ex-OSA staffmember works to reform the subject of Scientology

FreeScientology Launches Into the Public Domain

My project to recover and further the hard-work and hard-won life improvement research, and to deliver on promises made throughout the past 70 years for mankind, but instead left sequestered in a controversial and failing cult, has launched today, April 22, 2018.
This makes freely available, helpful sets of non-religious, philosophy-based, empowering mental exercises for restoring life, freedom and purpose to the individual.
It is non-religious, non-toxic and free of charge. It can be done with a partner, or on ones own. It has finally been made simple, safe and direct.
There are no more secrets, trademarks or copyrights. There is no more need for organization or cults. Any use of a biofeedback device is completely optional.
It is the culmination of some of the greatest breakthroughs in psychology, philosophy and the human mind, in all of human history.
This project transfers ownership of those breakthroughs back to the common person – to whom so many of us have worked to help. And to whom this work was originally promised.
This first release is for those forgotten ones who have been suffering – whether from loss, persecution, abuse or oppression.
All Life Matters. Your Life Matters.
I have made this my life’s work since 1993 and – particularly since 2009 and for the rest of my remaining years – unpaid.
Please share.
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