enjoy, a victory here.  One which helps me greatly in the journey to become more and more free – more and more ‘me.’

And that, being a big part of my purpose, makes me happy.

What Was It Really, that Took Apart My Family?


It was a sad day in December 2012 when I realized that the founder of my “religion” of 18 years was in reality, also the architect of the break-up of my family.  That L. Ron Hubbard, himself, was the engineer of the policies we were expected to follow…

I began to write this post in December of 2012, the month that I was in Costa Rica retrieving what was left of my possessions from where I had lived for 8 years, having already sold or got rid of most of what I had owned in order to relocate there in 2004 to be with my new wife.  At that time I had even cashed out my teacher retirement in order to donate thousands of dollars to the church.

I am posting this now – one whole year later – having finally gotten up the courage to do so.  (No one can say that I did not take the time to confirm the actual truth of the matter.)

As an admirer of an effective technology developed under his direction, I had been a devoted follower of L. Ron Hubbard for 19 years when I finally had this realization.

Knowing that I could be offending a lot of people who still think as I once did – that Hubbard was a “saint” beyond reproach – I long held my tongue.

No more.

It was a sad day for me in December of 2012 that my wife of 8 years – (both of us were Scientologists) – was forced to cut off all communication between us, and even with her two sons (even though one was not a Scientologist and wanted to stay in contact with me) in order for her to remain “in good standing” and continue participating in services.  All of them had been my family for 7 years – through good times and bad.  It was then that she finally completed the process required of her by the church, known as “DISCONNECTION.”

I had been a volunteer missionary who worked to defend the church (mission) there, using my time and at my own expense, with very little compensation ever received.  I spent the prime of my life doing this.

But because I could no longer shut my eyes to the corrupt side of L. Ron Hubbard’s $cientology, I lost everything I had worked for there.

For the past 30 years, $cientology has been run by government-sanctioned mafioso, David Miscavige – a brash and ruthless punk, hand-picked by L. Ron Hubbard himself (well before his death in January 1986) to hire the very best IRS-connected attorneys and re-organize $cientology to “make money… and… make more money…

On Hubbard’s orders, Miscavige went through all torturous tricks of criminal evasion in order to not lose any of that money to the government tax authority – the IRS.  Miscavige was simply at first, carrying out the orders and advices of his mentor, L. Ron Hubbard – but also with his own secret designs beginning to emerge, for assuming power and total control of the religion and its followers.

All this was furthered by a long pattern of religious cloaking which helped to conceal their criminal acts – not only those actions ordered by them against those whom they designated “enemies,” but ongoing criminal acts of inurement (misappropriation of donations violating “non-profit” status) and fraud carried out against their own parishioners.

Despite the fact that David Miscavige took this criminality sanctioned by “religious doctrine” to new extremes, it should be pointed out that it was L. Ron Hubbard who designed, implemented and maintained almost every aspect, rule and policy of the religious group/cult known as $cientology as still practiced in its international organization today.

I lost my family to Hubbard’s cruel, anti-family and anti-life policy known as “Disconnection” which was instituted to protect his monopoly – something he’d once warned against ever happening in Scientology (see an unedited version of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20).

I also discovered then in December 2012 – at the same time I was losing my family – that sometime back in 1983, L. Ron Hubbard ordered a policy letter written up that re-instated ‘Disconnection’ as official policy for the $cientology religion, knowing full well the trouble it had brought him with governments in the late 1960’s, when he’d officially canceled the policy, and even promised a government in an official letter that:

 “the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology …have no intention of re-introducing this policy”


“I can see no reason why this policy should ever be re-introduced, as an extensive survey in the English speaking countries found that this practice was not acceptable.” – LRH

(These quotes are from a letter sent to “The Commission of Enquiry into Scientology in New Zealand” on 26 Mar ’69 by  L. Ron Hubbard.)

L. Ron Hubbard LIED!

(Not to mention this was going back on the written “Code of REFORM” – from August 1968, that led to the decision for “Cancellation of disconnection as a relief to those suffering from familial suppression.”)

Now, before anyone says that story of the ‘Disconnection’ policy reinstatement is a flimsy basis for pointing at the founder of Scientology, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard himself – for knowingly and willingly breaking up families – like mine – in order to create and maintain an insular cult that he would financially benefit from, I have something to share that makes any challenge to that ‘Disconnection’ reinstatement story, completely unnecessary.

The fact is that completely apart from the revelation by former leaders of the church who had witnessed the official re-instatement of ‘Disconnection’ came from Hubbard himself, I also came to realize in the course of my researches, that Mr. Hubbard himself knowingly and willingly assigned a pregnant woman to the Rehabilitation Project Force, a rather cruel act – and that years earlier he had built his Sea Organization and firmed up his authoritarian command of it by instituting cruel punishments like “overboarding” ministers-in-training (including elderly women trainees) and according to an account written by Alan Walter, forcing a man to push a peanut across a ship’s deck with nose skin bleeding and his wife and kids crying – who had to stand by watching in humiliation (note that there are different accounts that vary from this story told by David Mayo).

Add to all that multiple reports of assigning a 4-yr-old boy to 4 days and nights in the cold, terrifying chain locker of his Apollo ship.  (Some reports allege more than one child so assigned – again, as young as four years of age.)

You see, sometime before this ‘Disconnection’ hit me full force, I took a new look through an L. Ron Hubbard book entitled “Scientology Ethics” and at its origins in 1965 Ethics policies, and I finally reached the inevitable conclusion that more and more people alienated from their loved ones by the continued mis-use of ‘Disconnection,’ are bound to reach:

  • that L. Ron Hubbard, himself – genius that he was – by these actions and in a long-term failure to come clean, nevertheless undid a whole lot of the good he had once done for people in developing a highly workable technology for “helping people help each other”
  •  that in 1965 he developed policies, rules and restrictions that – taken as a whole – virtually guarantee that  people will be attacked unjustly, cruelly denied help in time of greatest need, and covertly guided into disconnecting from their own friends and family, in order to maintain their “good standing” in his church
  • that his 1965 actions and “ethics” policies within a few years had created a paramilitary cult (very little of those policies were ever necessary to protect the actual technology, but instead were crafted to protect the power of his appointed inner cliques – hiding criminal activity and even permitting and condoning criminal activity to do so – which activity has plagued the organization ever since)

Tragically, we find that the very first set of processes (now known as the “Power Processes”) that consistently worked on nearly all persons who received them (many processes had been advertised that way, but these were the first that Hubbard recognized were actually meeting peoples expectations enough to sell with confidence at a premium) became the first of many gross violations of his representations and promises supposedly made to “all mankind” and to Scientologists in his essay entitled, “My Philosophy” – written just weeks before he sequestered these processes for highly limited use.

Power Processes were sequestered by authoritarian decree.  Rules and policies without reasonable explanation suddenly declared them, “dangerous” and “too dangerous for auditors to be trusted with them.”

So much for “planetary clearing”!

By keeping these processes from the field and asserting that they were “dangerous” in the hands of those not trained and trusted under his organization, L. Ron Hubbard squirreled away critical portions of a workable mental and spiritual technology (“Power Processing,” and “R6EW” processes to uncover “dramatization”) from mankind, in a bid to build and preserve empire and “make money and… make more money.”

He then – in that same year 1965 – developed and instituted cruel, anti-family policies to protect his planned monopoly and cover up his own crimes and his greed in squirreling away these processes that might actually have accomplished his stated objective of “clearing the planet” (getting the peoples of earth simple, effective tools they might use to overcome the effects of traumatic experiences ).  He instead insisted knowingly under false pretenses, that these new processes, discovered with the help of his Saint Hill students, must become and remain, “confidential.”

Above all, it would be vital to understand that ‘Disconnection’  – as a practice of Hubbard’s new 1965 version of $cientology – was not just a policy put into place by one Policy Letter, but was already deeply woven in with malice aforethought, throughout numerous points of an “ethics code” – comprising a “technology” of “ethics” – including technically unworkable and outright harmful “PTS” (Potential Trouble Source) restrictions on auditing (counseling therapy) anyone supposedly connected to an “enemy” a transparent effort to conflate truly psychopathic personalities with anyone he considered an “enemy” for failing to lend him the support he demanded – whether deserved or not.

In other words, a bully who abused his status as technical genius among serious students of the mind and spirit.

In the “ethics codes,” a person in Scientology who is connected to a person or group thought to be hostile to Scientology, is quickly forced to recognize that his/her future in the improvement technology of Scientology auditing actually depends as a technical fact, on demonstrating no connection remaining to whatever person or group has fallen out of favor.

If you see no actual logic to that, I congratulate you.  You probably either were not subjected to Hubbard’s pressurized indoctrination, or you too, have suffered the effects of Fair Game or Disconnection.

I well remember playing the endless game as a Public Divisions staffmember, of being presented with someone who really, truly needed help in life and was willing to do anything to get it, being turned away because somebody’s interpretation of Hubbard policy prevented it.  And at the time, I did not even think to question or blame the founder as policymaker.  No.  I rationalized it, and participated (although reluctantly most of the time) in such unnecessary injustice (factually a case of “When Help Becomes Betrayal“).

Because I found real Scientology auditing so helpful, I was blinded to the price I was expected to pay for enjoying personal improvement beyond my highest, previous expectations.

And with that realization, the only real ‘Disconnection’ that I am in need of at this time, is from Hubbard’s organization which, cloaked in religious trappings and protected by religious exemptions, is set up to “utterly ruin” its arbitrarily designated “enemies” (like me) that it creates out of those exercising the free speech and free thought promised in its trampled and neglected, “Creed of the Church” and in its rarely-displayed 1968 (Reform) “Code of a Scientologist.”

Okay, yes.  L. Ron Hubbard did also work long and hard to assemble a technology that can be put to use to help people.  When done in a safe environment, away from criminal organizations, it can and often does, work wonders.  I am not without appreciation for his work – he was demonstrably not idle or lazy in that regard.   I have no doubt that at various times in his life L. Ron Hubbard worked his heart out for the very decent purposes he said he did.

And because of that early diligence – and thanks to the tremendous efforts in getting helpful techniques explained to students of the emerging technology – knowing also that those same students repaid him with technical discoveries that helped smash his name into history – I plan to continue working to place that large portion of workable technology which resulted, into the hands of people who truly want to help.

But the facts cannot be ignored that this same person willingly destroyed these good works by selfishly indulging in abuse of power for personal gain and organizational supremacy.

Sadly, many people continue to believe that a lot of the above-mentioned and ongoing crimes were and are, justified because they have a valid stable datum that “the tech works.”   And so it is often stated in so many ways, “the ends justified the means.”

I am not only “not so sure,” about that, but looking at the actual current state of the subject?  It is a failure and a disaster except as those few who continued its practice un-harrassed but still under threat, made it work.

We are faced with the prospect of unpacking its therapeutic and helpful features in an extremely hostile environment – what with all the damage Hubbard’s policies left in their wake.

So as far as I am concerned, L. Ron Hubbard as author and engineer of this anti-family, anti-life policy – and his mafioso replacement David Miscavige, as the usurper agent of a hostile takeover of Hubbard’s organization complete with a covert, de facto mafia – craftily embedded into an organization claiming “religious protection” – can just keep all of that phony “code of ethics” nonsense…

copyrighted in platinum forever.




“‘…if you ever reveal any of this information that I am about to reveal, the consequences will be severe for SCN (Scientology).’

“He then wrote, ‘a person does not blow due [to] Overts or Withholds.  He blows only due to ARC BKs (upsets)’.

“‘However, If any of this information ever became public, I would lose all control of the orgs and eventually Scientology as a whole.’  – (Signed) LRH”

 – reported by Bill Franks as written on a secret dispatch to Bill Franks and David Mayo by -L. Ron Hubbard, Commodore ~1974


*Grateful acknowledgment to L. Ron Hubbard Library for ineffective prohibition in making these fair use quotes known and published.

Towards a Scientology of Inclusion

Towards a Scientology of Inclusion





“The Catholic Church only began to fail when it began to exclude.

“Thus inclusion is a major point in all great organizations.”

– L. Ron Hubbard – HCO PL 14 DEC 1970

Point 10 of The Code of a Scientologist (1969) states:

“To work for freedom of speech in the world.”

And the Creed of the Church of Scientology (1954) states:

“…all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

It can be a source of great frustration that the above points are not always well-known or respected in Scientology groups, whether in or out of the official church.  This can be the source of upsetting injustices, when a person often gets shouted down and/or run out of a group.  Attacks on an individual expressing an unpopular opinion, can trigger the most emotionally violent reactions on the part of everyone involved.

Many of us are still smarting from the whirlpool of injustice that is and was, the official corporate ‘Church’ of Scientology.

Any Scientology group that wants to avoid the mistakes of the past and survive into the future, needs to have its members aware of the following LRH data:

RJ 68
Disconnection Canceled
Code of a Scientologist
Creed of the Church of Scientology
(more references)

L. Ron Hubbard states:

“‘Justice’ apparently cannot be trusted in the hands of Man.
We must safeguard against unjust practices and make haste to remedy all injustices.  We must be accordingly committed or we will never make it.
– A New Hope for Justice – (p392 new ethics book)

Protect people and groups from fallacious and vexatious attacks.” – FAST JUSTICE – 1 MAR 69

Until justice applies to all, until a person is really assumed innocent until proven guilty…”
Injustice is not something in which any man with power should ever trade.  It is not just a sin.  It is suicide.
– RIOTS – 19 MAR 69

“…I isolated the false accusation, false report and failing to confront the accused with his accusers as the basic breakdown of justice.  These undermine personal security…”
So flagrant is this abuse that it destroys for one and all the value of the cause of democracy.
When justice becomes slow, when it becomes expensive and when false reports on people and groups are allowed to go unchallenged and unpunished, any ideology becomes a tyranny.
As false reports tear down the security of the individual and small group, these then have to assert themselves.  They do so in their turn by attacking.
Only if [SCIENTOLOGY]* reforms its human rights, will it have a cause worth fighting for, worth supporting.  Otherwise its public and social groups will desert it to any other cause without even much examining it.
The principles of not accepting false reports and confronting one with his accusers and accusations before punishing actions of any kind are so strong that if the West accepted them, and scrupulously practiced them, IT WOULD HAVE A CAUSE GREAT ENOUGH TO SURVIVE.
– JUSTICE – 1 MAY 69

*added (altered) from the original reference to create an effect

Can you see how important the practice of basic justice is to the long-term survival of any group?

Will you join those who are taking responsibility for this?  For their families?  For their groups?  For their nation?  For this planet?

Here is the technology (skill-set) that needs to be learned and applied:

HCO PL 19 SEP 70 – I
Data Series 16


“Correction of things which are not wrong and neglecting things which are not right puts the tombstone on any org or civilization.

“In auditing when one Reviews or “corrects” a case that is running well, one has trouble. It is made trouble.

“Similarly on the third dynamic, correcting situations which do not exist and neglecting situations which do exist can destroy a group.

“All this boils down to CORRECT INVESTIGATION. It is not a slight skill. It is THE basic skill behind any intelligent action.


“When justice goes astray (as it usually does) the things that have occurred are

“1.   Use of justice for some other purpose than public safety (such as maintaining a privileged group or indulging a fixed idea) or

“2.   Investigatory Procedure.

“All suppressive use of the forces of justice can be traced back to one or the other of these.

“Aberrations and hate very often find outlet by calling them “justice” or “law and order”. This is why it can be said that man cannot be trusted with justice.

“This or just plain stupidity brings about a neglect of intelligent investigatory procedures. Yet all third dynamic sanity depends upon correct and unaberrated investigatory procedures. Only in that way can one establish causes of things. And only by establishing causes can one cease to be the effect of unwanted situations.

“It is one thing to be able to observe. It is quite another to utilize observations so that one can get to the basis of things.” – LRH

“Attitude and Conduct of Scientology”

“…the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?”
“It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?”
“Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?”
“So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie. “The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”
“The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.”
“Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.  And it never solves by being tough.”
“What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.”

L. Ron Hubbard – “Attitude and Conduct of Scientology” (4th London ACC, 3rd November 1955)

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  • *Disconnection Canceled
    (HCO PL 15 Nov 68 “Cancellation of Disconnection”)
  • *Communication Definition 1. The consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source point across a distance to receipt point with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt point a duplication and understanding of that which emanated from the source point (HCOB 5 APR 73)
  • *An Operating Standard Rule –

“This is rigid policy, not advice:

“No matter how stiff the ethics action is you have to apply to keep the show on the road, remember this:

“You must keep the door open only if it’s just a crack.

“Expulsion without hope of reinstatement puts people into total hopelessness.  It may even be the reason governments eventually experience revolt.  Expulsion without recourse leads to desperation and revolt.

“There must always be the hope of return to good graces and all Ethics Orders or actions must state what the person has to do to be reinstated in good standing.

“Do not practice or permit discipline or expulsion with no hope of amends.”

    HCO PL 14 DEC 1970
    HCO PL 6 DEC 1970
  • *RJ 68 [optional]

more reading:

  • *[optional] THE JUSTICE OF SCIENTOLOGY – Its Use and Purpose Being a Scientologist (p293 new ethics book)
  • *Administering Justice (p335 new ethics book)

“3.  Without order nothing can grow or expand.”

“8.  A thetan is good.  He invented a bank to keep others good.  That mechanism went wrong.  And that’s why we’re here.”

  • *A New Hope for Justice (p391 new ethics book)

Some Suggested Cancellations of Policy:
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  • (to be announced – a data series evaluation and survey are in progress…
    – meanwhile, relax:   LRH specifically allowed for the cancellation of unworkable policies, and that reference will also be provided and can be utilized (or not) at will, by any person or group of those who wish to follow the suggestions that will be given)

And finally, for those who do not have access to this key, vital reference, I am posting excerpts here for academic evaluation:

HCO PL 14 DEC 1970
Personnel Series 14
Org Series 19

“Where these subjects are not well handled and where one or more of these are very out of line, the organization will suffer a third dynamic aberration.

“This then is a SANITY SCALE for the third dynamic of a group.

“The group will exhibit aberrated symptoms where one or more of these points are out.

“The group will be sane to the degree that these points are in.

“Internal stresses of magnitude begin to affect every member of the group in greater or lesser degree when one or more of these items are neglected or badly handled.

“The society at large currently has the majority of these points out.”




“Under the name of Justice, aberrated man accomplishes fantastic injustices. The upstat is hit, the downstat let go. Rumours are accepted as evidence. Police forces and power are used to ENFORCE the injustices contained 1 to 9 above. Suppressive justice is used as an ineffectual but savage means of meeting situations actually caused by the earlier listed psychoses. When abuses on 1 to 9 make things go wrong, the social aberration then introduces suppressive injustices as an effort to cure. Revolt and war are magnified versions of injustices. Excess people‑ kill them off in a war. A THIRD DYNAMIC PSYCHOSIS IS THE SUBSTITUTE OF VIOLENCE FOR REASON.”



“Letting people INTO the group at large is the key to every great movement and bettered culture on this planet. This was the new idea that made Buddhism the strongest civilizing influence the world has seen in terms of numbers and terrain. They did not exclude. Race, color, creed were not made bars to membership in this great movement.

“Politically the strongest country in the world was the United States, and it was weakened only by its efforts to exclude certain races or make them second class citizens. Its greatest internal war (1862‑ 65) was fought to settle this point, and the weakness was not resolved even then.

“The Catholic Church only began to fail when it began to exclude.

“Thus inclusion is a major point in all great organizations.

“The things which set a group or organization on a course of exclusion are (a) the destructive impulses of about 10 or 15 % of the society (lunacy) and (b) opposition by interests which consider themselves threatened by the group or organization’s potential resulting in infiltration (c) efforts to mimic the group’s technology destructively and set up rival groups.

“All these three things build up barriers that a group might thoughtlessly buy and act to remedy with no long range plans to handle.

“These stresses make a group edgy and combative. The organization then seeks to solve these three points by exclusion, whereas its growth depends wholly upon inclusion.

“No one has ever solved these points successfully in the past because of lack of technology to solve them.

“It all hinges on three points: (1) the sanity of the individual, (2) the worthwhileness of the group in terms of general area, planetary or universal survival, and (3) the superiority of the group’s organization tech and its use.

“Just at this writing, the first point is solved conclusively in Scientology. Even hostile and destructive personalities wandering into the group can be solved and, due to the basic nature of Man, made better for the benefit of themselves and others.

“The worthwhileness of the organization is determined by the assistance given to general survival by the group’s products and the actual factual delivery of those valid products.

“The superiority of a group’s Admin Tech and its application is at this current writing well covered in current developments.

“Thus inclusion is almost fully attainable. The only ridges that build up are the short term defense actions.

“For instance, Scientology currently must fight back at the death camp organizations of psychiatry whose solution is a dead world, as proven by their actions in Germany before and during World War 11. But we must keep in mind that we fully intend to reform and salvage even these opponents. We are seeking to include them in the general survival by forcing them to cease their non‑ survival practices and overcome their gruesome group past.

“There are two major stages then of including people‑ one is as paid organization personnel and one as unpaid personnel. BOTH are in essence being “hired”. The pay differs. The wider majority receive the pay of personal peace and effectiveness and a better world.

“The org which excludes its own field members will fail.

“The payment to the org of money or the money payment to the staff member is an internal economy. Pay, the real pay, is a better personal survival and a world that can live.

“Plans of INclusion are successful. They sometimes contain defense until we can include.

“Even resistance to an org can be interpreted as a future inclusion by the org. Resistance or opposition is a common way‑ point in the cycle of inclusion. In an organization where everyone wins eventually anyway the senselessness of resistance becomes apparent even to the most obtuse. Only those who oppose their own survival resist a survival producing organization.

“Even in commercial companies the best organization with the best product usually finds competitors merging with it.”


“Criminal or antisocial conduct occurs where there is no hat.

“Any type of membership or role or post in the whole organization or its field requires individual and team training. Only where you have a group member who will not or cannot bring himself to have and wear a hat will you have any trouble.”


“UTILIZATION requires a knowledge of what the valuable final products are and how to make them.

“Action which doesn’t result in a final product that adds up to valuable final products is destructive, no matter how innocent it seems.

“Man has a planet as a valuable final product. Improper use of the countries and seas, air and masses which compose it will wind up with the destruction of Man, all life on it and the usefulness of the planet. So proper utilization of anything is a very real factor.”


“Without justice there can be no real organization.

“Even a government owes its people an operating climate in which human transactions and business can occur.

“Where insane and criminal individuals operate unchecked in the community justice is uncertain and harsh.

“The society in which the insane rise to positions of power becomes a nightmare.

“Justice is a difficult subject. Man handles it badly.

“Justice cannot occur until insanity can be detected and cured.

“The whole task of justice is to defend the honest man. Therefore the target of justice is the establishment of a sane society.

“The inability to detect or cure the insane destroys civilizations.

“Justice is an effort to bring equity and peace. When one cannot detect and cure insanity then sooner or later justice actions will become unjust and be used by the insane.

“To us, Justice is the action necessary to restrain the insane until they are cured. After that it would be only an action of seeing fair play is done.”


“Morale is not made of comfort and sloth. It is made of common purpose and obstacles overcome by the group.

“When the Admin Scale and these elements are not held together by similar aims. then morale has to be held up artificially.

“The most ghastly morale I have ever seen was amongst “the idle rich”.

“And the highest morale I’ve ever seen was amongst a furiously dedicated common purposed group working under fantastic stresses with very little against almost hopeless odds.

“I used to observe that morale in a combat unit would never materialize before they had been through hell together.

“All drama aside, morale is made up of high purpose and mutual confidence. This comes from the Admin Scale items and these elements of organization being well aligned, one with the next, and honest sane endeavor to achieve a final goal for all.” – LRH