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What Took Apart My Family?


It was a sad day in December 2012 when I realized that the founder of my “religion” of 18 years was in reality, also the architect of the break-up of my family.  That L. Ron Hubbard, himself, was the engineer of the policies we were expected to follow…

I began to write this post in December of 2012, the month that I was in Costa Rica retrieving what was left of my possessions from where I had lived for 8 years, having already sold or got rid of most of what I had owned, in order to relocate there in 2004.  At that time I had even cashed out my teacher retirement in order to donate thousands of dollars to the church.

I am posting this now – one whole year later – having finally gotten up the courage to do so.  (No one can say that I did not take the time to confirm the actual truth of the matter.)

As an admirer of an effective technology developed under his direction, I had been a devoted follower of L. Ron Hubbard for 19 years when I finally had this realization.

Knowing that I could be offending a lot of people who still think as I once did – that Hubbard was a “saint” beyond reproach – I long held my tongue.

No more.

It was a sad day for me in December of 2012 that my wife of 8 years – both of us Scientologists – was forced to cut off all communication between us, and even with her two sons (even though one was not a Scientologist and wanted to stay in contact with me) in order for her to remain “in good standing” and continue participating in services.  All of them had been my family for 7 years – through good times and bad.  It was then that she finally completed the process required of her by the church, known as “DISCONNECTION.”

I had been a volunteer missionary who worked to defend the church (mission) there, using my time and at my own expense, with very little compensation ever received.  I spent the prime of my life doing this.

But because I could no longer shut my eyes to the corrupt side of L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology, I lost everything I had worked for there.

For the past 30 years, Scientology has been run by government-sanctioned mafioso, David Miscavige – a brash and ruthless punk, hand-picked by L. Ron Hubbard himself – well before his death in January 1986 – to hire the very best IRS-connected attorneys and re-organize Scientology to “make money… and… make more money,.”

On Hubbard’s orders, Miscavige went through all torturous manifestations of criminal evasion in order to not lose any to the government tax authority – the IRS.  Miscavige was carrying out the orders and advices of his mentor, L. Ron Hubbard – but also with his own secret designs on assuming power and total control of the religion and its followers.

All this was furthered a long pattern of religious cloaking which helped to conceal their criminal acts – not only those actions ordered by them against those whom they designated “enemies,” but ongoing criminal acts of inurement (misappropriation of donations) and fraud carried out against their own parishioners.

Despite the fact that David Miscavige took this criminality sanctioned by “religious doctrine” to new extremes, it should be pointed out that it was L. Ron Hubbard who designed, implemented and maintained almost every aspect, rule and policy of the religious group/cult known as Scientology as still practiced today.

I lost my family to his cruel, anti-family and anti-life policy known as “Disconnection” which was instituted to protect his monopoly – something he’d once warned against ever happening in Scientology (see an unedited version of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20).

I also discovered then in December 2012 – at the same time I was losing my family – that sometime back in 1983, L. Ron Hubbard wrote a dispatch ordering that ‘Disconnection’ be re-instated as policy for the Scientology religion, knowing full well the trouble it had brought him with governments in the late 1960’s, when he’d officially canceled the policy, and even promised a government in an official letter that:

 “the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology …have no intention of re-introducing this policy”


“I can see no reason why this policy should ever be re-introduced, as an extensive survey in the English speaking countries found that this practice was not acceptable.” – LRH

– this is from a letter sent to “The Commission of Enquiry into Scientology in New Zealand” on 26 Mar ’69 by  L. Ron Hubbard.

L. Ron Hubbard LIED!

(Not to mention the “Code of REFORM” – from August 1968, that led to the decision for “Cancellation of disconnection as a relief to those suffering from familial suppression.”)

Now, before anyone says that story of the ‘Disconnection’ policy reinstatement is a flimsy basis for targeting the founder of Scientology, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard himself – for knowingly and willingly breaking up families – like mine – in order to create and maintain an insular cult that he would financially benefit from, I have something to share that makes any challenge to that ‘Disconnection’ reinstatement story, completely unnecessary.

The fact is that completely apart from the revelation by former leaders of the church who had witnessed that the re-instatement of ‘Disconnection’ came from Hubbard himself, I also came to realize in the course of my researches, that Mr. Hubbard himself knowingly and willingly assigned a pregnant woman to the Rehabilitation Project Force, a rather cruel act – and that years earlier he had built his Sea Organization and firmed up his authoritarian command of it by instituting cruel punishments like “overboarding” ministers-in-training (including elderly women trainees) and according to an account written by Alan Walter, forcing a man to push a peanut across a ship’s deck with face bleeding and his wife and kids crying – who had to stand by watching in humiliation.

Add to all that multiple reports of assigning a 5-yr-old boy to 5 days and nights in the cold, terrifying chain locker of his Apollo ship.  (Some reports allege more than one child so assigned – as young as four years of age.)

You see, sometime before this ‘Disconnection’ hit me full force, I took a new look through an L. Ron Hubbard book entitled “Scientology Ethics” and at its origins in 1965 Ethics policies, and I finally reached the inevitable conclusion that more and more people alienated from their loved ones by the continued mis-use of ‘Disconnection,’ are bound to reach:

*that L. Ron Hubbard, himself – genius that he was – by these actions and in a long-term failure to come clean, nevertheless undid a whole lot of the good he had once done for people in developing a highly workable technology for “helping people help each other”

*that in 1965 he developed policies, rules and restrictions that – taken as a whole – virtually guarantee that  people will be attacked unjustly, cruelly denied help in time of greatest need, and covertly guided into disconnecting from their own friends and family, in order to maintain their “good standing” in his church

*that his 1965 actions and “ethics” policies within a few years had created a paramilitary cult (very little of those policies were ever necessary to protect the actual technology, but instead were crafted to protect the power of his appointed inner cliques – hiding criminal activity and even permitting and condoning criminal activity to do so – which activity has plagued the organization ever since)

Tragically, we find that the very first set of processes (now known as the “Power Processes”) that consistently worked on nearly all persons who received them (many processes had been advertised that way, but these were the first that Hubbard recognized were actually meeting peoples expectations enough to sell with confidence at a premium) became the first of many gross violations of his representations and promises made to mankind and to Scientologists in his essay entitled, “My Philosophy” – written just weeks before he sequestered these processes for highly limited use.

So much for “planetary clearing”!

By keeping these processes from the field and asserting that they were “dangerous” in the hands of those not trained and trusted under his organization, L. Ron Hubbard squirreled away critical portions of a workable mental and spiritual technology (“Power Processing”) from mankind, in a bid to build and preserve empire and “make money and… make more money.”

He then – in that same year 1965 – developed and instituted cruel, anti-family policies to cover up his own crimes and his greed in squirreling away processes that actually might have accomplished his stated objective of “clearing the planet” (getting the peoples of earth simple, effective tools they might use to overcome the effects of traumatic experiences – but that he instead insisted knowingly under false pretenses, must become and remain, “confidential”).

Above all, it would be vital to understand that ‘Disconnection’  – as a practice of Hubbard’s new 1965 version of Scientology – was not just a policy put into place by one Policy Letter, but was deeply woven with malice aforethought, throughout numerous points of an “ethics code” – comprising a “technology” of “ethics” – including technically unworkable and outright harmful “PTS” (Potential Trouble Source) restrictions on auditing (counseling therapy).

In other words, a person in Scientology who is connected to a person or group thought to be hostile to Scientology, is quickly forced to recognize that his/her future in the improvement technology of Scientology auditing depends on demonstrating no connection remaining to whatever person or group has fallen out of favor.

I well remember playing the endless game as a Public Divisions staffmember, of presenting someone who really, truly needed help in life and was willing to do anything to get it, being turned away because of somebody’s interpretation of Hubbard policy preventing it.  And at the time, I did not even think to question or blame the founder as policymaker – no – I rationalized it, and participated (although unwillingly) in such unnecessary injustice (factually a case of “When Help Becomes Betrayal“).

And with that realization, the only real ‘Disconnection’ that I am in need of at this time, is from Hubbard’s organization which, cloaked in religious trappings and protected by religious exemptions, is set up to “utterly ruin” its arbitrarily designated “enemies” (like me) that it creates out of those exercising the free speech and free thought promised in its trampled and neglected, “Creed of the Church” and in its all-too-rarely-displayed 1968 “(Reform) Code of a Scientologist.”

Okay, yes.  L. Ron Hubbard did also work long and hard to assemble a technology that can be put to use to help people.  When done in a safe environment, away from criminal organizations, it can work wonders.  I am not without appreciation for his work – he was demonstrably not idle or lazy.   I have no doubt that at various times in his life L. Ron Hubbard worked his heart out for the very decent purposes he said he was.

And because of that early diligence – and thanks to the tremendous efforts in getting helpful techniques explained to students of the emerging technology – I plan to continue placing that large portion of workable technology which resulted, into the hands of people who truly want to help.

But the facts cannot be ignored that this same person willingly destroyed these good works by selfishly indulging in abuse of power for personal gain and organizational supremacy.

Sadly, many people continue to believe that a lot of the above-mentioned and ongoing crimes were and are, okay because the “tech works” – and so it is often stated in so many ways, “the end justified the means.”

But as far as I am concerned, L. Ron Hubbard as author and engineer of this anti-family, anti-life policy – and his mafioso replacement David Miscavige, as the usurper agent of a hostile takeover of Hubbard’s organization complete with a covert, de facto mafia – craftily embedded into religious organization – can just keep all of that phony “code of ethics” nonsense

copyrighted in platinum forever.


“‘…if you ever reveal any of this information that I am about to reveal, the consequences will be severe for SCN (Scientology).’

“He then wrote, ‘a person does not blow due [to] Overts or Withholds.  He blows only due to ARC BKs (upsets)’.

“‘However, If any of this information ever became public, I would lose all control of the orgs and eventually Scientology as a whole.’  – (Signed) LRH”

 – reportedly written on a secret dispatch by -L. Ron Hubbard, Commodore ~1974


*Grateful acknowledgment to L. Ron Hubbard Library for ineffective prohibition in making these fair use quotes known and published.

Towards a Scientology of Inclusion




“The Catholic Church only began to fail when it began to exclude.

“Thus inclusion is a major point in all great organizations.”

– L. Ron Hubbard – HCO PL 14 DEC 1970

Point 10 of The Code of a Scientologist (1969) states:

“To work for freedom of speech in the world.”

And the Creed of the Church of Scientology (1954) states:

“…all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.”

It can be a source of great frustration that the above points are not always well-known or respected in Scientology groups, whether in or out of the official church.  This can be the source of upsetting injustices, when a person often gets shouted down and/or run out of a group.  Attacks on an individual expressing an unpopular opinion, can trigger the most emotionally violent reactions on the part of everyone involved.

Many of us are still smarting from the whirlpool of injustice that is and was, the official corporate ‘Church’ of Scientology.

Any Scientology group that wants to avoid the mistakes of the past and survive into the future, needs to have its members aware of the following LRH data:

RJ 68
Disconnection Canceled
Code of a Scientologist
Creed of the Church of Scientology
(more references)

L. Ron Hubbard states:

“‘Justice’ apparently cannot be trusted in the hands of Man.
We must safeguard against unjust practices and make haste to remedy all injustices.  We must be accordingly committed or we will never make it.
– A New Hope for Justice – (p392 new ethics book)

Protect people and groups from fallacious and vexatious attacks.” – FAST JUSTICE – 1 MAR 69

Until justice applies to all, until a person is really assumed innocent until proven guilty…”
Injustice is not something in which any man with power should ever trade.  It is not just a sin.  It is suicide.
– RIOTS – 19 MAR 69

“…I isolated the false accusation, false report and failing to confront the accused with his accusers as the basic breakdown of justice.  These undermine personal security…”
So flagrant is this abuse that it destroys for one and all the value of the cause of democracy.
When justice becomes slow, when it becomes expensive and when false reports on people and groups are allowed to go unchallenged and unpunished, any ideology becomes a tyranny.
As false reports tear down the security of the individual and small group, these then have to assert themselves.  They do so in their turn by attacking.
Only if [SCIENTOLOGY]* reforms its human rights, will it have a cause worth fighting for, worth supporting.  Otherwise its public and social groups will desert it to any other cause without even much examining it.
The principles of not accepting false reports and confronting one with his accusers and accusations before punishing actions of any kind are so strong that if the West accepted them, and scrupulously practiced them, IT WOULD HAVE A CAUSE GREAT ENOUGH TO SURVIVE.
– JUSTICE – 1 MAY 69

*added (altered) from the original reference to create an effect

Can you see how important the practice of basic justice is to the long-term survival of any group?

Will you join those who are taking responsibility for this?  For their families?  For their groups?  For their nation?  For this planet?

Here is the technology (skill-set) that needs to be learned and applied:

HCO PL 19 SEP 70 – I
Data Series 16


“Correction of things which are not wrong and neglecting things which are not right puts the tombstone on any org or civilization.

“In auditing when one Reviews or “corrects” a case that is running well, one has trouble. It is made trouble.

“Similarly on the third dynamic, correcting situations which do not exist and neglecting situations which do exist can destroy a group.

“All this boils down to CORRECT INVESTIGATION. It is not a slight skill. It is THE basic skill behind any intelligent action.


“When justice goes astray (as it usually does) the things that have occurred are

“1.   Use of justice for some other purpose than public safety (such as maintaining a privileged group or indulging a fixed idea) or

“2.   Investigatory Procedure.

“All suppressive use of the forces of justice can be traced back to one or the other of these.

“Aberrations and hate very often find outlet by calling them “justice” or “law and order”. This is why it can be said that man cannot be trusted with justice.

“This or just plain stupidity brings about a neglect of intelligent investigatory procedures. Yet all third dynamic sanity depends upon correct and unaberrated investigatory procedures. Only in that way can one establish causes of things. And only by establishing causes can one cease to be the effect of unwanted situations.

“It is one thing to be able to observe. It is quite another to utilize observations so that one can get to the basis of things.” – LRH

“Attitude and Conduct of Scientology”

“…the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth, is not only not only difficult to do but does not work. That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work.It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in Gestetner Limited or Westinghouse, but it does not work in Scientology. Got that?”
“It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?”
“Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?”
“So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie. “The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.”
“The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent.”
“Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.  And it never solves by being tough.”
“What do we really have of value in the organizations of Scientology? The only thing we have of value, actually, is Scientology, an understanding of life, increasing ability to communicate, a good concept and grip on reality and the ability to like guys. That’s all you got.”

L. Ron Hubbard – “Attitude and Conduct of Scientology” (4th London ACC, 3rd November 1955)

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  • *Disconnection Canceled
    (HCO PL 15 Nov 68 “Cancellation of Disconnection”)
  • *Communication Definition 1. The consideration and action of impelling an impulse or particle from source point across a distance to receipt point with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt point a duplication and understanding of that which emanated from the source point (HCOB 5 APR 73)
  • *An Operating Standard Rule –

“This is rigid policy, not advice:

“No matter how stiff the ethics action is you have to apply to keep the show on the road, remember this:

“You must keep the door open only if it’s just a crack.

“Expulsion without hope of reinstatement puts people into total hopelessness.  It may even be the reason governments eventually experience revolt.  Expulsion without recourse leads to desperation and revolt.

“There must always be the hope of return to good graces and all Ethics Orders or actions must state what the person has to do to be reinstated in good standing.

“Do not practice or permit discipline or expulsion with no hope of amends.”

    HCO PL 14 DEC 1970
    HCO PL 6 DEC 1970
  • *RJ 68 [optional]

more reading:

  • *[optional] THE JUSTICE OF SCIENTOLOGY – Its Use and Purpose Being a Scientologist (p293 new ethics book)
  • *Administering Justice (p335 new ethics book)

“3.  Without order nothing can grow or expand.”

“8.  A thetan is good.  He invented a bank to keep others good.  That mechanism went wrong.  And that’s why we’re here.”

  • *A New Hope for Justice (p391 new ethics book)

Some Suggested Cancellations of Policy:
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  • (to be announced – a data series evaluation and survey are in progress…
    – meanwhile, relax:   LRH specifically allowed for the cancellation of unworkable policies, and that reference will also be provided and can be utilized (or not) at will, by any person or group of those who wish to follow the suggestions that will be given)

And finally, for those who do not have access to this key, vital reference, I am posting excerpts here for academic evaluation:

HCO PL 14 DEC 1970
Personnel Series 14
Org Series 19

“Where these subjects are not well handled and where one or more of these are very out of line, the organization will suffer a third dynamic aberration.

“This then is a SANITY SCALE for the third dynamic of a group.

“The group will exhibit aberrated symptoms where one or more of these points are out.

“The group will be sane to the degree that these points are in.

“Internal stresses of magnitude begin to affect every member of the group in greater or lesser degree when one or more of these items are neglected or badly handled.

“The society at large currently has the majority of these points out.”




“Under the name of Justice, aberrated man accomplishes fantastic injustices. The upstat is hit, the downstat let go. Rumours are accepted as evidence. Police forces and power are used to ENFORCE the injustices contained 1 to 9 above. Suppressive justice is used as an ineffectual but savage means of meeting situations actually caused by the earlier listed psychoses. When abuses on 1 to 9 make things go wrong, the social aberration then introduces suppressive injustices as an effort to cure. Revolt and war are magnified versions of injustices. Excess people‑ kill them off in a war. A THIRD DYNAMIC PSYCHOSIS IS THE SUBSTITUTE OF VIOLENCE FOR REASON.”



“Letting people INTO the group at large is the key to every great movement and bettered culture on this planet. This was the new idea that made Buddhism the strongest civilizing influence the world has seen in terms of numbers and terrain. They did not exclude. Race, color, creed were not made bars to membership in this great movement.

“Politically the strongest country in the world was the United States, and it was weakened only by its efforts to exclude certain races or make them second class citizens. Its greatest internal war (1862‑ 65) was fought to settle this point, and the weakness was not resolved even then.

“The Catholic Church only began to fail when it began to exclude.

“Thus inclusion is a major point in all great organizations.

“The things which set a group or organization on a course of exclusion are (a) the destructive impulses of about 10 or 15 % of the society (lunacy) and (b) opposition by interests which consider themselves threatened by the group or organization’s potential resulting in infiltration (c) efforts to mimic the group’s technology destructively and set up rival groups.

“All these three things build up barriers that a group might thoughtlessly buy and act to remedy with no long range plans to handle.

“These stresses make a group edgy and combative. The organization then seeks to solve these three points by exclusion, whereas its growth depends wholly upon inclusion.

“No one has ever solved these points successfully in the past because of lack of technology to solve them.

“It all hinges on three points: (1) the sanity of the individual, (2) the worthwhileness of the group in terms of general area, planetary or universal survival, and (3) the superiority of the group’s organization tech and its use.

“Just at this writing, the first point is solved conclusively in Scientology. Even hostile and destructive personalities wandering into the group can be solved and, due to the basic nature of Man, made better for the benefit of themselves and others.

“The worthwhileness of the organization is determined by the assistance given to general survival by the group’s products and the actual factual delivery of those valid products.

“The superiority of a group’s Admin Tech and its application is at this current writing well covered in current developments.

“Thus inclusion is almost fully attainable. The only ridges that build up are the short term defense actions.

“For instance, Scientology currently must fight back at the death camp organizations of psychiatry whose solution is a dead world, as proven by their actions in Germany before and during World War 11. But we must keep in mind that we fully intend to reform and salvage even these opponents. We are seeking to include them in the general survival by forcing them to cease their non‑ survival practices and overcome their gruesome group past.

“There are two major stages then of including people‑ one is as paid organization personnel and one as unpaid personnel. BOTH are in essence being “hired”. The pay differs. The wider majority receive the pay of personal peace and effectiveness and a better world.

“The org which excludes its own field members will fail.

“The payment to the org of money or the money payment to the staff member is an internal economy. Pay, the real pay, is a better personal survival and a world that can live.

“Plans of INclusion are successful. They sometimes contain defense until we can include.

“Even resistance to an org can be interpreted as a future inclusion by the org. Resistance or opposition is a common way‑ point in the cycle of inclusion. In an organization where everyone wins eventually anyway the senselessness of resistance becomes apparent even to the most obtuse. Only those who oppose their own survival resist a survival producing organization.

“Even in commercial companies the best organization with the best product usually finds competitors merging with it.”


“Criminal or antisocial conduct occurs where there is no hat.

“Any type of membership or role or post in the whole organization or its field requires individual and team training. Only where you have a group member who will not or cannot bring himself to have and wear a hat will you have any trouble.”


“UTILIZATION requires a knowledge of what the valuable final products are and how to make them.

“Action which doesn’t result in a final product that adds up to valuable final products is destructive, no matter how innocent it seems.

“Man has a planet as a valuable final product. Improper use of the countries and seas, air and masses which compose it will wind up with the destruction of Man, all life on it and the usefulness of the planet. So proper utilization of anything is a very real factor.”


“Without justice there can be no real organization.

“Even a government owes its people an operating climate in which human transactions and business can occur.

“Where insane and criminal individuals operate unchecked in the community justice is uncertain and harsh.

“The society in which the insane rise to positions of power becomes a nightmare.

“Justice is a difficult subject. Man handles it badly.

“Justice cannot occur until insanity can be detected and cured.

“The whole task of justice is to defend the honest man. Therefore the target of justice is the establishment of a sane society.

“The inability to detect or cure the insane destroys civilizations.

“Justice is an effort to bring equity and peace. When one cannot detect and cure insanity then sooner or later justice actions will become unjust and be used by the insane.

“To us, Justice is the action necessary to restrain the insane until they are cured. After that it would be only an action of seeing fair play is done.”


“Morale is not made of comfort and sloth. It is made of common purpose and obstacles overcome by the group.

“When the Admin Scale and these elements are not held together by similar aims. then morale has to be held up artificially.

“The most ghastly morale I have ever seen was amongst “the idle rich”.

“And the highest morale I’ve ever seen was amongst a furiously dedicated common purposed group working under fantastic stresses with very little against almost hopeless odds.

“I used to observe that morale in a combat unit would never materialize before they had been through hell together.

“All drama aside, morale is made up of high purpose and mutual confidence. This comes from the Admin Scale items and these elements of organization being well aligned, one with the next, and honest sane endeavor to achieve a final goal for all.” – LRH




Two people came together – and they lived as one
But what God had joined together, now had come undone
    They were separated
    One was set up to be hated
        Ending in rejection…
        …The Pain of Disconnection

To the group she was devoted – enthusiastically
‘Total Freedom’ was promoted – ecclesiastically
    She gave them all that she owned
    They took her son from their home
    They were separated
    And all that time she waited…
        Waiting for correction…
        …The Pain of Disconnection

With help for one another, we make our way…
Father, mother, sister, brother – hope for a better day.
    But lost in broken promises
    Routed off the premises
    They get isolated
    Set up to be hated
        Hoping for correction…
        …The Pain of Disconnection

Scott Gordon – 30 April 2013
Creative Commons – License granted to record, perform and sell this work, provided it remains unchanged and credited to author.



Mother duck looks eagerly for the rest of her family.


The natural instinct of all life is to stay connected wherever possible.

Almost one year to the day, the enforced disconnection between my wife Tatiana and I has resulted in a completed divorce.  One year ago, “Director of Inspections and Reports” (a throw-back to the Inquisition) Mat McCauley e-mailed my wife and informed her of my declare (as a ‘Suppressive Person’) and expulsion from the Church of Scientology (a ‘non-profit’ corporation operating ‘for profit’ (inurement supporting a lavish lifestyle on the part of one David Miscavige) in egregious violation of the laws of the land.  This action constituted ‘tortious interference‘ and was in common language, a destructive intervention between the private and sacred line of communication established between my wife and I.


Scott Gordon
(former DSA CCDallas; DSA Costa Rica)

I read the following into record of the 301st Court of Dallas today:

“The marriage has become unsupportable because of pressure brought to bear on my wife by leadership of the Scientology religion, to ‘disconnect’ from me, resulting in discord between the parties that has destroyed the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship.  There is no expectation of reconciliation.”

Divorce finalized.  In earlier times, I could have sued for “tortious interference,” but the laws have changed.

I would however, have an International Human Rights case if it were easy to find a good attorney.  And I have already developed the basis for the legal arguments:


Article 12 – No one shall be subject to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks on his honor or reputation.  Everyone has the right to protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

Scott was subjected to substantial interference in personal and family matters by members of Scientology organization staff in both Costa Rica and Dallas.

In Costa Rica, Geberth Gamboa, staff at the mission, arranged an interruption to my step-son’s auditing to fish for anything that could have been wrong with our earlier sessions (that went very well despite being done across a language barrier – all at his request and his Mother’s okay) and then wrote false reports to the mission Ethics Officer, causing the Ethics section to arbitrarily designate Scott as being “one report away from full expulsion” from the International Church.

In the Dallas organization, Matt McCauley ejected Scott from the Dallas organization, where he was on paid service for a counseling course, on orders from International Scientology “top” management, without written notice or explanation.  This ejection without explanation was communicated to Scott’s wife who was upset at the implications (the threat of expulsion meant that she could no longer progress in good standing without complete separation, as in divorce, from Scott).  When Scott blew the whistle on Matt McCauley’s failure to execute any form of due process, Matt issued a declare and expulsion order and e-mailed Scott’s wife before he could communicate with her on the matter, preventing any further explanation or communication between the two on the subject of his expulsion.

Article 16(3) – The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.

Scott was a step-parent to two male children who grew up in the household with Scott and Tatiana.  The oldest has recently cut all communication with Scott.  The youngest cut communication immediately upon learning that Scott was “in trouble” with the church.

Article 18 – Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Before the actions of the mission of Costa Rica to sanction Scott without due process, Scott and Tatiana had come to agreement on differing views on how Scientology would be practiced at home and to what extent Scott planned to participate in services.  Tatiana had effectively accepted Scott’s departure from full participation in the church on his terms, none of which were disrespectful to the founder, the local or international organizations.  She was told by the mission that this was ‘unacceptable’ and that she could not continue to progress in the church if she stayed connected in any way to Scott.  She pursued a divorce as a solution to the dilemma the church placed as her only option to staying in good standing with their religion.

Article 28 – Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully recognized.

This also implicates the government of the United States of America, specifically the Federal Bureau of Investigations, for failing to act on numerous reports in their possession, of egregious Human Rights violations of Sea Org members and ex-members and their families, which have been widely publicized in the media and documented in numerous books and legal affidavits.  The church continues to expel staff and parishioners and violate their human rights without due process, most being economically unable to pursue civil action.

The “group,” as a competent lawyer will one day define it before a tribunal, is defined here as:

“Seekers of higher spiritual awareness who have read one or more books by L. Ron Hubbard which interested them in spiritual counseling and/or other life improvement services.”


David Miscavige has been “causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.”

David Miscavige has been “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

David Miscavige has been “imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.”

David Miscavige has been “forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Whether he has been doing this at the behest of outside forces, or in his own mad grab for power, he has been actively engaged in a program of…



David Miscavige must go.

David Miscavige is a serial violator of International Law:

International law

After the Holocaust, Lemkin successfully campaigned for the universal acceptance of international laws defining and forbidding genocide. In 1946, the first session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution that “affirmed” that genocide was a crime under international law, but did not provide a legal definition of the crime. In 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which legally defined the crime of genocide for the first time.[12]

The CPPCG was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 9 December 1948 and came into effect on 12 January 1951 (Resolution 260 (III)). It contains an internationally-recognized definition of genocide which was incorporated into the national criminal legislation of many countries, and was also adopted by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the treaty that established the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Convention (in article 2) defines genocide:

…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II

David Miscavige must go.

The “Church” of Scientology must reform and first and foremost, must cease to break up families and cease and desist in suppressing the future of our people which requires appropriate, pro-survival procreation (the family being the building block of civilization).

Scott Gordon
Watchful Navigator


In September 2004 I returned to CCDallas for 6 weeks, for a “Leaving Staff Security Check” (ordinarily a requirement for leaving an area “with clean hands and a clear conscience”).

Scott Gordon – DSA Costa Rica – 2004-2009

In this case, I wasn’t being ordered to do one, but it was “policy,” I was going to follow it and hey – I wanted one.  Why?  I don’t know, except I did not feel good about the way things had gone the last years I was there, and I thought it was probably something about “me” (maybe something I “did” – something that I hadn’t looked at?) that would “make me feel better” if I found it.

A typical, humble, self-effacing reaction, for a responsible staff member.

With no one immediately available to do it, I went into the Academy to complete a course on “handling suppression” (3rd time through, due to changing versions) and then resume my auditor (counselor) training – learning to operate an “e-meter.”

For various reasons, not the least of which was the pressure of my post as DSA (Director of Special Affairs), guarding the “church” from outside harmful influence, it had been quite some time since I had been smoothly “flying” through an auditor training course.  I had done this same metering practice drill – and delivered successful auditing – so many times before in the past.

But now I was having a rough time doing the drill – barking at the meter, desperately prying with an aggressive, accusative tone – in a misguided effort to “make it read.”

My attitude towards persons had undergone a change.  The spread of the David Miscavige “toughness” RTC valence (“cold-chrome steel”) was beginning to affect me.

david miscavige on nightline

“Tough Guy”

According to some of my security-minded superiors, I had been too “reasonable”* in handling “security risks” and was being too “trusting” of others and was treating them “too much like a chaplain would.”

(*reasonable – using excuses not to confront a reality)

Several ordered trips out to Los Angeles (always at least partially, at my own financial expense, and definitely at my own expense in terms of peace of mind), served to reinforce the conditioning.  The last two out of three visits I had missed return flights home, in spite of stressful racing through traffic, because there was always “one more thing to handle” before I could be “allowed to go.”  This was just more expense, humiliation, and only developed more, unnecessary traffic for me in my crazy-schedule-life as schoolteacher by day and DSA by night.

In retrospect, what was being looked for as some “ideal” valence (personality) I suppose, must have been to be more like our “hero-savior” David Miscavige with his cold-chrome steel, maniacal obsession with making people “Keep Scientology Working” – all 10 points carved in…  cold-chrome steel.

Religious Technology Corporation
“Cold-chrome Steel”

Whatever that means!

Loren Spethman

So anyway, the supervisor at the time (Loren Spethman – now my co-audit twin) wisely observed that my communication attitude needed “adjusting”.  And so, being that Loren was a nice guy, he gently (and successfully) helped me adjust my attitude on my own self-determinism, by showing me a little-known reference that was to change my entire outlook and recover my lost understanding of auditing:

You are acting suspiciously.  He feels it.  He of course has overts all over the track.  You are restimming* them by being suspicious.  You are not running O/W* but appear to be trying to, so processes are mixing…

…don’t act like a detective! An auditor is a detective only when doing O/W on a pc that won’t give.

– LRH – HCOB 29 Oct 72 – XDn Series 17 – CASE K

Wow.  Exactly.

“Scott (I says to myself as I re-read the passage in a state of disbelief), WTF are you doing???”  “Remember… you know, auditing? … you know… like caring for… helping, the person in front of you?”

Uh… WTF were you thinking???

Right then and there, and from that point on, I stopped imitating Golden Age of Tech robots and put some warmth back in to my communication.  The meter responded nicely.  Back to the drill and back to being an “auditor,” not a “detective.”

E-meter set-up

In my remaining several years of training and auditing while holding my staff post in Costa Rica, I would have to revisit this reference time and again as the worsening environment made it difficult to overcome what I knew in my heart, to be a very wrong approach.

I was not, I reasoned, an “inquisitor,” though there were times that I would catch myself in session going to the very edge of such a dramatization.  Well, you know, this was how others coming back from Flag were “auditing,” and how they were starting to “audit” me…

It would be years before I was to learn the background of such inappropriate counseling attitudes and how they entered a “help” subject.  I didn’t know it at the time, but that short but powerful, admonition from the old man himself, was to become a giant step on the road to salvaging my auditing (and all that I’d learned about it) from the growing insanity that was taking hold of lower organizations like mine.

Now back to my introduction, because auditors had been made so scarce, by the way, I wasn’t able to get the security check I came to Dallas for in the 6 weeks I allotted, even though I had flown up at my own expense to do it (spending my meager annual staff salary many times over).  And this was no vacation for me – I stayed busy those 6 weeks holding my old DSA CCDallas post on a volunteer basis.  So near the end of the visit the Executive Director on the last day could only say, “Look, as far as I’m concerned, this is a transfer – you don’t really need a security check to go on from here.”

True enough.    I was contracted staff on post at a pioneer-area mission in Central America, and we were the “next, Ideal Org!”  (uh… still waiting…)

But what I really wanted – needed – was some kind – any kind, of a session after all those years doing without.  Any auditing… was better than no auditing…

Actually, as I realize now, I had never really recovered from the special “rollback” reverse scientology “auditing” that had been run on me over two years earlier.  So as her words of explanation for no auditing this time faded, I began sinking once again, into an all-too-familiar state of disappointment.  At moments like these, being “just a staffmember!” (as a Celebrity Center Int staff member so snidely put it to me once – “oh, you’re just a staffmember!”) seemed a little like being “dirt” on the sidewalk.

Still, I wanted to be an auditor, and I wanted auditing.  After all, I could clearly see that the bulk of the trouble orgs were getting into (and DSAs were called upon to handle) was caused by a lack of intelligent application of the brilliant and workable spiritual technology of founder L. Ron Hubbard and so, I went back to Costa Rica and was good for another 5 years of work-for-no-real-pay.

Auditors (Counselors) in Scientology are the backbone of its practice of individual and social betterment.

Loren Spethman audits Scott Gordon

Auditing works, and it often works miracles.  Such miracles in fact, that were you to consult any serious adherent, these miracles experienced would themselves account for the dedication – even the occasional fanaticism – of those who had experienced them.

Auditing is based on the magic of communication.  But it goes way beyond the “feel-good” of talk therapy, or the “relief” experienced in getting a good acknowledgement from a friend.  The skillful use of special techniques such as repetitive questioning, and the use of an e-meter to identify precise areas of upset, can create with auditing, a concentrated release of “charge” (emotional affect, or tension) that can bring the person up to a state of enthusiasm which can persist in life as a nice – even more or less, permanent – “gain” in really living abundantly.  For many, these “gains” register as increased intelligence, alertness and health.

Attackers and critics of the subject err in theorizing that the “cult” element of Scientology and its adherents comes from “conditioning” or “suggestion.”  That certainly does occur in any closed group.  However, it does not adequately account for the above-average tolerance for stupidity and abuse, despite above-average intelligence, found in most of those attracted to the teachings and practice of Scientology.

(At least it was that way in times past!)

Scientology works so well in fact, that the unscrupulous have made quite a cult out of it!

Modern Radical Corporate Scientology, as chaotically and arbitrarily devised under the dictatorship of David Miscavige (usurper of the fortune and legacy of founder L. Ron Hubbard), uses a number of tricks to accomplish this.

One of these being that it is hard at work making the few auditors left (and even fewer in-training) into a corps of fanatics more fit to be “inquisitors,” than spiritual counselors.

Some of the points of the Auditor’s Code are as follows:

1.   I promise not to evaluate for the preclear or tell him what he should think about his case in session.

2.   I promise not to invalidate the preclear’s case or gains in or out of session.

14.   I promise to grant beingness to the preclear in session.

16.  I promise to maintain communication with the preclear and not to cut his comm or permit him to overrun in session.

17.  I promise not to enter comments, expressions or enturbulence into a session that distract a preclear from his case.

22.  I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.

These points, among the most critically important points which establish a trusting relationship between counselor and client, are regularly and routinely violated in today’s “church,” in order to accomplish what David Miscavige has thoroughly re-instituted as “security checking” (once completely abolished by L. Ron Hubbard in 1969 reforms) in an insane preoccupation with “security.”

His security.

The end product has been an alteration in the basic, fundamental purpose of auditing from “making a person more free and powerful,” into, “making each other be good” (the actual, basic purpose for the practice of  IMPLANTING*).

*IMPLANTING – the use of pain, drugs, sensation and/or hypnosis to bypass conscious awareness of a being and “implant” thoughts and emotions that are not his and that will react on the person under “triggers” known as “associative restimulators”

This process has been slowly accomplished over a long period of time, wherein subtle changes were introduced through the mechanisms of authoritarian “altitude”* and “verbal tech” :

*altitude – status and authority which brings about increased ability to influence one



  • making “sure” of a floating needle (which understanding could not be simpler, unless your certainty has been invalidated) – by blanket accusation (as DM did at the Golden Age of Tech release 1996) that “we know you auditors are calling floating needles that are not” (calculated to confuse and guaranteed to miss withholds)
  • redefinition of “floating needle” – arguments over whether the needle floated “long enough” to be valid despite LRH teaching that a floating needle could be “fleeting” and easily missed if not watched for
  • using videos to establish what is an “instant read” (on the e-meter) when LRH never ordered that – introducing a confusion of arbitraries
  • ordering Flag auditors and C/Ses to security check higher-level cases despite being an interruption of a person doing well, in direct contradiction to a published LRH bulletin saying not to – issuing non-LRH contradictory orders to make these into “regular 6-mos. checks”

What is the actual intention behind all this?


Lying to control people and make a lot of  money.

Lust for power.

And worse.

For a person who continues to physically batter his executives, lock good people up in violation of their human rights, destroy lives, wreck families and even throw his own wife away to penal bondage so he can roam free to commit adultery…

David Miscavige w. girlfriend

Photo doctored for effect – depicts an actual report

What your donations buy?

Eventually it may very well come to this:

L. Ron Hubbard warned that one fundamental computation of a suppressive being (in Christian terms, “D.M.onic”) is:

everybody dead so I can be safe

It’s only a matter of time before the spiritual gains he once received in doing actual Scientology auditing, which gave him an extended ability to operate powerfully, which he then abused, are utterly lost.  It’s only a matter of time.

He has already destroyed the ability for a human being to benefit from the skilled counseling of auditing which has the potential to raise mankind out from eons of disastrous implanting and into recognition of the basic goodness of the being:

On the day we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth.

– L. Ron Hubbard, Writer and Philosopher

And then sadly, we could soon witness the too-often tragic and usually destructive end of what used to be an organization capable of freeing beings.

We just hope and pray that more beings don’t get hurt in the process.

Because David Miscavige has made this organization into:

An abusive cult

Brought to you by his royal…


*reasonable = the cult definition of “reasonable” was originally intended to mean “explaining away irrational circumstances,” but has come to mean, “reasoning about it” instead of merely “following orders” – no kidding!
*overts = harmful acts
*restimming = restimulating
*O/W = overts and withholds auditing (confession of harmful acts and those withheld, originally for the relief of the person restraining self from reaching)
*IMPLANTING = the practice of inserting commands and/or any other control mechanisms below the awareness of another being
*altitude = a upward difference in perceived level of ability (see also: “authority”)


Scott Gordon – Loren Spethman

Loren has been my co-audit twin since December of last year, when I washed back up on American shores after years of harrowing adventure in Costa Rica, exiled back to my own country.  Loren picked me up, gave me a locational out at his little “farm,” gave me a place to stay and he and his parents became my second family.  Both of us still on church lines (still technically, on staff!), we decided to audit.  It was abundantly clear that the “Bridge” was gone in the current church.

We then proceeded to get each other through correction lists and Quad Ruds on problem terminals.   The years of abuse began to unravel.  Reverse Scientology was successfully corrected.  Every session was another step out of the trap that the modern church has become, and into freedom.  Loren bravely applied “read it-drill it-do it” from the 1980 CO-AUDIT HCOBs, and gave me a full PTS rundown, complete with Service Facsimile and Evil Purpose handlings, that completely changed my viewpoint and put me back “at cause” with the roller-coastering terminatedly handled.

David Miscavige was a reading “known before?” item for me on the PTS Rundown – one of many, including a few other church terminals that never could have been handled in the org!  From there, it became easier and easier to forgive and forget the abuses, and grant beingness to others like never before.

We have been co-auditing the first of the Grades AND we have delivered the SuperPower “Bright Think” line-up to each other to spectacular results.  As a result of all that, I have been living life again at high-intensity with a greatly restored Havingness – even after all the huge losses, including of course, the church we dedicated 15+ years of our lives to.

Loren and I served together on staff in Dallas, where he joined in 1994 and was my junior as Book One auditor and then Basic Courses Supervisor in Div6.  He was ripped off from being public sup when the GAT evolution of 1996 forced him into Div4.  He went on to become a top-notch Professional Course Supervisor in high demand, with a number of spectacular recoveries of long-bugged students (including pre-OTs at Flag) on course, as well as getting through training to become a fully-interned Flag Class IV Auditor.

Loren braved a great deal of abuse – mostly at Flag – and it is auditor’s-code-protected data until he’s ready to speak out.  What I can tell you is that it rivals some of the stories you have heard elsewhere as far as the extent of corruption of the tech and its outright reversal.

As our auditing progressed, it became more effective and powerful in direct proportion to the degree we let go of the rigidity we were programmed into, and just “audited for the pc.”

Until today, I had kept all this under the radar since Loren has been making good use of his “good standing” to keep our friends inside informed, up until recently, when he found out he had finally been “declared.”

Loren is currently Supervising for the North Texas field and developing co-audit materials per the 1980 CO-AUDIT Series and LRH references spanning the entire line of research, to enable rapid training and co-auditing in the field.

Words cannot express my appreciation and pride in what we have accomplished together thus far.

Scott Gordon

Loren Spethman – Scott Gordon