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What Was It Really, that Took Apart My Family?


It was a sad day in December 2012 when I realized that the founder of my “religion” of 18 years was in reality, also the architect of the break-up of my family.  That L. Ron Hubbard, himself, was the engineer of the policies we were expected to follow…

I began to write this post in December of 2012, the month that I was in Costa Rica retrieving what was left of my possessions from where I had lived for 8 years, having already sold or got rid of most of what I had owned in order to relocate there in 2004 to be with my new wife.  At that time I had even cashed out my teacher retirement in order to donate thousands of dollars to the church.

I am posting this now – one whole year later – having finally gotten up the courage to do so.  (No one can say that I did not take the time to confirm the actual truth of the matter.)

As an admirer of an effective technology developed under his direction, I had been a devoted follower of L. Ron Hubbard for 19 years when I finally had this realization.

Knowing that I could be offending a lot of people who still think as I once did – that Hubbard was a “saint” beyond reproach – I long held my tongue.

No more.

It was a sad day for me in December of 2012 that my wife of 8 years – (both of us were Scientologists) – was forced to cut off all communication between us, and even with her two sons (even though one was not a Scientologist and wanted to stay in contact with me) in order for her to remain “in good standing” and continue participating in services.  All of them had been my family for 7 years – through good times and bad.  It was then that she finally completed the process required of her by the church, known as “DISCONNECTION.”

I had been a volunteer missionary who worked to defend the church (mission) there, using my time and at my own expense, with very little compensation ever received.  I spent the prime of my life doing this.

But because I could no longer shut my eyes to the corrupt side of L. Ron Hubbard’s $cientology, I lost everything I had worked for there.

For the past 30 years, $cientology has been run by government-sanctioned mafioso, David Miscavige – a brash and ruthless punk, hand-picked by L. Ron Hubbard himself (well before his death in January 1986) to hire the very best IRS-connected attorneys and re-organize $cientology to “make money… and… make more money…

On Hubbard’s orders, Miscavige went through all torturous tricks of criminal evasion in order to not lose any of that money to the government tax authority – the IRS.  Miscavige was simply at first, carrying out the orders and advices of his mentor, L. Ron Hubbard – but also with his own secret designs beginning to emerge, for assuming power and total control of the religion and its followers.

All this was furthered by a long pattern of religious cloaking which helped to conceal their criminal acts – not only those actions ordered by them against those whom they designated “enemies,” but ongoing criminal acts of inurement (misappropriation of donations violating “non-profit” status) and fraud carried out against their own parishioners.

Despite the fact that David Miscavige took this criminality sanctioned by “religious doctrine” to new extremes, it should be pointed out that it was L. Ron Hubbard who designed, implemented and maintained almost every aspect, rule and policy of the religious group/cult known as $cientology as still practiced in its international organization today.

I lost my family to Hubbard’s cruel, anti-family and anti-life policy known as “Disconnection” which was instituted to protect his monopoly – something he’d once warned against ever happening in Scientology (see an unedited version of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20).

I also discovered then in December 2012 – at the same time I was losing my family – that sometime back in 1983, L. Ron Hubbard ordered a policy letter written up that re-instated ‘Disconnection’ as official policy for the $cientology religion, knowing full well the trouble it had brought him with governments in the late 1960’s, when he’d officially canceled the policy, and even promised a government in an official letter that:

 “the Board of Directors of the Church of Scientology …have no intention of re-introducing this policy”


“I can see no reason why this policy should ever be re-introduced, as an extensive survey in the English speaking countries found that this practice was not acceptable.” – LRH

(These quotes are from a letter sent to “The Commission of Enquiry into Scientology in New Zealand” on 26 Mar ’69 by  L. Ron Hubbard.)

L. Ron Hubbard LIED!

(Not to mention this was going back on the written “Code of REFORM” – from August 1968, that led to the decision for “Cancellation of disconnection as a relief to those suffering from familial suppression.”)

Now, before anyone says that story of the ‘Disconnection’ policy reinstatement is a flimsy basis for pointing at the founder of Scientology, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard himself – for knowingly and willingly breaking up families – like mine – in order to create and maintain an insular cult that he would financially benefit from, I have something to share that makes any challenge to that ‘Disconnection’ reinstatement story, completely unnecessary.

The fact is that completely apart from the revelation by former leaders of the church who had witnessed the official re-instatement of ‘Disconnection’ came from Hubbard himself, I also came to realize in the course of my researches, that Mr. Hubbard himself knowingly and willingly assigned a pregnant woman to the Rehabilitation Project Force, a rather cruel act – and that years earlier he had built his Sea Organization and firmed up his authoritarian command of it by instituting cruel punishments like “overboarding” ministers-in-training (including elderly women trainees) and according to an account written by Alan Walter, forcing a man to push a peanut across a ship’s deck with nose skin bleeding and his wife and kids crying – who had to stand by watching in humiliation (note that there are different accounts that vary from this story told by David Mayo).

Add to all that multiple reports of assigning a 4-yr-old boy to 4 days and nights in the cold, terrifying chain locker of his Apollo ship.  (Some reports allege more than one child so assigned – again, as young as four years of age.)

You see, sometime before this ‘Disconnection’ hit me full force, I took a new look through an L. Ron Hubbard book entitled “Scientology Ethics” and at its origins in 1965 Ethics policies, and I finally reached the inevitable conclusion that more and more people alienated from their loved ones by the continued mis-use of ‘Disconnection,’ are bound to reach:

  • that L. Ron Hubbard, himself – genius that he was – by these actions and in a long-term failure to come clean, nevertheless undid a whole lot of the good he had once done for people in developing a highly workable technology for “helping people help each other”
  •  that in 1965 he developed policies, rules and restrictions that – taken as a whole – virtually guarantee that  people will be attacked unjustly, cruelly denied help in time of greatest need, and covertly guided into disconnecting from their own friends and family, in order to maintain their “good standing” in his church
  • that his 1965 actions and “ethics” policies within a few years had created a paramilitary cult (very little of those policies were ever necessary to protect the actual technology, but instead were crafted to protect the power of his appointed inner cliques – hiding criminal activity and even permitting and condoning criminal activity to do so – which activity has plagued the organization ever since)

Tragically, we find that the very first set of processes (now known as the “Power Processes”) that consistently worked on nearly all persons who received them (many processes had been advertised that way, but these were the first that Hubbard recognized were actually meeting peoples expectations enough to sell with confidence at a premium) became the first of many gross violations of his representations and promises supposedly made to “all mankind” and to Scientologists in his essay entitled, “My Philosophy” – written just weeks before he sequestered these processes for highly limited use.

Power Processes were sequestered by authoritarian decree.  Rules and policies without reasonable explanation suddenly declared them, “dangerous” and “too dangerous for auditors to be trusted with them.”

So much for “planetary clearing”!

By keeping these processes from the field and asserting that they were “dangerous” in the hands of those not trained and trusted under his organization, L. Ron Hubbard squirreled away critical portions of a workable mental and spiritual technology (“Power Processing,” and “R6EW” processes to uncover “dramatization”) from mankind, in a bid to build and preserve empire and “make money and… make more money.”

He then – in that same year 1965 – developed and instituted cruel, anti-family policies to protect his planned monopoly and cover up his own crimes and his greed in squirreling away these processes that might actually have accomplished his stated objective of “clearing the planet” (getting the peoples of earth simple, effective tools they might use to overcome the effects of traumatic experiences ).  He instead insisted knowingly under false pretenses, that these new processes, discovered with the help of his Saint Hill students, must become and remain, “confidential.”

Above all, it would be vital to understand that ‘Disconnection’  – as a practice of Hubbard’s new 1965 version of $cientology – was not just a policy put into place by one Policy Letter, but was already deeply woven in with malice aforethought, throughout numerous points of an “ethics code” – comprising a “technology” of “ethics” – including technically unworkable and outright harmful “PTS” (Potential Trouble Source) restrictions on auditing (counseling therapy) anyone supposedly connected to an “enemy” a transparent effort to conflate truly psychopathic personalities with anyone he considered an “enemy” for failing to lend him the support he demanded – whether deserved or not.

In other words, a bully who abused his status as technical genius among serious students of the mind and spirit.

In the “ethics codes,” a person in Scientology who is connected to a person or group thought to be hostile to Scientology, is quickly forced to recognize that his/her future in the improvement technology of Scientology auditing actually depends as a technical fact, on demonstrating no connection remaining to whatever person or group has fallen out of favor.

If you see no actual logic to that, I congratulate you.  You probably either were not subjected to Hubbard’s pressurized indoctrination, or you too, have suffered the effects of Fair Game or Disconnection.

I well remember playing the endless game as a Public Divisions staffmember, of being presented with someone who really, truly needed help in life and was willing to do anything to get it, being turned away because somebody’s interpretation of Hubbard policy prevented it.  And at the time, I did not even think to question or blame the founder as policymaker.  No.  I rationalized it, and participated (although reluctantly most of the time) in such unnecessary injustice (factually a case of “When Help Becomes Betrayal“).

Because I found real Scientology auditing so helpful, I was blinded to the price I was expected to pay for enjoying personal improvement beyond my highest, previous expectations.

And with that realization, the only real ‘Disconnection’ that I am in need of at this time, is from Hubbard’s organization which, cloaked in religious trappings and protected by religious exemptions, is set up to “utterly ruin” its arbitrarily designated “enemies” (like me) that it creates out of those exercising the free speech and free thought promised in its trampled and neglected, “Creed of the Church” and in its rarely-displayed 1968 (Reform) “Code of a Scientologist.”

Okay, yes.  L. Ron Hubbard did also work long and hard to assemble a technology that can be put to use to help people.  When done in a safe environment, away from criminal organizations, it can and often does, work wonders.  I am not without appreciation for his work – he was demonstrably not idle or lazy in that regard.   I have no doubt that at various times in his life L. Ron Hubbard worked his heart out for the very decent purposes he said he did.

And because of that early diligence – and thanks to the tremendous efforts in getting helpful techniques explained to students of the emerging technology – knowing also that those same students repaid him with technical discoveries that helped smash his name into history – I plan to continue working to place that large portion of workable technology which resulted, into the hands of people who truly want to help.

But the facts cannot be ignored that this same person willingly destroyed these good works by selfishly indulging in abuse of power for personal gain and organizational supremacy.

Sadly, many people continue to believe that a lot of the above-mentioned and ongoing crimes were and are, justified because they have a valid stable datum that “the tech works.”   And so it is often stated in so many ways, “the ends justified the means.”

I am not only “not so sure,” about that, but looking at the actual current state of the subject?  It is a failure and a disaster except as those few who continued its practice un-harrassed but still under threat, made it work.

We are faced with the prospect of unpacking its therapeutic and helpful features in an extremely hostile environment – what with all the damage Hubbard’s policies left in their wake.

So as far as I am concerned, L. Ron Hubbard as author and engineer of this anti-family, anti-life policy – and his mafioso replacement David Miscavige, as the usurper agent of a hostile takeover of Hubbard’s organization complete with a covert, de facto mafia – craftily embedded into an organization claiming “religious protection” – can just keep all of that phony “code of ethics” nonsense…

copyrighted in platinum forever.




“‘…if you ever reveal any of this information that I am about to reveal, the consequences will be severe for SCN (Scientology).’

“He then wrote, ‘a person does not blow due [to] Overts or Withholds.  He blows only due to ARC BKs (upsets)’.

“‘However, If any of this information ever became public, I would lose all control of the orgs and eventually Scientology as a whole.’  – (Signed) LRH”

 – reported by Bill Franks as written on a secret dispatch to Bill Franks and David Mayo by -L. Ron Hubbard, Commodore ~1974


*Grateful acknowledgment to L. Ron Hubbard Library for ineffective prohibition in making these fair use quotes known and published.

David Miscavige – Genocide?

The “group,” as a competent lawyer will one day define it before a tribunal, is defined here as:

“Seekers of higher spiritual awareness who have read one or more books by L. Ron Hubbard which interested them in spiritual counseling and/or other life improvement services.”


David Miscavige has been “causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group.”

David Miscavige has been “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

David Miscavige has been “imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group.”

David Miscavige has been “forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Whether he has been doing this at the behest of outside forces, or in his own mad grab for power, he has been actively engaged in a program of…



David Miscavige must go.

David Miscavige is a serial violator of International Law:

International law

After the Holocaust, Lemkin successfully campaigned for the universal acceptance of international laws defining and forbidding genocide. In 1946, the first session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution that “affirmed” that genocide was a crime under international law, but did not provide a legal definition of the crime. In 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which legally defined the crime of genocide for the first time.[12]

The CPPCG was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 9 December 1948 and came into effect on 12 January 1951 (Resolution 260 (III)). It contains an internationally-recognized definition of genocide which was incorporated into the national criminal legislation of many countries, and was also adopted by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the treaty that established the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Convention (in article 2) defines genocide:

…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II

David Miscavige must go.

The “Church” of Scientology must reform and first and foremost, must cease to break up families and cease and desist in suppressing the future of our people which requires appropriate, pro-survival procreation (the family being the building block of civilization).

Scott Gordon
Watchful Navigator

David Miscavige – Investigator’s Guide to the Criminal History

Compiled by Scott GordonWatchful Navigator

[please bring any factual discrepancies or missing data to my attention]

[“…” indicates I have removed something to improve the flow and clarity]

[   ][ – squared brackets indicate my own comments – kept to a minimum]

[it is unavoidable that many of these timeline entries will be found to overlap – I broke some of them up in order to fit better]

“We of the Church believe…

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely,to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others and, that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”


(born April 30, 1960) – born in Philadelphia with a twin sister


Miscavige’s father met his mother, Loretta, in high school in the coal region of Northumberland County, Pa., and Miscavige still has relatives in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Born in Bucks County in 1960, Miscavige spent his first 12 years in Willingboro, one of three mass-produced Levittowns built on the East Coast after World War II.

By all accounts, Miscavige lived an idyllic life in a two-story colonial on Peartree Lane in Willingboro’s Pennypacker Park neighborhood. He played baseball and, like older brother Ronnie – whom he idolized – he also suited up for the Pennypacker Park Patriots football team.

THE SOUTH Jersey suburb where David Miscavige grew up was utopian by design, a prefab paradise where footballs and fireflies floated over lush, green lawns and parents played pinochle long after the ice cubes melted in their cocktails.

The Miscaviges spent summers at the Jersey shore, mostly in Brigantine, Ocean City, Wildwood and Atlantic City – where his sisters, Lori and Denise, performed on “Tony Grant’s Stars of Tomorrow” show on the Steel Pier, the church said. In the winter, the family rented cabins in the Poconos and went skiing at Camelback and Big Boulder.

According to the church, Miscavige has fond memories of Pennypacker Park Elementary School, in Willingboro. Former neighbors recall him, as well.

“He has a personality that you kind of remember, not good or bad,” said Jeffrey Wirth, a former Pennypacker Park resident who knew the Miscavige family as a boy. “You just remembered him.”

Miscavige’s middle-class Catholic upbringing in Willingboro, N.J., abruptly changed four decades ago when his childhood asthma led the family to another utopian vision – that of L. Ron Hubbard.

Former neighbors alluded to Miscavige’s asthma, which they said often cut his days short with bouts of wheezing.

After many doctor visits and trips to the emergency room, Ronald Miscavige Sr. took his son to see a man who practiced the teachings that Hubbard espoused in his book Dianetics.

“From that moment, Mr. Miscavige knew he had found the answer to both his ailment and what he would make his life’s pursuit,” the church told the Daily News. “That is his personal story of how he began in Scientology.”

Elliott said some kids in Pennypacker Park had a hard time understanding this transformation.

“I remember when they started,” Elliott said. “He would say they know the truth, that ‘this is this’ if you really believed it.”

The family studied Scientology in South Jersey briefly. In 1972 they abruptly sold their house, packed up and moved to England to delve deeper into the religion.

Having been a Scientology prodigy before high school, Miscavige now became one of the church’s youngest “auditors.”

The Miscaviges moved back to the Philadelphia area in 1973, then back to England briefly, and finally to Broomall, Delaware County, where David and his sister Denise attended Marple Newtown High School. According to the St. Petersburg Times, David was disgusted by drug use at Marple Newtown.

The Florida paper said Miscavige dropped out of high school on his 16th birthday with his father’s blessing and moved to Clearwater to work in the church. A few dozen former classmates reached by the Daily News didn’t remember him.

Miscavige was in California by 1979 and soon was working directly under Hubbard.


As a child, David Miscavige suffered from asthma and severe allergies.

His father, a trumpet player, became interested in Scientology, and he had David sent to a Scientologist.

According to both father and son, a 45-minute Dianetics session cured his ailments.

The family joined Scientology, eventually moving to the church’s world headquarters in Saint Hill Manor, England.

[David] Miscavige joined Scientology in 1971. By the time he was 12 years old, he was assisting others to experience Scientology by conducting auditing sessions. When he was 15, his family returned to Philadelphia, where he went to a local high school.


East Grinstead Birdy | October 2, 2010 at 3:47 pm | Reply

Regarding David Miscavige’s training, a recent conversation with a person who was there with him at Saint Hill while Miscavige was interning Class IV relates that he observed Miscavige leaving his auditing room in a rage, followed by his female PC, who was in tears. It seems he had struck her, while in session. [David Miscavige physically assaulted his PC in session, while on the Class IV internship at Saint Hill. He was busted off the internship. He did not complete it.] Thus his certs would be provisional for that level of training.

He apparently was influenced by the large quantity of steroids he was using at the time for the control of his asthma. Rage being one of the side effects of steroid use.

Karen#1 | October 2, 2010 at 9:03 pm | Reply


I was at St Hill training at the time.
I will confirm David Miscavige assaulted his [own] pc.
It was blamed on medication for his asthma.
He was removed from the Class IV interneship for ASSAULT.
I had previously told Marty about this but was seeking corroboration from those concerned.
I will attest and confirm that this did occur and that I was there.
[David Miscagive ASSAULTED his own pc and was removed from continuing his Class IV internship.]
The on line BIO on David Miscavige being a wonder kid in auditing is patently FALSE. He was kicked off auditing lines and never graduated.

[*Karen#1 is Karen de la Carriere, LRH-trained Class XII Auditor and former wife of Heber Jentzsch.  Miscavige ordered them to divorce in 1987 and Karen routed out of the Sea Org in 1990 – she is currently delivering Scientology technology in the Independent field.]



When he was 15, his family returned to Philadelphia, where he went to a local high school. Miscavige has said that he was appalled by his classmates’ drug use, and in 1976, on his sixteenth birthday, he left high school with his father’s permission to move to Clearwater, Florida, and join the Sea Organization, an association of Scientologists established in 1968 by Hubbard. Some of his earliest jobs included delivering telexes, grounds-keeping, serving food and taking photographs for Scientology brochures. He rose in the organization to a point where, still a teenager, he was training and supervising staff many years older than he was, and eventually came to work alongside Hubbard as his closest assistant.  In 1977, he worked directly under Hubbard as a cameraman for Scientology training films, in La Quinta, California. Hubbard appointed him to the Commodore’s Messenger Organization (CMO), responsible for enforcing Hubbard’s policies within the individual Scientology organizations; he became head of the CMO in 1979.



(From a not-yet-released autobiographical account by Ken Ogger, “The Pilot” – his mother was Louise, LRH’s CS-5 Qual Sec on the Apollo, who apparently recruited David Miscavige)

Note that the tape "Talk on a Basic Qual" was
given to Louise personally with her sitting across
the desk from Ron as he spoke and he called her
"The best damn Qual Sec I ever had". She is very
loyal to Ron and doesn't want to have anything
to do with the critics. But she believes strongly
in reform, supports extending the research, and
wants all the tech to get out on the net as I do.

The fact that nobody got sick when the critics
started putting the OT 3 materials out on the net
and talking about BTs was a big eye opener for

She personally recruited DM into the Sea Org. She
was on a recruitment mission and had a whole bunch
rounded up in a room at ASHO. And the GO ripped
off the entire crew. She had to sign a secrecy
agreement not to disclose that she had recruited
them and could not explain why her stat was zero
and had to run around like mad to recruit another
batch of people. And that original crew disappeared
and then reappeared in positions of power the
following year. Very mysterious.


He dropped out of high school and joined Scientology staff in Clearwater, where among other jobs he delivered telexes and worked as a steward. In early 1977 he was sent to La Quinta, Calif., to work with Hubbard, who was making Scientology training films. By age 19, he headed the Commodore’s Messenger Organization, responsible for sending out teams to investigate church problem areas.

One such area was the Guardian’s Office, the church’s intelligence and legal unit. Eleven of its members were convicted in 1979 for conspiring to steal government documents and cover it up. David Miscavige broke up the “GO.” In 1982, Hubbard appointed him to manage his fortune through a corporate entity outside the Scientology umbrella.




Edward Kemper

Due to the high sensitivity to dust, the Boss [LRH] order[ed] the aforementioned grounds crew to spread pine needles on the dirt path outside his compound to keep the dust down. After this had been done I began to notice that the messengers (in particular DM) who rode around the property on old school fat tire beach cruiser type bikes, became fond of getting up a good head of steam while riding down this path and then hitting their coaster brakes could do a really big fishtail on the slippery pine needles. This left rather large scars in the ground cover…

LRH observed the scars and was pissed! Miscavige told him it was me who had done this by dragging his trash cans over it when I came round to pick up his highly sensitive trash every morning around 6am. Now those were the old galvanized metal cans that weighed a ton, but I was very dedicated to the boss’s comfort and made sure I was both very quiet and always carried those heavy [f-k’g] things to my truck!

It was as a result of the “Pine Needle Incident” that I was placed in the lower condition. I can’t remember the name of the condition but it’s the one where you get no time off, can’t talk to anyone and you have to petition to get back in good standing after an indefinite period of time? [Liability]


[if you can, go to the website to read this article – it has pictures of the places being described – if not, here is most of the text:]
David Miscavige (known within the Church of Scientology as “DM”) had been at St. Hill, England where he was training to be a Class IV auditor.  In 1976, at the age of 16, he joined the Sea Org at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, and went directly into the Commodore Messengers Org or “CMO.”  LRH had already left Clearwater for Washington, DC, at that time, so DM did not get to meet him then.

DM did the introductory training for the CMO, which is called the Estates Project Force or “EPF.” Like any normal CMO recruit he moved up the ranks to running programs around the Flag Land Base.  He did his first mission at the Flag Land Base with Art Webb. But staff did not like how he treated them. Miscavige was determined to follow his Mission Orders to the letter and gave no consideration to the people he had to deal with or what the real situation was.  He ended up with a failed mission.  In early 1977, Dave was sent “over the rainbow” to work with LRH in La Quinta, California, also known as WHQ ( Winter Headquarters).  Since there was no LRH Personal Communicator located with LRH in La Quinta, the messengers filtered all traffic to LRH.  Dave, shortly after arrival was assigned to be the “Traffic Messenger” with all written traffic to LRH being filtered by him to remove or kick out any irrelevant particles or incomplete proposals.  Though Dave’s office was located two offices down from LRH’s, he was not a main messenger and rarely did he stand watches directly with LRH.  As far as standing watches and working with LRH as a messenger, Dave’s status was Messenger I/T (in training) and later he became a Junior Messenger.  Dave never stood enough watches and did not work with LRH enough to become a Senior Watch Messenger.

During this period, Dave lived in the CMO men’s dorm with Pat Broeker, where they became very good friends.  When Dave got in trouble and busted for a car accident and assigned to work on the grounds, it was at the same time Pat happened to have been busted, so the two of them were picking tomatoes together while going through correction programs.

Life at WHQ was pretty laid back in the beginning but as LRH got more involved in projects, the schedule started to get tighter with less free time and more production demands. Civilian clothes were worn, we had lighter work schedules and regular liberty.  The idea was not to attract attention; we needed to blend in and act like normal people.  There was always concern of someone trying to serve LRH with a law suit, so we drilled on how to deal with such. The men let their hair grow and wore jeans most of the time to fit in.  It was a small group, in the summer most of us swam and just hung out at the pool during meal times or played ping pong.  Evenings we would crowd into the small crew lounge and watch “Soap.”   Our purpose was to make a safe place for LRH to live – we were not involved in management, and though every now and then LRH would check on what was happening with the FSO and Flag Bureaux (FB), most of his attention and traffic was concerning the WHQ base and editing his tapes and doing voice overs.  Once things got settled at WHQ, LRH had a recruitment mission fired to get trained auditors from the field to join the SO and come train directly under him.  LRH started working with these auditors until the FBI raid in LA, around mid ’77, when LRH left with Pat, Claire and Dede for Reno and stayed there until it was “safe” for him to return.

Mary Sue Hubbard stayed at WHQ and took over running the base. As had been her habit each time she took command, she lightened schedules and would force people to go take their liberties.  She was very good about staff morale and many times over the years would try and get LRH to lighten schedules.

Late  ’77, Mary Sue was sent to live in LA so LRH could feel safe returning to WHQ and not have to worry about any raids of the base because of Mary Sue being there.

In January ’78, LRH returned to La Quinta and got into shooting training films for Scn.  While LRH was gone, the messengers were training on various fields of Cine.  Dave ended up Deputy/Camera Man and later became Camera Man.  While doing this, he was also the Action Chief and would run missions when not shooting films (an evaluation done in the late ‘80s found that though DM bragged about having run a successful Action Bureaux, the eval found that the Action Bureaux in the late ‘80s had a better success rate than Dave did; this eval never got approved as it would have made Dave look bad). He was a decent Mission Ops and there were many missionaries that liked working for him as he seemed to duplicate what his Missionaries were reporting or when they had trouble but he was always very determined to get things done on a “now” type basis.

Mary Sue was always a calming influence on LRH and when she was around him, he was not as moody. However, with her gone to LA, he had major mood swings.  Those that had not worked with him for long had a hard time confronting these outbursts.  It was during these rough days, though, that Dave Miscavige was around LRH – so he never really experienced what LRH was like when he was not stressed out about his wife and others being tried and jailed.

During the year of  ’78, many people including some Messengers were being assigned to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) as “List One R/Sers” meaning there was supposedly evidence that they harbored an evil purpose toward Scientology. Later the adjudicating criteria turned out to be false.

Anyway, during the shortage of messengers Dave stood a few watches with LRH but the majority of his time was spent behind the camera.  He never had the status of being a Senior Messenger of the Watch and in fact did not spend very much time around LRH in his day to day work.  Early ‘77 to mid ‘77 as Traffic Messenger, and then Jan ‘78 to end of ‘78, he was mostly on the camera and not doing much in the way of watches with LRH. In ’79 Dave spent little time with LRH as he was “too busy” handling management traffic.  So in all honestly, Miscavige did not have much history of seeing how LRH dealt with orgs and missions on a long term.  The time Dave did spend with LRH was one of the most tumultuous and upsetting periods of LRH’s life.

In late ‘78, while making training films, we were out on location using a golf course for one of the films. This was at Gilman Hot Springs. It was found that the place was up for sale, so LRH had it purchased with the intention of using it for summer headquarters and using LaQuinta properties for winter headquarters — they were only about 90 minutes away from each other. Gilman Hot Springs became the Int/Gold Base outside of Hemet.

It was during this time we had a breach of security with some staff going to the press about the location of LRH, which made LRH very concerned about being served with legal papers.

In 1979, we moved from WHQ (La Quinta) to Summer Headquarters (now the Int/Gold Base). LRH was living in Hemet at an apartment complex called “X,” so instead of messengers standing 6-hour watches and creating lots of vehicle traffic to the complex, the messengers would stay at the apartments for a week and would replace each other every week.  Dave and a few other messengers worked it out that the management traffic required too much of their time and they could not be gone for a week, so the rotation was shared between messengers like Claire, Janis, DR, Clarisse, Marc and Shelly. Also, not many messengers enjoyed going to X because LRH was in a very bad mood a lot of the time.  Pat and Annie were living permanently at the apartment complex along with Kima and Michael and a few other staff like Lola and Bert, David Mayo, etc. The handling of LRH’s management traffic for him was the start of the Watch Dog Committee or “WDC.”

About ’79, while Miscavige was Action Chief, he coined the phrase “severe reality adjustment” also known as “SRA”, which was in store for anyone who raised a question, was hesitant to comply or who just plain disagreed.

LRH would drive to the base, almost daily to shoot the training films, he also on occasion would meet Mary Sue there – the last time he saw her was at Bonnie View (LRH’s house at the base) where he took photos of her to document how she looked before going to prison and to say goodbye.  Whenever they were apart, during the time periods I was with LRH, LRH and Mary Sue made it a point to write each other daily — after he left in Jan 80, I don’t know how often he wrote her.  These letters were usually dictated to a messenger at a typewriter.

During the ’79 time period, LRH also spent a lot of  time in his audio recording studio set up at the apartments and worked on remixing his lectures and editing them. We would also sometimes go for drives where he would take photos of the scenery or go for walks in strip malls/supermarkets just to get out of the apartment.

In Jan ‘80, LRH left again. It had already been worked out between the messengers that if LRH had to go, Pat and Annie would automatically go since they were the only messengers that were a couple, the rest were either married to staff at the base or single and did not wish to disappear for an unknown amount of time.

CMO moved to LA in Jan ‘80 to run international management. During this time Dave was Action Chief and also WDC Sea Org and started getting more cocky when dealing with other messengers.

We returned to the base at the end of summer.  It was late 1980 when Dave had a major asthma attack. He was barely able to breath so Paul Grady took him to the hospital emergency room. Dave survived and when he came back he told Gale and Paul that he had a huge realization when he was in the hospital. He said, “Power is assumed.”  Gale and Paul thought nothing of this. Dede Voegeding, was CO CMO at the time.  Gale was D/CO CMO Internal. Anyway, he proceeded with his post as Action Chief.  He also would usually drive Dede and Gale or just Dede to meet with Pat Broeker at a secret location away from Gilman Hot Springs on the way to LA.  Since most of these meetings were at night, it was thought it would be safer to have a male with them, so Dave or Marc Yager would go. The meeting place was usually near the airport but sometimes in Riverside area.

Dave and Pat were very chummy on at these meetings and behind Dede’s back, DM managed to get Pat’s support in having LRH remove Dede from CO CMO Int and to replace her with Gale and post him as Special Ops directly under LRH/Pat and outside of CMO command.  Dede was removed for several things which were all based off reports from DM to Pat Broeker and relayed to LRH.

Omar Garrison came out to Gilman (completely sanctioned) to interview a number of people for the LRH biography he was hired to write.  Omar interviewed Dede for a number of hours where she gave a fairly detailed LRH history from 1971 forward.  She was a little too specific as to how LRH had taken off at different periods; going to different locations with a few messengers (or others, Jim Dincalci and Paul Preston to NY with him in 1972/73), etc.  It was reported that Dede had told Omar where Hubbard was…but since she didn’t have a clue where that was, that was certainly incorrect.

The other reasons for Dede’s bust were: 1) her attitude toward MSH; “too weak.”  When LRH ordered Mary Sue removed as she needed to concentrate on her own legal defense, Dede wanted to remove her from post in such a way so Mary Sue could save face. Dede argued with DM and Pat about their wanting to make an example of her and destroy her publicly.  Dede disagreed – she was still Hubbard’s wife and she had also done time for following his orders.  2) the lowering of the prices based on a WDC eval.  WDC did the eval that showed we were pricing ourselves into oblivion.  Dave hated the fact that Dede didn’t want to cream Mary Sue.  He was disgusting in his constant descriptions of what he wanted to do to her.

With the removal of Dede, DM started reporting directly to LRH through Pat and his traffic was no longer being seen by anyone else.  This was the start of the destruction of the Mission Network and LRH getting reports through Pat from DM about the missions being external influences in the orgs.  Mary Sue used to filter the bad news before it got to LRH or would get it addressed. With DM now directly involved in the church’s legal matters, he was passing all the bad news onto LRH and forcing him further into isolation.

Gale, as the CO CMO and having to head up international management, was too busy trying to work and didn’t have time to spend hours chatting with Pat, when there were mail pick ups, so she let DM meet with Pat without her a few times. Gale also went a few times but could sense a different attitude.  Gale sensed there was something happening. But being involved in the “work” of CO, she let DM go alone and lost the “comm-line” with the power! DM started getting very unruly and bossy and saying some very mean things about MSH and other messengers such as Melanie Murray, who had worked very closely with LRH on his tech breakthroughs. Dave’s mouth was also getting trashier and trashier to the point of being just outright vulgar when mentioning certain messengers or staff.  During the removal of MSH and the GO execs, he was extremely non-compassionate and downright cruel. Gale saw this and also that his attitude toward her was changing.  She got with David Mayo, who was the Snr CS Int and set it up for David to get DM in for a sec check to find out what was going on with him. Dave refused to be sec checked and when Gale confronted him about this, he physically tackled her and knocked her over – through a door opening onto the floor and even put his fist in a wall. Gale was shocked and realized he was crazy and told him so.  Gale decided she needed to get to Pat and let him know that DM was off his rocker and should be immediately removed from any power position.  Gale knew she had to get to Pat that night.

She got John Brouseau and had him drive her to the Riverside phone booth and sent the call out to Pat to have him call her at the Riverside phone booth so she could set up a meeting with him. John drove her there and she waited for Pat to return her call.  Meanwhile DM was looking for Gale and found out she was on her way to contact Pat.  He drove with Janadiar, Yager, Ingber, Marlowe in the famous black van (it had been LRH’s van that he travelled in between the apartments in Hemet and the base which the messengers took over to do the runs to meet with Pat).  DM sped into the gas station.  Gale saw him get out of the driver’s seat and go to the back of the van.  Miscavige got out a tire jack and went over the pay phone where Pat was waiting to call and smashed the public pay phone so it wouldn’t work.  Needless to say this scared the crap out of Gale.  Then he grabbed Gale and forced her into the van.  The “group” of people proceeded to tell her (mostly DM while the rest watched) how bad she was. Literally over and over again.  The support group for DM later told Gale they didn’t really know how bad she was, they just knew what DM had said.  Gale was told she was no longer CO. Truthfully, Gale breathed a sigh of relief after recovering from being physically ill from being screamed at for about an hour about what she had done.

Gale was busted in Dec ‘81.  DM announced that Gale was removed for false reporting to LRH about the international stats and had tried to make the reports look better than what was really going on. The Mission Network was crashed stemming from DM doing Mission Holder Conferences, gang sec checking the Mission Holders and forming up the Finance Police who went out and destroyed this feeder line to orgs.  It was totally contrary to all LRH policy and how LRH dealt with Mission Holders in the past.  However, these orders which destroyed the Mission Network did come from LRH based off false reports that were being sent up by DM.  DM, in order to remove Gale and her executives, which included Marc Yager as her D/CO, reported to LRH through Pat that they were covering up crashed stats and had been false reporting to him, making LRH feel he could not longer trust his Senior Messengers that had served him for years.  DM was also reporting about how there were external influences affecting management and the orgs. DM had also reported to Pat that Gale had gone over the edge and was unstable mentally.  With Gale removed, DM needed to get another CO CMO Int posted, though Marc Yager was a better exec and more respected, DM picked John Nelson who had been a Mission Ops under him for several years and later replaced DM as Action Chief CMO Int.  DM’s reason to not post Yager as CO CMO Int was because he was involved in covering up the crashed stats with Gale in the reports to LRH – there was no cover up, the crashed stats were a result of the destruction of the Mission Network.

With John Nelson talking over CO CMO Int, messengers from CMO Clearwater, who had never worked directly with LRH, were pulled up to CMO Int to start going on missions into the GO or fill missing posts at CMO Int where one by one, senior messengers were being removed based on reports from Dave to LRH, Annie and Pat.  There was no recourse as all communication to LRH, Annie or Pat went through Dave.

After being comm eved, LRH, using information from DM, then ordered Dede, who was already busted and on the decks, and her sister-in-law, Lois Reisdorf, who had been Chf Officer CMO Int, along with Gale and their husbands to Clearwater where they were to be posted as swampers in the estates orgs and never to be promoted – they were made to stand before all the crew and apologize for their actions.  Their parents were to be offloaded out of the SO despite having been in Scn since the early 50s and the SO since the early 70s.

During this time period Senior Messengers who had been with LRH for years dating back to the ship were Claire and David Rossouw, Janis Gillham-Grady, Gale and Dede Voegeding,  Lois Jory-Reisdorf, Clarisse Barnett and Marc Yager.  All had been targeted by Dave and removed from post and from being on LRH’s lines — several climbed back up while others continued to be mistreated but none were ever able to communicate directly with LRH again with all communications going through Dave to LRH, Annie and Pat.
[authors – Gang of Five]


By the summer of 1976 about 1500 Scientologists, including some 800 full time staff members, had moved into their new headquarters, which they described in colour brochures as a “religious retreat” and the “friendliest place in the a whole world”. Ron Hubbard, in green tam-o’shanter, was seen directing training films in the grounds. Always at his side was a slim, intense-looking teenager named David Miscavige, smartly dressed in the naval uniform of the Commodore’s Messenger.


A 17-yr-old David Miscavige operating the camera.

L Ron Hubbard personally busted Miscavige from his Camera Boy post for making Joker and Degrader videos with Golden Era Production equipment.

What Corporate Scientologist’s fees buy:  twenty thousand per day to track Marty and make fools of themselves and enemies of the public,  millions upon millions of dollars for state of the art video editing equipment so that the j and d [Joke and Degrade] camera boy can continue to do what L Ron Hubbard busted him so that he could not continue to do.

Again, I refer to Sinar Parman and his corroborated observations:  David Miscavige was visibly happy (and happened to be joking and degrading too) the day when L Ron Hubbard died.  Here (and in C/S Series 100 JOKERS AND DEGRADERS) you can see why such joy spread over the face of the camera boy on that day that was so sad for the rest of us.



Rise to leadership:
By 1980, L. Ron Hubbard was not appearing at public functions related to Scientology, and Miscavige took effective control of the organization. In 1981, he was placed in charge of the Watchdog Committee and the All Clear Unit, with the task of handling the various legal claims against Hubbard. After the Guardian’s Office’s criminal involvement in Operation Snow White, he persuaded Mary Sue Hubbard to resign from the Guardian’s Office (GO), and purged several top GO officials through ethics proceedings. The St. Petersburg Times, in a 1998 article “The Man Behind Scientology,” says: “During two heated encounters, Miscavige persuaded Mary Sue Hubbard to resign. Together they composed a letter to Scientologists confirming her decision — all without ever talking to L. Ron Hubbard.” She subsequently changed her mind, believing that she had been tricked, and wrote to her husband to complain but received no response. Later, she reappointed herself Controller, rescinding the CMO’s permission to investigate the GO; CMO staff investigating the GO were physically expelled from the Church of Scientology’s Los Angeles headquarters, and the Controller’s files were guarded day and night. She attempted to contact her husband to rescind the CMO’s takeover bid but failed, and admitted defeat only when the Messengers produced an undated dispatch from Hubbard instructing the GO to be put under the CMO when its senior executives went to prison. Despite this, Miscavige claims he and Mary Sue Hubbard remained friends thereafter.

In 1982, Miscavige set up a new organizational structure to release Hubbard from personal liability and to handle the Scientology founder’s personal wealth through a corporate entity outside of the Scientology organization. He established the Religious Technology Center, in charge of licensing Scientology’s intellectual property, and Author Services Inc. to manage the proceeds. Miscavige has held the title of Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center since the organization’s founding. The Church of Spiritual Technology was created at the same time with an option to repurchase all of RTC’s intellectual property rights. In a 1982 probate case, Ronald DeWolf, Hubbard’s estranged son, accused Miscavige of embezzling from and manipulating his father. Hubbard denied this in a written statement, saying that his business affairs were being well managed by Author Services Inc., of which Miscavige was the chairman of the board. In the same document L. Ron Hubbard called David Miscavige a “trusted associate” and “good friend” who had kept Hubbard’s affairs in good order. A judge ruled the statement was authentic.  The case was dismissed on June 27, 1983.


14. In 1979, 1982 and 1983, Mr. Hubbard executed various
testamentary instruments and trust agreements making certain
provisions for his family, among others. Subsequently, David
Miscavige severed all communication between Mr. Hubbard, his wife
and family and orchestrated the execution of a new will and trust,
purportedly signed one day before death, and its subsequent
improper administration, which resulted in a fraud on Mr. Hubbard’s
wife, family, this Court and other Courts. Mr. Miscavige furthered
these wrongful actions by arranging for the appointment of his
subordinate officer, Norman F. Starkey, as Executor for the Estate
despite the conflict of interest and breaches of fiduciary duty
arising from his positions as, among other things, a Trustee of RTC
which was a beneficiary of the estate and to which were
fraudulently conveyed certain assets of the Estate including the
Disputed Works.


15. Beginning in 1982, David Miscavige claims to have
personally witnessed and notarized assignments of the Disputed
Works to the Hubbard Successors which include himself. However, as
referenced in paragraph 18 herein, former RTC President Vicki
Aznaran has testified that David Miscavige had said to her that he
never personally saw L. Ron Hubbard during these years. In any
event, these various assignments, on their face, and in light of
various surrounding circumstances, raise various serious issues of
validity and capacity (for both Mr. Hubbard as to cognitive
capacity and David Miscavige because of his inherent multiple non-
waivable conflicts of interest) including improper notarization,
fraud, duress, undue influence, inurement, conspiracy to defraud
creditors, etc. Berry Decl. Exh. C, pp. 21-28.

21. Berry Declaration Exhs. J, L., M and N raise
particular concern when, in connection to the proposedPetition for
Quiet Title, Petitioners will include testimony, given under
penalty of perjury, that David Miscavige possessed blank sheets of
paper bearing the signature of L. Ron Hubbard. Furthermore, a
prior president of RTC, Vickie Aznaran, who later escaped from the
Rehabilitation Project Force at Hemet and sued Scientology, has
testified under penalty of perjury that David Miscavige told her
that he did not see L. Ron Hubbard from 1980 through to the date of
his death. This raises serious questions of extrinsic fraud and
serious questions as to the validity of various documents,
including those relating to the Disputed Works, and now being
relied upon RTC, BPI, David Miscavige and Norman Starkey who each
had integral roles in the apparent fraudulent conduct relating to,
among other things, the fraudulent handling of the Disputed Works
in connection with the Estate herein. In addition, Vicki Aznaran
also testified under penalty of perjury that she knew that David
Miscavige had entered a false notarized document into the probate
estate of L. Ron Hubbard.

25. Approximately two weeks before Mr. Hubbard died,
Dr. Denk left Mr. Hubbard’s side in Creston, California and went on
a gambling trip to Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nevada accompanied by his wife,
Terri Gamboa, Rick Aznaran, and David Miscavige. In essence, it
appears that L. Ron Hubbard’s medical support was intentionally
withdrawn from him. Prior to this gambling expedition, David
Miscavige was reported in prior testimony as stating, in effect,
“the IRS indictments are about to come down. The only thing that
will save us now is if the Old Man dies.”
During their absence in Reno, Nevada, Mr. Hubbard suffered a
crippling stroke. Upon information and belief, Mr. Hubbard
received no medical attention from any physician licensed to
practice in California, until Dr. Denk returned from Reno, Nevada.
Dr. Denk had prescribed and administered a number of drugs to Mr. Hubbard, including the  psychiatric drug Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) which is usually administered in combination with other hypnotic, psychotic and
sedating narcotics and restricted drugs. Indeed, the Coroner’s
report indicates that there were “ten recent needle marks” in “the
right gluteal area” of the dead body.

26. Mr. Hubbard’s 1979, 1982 and 1983 testamentary
instruments made no disposition of any copyrights which cannot, as
a matter of law, be transferred by will. In addition, Mary Sue
Hubbard had/has a fifty percent community property interest in each
of these copyrights.

27. Immediately prior to Mr. Hubbard’s death, Dr. Denk,
Pat Broeker, Anne Broeker, Steven Pfauth, Ray Mithoff, and possibly
others, were in attendance with Mr. Hubbard. All of them are
within the group defined herein as Hubbard’s Successors as defined
in paragraph 3 herein.

28. Upon information and belief, neither Mr. Hubbard’s
wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, nor any of his children were present at the
time of his death, were not advised of his ailing health and
imminent demise, and the Hubbard Successors purposefully deprived
the Hubbard family of the opportunity to be with him at his death
bed. One day before he died, with his cognitive capacity in
serious question, Mr. Hubbard purportedly signed a new will and
trust agreement providing, among other things, for purported
transfers of the Disputed Works to the Hubbard Successors, and
which made certain lesser testamentary provisions for Mr. Hubbard’s
wife and certain of his children. Significantly the inherently
suspect alleged last minute will, for the very first time,
purported to unlawfully transfer the Disputed Works to the Hubbard
Successors notwithstanding the community property interest of his
wife who had been married to him when each of the Disputed Works
were allegedly written by Mr. Hubbard alone. David Miscavige
and Dr. Denk misrepresented the significance of the differences
between the purported January 23, 1986 Will and the earlier
testamentary instruments. Berry Decl. Exhibit A, Investigation
Report, page 4, 2nd full para. Clearly, those misrepresentations
of David Miscavige and Dr. Denk misled the coroner into concluding
that there was no reason or motive to suspect foul play and
therefore no need to investigate further. Upon information and
belief, David Miscavige, Norman Starkey, and others participating
provided no opportunity for any of the Hubbard Family members to be
involved in these events.

29. The Coroner was unable, and not permitted, to
conduct an autopsy of Mr. Hubbard’s body. Mr. Hubbard’s death was
not reported to the authorities for many, many hours until attorney
Earle Cooley, Esq. had traveled from Boston, Massachusetts to the
ranch at Creston, California, had assessed the situation and then
notified a funeral home which became suspicious as a result of the
delay in reporting the death, and alerted the Coroner. Berry


OT Committee Worldwide – Ethics Order #1

Bill of Particulars
13 March 1984

David Miscavige of Los Angeles CA is hereby named as an interested party and is to appear before a Committee of Evidence.

From written Knowledge Reports, debriefs and investigations gathered concerning senior Church management and its activities over the last few years, there is evidence that David Miscavige has committed and been party to many High Crimes (suppressive acts) and Crimes.

It is charged that:


1. Mutiny

During the course of 1981, David Miscavige unlawfully removed his senior, Diane Voegerding, from the post of CO CMO Int and subsequently placed himself above the CO CMO Int without authority to do so.

2. Organizing a splinter group which takes and perverts Scientology materials or practices, in whole or in part, still calling it Scientology or calling it something else.

From 1982, Miscavige has taken part in gang sec-checking, authorized “perpetual” suppressive declares, ordered the squirrel “running program,” denied Scientologists access to justice, and placed his own orders senior to LRH policy – thusly assisting in the creation of that splinter group known as RTC.

3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Comm Evs duly convened.

On October 17th 1982, Miscavige held a meeting of Mission Holders in San Francisco where he berated Mission Holders publicly; three were verbally declared. No Comm Evs had been convened upon these Mission Holders. (Also see HCOPL 18Apr70 “Ethics and Franchise.”)

4. Reporting or threatening to report Scientology or Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientology or Scientologists from practicing or receiving standard technology.

As the Mission Holders conference, Miscavige threatened Mission Holders with imprisonment, contrary to the above.

5. Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists.

While many Scientology staff members live below the poverty level, Miscavige lives in luxury and at a high salary.

6. Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology, also pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of the religion of Scientology.

Miscavige has been a leader in the campaign to denigrate Independent groups, calling their standard of Scientology “squirrel,” thusly willfully degrading the tech.

7. Engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the authority or repute of higher officers or the leading names of Scientology or to “safeguard” a position.

Miscavige has been a source of third-party and a prime mover behind the non-specific declares (see HCOPL 2Jun65 which these violate) of many Scientology opinion leaders. These include David Mayo, Ken Urquhart, Ricardo Garcia, Jay Hurwitz, and many others.

8. Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears.

Miscavige has condoned the declare of not only Clears, but also ten Class 12 auditors and many OTs and NOTs OTs. (See HCOB 1Nov74RA “Rock Slams and Rockslammers” and HCOB 13Sep78 II “Clears, OTs and RSes.”)

9. Spreading libelous and slanderous statements about the alleged behaviour of Clears

Miscavige has denigrated the workability of Scientology with mass declares (some 1900 since his assumption of power) and most particularly with his attack upon David Mayo, a Class XII and LRH’s auditor.

10. Seeking to splinter off an area of Scientology and deny it properly constituted authority for personal profit, personal power, or to “save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”

Miscavige was instrumental in the removal of MSH, Controller; Bill Franks, ED Int; Dede Voegerding, CO CMO Int; David Mayo, Senior CS Int; Kerry Gleeson, ED Int; Allen Buchanan, D/ED Int; Peter Warren, Senior to Public Divs; Suzette Hubbard, CMO Gold; Gale Irwin, CO CMO; John Nelson, CO CMO Int; Roger Barnes, CO SMI; John Aczel, Management Exec for Missions; Emile Gilbert, CO Canada; Ron Hopkins, CO UK; and MANY other senior terminals. Properly constituted authority has been denied to Scientologists via the refusal of Comm Evs, the refusal to act upon petitions, the issuance of off-policy declares, and the removal from management of many OECs and FEBCs and their replacement with relatively untrained personnel.

11. Willful misapplication.

Miscavige has persistently enforced Ethics penalties without applying Ethics rewards. Moreso, he has used “Justice” in place of Ethics, and failed in applying the spirit and letter of policy.

12. Bringing civil suit against Scientologists without first calling the matter to the attention of the Ethics Officer.

Such suits have been brought against Eddie Mace, Bernard Wimbush, Marian van der Linde, Don Hills and Lawrence West.

13. Organizing a splinter group to confuse people about the true beliefs and practices of Scientology or to deceive them into considering that they will be able to study part of all of Scientology or receive standard pastoral counselling from the splinter group.

By denying Justice and Ethics to Scientologists, Miscavige has degraded the workability of Scientology tech. When Ethics is out, Tech will not go in. Also, the removal of HCOBs written by David Mayo and approved by LRH has created a situation where any E-meter course, the HRD, NOTs and Solo NOTs are invalidated.


1. Placing Scientology or Scientologists at risk.

The situation brought about within the Church – nearly 2000 declares and thousands of Scientologists leaving the Church – has brought many press articles, Scientologists have been taken to court by the Church, and Scientologists (Martin Samuels and Bent Corydon, for example) have taken the Church to court. Also, per LRH, Clears who have not done OTIII are at risk and yet upper levels are being denied Scientologists by off-policy pricing and services.

2. Following illegal orders or illegal policies or alter-is, knowing them to be different or contrary to those issued by the International Board.

Failure to observe Pricing and Justice Policy. Issue of illegal declares. Issue of material allegedly by LRH, but not in fact by LRH (RJ38.)

3. Not directly reorting flagrant departures from International Board Policy.

See the above.

4. Permitting a section, unit, department, organization, zone or division to collapse.

Despite propaganda, the Church of Scientology is actually in a decline by actual observation of Orgs. The International Mangement networks have been by-passed. (For instance, a CMO INT mission was sent into LA Day.)

5. Condoning circumstances or offenses capable of brings a course, section, unit, department, org, zone or division to a state of collapse.

See the foregoing charges.

6. Neglect of responsibilities resulting in catastrophe.

The inhibition of the Church’s ability to deliver the Bridge.

7. Being or becoming a Potential Trouble Source without reporting it or taking action.

See above.

8. Using Scientology harmfully.

The use of the squirrel “running program” which caused physical and mental harm to those on it. Wrong indications via suppressive declares. Splitting families via the illegal re-introduction of disconnection.

9. Using a local title to set aside the orders or policies of the International Board.

By inserting the All Clear Comitte above the Watchdog Comittee on the org board.

10. Instigating a local power push against a senior.

Covered under the High Crime “Mutniny.”

11. Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists.

See High Crimes.

12. Falsifying a communication from a higher authority.

Forging orders allegedly from L. Ron Hubbard.

13. Causing severe and disreputable disturbances resulting in disrepute.

Bringing Scientology into public disrepute.

14. Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule, contempt or scorn.

Instituting gang sec-checking, thusly ridiculing HCOB 30Nov78 “Confessional Procedure.”

15. Condoning the suppression of the word “Scientology” in its use or practice.

By bringing legal suit against Lawrence West to prevent his use of the word “Scientology” as descriptive of the delivery of Scientology.

And any other High Crimes and/or Crimes that the Committee may uncover.

The Committee – which is to be carried out per HCOPL 7Sep63 “Committees of Evidence, Administration Of – is to find the Interested Party guilty or innocent on each charge. It is then to publish its Findings and Recommendations, and submit them to the Convening Authority for approval.

The Committee will consist of:

Chairman, Vincent Barnes
Secretary, Steve Kaye
Member, Joyce Barnes
Member, Ron Lawley
Member, Mel Smith

Anyone having information concerning the charges or any further evidence that would be of assistance to the Committee is requested to forwaard it to the Committee Secretary within six weeks (by the 21st day of April 1984) at this address:

Avalon, Cranston Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3HG, UK

NOTE: All evidence and Knowledge Reports must be according to HCOPL 17Jul66 “Evidence” – page 571, OEC Vol 1.

This Committee is convened under HCOPL 30Sep66 Issue II “OT Regulations,” point eight.

Convening Authority

W. B. Robertson
Secnd Deputy Commodore
Chairman, OT Committee WW

[findings and recommendations:]



8 June 1984

Ethics Order 1 Int
All Scientologists

DAVID MISCAVIGE of Los Angeles is hereby declared a Suppressive Person.

This is in accordance with the Findings & Recommendations of the Comm Ev on Miscavige, conducted at the request of the OT Committee WorldWide. The Findings & Recommendations are available for public view at the OT Committees, and at certain Delivery Centres.

The Interested Party failed to appear, nor did the Committee receive any evidence in defense of Miscavige. In the interest of Justice, the Committee nevertheless proceeded, despite the recommendation in HCOPL 7Sep63: “Refusal or failure of an Interested Party to appear results in a recommendation of the full penalty possible in the case for the Interested Party.”

In June 1981, Miscavige – as Chairman of the All Clear Unit – forged a dispatch purporting to come from LRH. This dispatch removed Diane Voegerding, the then SO CMO Int and Miscavige’s senior, from post. This was an act of Mutiny.

David Miscavige was a signatory of the splinter group RTC on 1 January 1982. There is no evidence that this group was authorized by LRH. The “legal” documents transferring Scn Trademarks from LRH to RTC bear a forged signature, and in fact Miscavige notarized these documents although he was a party to one side of the “agreement.” Further, re the forged LRH signature, according to two independent experts, John Swanson and Irmgard Wassard, Miscavige was a party to this forgery.

No HCOPL exists authorizing RTC. RTC has engaged in the perversion of Scn practices. Miscavige was personally involved in the gang Sec Checking of Jay Hurwitz, then CO LA Day, at Gilman Hot Springs in October 1982. This violates HCOB 30Nov78 Confessional Procedure, which states: “If the PC is not in session, you won’t get the withholds… A wrong or challenging auditor attitude can throw the scene off as there is a destroyed comm cycle.”

During October of 1982, Miscavige assaulted John Aczel and Roger Barnes at Gilman Hot Springs, according to testimony from Jay Hurwitz.

On 17 Oct 82, Miscavige verbally declared top Mission Holder Martin Samuels. There is a photograph of him doing so in the Church publication “Sea Org Expansion News.” Kingsley Wimbush and Dean Stokes were also verbally declared at this meeting. This violates HCOPL 16May80 Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, which states: “All investigations must include confronting the accused with the accusation and where feasible the accuser, BEFORE any action is decided upon or taken.” It is worthy of note that Samuels and Wimbush were, at the time of their “declares,” the two most successful Mission Holders in the world, by actual stats. HCOPL 15Aug67 states “One of the ways an SP works to stop an activity or halt an affluence is to pick out key personnel and spread wild, false and alarming stories about them.”

The “Running Program,” where senior executives were punished by being forced to run around a tree in desert heat for up to 12 hours a day, is another example of perverted tech authorized by Miscavige. This happened from December 1982 to the summer of 1983. Amongst those on the “program” were David and Merrill Mayo. David suffered an unhealthy loss of weight, physical debilitation and the loss of teeth, whilst on the program.

At the San Francisco Mission Holders Conference on 17 October 1982, David Miscavige made scornful comments concerning Scientologists in good standing. For example, “These bribe days are over. These squirrel days are over.” (See SO ED 2104 7Nov82.) Miscavige also threatened Mission Holders with criminal prosecution. This violates HCOPL 18Apr70 Ethics and Franchise, which states “It is not our policy to harshly handle Franchises… Almost without exception, Franchise Holders are fine, willing people and we trust them to do right.”

Miscavige allowed publication of the SO ED of August 1983 Story of a Squirrel. This was an attempt to destroy the authority and reputation of one of the highest officers of Scn – the man chosen by LRH as his technical successor.

Under Miscavige’s direction, civil suits have been brought against Scientologists Eddie Mace, Marian van der Linde, Bernard Wimbush, Don Hills, Lawrence West, Robin Scott, Ron Lawley and Morag Bellmaine.

According to HCOB 23Dec71R The No-Interference Area, “It is vitally, vitally important that one gets any person who has gone clear through his next required steps onto OT1 and through OT3 rapidly.” HCOPL 23Sep64 Policies: Dissemination and Programmes, states “One week’s process (25 hours) should cost an average month’s pay.” By violating this policy, the Bridge has become unobtainable and Scientologists have been placed at risk.

Under Miscavige’s direction, almost 2000 SP declares have been issued, most of these without Comm Ev. Many senior executives had top auditors have been declared and removed -for example: Diane Voegerding, Gale Irwin and John Nelson, all ex-COs CMO – Bill Franks and Kerry Gleason, both exED INTs – Emille Gilbert, exCO Canada – Ron Hopkins, exCO UK -Murray Chopping, Leon Steinburg, Merrill Mayo, David Mayo, Alex Gerber, Brian Livingston, Mike Mauerer, Ron Shafran and Alex Sibersky, all Class XIIs.)

David Miscavige has been found guilty of the following charges:


1. Mutiny.

2. Organizing a splinter group (RTC) which takes and perverts Scn materials or practices, in whole or in part, and calling it Scientology.

3. Public statements against Scientology or Scientologists but not to Committees of Evidence duly convened.

4. Reporting Scientologists to civil authorities in an effort to suppress Scientologists from practicing standard Scientology.

5. Engaging in malicious rumor-mongering to destroy the authority and repute of higher officers and the leading names of Scientology.

6. Spreading false tales to invalidate Clears (and OTs.)

7. Spreading libelous statements about the alleged behavior of Clears (and OTs.)

8. Splintering off an area of Scientology and denying it properly constituted authority to “save the organization from the higher officers of Scientology.”

9. Willful misapplication.

10. Bringing civil suit against Scientologists without first calling the matter to the attention of the Ethics Officer.

11. Organizing a splinter group (RTC) to confuse people about the true beliefs and practices of Scientology and to deceive them into considering that they will be able to study part or all of Scientology and receive standard pastoral counseling from the splinter group.

Insufficient evidence was found on the following charges:

Receiving money, favors or encouragement to suppress Scientology or Scientologists.

Pronouncing Scientologists guilty of the practice of standard Scientology or of the practice of the religion of Scientology.

Miscavige was found guilty of the following CRIMES:

1. Placing Scientology and Scientologists at risk.

2. Following illegal policies knowing them to be contrary to those issued by the International Board (and LRH.)

3. Not reporting flagrant departures from the International Board (and LRH) policy.

4. Permitting the organization to collapse.

5. Condoning circumstances and offenses capable of bringing the organization to collapse.

6. Neglect of responsibility resulting in catastrophe.

7. Being a Potential Trouble Source without reporting it or taking action.

8. Using Scientology harmfully.

9. Using a local Scientology title to set aside policies from the International Board (and LRH.)

10. Instigating a local power push against a senior.

11. Spreading destructive rumors about senior Scientologists

12. Falsifying a communication from a senior.

13. Causing severe disturbances which have resulted in disrepute.

14. Holding Scientology materials or policies up to ridicule.

15. Condoning the suppression of the word Scientology in its use and practice.

The Committee also found Miscavige guilty of the following additional charges:

1. Forgery.

2. Fraud.

3. Assault.

David Miscavige is assigned a condition of Treason. All of his certificates and awards are suspended. His is dismissed from all posts and titles in any Scientology organization.

And Scientologist supporting Miscavige’s usurpation of power is guilty of the High Crime of Mutiny. No auditor should give him auditing until such time as he has successfully completed his Ethics conditions and made thorough amends for the damage he has caused. As the Independent Field does not practice disconnection, no restraint is made upon communication with Miscavige. However, it is recommended that he be referred to a competent Ethics terminal, as he has proved to be highly enturbulative. Reference should be made to HCOPL 16May80 Ethics, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, before dealing with Miscavige.

Jon Atack
OT Committee UK


Then along came DM (David Miscavige).  Every week we had to write up a “Weekly Report” for our area to be forwarded to seniors ultimately landing with DM for final summary to LRH.  We as Int Execs never got to see the outgoing summary, but always saw the incoming letter from LRH.  I concluded by the responses coming in that LRH was being lied to by DM.  I concluded that based on the fact that LRH’s response did not fit “the scene” at Int Mgmt.  With only a single viewpoint to operate from, the multiple viewpoint system was lost.  The odds were not too good.  That was all in 1984.

Finally left the Sea Org because David Miscaviage kept coming down to see ED Int and telling him of certain celebrities 2D peccadilloes after he read reports and worksheets of these celebrities.  This was gross.


On October 9, a group of Scientology dignitaries, including David Miscavige, flew to Saint Hill by helicopter, to sign the “Pledge to Mankind” and to form the “International Association of Scientologists.”

[Debbie Cook – 17 year Flag Service Organization Commanding officer]
* The IAS: The IAS was created unbeknownst to LRH in 1984 by Marc Yager and David Miscavige.

This was supposed to be based on LRH policies on the subject of membership and the HASI, however the IAS is nothing like the membership system described by LRH which only has two memberships and is covered in HCO PL 22 March 1965 “Current Promotion and Org Program Summary, Membership Rundown” and states:

“There are two memberships…”- LRH

LRH lists there the INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP and gives its cost at 10 pounds sterling or $30 US. He also lists a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP which is priced at $75 US. There are no other memberships or statuses approved or known to LRH.

* Furthermore, membership monies are supposed to go directly to the org where the membership is signed up, and the money used for dissemination by that org, in that area. This is covered in HCOPL 1 Sept 1965R Membership Policies.
“It all goes into the HCO Book Account in the area where the membership is brought and is not part of the organization’s weekly gross income. Membership monies go to dissemination”.- LRH

* Currently membership monies are held as Int reserves and have grown to well in excess of a billion dollars.


[anti-LRH “entheta” removed below – Jesse Prince is disaffected with all things Scientology and LRH – once appointed by LRH as Flag Land Base Cramming Officer, including over his Class XIIs, he is now an outspoken critic of Scientology – as always, but especially here, use your own judgment and data series to evaluate]
From a post by Jesse Prince (September 5, 1998):
Now let’s go back in time to an afternoon in the late summer of 1984. I am sitting in one of many legal/litigation meetings at Author Services, Inc., or ASI. I am in RTC, a nonprofit religious corporation which ostensibly has absolutely nothing to do wth ASI, a for-profit corporation. But David Miscavige finds it convenient at the moment to be the Chairman of the Board of ASI, and, since David Miscavige runs Scientology (no matter where he places himself corporately), he can order all of us to meet wherever and whenever he wants us to.

The subject of this particular meeting concerns the LRH probate case in Riverside, California, and, as always, more corporate “sort-out.” Lawyers have advised that there is still too much evidence to prove that LRH is incompetent to manage his own affairs. This is crucial, since the case has been brought by LRH’s son Nibbs [LRH Jr.], who has claimed that LRH is incompetent to manage his own affairs and that his estate is being stolen by the Church of Scientology under David Miscavige’s leadership. Nibbs is hoping to take over LRH’s assets if he can prove that LRH is incompetent. So this is a very serious threat.

LRH has repeatedly said he wants different lawyers to represent him, and that he wants different legal advice on how to win this case against Nibbs. But DM has decided that the lawyers LRH already has (and who were chosen, of course, by DM) are the best possible legal counsel. LRH specifically doesn”t like the fact that these attorneys are advising him to back away from managing Scientology’s affairs. Part of the reason for this is that DM feels (and has told the attorneys) that LRH is losing his grip on reality.

For many years, LRH’s top aide, Pat Broeker, and his wife, Annie Broeker, looked after the daily care of LRH. Pat was the financial conduit between LRH and the vast reserves of liquid cash mounting in the multiple corporations of Scientology which LRH always had at his disposal. David Miscavige would be called by Pat to bring hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in cash in briefcases to cover “basic expenses” for LRH and his small crew of four staff. Often the prearranged meeting place was near Las Vegas. On many of these occasions, Pat and Dave would go to a casino and gamble away thousands of dollars of LRH’s money, just hanging out having a good time together.

But as LRH felt his grasp on the Scientology empire weakening, he became extremely suspicious of Dave and ordered me to give him a security check to see if Dave was trying to prevent LRH from having his way with the church as he was used to having. Basically, LRH was upset that he could not simply romp from one fake corporation to another, wreaking havoc in his wake, as he had always done. And he was being advised by attorneys whom Dave had hired that in order to protect his money, he should disappear for a while. All of these circumstances added up for LRH, and he was not at all sure he could trust DM. He was afraid DM was trying to take over. Sure, he had practically raised Dave from a pup, but still, who could be trusted in this business?

So I was ordered to sec check DM to determine his real motives for passing along legal advice that he back off from his own church. When I walked into Dave’s office he was crying like a child who had taken a crap in his pants and now stank to high heaven. Dave swore up and down to me that he was only following LRH’s own orders to get an “All Clear” — meaning to get LRH dismissed from all the outstanding litigation — so that LRH could travel freely again, without fear of subpoenas or worse.

LRH had been in hiding, not only from the public but also from 95 percent of all his staff, for the last fifteen to twenty years anyway. Dave was extremely indignant at being asked such incriminating questions, but because of the questions I was asking him, he was fairly certain that LRH would soon assign him to the RPF (the Rehabilitation Project Force, Scientology’s political prison).

In the security check Dave made sure he told me about the trips to the casinoes, the heavy drinking and the women he and Pat had enjoyed together. Dave freely confessed his sins and Pat Broeker’s sins as well. He said if he was going to go down, he was going to make sure Pat Broeker went down as well. He was very critical of Pat, saying he had a long history of alcohol abuse and recklessly spending LRH’s money. Of course, the person who received the report of Dave’s sec check was Pat Broeker. So it didn’t surprise me a bit when Dave and Pat suddenly became best buddies again. I seriously doubt that anything but reports full of glowing praise for Dave ever went to LRH. In retrospect I realize both Pat Broeker and David Miscavige had an interest in keeping the status quo with LRH, since both of them had dreams of one day being the new dictator of Scientology

LRH seemed resigned to follow the legal advice of Dave’s lawyers and stayed away from Scientology. However, he made it known that he was still very salty about the whole deal and refused to make contact as he had done in the past.

About a year and a half later he became very ill.



[L=Larry Wollersheim; J = Jesse Prince]

L: He was just taking control away from Hubbard a little piece at a time while he was alive?
J: Yeah, and L. Ron Hubbard saw it. I had to sec-check David Miscavige on this. L. Ron Hubbard asked me, “Please find out what is his intention, what is he doing by making it so I can’t even sent a dispatch or order anyone to do anything that I normally do.”
L: L. Ron Hubbard believed that David Miscavige may be trying to take over control of Scientology?
J: Yes.
L: And he was worried about it?
J: Yes.
L: He sent you to..
J: ..investigate it.
L: To do a security check, and find out any overts and evil intentions…
J: …activities that he had been doing.
L: When you sec checked Miscavige on that, did anything come up?
J: Yeah, he was in complete disagreement with L. Ron Hubbard, he was in complete disagreement with Pat Broeker as to what should happen and when it should happen. And he was sick of giving them money because he said they just wasted money.
L: So he was even thinking of cutting L. Ron Hubbard off from money?
J: Right.

L: So they committed the fraud to keep L. Ron Hubbard from appearing?
J: Yeah. And, you got to dig this point. The reason being is because David Miscavige and the Lenske brothers didn’t think he could stand up to it. They didn’t think he was stable enough, they thought he was a little fucking crazy. I got this straight from David Miscavige.
L: David Miscavige said that he believed L. Ron Hubbard was crazy?
J: Yeah, couldn’t get up to this, and it’d be a mess.
L: That he was not functionally aware enough, or mentally capable enough?
J: Right, mentally capable of getting through appearing in court.
L: So, Miscavige, you heard this. Was anyone else in the room when you heard this. He said to this to me private. He said, “Jesse, listen, you’ve got to grow up, you’ve got to know something, OK? L. Ron Hubbard’s not ready for this.” He looked me right in the eye. He said, “No, we don’t want this happening.” Because I asked him. This is during the time when he and I were kind of like buddies. We’d go out and exercise together, play racket ball and stuff, and he started opening up to me a little bit.
L: And he said he wasn’t read for it because…
J: He wasn’t mentally stable. He said, “There’s just some things about L. Ron Hubbard you don’t know.”
L: This was in when, what year?
J: 1985, could be ’86.
L: Other things that could be fraud, that you might interpret as fraud in the Hubbard estate?
J: I know that a big battle was going on at that time between David Miscavige and L. Ron Hubbard, because L. Ron Hubbard thought his hands were totally tied. He was trying to go to other people besides David Miscavige to try to help him continue to have control over the church.
L: That’s when he went to you to do the sec check. After Hubbard got the results of the sec check, did you report to L. Ron Hubbard that David Miscavige disagrees…
J: I reported to Pat Broeker.
L: Did Pat Broeker get that to L. Ron Hubbard?
J: What he did with it, I don’t know, because I never heard that.
L: You never heard if Ron got mad?
J: No, never heard anything about Ron, never even got a thank you, which was unusual.

[LRH’s death and last will]

L: Let me ask you then, you mentioned that David Miscavige said that L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t competent and they couldn’t let him get on the stand, and he just wasn’t well enough. Did L. Ron Hubbard get better after those times, did he get healthier? Did he get stronger?
J: Never saw it, never had any indication. In fact, I think he got worse.
L: He got worse. He was incompetent before, now, they say that L. Ron Hubbard signed a will on the day before he died, yet Miscavige say Hubbard was incompetent.
J: Another thing in my mind now. Norman Starkey knows how to perfectly forge L. Ron Hubbard’s signature.
L: Norman Starke knows how to perfectly forge… How do you know?
J: And so does David Miscavige because he showed me. He wrote his signature. David Miscavige wrote his signature. David Miscavige could write his signature perfectly.
L: They actually could do a perfect forgery of L. Ron Hubbard’s signature?
J: Yeah.
L: Do you know that they ever did forge L. Ron Hubbard’s signature?
J: He was showing me that he could, David Miscavige did mention to me that he had done it before.
L: He had forged L. Ron Hubbard’s signature. I guess what I’m asking, I’m hearing…
J: This was right around, or shortly after the probate thing, because… Now you’re reminding me of something. Let me talk. You are reminding me of a time when L. Ron Hubbard was supposed to sign something, I mentioned this in my declaration that David Miscavige was the person that could do the seals, the… what is it?
L: Notary.
J: Notary public, a notary public. He took all of that stuff. What he was showing me, telling me that if he had to go off to some place to get LRH to sign something was when he was telling me that he could write LRH’s signature, and showed me he could do it.
L: They claim that L. Ron Hubbard wrote a will the night before he died, changing all of his beneficiaries, changing his estate, and yet…
J: I don’t believe it. Lenskes got together and did that, and I believe that if anything needed to be signed, David Miscavige signed it.
L: OK. Let’s assume that didn’t happen. You’re getting these reports that L. Ron Hubbard is not competent, that he’s mentally not well, and he’s taking all these drugs. Do you think, let’s just conjecture, I’m wondering how a man David Miscavige says is not competent can sign a will when he’s not competent.
J: This is why it’s my belief that he never signed a will. Either Norman Starkey, and I don’t think Norman did it because he’d had to then sign his own name as an executor of the estate, which he was. I think probably David Miscavige signed it, because he could do it perfectly. I saw it with my own eyes. I saw him write L. Ron Hubbard’s signature, and you know this other thing. They would even brag about it, you know, they would sell these copies of books that had LRH’s signature on it. Norman was writing that. They would laugh about it. Tell these people, you’re buying this book L. Ron Hubbard signed it, and it was Norman and them signing them.

J: What I will tell you when, let me speak, just before he died, it was like his death was known. Certain people disappeared already, before it was announced he was dead. Ray Mithoff disappeared, David Miscavige disappeared, Norman Starkey disappeared, for at least 3 or 4 days prior to L. Ron Hubbard being dead. Because we were wondering where the hell they were. Vicky [Aznaran] and I were wondering, where are these people. Suddenly Ray is woken up in the middle of the night, he’s given a brand new vehicle, a Bronco, a Ford Bronco and told to go there, and no one can know what he’s doing. The next thing you know, when he comes back, L. Ron Hubbard’s dead. So there was a 3 or 4 day period prior to L. Ron Hubbard being dead where certain people that disappeared and the later story was that they were there when it happened.
L: Is it possible that Hubbard had died and they went after he died? Is there anything that would make you think that from anything you’ve ever seen or heard inside Scientology?
J: Anything is possible.
L: I’m asking whether you saw or heard anything that would make one believe that Hubbard may have been dead when they woke up Mithoff and everybody went there after he died.
J: I can speculate that, but Ray Mithoff said he was auditing him when he went there. Who knows what happened, I don’t have any… No one said to me, or no one ever gave me the idea that he had already been dead.

J: Minimum book stocks.
L: To Miscavige on down the line.
J: Right. This pumped up ASI considerably. They became very, a very luxurious organization to work for. They had extravagant parties and had nice little trips and —
L: Tell us about the extravagant parties and the trips that you can remember.
J: Well, they would rent, uh, just go to a restaurant, you know, the big Japanese restaurant, I think they’ve gone to every damn giant, expensive restaurant there in Los Angeles, you know, just having their little outings. They would report these, all of these things were written up exactly what they would do week after week after week because sometimes they didn’t do good on the week or that they would have other problems, then all of Author Services were come up to Golden Era Productions, to have meetings where
microphones were suspended from the ceilings, and these meetings were taped. And they were run in a very orderly fashion and these meetings would then go up to L. Ron Hubbard so that they could see, “Well, what’s going on with the organizations, what’s going on with Author Services, what’s going on with my money?” So every week in 1982 when I came to the base at Gilman Hot Springs, Author Services staff would come so sometimes I would have to do actions, you know cramming and this kind of stuff. And, you know, they’d have barbecues and they’d go out and they’d do whatever, water slide places, whatever.
L: Did regular Sea Org members, were they taken out to fancy restaurants?
J: Never, never, never.
L: Did they have these little trips and outings where everything was paid for?
J: Never.
L: How many — so, just a small group of people at ASI and RTC that are being given these enormous privileges.
J: Well, no. It was actually ASI that had enormous privileges and then, over time, it started with RTC and CSI.
L: So, the top people, Miscavige was spreading the wealth to keep loyalty or whatever and the normal Scientologists have no idea.
J: No clue.
L: They just think everybody’s working and suffering and there were actually these top executives were actually told to hide what they’re spending and what they’re getting.
J: Yes. Don’t show others. Don’t talk to other staff about how much money you make, you know. Don’t be flashy, buying a bunch of shit because if you do, you’ll lose your position.
L: So they had to spend their money secretly and discreetly. They would go on vacations. They’d take a bunch of their staff members.
J: Always dressed with perfect Gucci clothes, all this kind of crap, you know. The most expensive.

J: I talked to you about the incident about when it rained the entire staff was put in lower conditions, because there was a thunderstorm.
L: Because it rained outside. Miscavige said that they had to be more in control of things. Because it rained.
J: Yeah.
L: That’s what I call kind of crazy, any other crazy stuff like that?
J: [Long pause] He would turn off the lights and grab girls.
L: He would? David Miscavige?
J: Yeah.
L: What do you mean by grabbing? Grab them in a sexual way?
J: Yeah. They would scream and squeal.
L: Grab their breasts? Grab their asses?
J: Wherever. Wherever.
L: You saw this occur?
J: I’d see them running around and of course they would kind of stop that. But then I would have to patch up the people that he did it to. Terry Gamboa and Joanie Labacky, you know, just physically having their way with these women.


[issued 5 days before LRH passed away]

19 January 1986


I, LRH, Commodore, am hereby assuming the rank of ADMIRAL.

The rank of COMMODORE IS RETIRED FROM ACTIVE SERVICE in the Sea Organization at this time. As we move on up the track the Commodore rank will be reinstated as will be needed.

A new rank of LOYAL OFFICER is created directly above the rank of Captain.

Pat Broeker is hereby promoted to the first LOYAL OFFICER rank.

Annie Broeker is hereby promoted as the second LOYAL OFFICER.

There are several Sea Org Officers they will want to promote.

The SEA ORGANIZATION will always be the Sea Organization, no matter that we may leave the surface of this planet when we’re finished and operate on others (hopefully not too many devoid of seas — joke) and no matter what we will operate, in general, throughout the universe — solid, liquid, gaseous, and yes, — there are other states of matter, which are ours for the taking because nobody else seems to know about them.

I’ll be scouting the way and doing the first port survey missions. I expect your continuing backup. You’ve got a little under a billion left on your current hitch, and it is hoped you will sign up again — veterans are valuable!

So, there it is. You know what to do. You know how to do it. Hold the form of the S.O.! You’ve got the watch!!

I will be in comm.

We will meet again later.


[1- this circulated in the Sea Org until it was pulled and cancelled by David Miscavige who had the Broekers grabbed and isolated by 1988, completing his power grab;    2- hold your horses – if you’re thinking that Pat Broeker should be the man brought back in to run Scientology – he’s still alive, as far as I know, but my research tells me he was best buddies with David Miscavige, stole money from LRH in collusion with Miscavige, helped Miscavige control and even alter, LRH’s comm lines for their own gain and to withhold their mutual overts of traveling to Las Vegas to gamble with Scientology funds meant to be delivered to LRH, and was eventually driven temporarily psychotic by Miscavige who turned on him to gain complete control of Scientology – he  has been under close Private Investigator surveillance ever since – Annie Broeker (Logan) Tidwell after being recovered from “blowing” the organization in the late 90’s, stayed on at Int Base and quietly, without acknowledgement for her years of service and sacrifice, passed away of cancer in 2011]


[“entheta” site] – http://www.xenu-directory.net/topics/hubbardsdeath.html
L. Ron Hubbard died on January, 24, 1986:

16 January 1986: L. Ron Hubbard has a stroke (as per his Scientologist doctor Gene Denk).
19 January 1986: Flag Order 3879, signed by Hubbard, in which Pat & Annie Broeker are promoted to “Loyal Officers,” directly under Hubbard, above David Miscavige.
20 January 1986: A Certificate of Religious Beliefs is issued, signed by Hubbard, in which he objects to any autopsy. Pat & Annie Broeker signatures appear on the certificate.
23 January 1986: A new will is issued, signed by Hubbard, in which he states that virtually all of his estate will go to Author’s Family Trust B – a proxy for the yet to be incorporated Church of Spiritual Technology. Annie is designated second executor, after Norman Starkey. Pat & Annie Broeker signatures appear on the will.
24 January 1986: Hubbard is reportedly found dead at 20H00.
25 January 1986: Hubbard’s death is reported to the coroner at 07H30.
27 January 1986: Hubbard’s death is officially announced.
29 January 1986: Michael Flynn is quoted in the media: “there were going to be indictements announced against Hubbard in the next couple of days; it’s just incredible coincidence that the week indictements are expected Hubbard dies and there’s no body”
18 April 1988: Religious Technology Center cancels Flag Order 3879.


On January 24 1986, under circumstances that can at best be characterised as ‘suspicious’, L. Ron Hubbard died. Although his condition had been steadily deteriorating for years, even the coronor noted that there were irregularities surrounding his death, including the presence in his body of vast quantities of Vistaril, a powerful ani-psychotic medication. Just days before Hubbard’s death, his personal physician, Scientologist Gene Denk, left for a gambling vacation in Las Vegas with some of Hubbard’s top aides, including Gamboa, Miscavige and wife, and the Aznarans. By the time he returned, there was nothing he could do…

Fatal Curiousities:
The day before Hubbard died, his will was redrafted. Gone was the reference to Pat Broeker, who had been the executor in the previous will. The new executor, who would oversee the transfer of all Hubbard’s intellectual property to a trust known as Author’s Family Trust-B, and from there, into the newly created vessel, the Church of Spiritual Technology, was Norman Starkey, a longtime CoS heavyweight who had earned the animosity of many now-disenfranchised Scientologists during the days of the Missionholders Conference in 1982, when David Miscavige and the young rulers first made waves as the new power behind LRH’s throne. Gone, too, was Norton S. Karno, Hubbard’s former tax lawyer whose presence weaves through the story of the Church of Scientology like an invisible, but unbreakable thread.

Starkey became Hubbard’s executor, and David Miscavige took the reins of power as effortlessly as he had disposed of his rivals to the throne in previous internal skirmishes. There was no explanation for this last minute changing of the guard. But it was not long before those most likely to raise questions about the new regime – Pat and Annie Broeker – disappeared from the eye of the storm as though they had never been. With the Broekers out of the picture, there was no one who could pose a significant threat to Miscavige, and, like one born with the divine right of kings, he took his place as titular head of the church, highest ranking officer in the Sea Org and ruler of the Scientology empire without firing a single shot. He remains there to this day.


Now lets back up a tad, before Pat and I spent several days together, going over old times. I went to San Luis Obispo, the county seat for where Hubbard died. It was there that I got the full coroner’s report from a very friendly deputy sheriff. I poured over the pages and noticed that something called Vistaril was found in Hubbard’s blood. Since the cause of death was a stroke, I assumed it was a stroke medication so I didn’t bother further. Several days later, I called a physician friend and was going over the documents and the medical language.

“By the way,? I asked casually, “what’s Vistaril?”

“A psychiatric tranquilizer,” he answered matter-of-factly.

I nearly dropped the phone.

“Excuse me,” I said in near-shock, “but what did you say?”

“Vistaril is a psychiatric tranquilizer, usually injected through the buttocks.”

I flipped to the document where the Coroner had examined Hubbard’s body. I read it to my friend, about the needle puncture wounds found on the left buttock, under a band-aid. “Could that be the Vistaril shots,” I asked.

“Probably,” he said. “That’s where they are usually given.”

Okay, I said to myself, lets see if we understand this. Hubbard signs a will while on the psychiatric tranquilizer Vistaril® and then dies. The coroner cannot conduct an autopsy because Hubbard also signed a paper (also while on Vistaril®?) prohibiting an autopsy on religious grounds. The Scientologist doctor who was in attendance (except when he went to Lake Tahoe and Hubbard had the stroke) signs the death certificate as the physician attending to Hubbard and then disappears for a year. Then even though David Miscavige has nothing else in writing from Hubbard, he cancels Hubbard’s last message and hat transfer to trusted aide Broeker and ousts Broeker, who disappears while his wife is turned into a compliant vegetable, leaving DM in charge.

[Robert Vaughn Young – OSA PR and LRH’s Literary Assistant for the Mission Earth series]


When L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986, Miscavige announced the death to Scientologists at the Hollywood Palladium. Shortly before Hubbard’s death, an apparent order from him circulated in the Sea Org that promoted Scientologist Pat Broeker and his wife to the new rank of Loyal Officer, making them the highest-ranking members; Miscavige asserted this order had been forged. After Hubbard’s death, Miscavige assumed the position of head of the Scientology organization.


Death of LRH Official Announcement – Part I
[look closely – does this look like a trained auditor telling the truth with “TRs in”??? – Nowadays, David Miscavige has even bigger withholds from parishioners, but he has “trained and drilled” to look professional and has used tanning beds and a personal fitness trainer to look “younger and healthier” for today’s events]


[note that the reliability of Jesse Prince’s accounts has been disputed by others who claim to have been present at this meeting – Jesse was once appointed by LRH as Flag Land Base Cramming Officer, including over his Class XIIs – he is now an outspoken critic of Scientology – as always, but especially here, use your own judgment and data series to evaluate – also compare it with Class XII Pierre Ethier’s article which follows]


A director of FACTNet recently spent 20 hours interviewing former high-level Scientology cult member, Jesse Prince. Jesse was second in command of all Scientology’s operations worldwide. In these conversations, Jesse Prince disclosed information never previously revealed regarding his former boss, Scientology’s current leader David Miscavige.

One of the issues Jesse discussed was the strategy employed by David Miscavige to swindle the heirs of L. Ron Hubbard out of an inheritance worth $400 million, or more. Soon after L. Ron Hubbard’s death, Miscavige approached Hubbard’s elderly widow, Mary Sue Hubbard, during her recovery from lung cancer surgery, as well as the Hubbard children. Mary Sue Hubbard was L. Ron’s third wife, with whom he had children Diana, Quentin (deceased), Suzette, and Arthur. Following is an excerpt from FACTNet’s [“F”] interview with Jesse Prince [“J”]:

J: Now after [L. Ron Hubbard] passed, I was there when Mary Sue Hubbard was made to sign an agreement — I do believe it was $100,000 — to relinquish any kind of claim on the copyrights, or trademarks, or bank accounts, or anything to do with the Scientology fortune. I was part of a 12 or 17-man team of people that just invaded her house, and was all a pretty cordial affair. She didn’t want to sign the damn thing. Lawyers were there, David Miscavige started screaming, “You are going to sign it!”

F: He was screaming at her, “You’re going to sign this document”?

J: We were all there, browbeating her

F: 12 to 17 people?

J: Yeah, all in Sea Org uniforms. All in cars everywhere, just going in there and overwhelming this poor little old lady.

F: Would you say that you were an intimidating presence?

J: Beyond any question.

F: Would you say that Mary Sue Hubbard was coerced into signing an agreement?

J: It s beyond any question. As well as Arthur, I was there when he signed it too. He got $50,000.

F: He got $50,000. Did they have their own lawyers there who looked at the documents?

J: No, no. They had no representation. All the Scientology lawyers were there, and they would just sit down, this is what the lawyers say, “sign here.”

F: Were they allowed to read the documents?

J: Yeah, but I don t think they knew what they were reading.

F: So the Scientology lawyers were there. Did they act like they were representing Mary Sue Hubbard or Arthur in advising them in any legal way at all on the document?

J: No.

F: What lawyers were there?

J: I believe Larry Heller.

F: Anyone else?

J: Not that I specifically recall, but that doesn’t mean that no one was there.

F: So, Larry Heller was there in this incredibly coercive environment. Were these men, these 12 to 17 people, in Sea Org uniforms?

J: All men, except Vicky Aznaran.

F: Were they big men?

J: Big men. Lyman, Norman, Marty, me.

F: Was there any kind of spoken or unspoken threat that if she didn’t sign this document there would be trouble for her or her family?

J: Trouble for her, yes.

F: What was said?

J: Going to get sec checked, going to get auditing, going to get this, ethics, whatever. She blew up, she said, “No, I m going to sec check you to find out what the hell you re trying to do to me.”

F: So she was threatened with a security check, and ethics, which meant that she would have to work through conditions and do all kinds of menial, manual labor?

J: No, just have someone sitting with her in her house. She wasn’t very functional. She had a couple of Scientologists who watched her every move and reported to David Miscavige every day about her.

F: They lived in her house?

J: They lived in her house and reported on her every single day.

F: They were writing reports on her condition?

J: Every single day.

F: Was she sickly?

J: Very sickly, fragile woman.

F: Was she on medication?

J: No, I do not believe that was allowed.

F: So, she was sick, she had Scientology people spying on her before these 12 to 17 people came.

J: During and after. It was all set up. They told what she did every moment of the day. We took her to the mall today, she bought this today. Neville was reporting to David Miscavige every day.

F: Personally?

J: Personally.

F: Were they worried that Mary Sue Hubbard would? What were they worried about?

J: That she wouldn’t sign exactly what they wanted her to sign.

F: So, she had no choice?

J: None.

F: 12 to 17 large men in uniforms standing around her?

J: …telling her she’s got to do it.

F: Other people were telling her to sign it?

J: The people were telling her to sign it was Norman Starkey, David Miscavige, the attorney just handing it to her telling her this is the release form, or whatever. I never said a word when I was there, Vicky never said a word, I don’t think Marty spoke to her.

F: Why were 12 to 17 people in uniform necessary?

J: Because David Miscavige said we need to go in there. Mark Jaegar [Yager] was there. David Miscavige said we need to go in there and show a unified group of people from the church that we’re running things and it’s got nothing to do with her and she is not entitled to anything.

F: Did he say that?

J: Yes. I’m paraphrasing pretty much what he said. David Miscavige said she is lucky to get what she’s getting. Ray Mithoff was there.

F: Was he going to convince her that she wasn’t entitled to anything?

J: Yeah. And, I’ll tell you the moment when she actually relinquished and signed the document, they pulled out their ace in the hole. She was actually kind of sad that he [her husband, L. Ron Hubbard] died, because they had been separated and hadn’t talked for a long time. Actually, they hadn’t been talking that much since she had gotten out of jail. She asked Ray Mithoff with tears in his eyes if he had said anything, or asked about her before he passed. He said, “No, he didn’t mention your name.” At which point after the meeting he reported with glee how he knew that had really got to her, just to know that she’s a piece of shit that he never said anything. At that she bowed her head and they just stuck the papers underneath, like this, and she started signing.

F: She had no representation. How much time was she given to think and read, and think about whether she wanted to sign and waive her whole inheritance, her children’s inheritance.

J: A couple hours.

F: Alone, she was left alone?

J: No, never alone. We stayed there for 2 hours.

F: For 2 hours you, David Miscavige?

J: Norman Starkey…

F: ?just kept talking at her, they screamed?

J: they screamed.

F: Loud?

J: You could hear it outside with the door closed.

F: Screaming at her to sign this document.

J: And telling her, “We’re going to sec check you, and you’re out of ethics” and all of this.

F: They threatened her with all these punishments in Scientology?

J: Right.

F: And the lawyer sat there and watched this.

J: Right.

F: Arthur went through the same thing?

J: He was much more submissive because he had been gotten to earlier. He escaped, ran away from the church, went to Hawaii. They had PIs track him down. He just wanted to be away.

F: What do you mean “gotten to earlier”?

J: Like I say, he wanted nothing to do with Scientology any more, nothing to do with the Sea Org. He just wanted to be a normal person. He escaped, dyed his hair black, assumed names, all this stuff. Ended up in Hawaii, just kicking around, having a good time. They found him, escorted him back.

F: They sent PIs or someone out to find him?

J: PIs, different church members, and brought him to me.

F: Physically?

J: Physically, brought him to me.

F: Was it with his approval, or was he kidnapped from Hawaii?

J: I think his brain was scattered because they had coerced him all along the way, and now this was his thing.

F: So they brought him to you, why?

J: To audit [Auditing is Scientology’s form of psychotherapy].

F: To audit. Why do you think he was gotten to sign this thing earlier before Mary Sue, what made you think he was going to go along?

J: Because I think his sister, his two sisters signed it, willingly signed it. They were, probably were, used to coerce him to sign it. Diana and Suzette, who were still both in the Sea Org.

F: How much did Diana and Suzette get?

J: I think they got $50,000.

F: $50,000. Were they, did they have attorneys that represented them?

J: Like I say, at no point did I ever see them having any attorneys.

F: They had no legal counsel?

J: No. Intimidation.

F: This is for Arthur and Mary Sue. What do you think, do you think that Suzette and Diana had attorneys?

J: I can only speculate on that, Lawrence, and I think the answer is no. The other two didn’t, what the hell makes them special?

F: Do you think anybody said to them that because they were the family and the heirs that they had complete rights to all these assets?

J: No. Quite to the contrary. I’ll tell you what they were told by David Miscavige because I heard these words come out of his mouth: “Everything that L. Ron Hubbard did, he did for the church. We are the church, not you. Therefore everything is staying right here with us.” That’s the way it went.

F: Did the lawyer ever say anything to them about their community property or state inheritance rights as the surviving family?

J: Silent.

F: Never said anything about a state law or anything like that?

J: No.

F: They did everything? Did David ever, or Starkey ever?

J: No, you’ve got to me, because this gets frustrating. I told you exactly what happened. Raymond [Ray Mithoff] up and dropped the bomb on her that he [L. Ron Hubbard] didn’t care about her, she hung her head and just started signing whatever they stuck under her hand.

F: Trust me on these questions, there’s a reason for them. We’ll talk about it when we’re done. Did anyone tell her that the law said that? did anyone imply that the law was not on her side?

J: No.

F: So they just simply said, we own this because Hubbard did it for us, sign the document, with 12 to 17 men in uniform standing around her an intimidating presence, screaming at her.

J: No, everybody wasn’t?.

F: Just Miscavige.

J: Norman and Miscavige. He introduced us, he said, these are the people in RTC, they do this, they’re running things, not you, not the family. Here’s international management, Mark Jaeger, he’s running things, not you. Here’s all the services, you’re not part of this.

F: Do you think the Hubbard family had any idea that his assets were worth from $100 to $400 million?

J: No.

F: Do you think that them receiving $50,000 each and Mary Sue receiving $100,000 for the estate of L. Ron Hubbard, do you think they would have done that if they had legal counsel, had there not been people standing in their room 12-17 men, women, in uniform, and being screamed at? Do you think they would have done that after careful selection?

J: I’ll say this, the answer is obvious. David Miscavige had a smile on his face for nearly a week after he pulled that off. I mean he was happy, happy, happy.

F: He just made $400,000,000.

J: Or more. I think it’s a lot more than that.



In 1982, LRH became a recluse, over deep concerns that a number of US Government agencies were after him, namely for unpaid taxes and allegedly appropriating Church funds for his private use.

Shortly after, David Miscavige, grasping the importance LRH gave to “intelligence”, ensured he monopolized that line and that no communication would leave or enter the ranch were LRH stayed without passing through him.

At his covert suggestion, LRH resigned from any position of Power within the Church and took on the title of “Consultant”. No longer able to issue his own Policies for the Church, LRH started to issue floods of “advices”. Many were specific to a particular and one time problem. Most were solely based on “intelligence” that David Miscavige was deliverately filtering. As a result the resulting “advices” could be no better than the quality (and completeness) of the intelligence they were based upon. Better yet for RTC, contrarily to issued Policy which leaves a long evidence trail, it became impossible to independently confirm the authenticity of those advices.

In spite of the existence of the Admin Scale Policy, today those advices, are still seen by RTC as fully capable at supplanting not only Policy, but the very goals and Aims of teh Organization.

At the opposite of Bolivar, LRH died a multi-millionaire. His estimate worth was over $400 Millions.

In spite of his immense wealth, he nevertheless died in abject conditions.

A man known to have always taken impeccable care to his personal hygiene and grooming, his Death certificate shows him as grossly unkempt, with neglected nails and hair, and generally bad appearance.

In the end, Mary Sue didn’t fare any better than Manuela Saenz.

In spite of having his faithful wife of 35 years and being one of the founding pillars of the Church, Mary Sue was knocked off LRH last will, which was utterly changed as far as beneficiaries and executors less than 24 hours before LRH died.

Mary Sue, and her children were left with mere token allowances. Unusually generous terms were set for select RTC staff, whose preferred status either made them or put them comfortably on the road to being millionaires.

From all evidences, including LRH private doctor, LRH spent the last week of his life in a state of Dysphasia (inability to speak of form coherent thoughts due to brain damage, typically from a stroke.

It is alleged by sources that were close to LRH that he was purposely allowed to die in January 1986, as the “Final Solution” to his problems with the IRS (He was about to be indicted for tax evasion). By sedating him once with an unusually high dose and withholding any form of help or treatment for 48 hours. (All his personal staff were ordered off premises), it was hoped that this covert form of Euthanasia would pass medically and legally as “Death from Natural causes”. Even RTC’s lawyers would approve it as a “faultless plan”.

It is reported that the individuals who set this perfidious act went onto a gambling spree in Las Vegas and even visited some of Nevada’s most exclusive “Chicken ranches”. * [houses of prostitution]

It is still not clear how much of the church Monies were used to satisfy their private Erotic fantasies, while LRH literally laid between life and Death a mere 300 miles away.

As their lawyers had predicted, RTC was able to bulldoze through the remaining obstacles unchallenged and discard forever any potentially incriminating evidence by refusing autopsy, arranging for an unheard of overnight cremation, and arm wrestling any potential contenders though the generous use of blackmail and intimidation.

Left nearly destitute, after having been coerced by RTC (and a team of 17 lawyers), while being denied counsel of her own, Mary Sue held her ground until Ray Mithoff, who saw an opportunity at advancement in the eyes of Miscavige, had, according to himself, a “bright Idea”. Using carefully gleaned data from her pc folders to strike at her buttons, Mithoff portrayed LRH as nothing short of a selfish, egocentric maniac secretly bent on her demise in order to utterly cave her in. While still weeping, she was handed a lengthy release form which she signed without even reading.

Mary Sue left a quiet life away from the eyes of the Church.

She departed her body on November 25 2002.

Mary Sue Hubbard

Mary Sue Hubbard

Not a single word of Eulogy was read in any Church. Despite Mary having made thousands of friends in the Church, not a single one was invited at her funeral.

Her name was quietly removed from the list of IAS Patrons.

To this day neither Executive nor Scientologist “In Good standing” knows of Mary Sues fate…


Negotiations with IRS:
In 1991 Miscavige, together with Mark Rathbun, visited IRS headquarters to arrange a meeting with Commissioner Fred T. Goldberg, Jr….


David Miscavige interviewed on ABC’s Nightline
(his first and only appearance in a TV interview)



David Miscavige Illegally C/Ses Lisa McPherson on a Bypass

Don Jason, then a high-ranking officer at the Clearwater spiritual headquarters, said he saw Miscavige take off his headphones and say McPherson had achieved the state of clear in a previous session. Jason, 45, said he saw the leader write a note that McPherson’s auditor would read to her, informing her of her new status.

Jason said the moment stood out because staffers require special training and refresher training to be able to identify when someone becomes clear. “So it did strike me as like, ‘Wow’?” that Miscavige had that expertise.

Not only that, “I was standing right next to him when it happened,’’ said Jason, who left the church in 1996 but still finds Scientology valuable.

“This is a huge deal,” De Vocht said of Miscavige’s involvement. “There’s no way not to remember it.”

De Vocht said he worked closely with Miscavige during that time. He said the leader zeroed in on McPherson because she was having issues with her counseling and was the friend of a prominent church member.

He said he saw Miscavige view McPherson’s auditing sessions through a video feed and write notations in her counseling folder.

“I watched him personally,” De Vocht said. “A whole bunch of people watched him personally.”


The Lisa McPherson Case – Video Testimony – Marty Rathbun
Scroll down to “Lisa McPherson Case” – move forward to 2:20 if you want to skip the intro)
[Angie Blankenship was directly involved in this illegal C/Sing and reported directly to COB – David Miscavige]


David Miscavige Killed Lisa McPherson

Lisa Mcpherson was fed the Clear cognition (that realization that – given it is accompanied by the UNMISTAKABLE meter phenomena mentioned above – signifies a person has honestly made it to Clear) many years before David Miscavige bypassed the entire international tech hierarchy to personally write a lengthy C/S directly to Lisa.  Anybody knows that when a clear cog feeding occurs (and the pc is extremely obsessed with obtaining the culturual status that comes with being declared Clear), C/Ses and and auditors have got to be extremely competent and wise in navigating the individual to the actual accomplishment of the state of Clear. The Miscavige C/S informed Lisa McPherson in essence that every other C/S and every other auditor she’d dealt with for the past ten years was criminal and out tech and only he, David Miscavige the Pope himself, understood that she in fact was Clear.

Not surprisingly, within weeks Lisa had a psychotic break and was at the Fort Harrison receiving an Introspection Rundown in the summer of 1995.  I say not surprisingly, since Lisa had to know something was very not right – the apex of the spiritual freedom she sought for years turned out to be the same old same whatever had been going with her mind all along. With an Introspection Rundown administered by Flag technical staff – without Miscavige micro-managed intervention – Lisa came out of it and began to live life and produce fairly well for a while.

Until, David Miscavige imposed a months long onslaught of desperate, out-tech auditing programs.  Those programs were enforced by his unquestioning, and all-powerful, RTC representative at the Flag Land base.  Lisa’s auditor was the Snr C/S Flag (Alain Kartusinski), and so again, there was no question in her mind that her mind was in the hands of those who were her last resort.  Lisa received months of aggressive Miscavige C/S’s most dealing with evil purposes and heavy listing – violating the C/S Series injunction against swinging for the fences (going for home runs rather than working on a gradient, the latter being most important particularly with an over-restimulated case).  Miscavige enforced False Purpose Rundown and even Expanded Dianetics, and to top it off listing on top of listing.   And all the while Lisa was left to struggle through it thinking, “this is what I spent my entire adult life pursuing, Clear.”

That Lisa McPherson went insane during this ordeal should be no surprise to tech trained people.  Her auditor, Alain, with zero control over this programming and C/Sing, had been reduced to propitiating to Lisa to keep her in affinity with him as auditor. He spent more time out of session commiserating with her than in session auditing her.


[current resource on history of DM crimes]


Family and personal life:
Miscavige is married to fellow Sea Org member Shelly Miscavige, who, according to Lawrence Wright in The New Yorker, “disappeared” in 2006, and “her current status is unknown.” Wright’s sources allege that her disappearance occurred after she “filled several job vacancies without her husband’s permission.”  His older brother Ronald Miscavige, Jr. was an executive in the Sea Organization for a time, but left the Church of Scientology in 2000. His sister, Denise Licciardi, was hired by major Scientology donor Bryan Zwan as a top executive for the Clearwater, Florida-based company Digital Lightwave, where she was linked to an accounting scandal. Ronald’s daughter Jenna Miscavige Hill, niece of David Miscavige, remained in the Sea Org until 2005, and since has become an outspoken critic of the Scientology organization.


David Miscavige Biography


“Bedtime Stories” – posted by Steve Hall


The church’s official biography of David Miscavige:




Scientology has been taken over by a self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige, who has turned the Creed of the Church of Scientology, the Code of a Scientologist, and the Credo of a True Group Member on their heads and instituted the virtual practice of Reverse (Black) Dianetics.


In his quest to attain power Miscavige forcibly removed no less than four Hubbard appointed executives senior to himself, and dozens of Scientologists who had created scores of huge, effective Scientology centers. Miscavige used threat of force and violence in clearing the path to control of all Scientology organizations and assumed the self-created position of Chairman of the Board. He was never assigned by Hubbard and holds a position that was not created by Hubbard.


Since securing his position of power, the statistics of Scientology have steadily decreased in spite of Miscavige’s public proclamations to the contrary.


Miscavige has conducted a campaign to fortify his personal power by denigrating and depowering anyone who personally knew and worked with Hubbard. That includes, but is not limited to, the members of Hubbard’s family. The operation served to consolidate his personal power while immeasurably harming the vigor and image of Scientology.


Miscavige accomplished his coup by commandeering the only line of communication to Hubbard during the last five years of his life, plying Hubbard with embellished and false reports of a dangerous environment to keep him out of communication with Sea Org members and his family. The reports falsely accused Hubbard’s family and lifelong friends of selling out to the enemy and that Scientology orgs had been infiltrated by psychiatric and government interests. He prevented true reports from reaching Hubbard in order to make his actions appear necessary and on policy and to solidify his position.


Miscavige has persuaded those at the top of the Scientology organization that to disclose the secrets of his unconscionable acts would harm the religion and violate “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.” Thus, the truth of what goes on behind the façade of false PR that Miscavige creates is hidden from the vast majority of Scientologists and the general public.


Miscavige uses confessions of Scientology managers to invalidate, castigate, and embarrass them into acquiescence and silence.


Sea Org members who voice or even hint at any hesitation to carrying on with his tyranny or supporting his actions, are routinely physically beaten by Miscavige.


Those Sea Org members who have attempted to correct Miscavige’s off-policy and out-tech actions have been subjected to belittlement, invalidation and false propaganda. They have been silenced through imprisonment and mental and physical duress.


Miscavige’s abuse of Scientology executives and staff became so extreme and continuous, he resorted to locking all of CMO INT and Exec Strata into a building and called the prison “the Hole.” RTC, CMO/WDC, Gold, IAS, CST, OSA Int and ASI executives and staff have regularly been deposited in the Hole and subjected to Reverse Dianetics, including physical beatings and severe mental abuse for months or even years at a time.


Miscavige’s “Ideal Org” strategy has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of Scientologists’ donations to forward an entirely off-policy action. Hubbard’s Ideal Org policy letter says nothing about building posh quarters. A plethora of Hubbard Policy condemns Miscavige’s “straight up and vertical” method of building an org. Subsidies, particularly those extracted from the public under pressure, to build posh quarters are strictly forbidden by Hubbard policy. Hubbard advised that orgs be built from the bottom up by the elbow grease of local Scientologists, flanked by international management broad public promotion campaigns, growing their quarters only as they expand their delivery and income…


Miscavige has perverted the practice of disconnection from a voluntary tool one may use to improve one’s life into a mandatory control mechanism. He uses the practice to suppress the free flow of vital, truthful information and to keep individuals toeing the line through threat of losing their loved ones, rather than as a tool to depower actual suppression.


The practice of ordering divorces based solely on Miscavige’s opinion of the spouse, or the fact that he or she is in a different church organization than his or her spouse is antithetical to the concept that true survival can only be attained across all dynamics.

Family was important to LRH and Mary Sue.
David Miscavige changed all that when he took power.


Miscavige’s arbitrary policy that makes conceiving a child a crime warranting offload from the Sea Org is contrary to Hubbard policy. It has also spawned a policy that has required countless women to obtain abortions.


Miscavige’s practice of verbally declaring Scientology staff members suppressive persons while leaving them on posts that affect international Scientology is suppressive to Scientology and Scientologists.


Miscavige has co-opted Scientology’s multi-million dollar audio/visual production facility and its several hundred Golden Era Productions staff for the purpose of forwarding his own image and power through Scientology events. He has cross ordered hundreds of Hubbard advised dissemination films and marketing campaigns. This is done under the guise of the importance of international events, yet such events are proscribed by LRH policy. Millions of dollars are spent on these events in order to showcase Miscavige to further secure his power.


Miscavige puts on international events that intentionally misrepresent the true state of Scientology. Statistics are manipulated and falsified, video scenes are created that are palmed off as reality and campaigns are routinely unveiled with great fanfare but exist only for the purpose of being announced at the event. The manipulation of truth is skilled and extensive and designed for the purpose of making Miscavige look good. Scientologists wonder at the incredible figures presented on the number of new people coming into Scientology every second, minute, day, week, year, or the incredible reach of people being contacted or the vast numbers of officials and Opinion Leaders who fully support Scientology — yet their local church organizations show no sign of this massive and unrelenting growth.  Scientologists who retain enough sanity to spot the contrary facts must suppress such rational thoughts for those who complain are subject to heavy ethics and, if they persist in expressing doubts, expulsion.


Miscavige has cross ordered production of the authorized LRH biography. The hired LRH Biographer, who has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, instead has worked almost exclusively for nearly two decades on writing speeches for Miscavige.


It is policy to never use lies in PR. Yet Miscavige has repeatedly lied, and directed others to lie, when confronted with facts concerning his unethical, abusive behavior.


Miscavige has personally enriched himself, living a far more lavish lifestyle than L. Ron Hubbard ever lived, though Hubbard had earned his fortune through his own writings. Miscavige has (by the standards of the Sea Organization) lavish living quarters in various cities complete with chefs and maids, owns or is provided expensive cars and motorcycles, flies exclusively in private jets, has his hairdresser and chiropractor travel around the world with him, and receives compensation that is far, far in excess of any other person on Scientology staff.


Miscavige has enforced an unwritten policy within the Church that his word has become more important than the words of the Founder. Church staff routinely follow the dictates of Miscavige that are directly at odds with LRH policy. His utterances are recorded and transcribed and distributed to staff. He changes the technology of L. Ron Hubbard under the guise of “getting it on Source” and using hidden data lines about what LRH wanted. Miscavige has gradually established himself as the new Source.

Those who have attempted to put ethics in on Miscavige from within have been ruined personally by Miscavige. Scientology is valuable to the many when studied and practiced in a sane environment. To allow it to be destroyed by the driven greed of a sociopath would be to condone a travesty. Scientology practiced in accordance with Hubbard’s Code of a Scientologist, Credo of a True Group Member, and the Creed of the Church can contribute something vital to society.

While Miscavige and his minions will no doubt claw, harass, and sue until the end to protect his fiefdom, it would well behoove all Scientologists to re-familiarize themselves with the Church’s creed:

“We of the Church believe…

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely,to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others and, that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

How to Investigate Your Church Without Ever Hitting a Single “Enemy” Site

Notice I did not say “without hitting a single entheta” site…  But relax – there are NO websites here which contain “enemy lines” or “OT data”.  You are “allowed” to see any and all of the following, I assure you.

Every single one of the sites given here are “official” or are media interviews stating “official positions”.

Let’s start with Scientology’s official website:


“There is no policy in Scientology that requires Church members to disconnect from anyone, let alone family and friends who simply have different beliefs. To the contrary, the moral code of Scientology mandates that Scientologists respect the religious beliefs of others.”


You can watch Tommy Davis, official church spokesman, confirm the church position given on the above website:

“There’s no such thing as disconnection as you’re characterizing it…We consider the family to be the building block of any society…There isn’t any such policy…that’s dictating who people should or should not be in communication with…”

Now, brace yourself, this next one is not “rated G”, but since David Miscavige coached Tommy Davis what to say, and they both knew that these statements were for public consumption, it’s time for a judgement call – your judgement.  How do you think his language reflects on our religion?  Does this handling align in any way with LRH’s PR Series?  Is it in ARC with the environment?  If not, is it really justified?

The Church of Scientology’s response:

The same applies to the following.  What is the purpose LRH had for Freedom Magazine?  Does this issue align with this LRH purpose?  Is this issue appropriate to publics of Freedom? (government, opinion leaders)  Have you listened to RJ 67 lately?  If so, make your own comparisons.  This is not a spoof site – I promise!


Finally, apply the Data Series (summed up in the Investigations chapter of your Scientology Handbook).  Pull the string where you see outpoints.  Apply “Personal Integrity“.  And remember, you have many, many friends who have already done so.  We all want the same thing.  LRH’s tech available by LRH policy in churches and missions faithful to his stated purpose, as it appears here in the founding Creed:


The Creed of the Church of Scientology was written by L. Ron Hubbard shortly after the Church was formed in Los Angeles on February 18, 1954.

After Mr. Hubbard issued this creed from his office in Phoenix, Arizona, the Church of Scientology adopted it as its creed because it succinctly states what Scientologists believe.

We of the Church believe

That all men of whatever race, color or creed were created with equal rights.

That all men have inalienable rights to their own religious practices and their performance.

That all men have inalienable rights to their own lives.

That all men have inalienable rights to their sanity.

That all men have inalienable rights to their own defense.

That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations, churches and governments.

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.

That all men have inalienable rights to the creation of their own kind.

That the souls of men have the rights of men.

That the study of the Mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be alienated from religion or condoned in nonreligious fields.

And that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

And we of the Church believe

That Man is basically good.

That he is seeking to Survive.

That his survival depends upon himself and upon his fellows and his attainment of brotherhood with the Universe.

And we of the Church believe that the laws of God forbid Man

To destroy his own kind.

To destroy the sanity of another.

To destroy or enslave another’s soul.

To destroy or reduce the survival of one’s companions or one’s group.

And we of the Church believe

That the spirit can be saved.

And that the spirit alone may save or heal the body.

David Miscavige’s Attacks on Dallas – Reversed Scientology, or Gross Incompetence?

It’s time to revise and extend my remarks on an extremely devious attack on senior staffmembers of Celebrity Centre Dallas in 2002, by a David Miscavige, head of the corporate church of scientology.

A little background is in order, a lot of which makes my own chilling story of  “reverse scientology” aimed at reducing and/or destroying a person’s sanity, pale by comparison.

(faked photo to illustrate a reported event) someone – not wife Shelly Miscavige – relaxes with David Miscavige in Tom Cruise’s private jet.


This is the actual photo which was used to create the above airplane scene. Lou (his secretary) is out having a good time with David Miscavige. David’s wife has been “sent away” – location unknown.

After “power is assumed” in the early 80’s, when control of the church was covertly but systematically wrested from L. Ron Hubbard himself, with the use of government-connected lawyers, David Miscavige, through Ray Mithoff as newly-appointed Senior Case Supervisor International, engineered an interesting scheme whereby he overrode by authoritarian edict, strict policies of founder L. Ron Hubbard designed to protect upper-level solo auditors from case interference so that a positive theta-entheta (good spiritual energy vs. bad) ratio for planet earth could conceivably be achieved in short order.

(To this day, the church following David Miscavige in his greed, has utterly failed to even approach the simple and easy target of “10,000” people auditing solo upper levels)

This edict, mandating “6-mos. security checks” and expensive in time and money for anyone auditing the level, interrupting a major processing action as it did, extended it for most on the level, into a period of years (although it can be completed in at the most, a few months).  It was, as in most things David Miscavige, all about money.

This gross technical violation was uncovered a decade later in the late 90’s, by former Sea Org officer Virginia McClaughry, and the reference quietly and correctly pointed out to some other Scientologists in perfectly good standing, like Greg and Debra Barnes.

This technical change however, was making the “church” – and David Miscavige, steeped in inurement and in total control of church finance lines – a ton of money.  It was lengthening time spent on this level (OT VII) by pre-OTs on it, slowing or preventing progress.  But that mattered not at all to David Miscavige, whose cynical, arrogant opposition to the founder of the religion he and his criminal band took over, is becoming legendary.

Rather than relax this artificially and illegally (from the standpoint of strict application of Hubbard’s writings) imposed interference to stable auditing gains, Miscavige instead directed RTC (Religious Technology Corporation) representatives and HCO (Hubbard Communications Office) representatives in charge of parishioner ethics, to stop the spread of this revelation AT ALL COSTS.

No tactic was spared in their attempt to destroy the lives of Greg and Debra Barnes, including a blatant attempt to drive Greg insane with a “process” designed to do just that.

  • “What Overt Has Been Restimulated?”

is no part of Scientology processing technology, but its use on Greg was designed to send Greg into the same kind of spin that drove Lisa McPherson – yet another Dallasite – to manifest a psychotic break, which eventually killed her.

For David Miscavige, for whatever reason, DALLAS has been the source of a disproportionate number of the greatest “flaps” (situations out of control).  Dallas is, after major scientology centers in Los Angeles and Clearwater, Florida, perhaps 3rd on the entire planet, in CRIME traceable to the actions and orders of self-appointed dictator David Miscavige.  These very definitely include:

  • suicides and wrongful deaths (following mis-delivery due to financial considerations, or as above, deliberate misapplication of scientology processing)

As a matter of fact, as DSA (Director of Special Affairs) just put through full training for my post (including all of the secret OSA references on Intelligence and Public Relations), I was, by the time I returned from the Freewinds ship, where I had gone on my own dime in order to “become better able to sort out the overwhelming demands of my post,” sitting on the following “flaps”:

  • Lisa McPherson – legal back-up (intelligence research directed against the McPherson family, for use by church attorneys to defend allegations of criminal neglect which I now realize were very true)
  • Carol South – memorial service (death by cancer following Flag auditing)
  • Ruben Flores Sr. (my roommate on the ship, my companion on the flight home – dejected about his “services” on the ship, kept on the ship for an extended stay and all the money they could get, and about to commit suicide within weeks after he landed home)

This was in addition to a number of “Flag public” (upper levels) families and individuals who were leaving in protest as a result of their serious disagreements with the burdensome 6-mos. checks interfering with their spiritual progress and their lives:

  • Dossetts
  • Neuwirths
  • Coans
  • Haywoods
  • Geis

And several others connected to them.

So I had my hands full of human misery.  And yet I was cheerfully confronting it all, and doing my job.  Scientology worked for me.  I “knew” it would “all come out right in the end.”   And I worked an insane schedule to do it.  ~45 hrs/wk teaching public school.  36+ hrs/wk managing the defense of scientology in Dallas.  Week after week after week.

There’s an old, popular saying in Scientology – a kind of a cynical resignation to the cruelty of the universe and its inherent lack of justice:

  • “The only real crimes are ‘being there’ and ‘communicating’.”

I was of course, doing both.  Were one to come up and ask, “Who’s handling all this?”  (and it was asked!) the finger would point my direction.  Never mind that I was doing an awesome job suppressing the confusion and almost single-handedly getting all the commotion quieted down, settling all the refund requests with full legal protections for the church, signed and filed.

Ah, but I was -there – connected to it all.  The “WHO” (nothing to do with the awesome rock group).  A convenient “body to be hung” and a convenient “head on a pike” for the missionaires sent by Miscavige to quell this massive rebellion that, after the Carol South memorial service, where “in-good-standings” were forced to share space with “declared-and-expelleds”, was bursting at the seams.

This was something akin to a lone sheriff managing to keep a town from getting shot up by the bad guys from the big city – then the police from that same big city (Flag) ride in and throw the sheriff (and the mayor) in prison!

So now, here is what I posted at Marty Rathbun’s web log a few months ago:


I can attest that these are in fact, the primary tenets of an enforced moral code stemming from David Miscavige, that has taken hold of the corporate “church”. As DSA CCDallas in 2001, I dared to watch the video Greg and Debra Barnes sent out to the Dallas field (so that I would “know my enemy”). That, and being reported on, for openly mentioning that I “could not believe” the Dossetts were leaving the level (OT VII) because they were by all other indicators, “good people,” got me the following:

-Held on the Freewinds ship two extra days against my will (with my students waiting for their teacher to return and my livelihood put at risk) and interrogated on the e-meter, starting the following process:

-well over 3 intensives (that is 36+ hours, first started at midnight after getting off the plane) of ONE unvaried “rollback” question which I now realize was designed to cave me in and reduce me to blindly accepting orders (it didn’t work for long, I bounced back a few years later) – this question was:

  • “Who told you not to apply the PTS/SP tech?”

It is not nearly as bad as the question they gave Greg Barnes: “What overt has been restimulated?” (run for about an hour – designed to drive him insane – he wisely refused to continue it)

But though mine was more subtle and “innocent”-looking at first glance, according to a recent cognition in two-way comm with my auditor out of session, it does the following:

Causes the being to obsessively mock up answers that are NOT THERE (which process begins to go on continually, AUTOMATIC underneath the awareness of the being) and into this created vacuum one pulls in a world of trouble until the person has the realization that after a lot of corrective auditing, I finally had last week. That made 10 years and 6 months of “running” this unanswerable question, unconsciously.

It is in fact, illegal auditing (a listing question) and was designed to drive me “bonkers” (just ask my wife how much grief came off years later). It was never corrected, and instead, the misery was extended by assigning me “75 hours of objectives” in refusal to permit me to do a CCRD (Clear Certainty Rundown for the verification of the state of Clear).

This same type process was also run (2002) on the ED, the HES, the FBO, and tried unsuccessfully on the Course Sup. Only the HES (the rest of us were too “tough” and, by the end of the process, we “knew we deserved it”) requested help from the local C/S to recover from the insanity, but then was comm-ev’d (fired through kangaroo court proceedings) off her post, only to get more reverse Scientology at Flag as a paying public, where they led her by a combination of “ethics” and “auditing”, to decide to break up her marriage, and DM’s minions went after her upstat, highest-ever-bookselling husband, instead.

This is how David Miscavige “handled” an area (Dallas) that did not completely operate under his pet moral code.

He then sent in his own loyal followers as staff, commandeered off their org posts in California, to man up the new “Ideal Org”. There are NO native Texans in any position of control of that org!

That is what it took in DM’s sick, twisted mind, to bring Dallas under his control. Unfortunately for him, his plans continue to unravel as more and more staff and public wake up to what really happened.

Scott Gordon – DSA CCDallas, DSA Costa Rica, Auditor Cl 0

Added note: At no time during all that time period were any of us execs acting under any doubt that David Miscavige was “LRH’s man”. While the massive field mutiny of pre-OTs was confusing, it did not put any of us into doubt of his legitimacy. I dubbed in that Flag made some serious mistakes- that was all. We were loyal, hard-working, true believers who had NO IDEA that David Miscavige had his sights set on destroying Dallas just because his 6-mos. check secret was “out” in the field there. It was both an INSANE cover-up of his crimes and a Nazi-style “loyalty” test. David Miscavige has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he will DESTROY people – destroy their lives, marriages and sanity – solely for what he thinks they KNOW about him.

… – I don’t know about today’s “Ideal Orgs”, but back in 2002 it would be unheard of for an org C/S to do this. This could have been ordered by David Miscavige himself, for all I know, but it went through the CCNW Pgms Chief, down to Lead Msnaire Wayne Furness from Flag Bureaux. Who knows, who the C/S was. “Rollback” was the term used and it was always whispered with a dramatic sense of “awe”, like I was “privileged” to even know about this “Sea Org-only” process. It was REVERSE scientology.

The Flag Bureaux Missionaires (led by Wayne Furness) was not there to find the truth, but to confirm speculation that “Scott Gordon is compromised.”  In turn, at some point during my 30+ hours of interrogation, I openly speculated that the HES and her husband were “compromised” which probably contributed to some of their misery that followed.  (I was witness to a telex that she and others made the same sort of statements about me under interrogation.  It was a classic, Nazi-style, “rat on your fellow team-member” situation so that the pre-cooked “Org Evaluation” could put some staff “heads on pikes” – you were terrified it would be yours!)

A games condition ensued between Flag Bureaux and OSA Int:  “Look what we found your DSA doing!”  But I had long earlier confessed to watching the Barnes video, had already “handled myself on it” and was working effectively to defend the church.  So these assumptions, if one had cared to observe the actual products at that time, were unfounded.

I was loyal, willing and energetically doing my post with its job of “defending Scientology in my area.”  I talked people out of refunds, destructive actions and lawsuits.  I handled creditors, psychotics and internal dissension with professional aplomb.

I dutifully accepted the assumed “professional evaluation” of the missionaires and did “lower conditions”, blaming myself for the whole mess, struggling to “put it right” – my $5,000 “OT DeBug” to “get myself going up the Bridge” abandonedinvalidated – in favor of “proving my worth” to OSA and the group.

My pc folder (confidential file of counseling sessions) was ripped from the org, so there was no possibility of correcting the reverse scientology I had unknowingly received, and I got very, very sick from it, still managing to crawl in to work anyway because I would have lost just about everything I owned if I didn’t pay off my credit card for the wasted “OT DeBug” service on the flagship.

Ah – but it’s not all bad!

And then a beautiful woman walked into my life who talked me into re-joining staff in her home country of Costa Rica.  The first DSA in Costa Rica – posted as DSA COSTA RICA – assigned the entirety of Central America (a bit much for someone not even able to speak Spanish yet).  The first and only fully-hatted DSA in a Scientology Mission on planet Earth.

My wife through her patient listening, enabled me to disentangle from the deep introversion I was left in, from the “reverse scientology” of 2002.

Scott Gordon – Tatiana Lepiz – 2006

Tatiana Lepiz – my “hero” – whistleblower who stood up to criminal Costa Rica Mission Holder Erick Alvarez, a criminal who during the 1990’s behaved just like David Miscavige is reported to have acted – embezzling scientology org money, womanizing, abusing staff, corrupting tech staff with booze and women to cover his withholds, avoiding getting audited, etc. – There might not be much Scientology going on in Costa Rica without her brave actions in 2000 to shut his criminal team down.

But sadly, the reverse scientology process continued to run and PTS/SP activity fixed my attention wherever it appeared, and I got pulled into some ugly internal battles, which did not go my way despite the fact that I tried to stay impartial, heroically defending innocents from injustice, and applying scientology ethics and justice policies exactly (which virtually guarantees you won’t suppress others, since you are duty-bound to treat everyone fairly, check that injustice does not occur, and salvage the individuals).

The combination of the painful indoctrination of the reverse scientology process, and David Miscavige’s destructive policies and auditor training arbitraries, was brutal.  I knew not from whence was coming the cruel suppression I felt more and more in the orgs – and worse, in getting what little “auditing” was available.

Now what eventually “did it” for me (as far as getting away from David Miscavige’s criminal empire), was to find this same pattern – neglect and abuse of the best staffmembers – repeated for many years afterwards.  By the time the “Golden Age of Knowledge” appeared to require the burning of the books (“Fahrenheit 8008”), I was fit to be tied.  Repeated denials of staff auditing, neglect of our long, heroic, local group sacrifice to get resources together and RTC permission to operate as an org and train our own staff, all began to take its toll.

But of course, being heavily indoctrinated not to look at “COB” (Chairman of the Board RTC – David Miscavige), I remained quite blind to the reality of our situation – waiting in vain for years – to never have our submission for org status approved or even looked into.  I didn’t know how corrupt management had actually become (although even at my level, I had plenty of “indicators”, or “signs”).

Attacked by members of my own team, vying for position and power they knew they couldn’t get while I was on watch, I finally had my own – very brief but no less real – “psychotic break.”  For the first time ever in my entire life, for a few hours, I seriously entertained the thought of “giving it up” (letting go of my life).  But that passed quickly, and with the help of my wife I recovered my health and sanity.

(I have since handled that in counseling outside the church)

Then after weeks of begging to be “Sec-Checked” (interrogated about my transgressions), I left the country for a few weeks and re-ignited my music that I’d given up on to work on Scientology “full time”.  I proved to myself that I could succeed – wildly – at something I wanted to do.  After seeing David Miscavige remove management off post to “make money” rather than “expand scientology” I didn’t really “want” to do much.

I soon returned to my post on my own volition, under my own conditions, taking care of “special affairs” as good as ever, terminatedly handling “flaps” as fast as they “came up” (or more correctly, were “created” by management failure and criminal neglect).  Through hard, honest work and diligent study, I had become quite the professional, and my production records in Dallas and Costa Rica are impressive.  My ethics record was impeccable my first 15 years.  It’s the 2009-2010 period that I stopped following orders, intimidations and threats, to put my attention on delivering scientology counseling to my friends, family and mankind, “damn the torpedoes.”

Geberth Gamboa

Geberth Gamboa – Qual Sec Costa Rica
“…when help becomes betrayal…”

In my last attempt to get up the Bridge in the church, I was thrown out of the courseroom in January 2008, on the Qual Sec Geberth Gamboa’s false reports (same one who set me up for a “Non-Enturbulation” order in 2011 for defying his illegal arbitrary that I couldn’t audit anyone outside the Mission  – his false reports were used to declare me SP on May 1, 2012 in Dallas).

Then, as he lured me onto a months-long write-up of my “transgressions,”on which he marked in red pen a number of evaluative comments and sent me back to “write more” – never checking to see if I was actually “done” using an e-meter, I finally began to get whistleblower reports of the extent of the third-party campaign that had been directed against me, revealing that it was not limited to the field, but had gone through those persons I was supposed to trust as a staffmember, “the most”.  The minister (Jorge Valverde), my auditor (Julio Carmiol), the “staff care” officer (Geberth Gamboa).

And through it all, I utterly refused to burn my early edition books.  Or spend my last thousand dollars buying a sanitized version of the Philadelphia lectures that I already had two sets of on tape!

It took one viewing of church spokesman Tommy Davis spewing his filthy blast at Marty and Mike on the Truth Rundown (I watched the “church response” first to see if it was worth “getting in trouble”) for me to realize I wasn’t going back on staff there while Miscavige was around!

December 2009 – Thank you Bruce!

I finally cleaned up the remaining debris swimming in my head, from that nasty attack on my sanity in 2002, with a self-administered solo Introspection Rundown in 2011, that extroverted me nicely to a persistent F/N (floating needle – happy and free).  An emergency application of LRH tech well within my ability, where no other help was available, though not nearly as good as…

Scott Gordon gets auditing

A friend is salvaging a “wreck” – (me!)

…exiled from Costa Rica for “auditing without permission” (even though per LRH policy I was allowed -even encouraged – to do this as long as I did not charge money or misrepresent my certificate), my friends picked me up early this year and put me in session and I received real, personal care in the form of genuine Scientology auditing, and we undid more of the mess for each other by co-auditing, until finally I emerged able to blow the last vestiges of that Miscavige implant, fully recovering my sanity with even more abilities than before.

Today, Dallas is very definitely unraveling at the seams.  It stands as a huge, embarrassing failure for David Miscavige, who had sent his “very best” resources to bring it under control.  That “control” was short-lived, and few now stay around to endure it.  Today the org has no Academy students on course (supposed to be the primary product of a Scientology organization) and management has to pay whatever part of the $19,000 electric bill that the usual robbing from staff pay, can’t afford.

Staff has gone from ~150 (2009) to less than 75 at the latest count.

In the field this year, there are as many Independent Scientologists being counted in the field as there are corporate scientologists going in for services.  It is only a matter of time before more Independents are made and auditors among us activated and producing more than the org (if that has not already happened).

Project “UNDERGROUND RAILROAD” goes forward, invisibly, undetected.  David Miscavige can’t find it, can’t detect it.  Staff and public are in various stages of “pulling out” – and eventually they reach freedom and safety.

And now that we all know who the real WHO is at large, working all-out as he is on the destruction of the best technology yet developed for freeing a person from the traps of this universe, we’re not going to be killing (in the very literal sense) ourselves anymore.

Not a Scientologist? – My Exit in Plain English

[Note – The post which follows below is a statement I made which did not use names or Scientology terminology, calculated to expose a history of Human Rights violations on the part of Corporate Scientology management, culminating in my expulsion without recourse, hearing, nor anything in writing.  I posted this on my Facebook page on 28 April of this year 2012, after finding out that Mat McCauley, the Inspections & Reports Officer of “Ideal Org” Scientology Dallas, had slandered me to another former staff member I used to work with, resulting in a cancellation of a counseling appointment with his son.  This was on top of his participation in a covert effort on the part of OSA (Office of Special Affairs) to win my trust, and get sensitive personal information transferred up to Dallas from Costa Rica, where my wife was waiting for my return, to “good standing” – deceptively leading us to believe that this was where our efforts were leading.  This serves as a classic example of how Corporate Scientology management covertly manipulates the lives of former, loyal staff members who fall under their suspicion for refusing to participate in Human Rights violations.  All in a desperate, despotic effort to cover up crimes that David Miscavige is in terror of having revealed.]

Lo que Dios ha unido, que no lo separe el hombre.
What God has joined together, let no man separate.
(Why they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder. – Mark 10:9)

First my marriage – now my livelihood – under attack.

No reports, no unhappy recipients of helpful counseling, no indicators of ill-will or “disaffection”. AND NOTHING IN WRITING.

I am “under investigation” once again. “Shunned” in the midst of suspicions and false accusations. Just like in 2002 when I was held against my will on a ship off the coast of Venezuela, delayed from returning to my public school teaching job – my livelihood at that time. Held and treated like a prisoner, though I had just contributed over $7,000 from a teaching salary of less than $2,000 per month, on top of fully manning my post to the late hours of most nights, in defense of “mankind.”

Criminal, illegal detention then. Criminal, illegal slander of character now. International Human Rights violations (my marriage is international – the ship was in international waters) subject to the overview of international treaty agreements, suit and prosecution under international law. Now, it’s also slander of character, hoping to deprive me of support, furthering that outlawed practice they (and I, as former spokesman) so vehemently deny employing, once entitled, “Fair Game”.

Criminals behave oh, so strangely, when they think that you know their real crimes.

And just maybe, I do.

Let he who has involved himself in this, be warned. My story will be told.

Your shameful, cowardly harassment of a sincere, humble and impoverished man who gave 18 years of his life to a dream you killed, will be exposed to the world. And I will see that my friends and comrades get the full fruits of all you have withheld from them, while you lavished in the wealth, and wallowed in the power, of that stolen from their labors and from their very lives.

They too, are sincere, humble and impoverished. I have not forgotten them, nor have I given up on the dreams that we sought to attain as we worked side-by-side. I pledge to do all I can to see that their contributions were not made in vain.

I have the means to do so in fact, almost exclusively through my hard-earned understanding of that wisdom which you so greedily sell, alter and abuse.

As a matter of fact, I have been full tilt, at my own expense, developing ways for those you have denied what was plainly promised, and only never delivered due to your criminal negligence as well as active suppression, for them to one day soon, actually have what is rightfully theirs.

The founder would have wanted it so, and this he so plainly stated.

So if you suspect me of conspiring to help restore a legacy you reactively through your crimes, have worked to destroy, I stand guilty as charged.

I once, oh so foolishly, consented to placing my daughter in your care, wisely denying herself the “chance”, as she in her youthful innocence had her own instincts for detecting criminal abuse. And then years later, had to rescue her from the brink of a disaster with the very technology you failed her utterly in your greed, to deliver. That bought-and-paid-for right to receive help which went undelivered, in criminal exchange, for over a decade. That which was paid for by a desperate believer – a working executive in your “order” – with his last hard-earned “set-asides” through months of hardship.

Oh, you say, “a mistake made in the lower ranks that we do not condone.” Really? Was that person encouraged by your example, to render service unselfishly? Was that person not rewarded for her neglect?

What yardstick is finance for measuring a “spiritual crusade”???

Goodness, righteousness, frowns at such arrogance. Justice weeps that you are not content to leave alone those who sacrificed their retirements, their futures, their youth and their dreams, but must look for ways and means of harassing them lest they reveal the simple power of the legacy and threaten your monopoly on it – or worse – expose your crimes against it.

Because we are a forgiving and innocent people, we only recently placed trust in moving up once again, to the “next step” with our hard-earned money – food for the coming months during which employment is uncertain and threatens to be scarce – freely “donated,” only to be turned away, our money in your hand – stolen.

Stolen. And not in one, isolated example, but many. Saint Kitts; San Jose, Costa Rica; Mexico City; Dallas, Texas; over and again. STOLEN from an active volunteer worker furthering projects benefiting “all mankind”!

THOUSANDS of dollars. THOUSANDS of hours. Retirement money.

All while I blew the whistle on factual, federal and national, crimes being perpetrated by certain small sectors of those “wealthy and influential” donors you’ve courted so enthusiastically with fundraising projects declared illegal by our founder at the first inkling of their existence.

You want crimes?

And you dare to place me “under investigation” for rumored errors in my own successful application of that which I managed to train for, alongside my continued contributions to the safety and well-being of all.

Another success among many, but which in this case resulted in a human being free from an addiction to hard drugs. Until that moment, one of your victims.

No longer.

I have cleaned up plenty other of your messes – “flaps” (disasters) blamed on your footsoldiers, left behind in your arrogance. I have even restored sanity to a psychotic, made so with your exported, make-guilty twist on techniques intended for the compassionate, but abused with wild abandon by the ambitious whom you carefully keep ignorant.

Even so, I have remained up to now and well beyond the day you illegally ejected me – without written declaration or the presence of ONE SINGLE written report – in gross violation of founding policy – willing to continue on! Contributing quietly to the dream and willing to leave the failure-stricken past behind, joyfully contributing to the expansion of awareness in others. The one and only public student of actual counseling technique enrolled at a center purportedly -dedicated- to the training of such techniques!

In fact, I was, up until I was driving in today on a failing tire to deliver help and service to a former comrade in need, quite ready to take your bad medicine, hold my nose, and keep on delivering selfless service to my friends, hoping that the truth would come to light and sanity would be restored.

For me, writing up reports such as this one, had become “wasted time” – time that could be spent bringing my friends and family to happier survival.

I wasn’t able to deliver help today because I was “third-partied” (slandered). And once again, foiled in helping my fellow man at my own expense – by your drunken, uncalled-for intervention and interference.

You have betrayed the dream of “help for all”. You have truly converted a potential temple of God into a den of thieves. And where it does not appear so to the trained eye, it is only because silently responsible practitioners whose motive remains to deliver real help, silently keep to those principles on which the subject was founded.

You once conspired successfully, to steal a legacy and murder a dream. Now you have invaded my city, tricked my friends into buying into and paying for, your outpost of oppression, and sent in your abusive henchmen (and women!) to garrison your center from which you propose to rob more souls for your twisted scheme. And so that murder of the dream, as perpetrated on its very founder, goes on.

You have enslaved my people with a virtual black enchantment. You have become just another, confirmed Merchant of Chaos.

With what shock did I return to your “travesty” – trumpeted as “accomplishment” – yet staffed by stubborn troops tricked into service and pressed into weak submission by your dark, abusive emissaries (always, always, hastily “recalled” lest even the rich and influential amongst us scream foul).

Knowing that my wife of my dreams – a true believer – herself an ethical and heroic whistleblower of earlier actual crime committed in the name of gross income – sent me here to restore my path to “good standing” on a shoestring. I bravely and sincerely submitted to such a challenge after being literally beaten half to death by another, lesser criminal. We both desperately awaiting word of my progress to this end. You yet presented me with an illegal and off-policy, verbal declaration that I was deemed an “enemy” of a group that I was productively and cooperatingly contributing to.

Then you left the matter open – for MONTHS now! – a mockery of justice – and verbally slandered me to my friends and shamed me before my wife, as others in her home country also had succeeded in doing in their ignorance and propitiation to your demands for ruthless treatment not found ANYWHERE in the founder’s writings, for any “do-it-yourselfers”.

You even used our trust in your promise to right the recent injustices, to gather “evidence” for your flimsy chain-of-command (I know every step and every skipped step in it – I worked in it!) – all at my wife’s expense!

Are you waiting to explain your repeated denial of my right to committee of evidence internally, before some international court of Human Rights?

Listen – you just haven’t anything to get me on. No crimes, internal or external, for which you could convince all but the most hypnotized and deluded, to hang me with.

Well, so you needed justification to declare me an enemy of your squirreled-up version of the founder’s “group” – here it is. Write it to my committee of evidence file. I haven’t named any names, but it’s obvious I am not writing about my school teaching career!

If you hadn’t quite illegally, viciously and covertly hostilely, cut nearly every last one of my communication and sustenance lines amongst friends and associates spanning decades, I would not need to now “fill the vacuum” in such a manner. You really do create your own enemies.

But I really can, “self-counsel” my affinity-reality-communication-understanding breaks and upsets and go happily on forward to fight the fire.

We are taking hold of the firetruck now – you and those deluded enough to follow you are now the “cur” dogs (or “curb” dogs – same thing).

Shame on YOU.

You – especially your authoritarian, abusive leader – an unclassed and unqualified “counselor”, who long ago lost your chance at certification by punching(!) your client in a “spiritual counseling session” and then went on in brutal violence and intimidation, to hijack the founder’s legacy, using the money you embezzled from him against him, manipulating his communications, destroying his family and holding his wife hostage the last years of her life, and quietly writing her out of history as she died of cancer in 2002 under the eye of your loyal watchers.

You will slither away in your shame and unrepentant greed, and collapse in on your mockery made of an otherwise real, pathway to freedom.

The truth will out.

And, with everything in my power, I will humbly continue to work at that which I have sought my entire life to do.

I stand with God as my witness, on the strength of the truth and justice herein.


David Miscavige is all about power.  About childish, tantrum power (blame your subordinates and pound on them and lock them away).  About using founder L.Ron Hubbard’s author fortune, which he stole from Hubbard’s family –Image

Mary Sue Hubbard, Quentin, Diana, L. Ron Hubbard, Suzette

against Ron and his family, to seize power for his own selfish, evil purposes.  All the while pretending to be the “chosen custodian” of LRH’s legacy, maintaining his falsely-acquired position only by rewriting history and destroying the lives of any who dared get in the way.

And Miscavige is now currently using millions in funds from the “non-profit” church, from which he continues to embezzle with impunity, to pound away at those whom he feels could reveal something of his lengthy criminal background.


Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

One of the main tools he uses is a political tool known as “disconnection.”  This means that one must cease any and all communications (“excommunication”) with a member “not in good standing.”

My wife disconnected from me on Facebook yesterday.  (Scientologists will recognize this as a “high crime/suppressive act”  – “Public disavowal of a Scientologist in good standing” – I am in good standing with my friends, my family, students, music “fans”, my preclears (counseling recipients), my community, God…)


Tatiana Lepiz Villegas – Costa Rica

To say this did not deeply affect me, would not be truthful.  However, a broader view of the situation is in order.

(Also, to be fair, I have no evidence that her decision was provoked by any recent actions on the part of OSA, however, the months-long campaign to isolate me from her, from my friends, and even from my very economic sustenance, and to embarrass her into disconnecting from me, is all a matter of record.)

David Miscavige has apparently accomplished, yet another marriage break-up, in a long, long line of marriage break-ups.

Mine has been mild compared to what he has put others through.  Having lived through the clever trap David Miscavige has constructed using millions of dollars of “non-profit” funds to bribe corrupt lawyers into protecting his alterations of “scientology,” I can forgive my wife for abandonment under duress.  She has been fooled into thinking her eternity depends on taking actions to protect her “good standing.”

Over the years, under policies ordered by dictator Miscavige, children have been neglected and their lives destroyed.  Unborn children have been murdered.  The painful effects of disconnection as ordered by David Miscavige have scarred lives and destroyed the relationships of thousands.

Just the other day it was mentioned to me that the ‘end phenomenon’ of “disconnection” as covertly re-instated by David Miscavige in 1984, is in fact, the very thing Scientologists have been taught to fear the most:


Disconnection stands out as the most dramatic example of a complete reversal of Scientology basics, and it eventually leads as you can see, to a state of personal hell created by isolation from natural relationships of support.

Scientology works as well as it does because it is based on communication.  But keep disconnecting from people, as Scientologists have been required to do for decades now, instead of getting “trained” in Scientology communication, keeps one shrinking back from life.

Communication is life.  The opposite of communication is disconnection.  It follows then, that disconnection practiced as a continuing solution, would result in death.  For Scientologists in the know, the most evil intention possible (unfortunately dramatized in a perversion of biblical cosmology by some so-called “christians”) is an impossible-to-create state known as, “dead forever.

Those evil beings who tried to accomplish it, failed.  Or worse, it backfired.

A spiritual being can ultimately only entrap himself.  And in a free-will universe, can decide to run and hide from God and creation on their own freewill, having cut self off from communication with others.  This is the trap that Scientology auditing releases beings from, when applied with the purpose to free a person to become self-determined.  Using auditing otherwise, as David Miscavige has begun to order done, to “make people be good,” is actually an old, old practice known as “implanting,” dramatized by certain institutional psychiatrists and their facility workers, and also by certain sadistic parents and teachers, every day.

So with the loving grace of God right there waiting for anyone who reaches for it, experienced daily by those who surround themselves with nurturing relationships like family, it takes quite an accumulation of evil feats for a being to really go under and slip into eternity for any period even approaching “forever”.

David Miscavige, in his luciferian arrogance, has this week thrown yet another broken family onto the scrap heap sitting atop an already overloaded, karmic scale weighing out his destructive actions.  And he is pulling his ‘church’ followers down into complete collapse, with him.  They have dared to deal in injustice, mocking human rights and ultimately, mocking the natural institutions of God.

Galatians 6:7-9 (KJV)
Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.
And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

If Scientology “saves lives” (and it does) – how can David Miscavige continue to destroy them?  The answer to that is why we do what we do now in project “UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.”  He has tried to pretend to one and all, that he “is” Scientology.  He has been able to fool many others into believing he is anything other than a murderous usurper of a legacy of struggle for honest human advancement, for his own twisted, evil purposes.

I will continue to urge others to steer clear of the fall-out.  Get out of the way while you still can.  David Miscavige, is collapsing into a black hole of dense, negative energy, where time will (quite literally) “run out” and where “millions in parishioner donations” (again, quite literally) are never enough!

I remain sad at my friends still caught up in it, who don’t see that their “havingness” (ability to experience abundance in life) is collapsing with all this.

We work in eternity.  And so I have time to see this to a satisfactory conclusion.  True, I currently spend my nights “alone, in the dark” – but this too, shall pass – it’s not going to be so, forever.

For a long time, I have grieved, fasted, prayed, received counseling and counseled myself and others.  I have no great compulsion at the moment of this writing to “settle the score”.  However, I do have the responsibility to blow the whistle on the criminality and corruption I have observed.  And I will.  And now with this recent development, I truly have nothing left to lose in doing so.

The next “Thursday at 2” post, will bring David Miscavige to regret the day he stomped all over my dreams.

“The light of truth is the one thing they cannot stand, and so it must be turned on them!” – L. Ron Hubbard.

Meanwhile, an end to the practice of “disconnection” will come someday, and here is a beautiful song my wife and I used to sing together:

by Stephen Schwartz

Someday, when we are wiser
When the world’s older
When we have learned
I pray – someday we may yet live
to live and let live

Someday, life will be fairer
Need will be rarer
And greed will not pay
Godspeed, this bright millennium
On its way, let it come someday

Someday – our fight will be won, and
We’ll stand in the sun, in
That bright afternoon
‘Til then, on days when the sun is gone
We’ll hang on, if we wish upon the moon

There are some days, dark and bitter
Seems we haven’t got a prayer
But a prayer for something better
Is the one thing we all share

Someday, when we are wiser
When the whole world is older
When we have love
And I pray – someday we may yet live
To live and – one day, someday

Someday life will be fairer
Need will be rarer
And greed will not pay
Godspeed this bright millennium
Let it come – if we wish upon the moon
One day, someday… soon

Introduction – Ground Rules – Opening Communication to OSA

Welcome to my web log as the “Watchful Navigator

The Native American “Crow” Indians of my childhood Montana Indian Reservation home, gave me the name “CHIPABOOSH” (chipmunk).


Being an intensely loyal person and raised in a very strict Christian home, I have found myself at various times in my life, caught up in a number of  interesting affiliations and relationships that can only be described as “cultic”.  The most recent being my deep involvement in the IRS-approved, legal-corporate consolidation of the fringe group led by David Miscavige in assuming totalitarian control over L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology, where I served as a staff member for more than 15 years.

Extricating myself from these groups has been a lesson in recovering my own personal sense of humanity and responsibility, through rehabilitating especially, the qualities of honesty and compassion.  It has been a lifetime of intense personal growth.

Watchful Navigator” – was a name I carefully chose in early 2010, soon after learning about the corruption of David Miscavige through the video testimony of some of the the highest-toned, highest-ranking guys in management (Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, and Steve Hall) who were once my “leaders” and “role models” (though I knew little of their activities – just their appearances at events, and in Steve’s case, only the awesome and inspiring campaign slogans that expressed the unrealized potential of the empowering and helpful subject of Scientology).

The name “Watchful Navigator” was chosen out of admiration for the work of “The Pilot” (Freezoner – Ken Ogger) – one of the first to articulate and broadly disseminate common sense reforms to remedy David Miscavige’s disastrous impact on the church.  I remain an avid student of the work of L. Ron Hubbard and a successful and knowledgeable practitioner of “Standard Tech”, having left the church May 1, 2012 as a very thoroughly trained and experienced, Class 0 Auditor.

In fact, I love Scientology counseling (“auditing”) so much that I “made it go right” to train as an auditor, and to also audit dozens of fellow staff and public, in the middle of handling one of the most intense posts (besides the Executive Director post) available to a Class V Org staff member.

I’ve never met a case I couldn’t or wouldn’t “audit” (counsel, or help).  (My very first project as the new DSA CCDallas was to covertly coffeeshop-audit picketer David Alexander – not a bad guy, but a problem for our Public Relations – away from the premises for good!)


Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon – assuming the DSA CCDallas post in 1999

As the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) of the Church of Scientology International finally figured out on or about 28 January 2012, the true identity of the “Watchful Navigator” is in fact myself, Scott Gordon, 16-year veteran staffmember and DSA (Director of Special Affairs for OSA) Costa Rica 2004-2009; DSA CCDallas 1999-2004; PSS (Public Servicing Secretary) and Basic Courses Supervisor, Children’s Courses Supervisor, and Chaplain 1995-1999; PES (Public Executive Secretary) 1995; HDF Dir (Hubbard Dianetics Foundation Director) and Introductory Services Auditor 1994; Construction I/C 1993 CCDallas.

GOAL: To contribute my spiritual strength, knowledge and power to seeing the demise of the evil tyranny that has taken hold of the official organization that presents a limited and altered version of Scientology, which is ordinarily an effective subject of HELP (but by now taken far off its original course of providing honest help to the peoples of Earth) and to help restore the subject of free Scientology as once envisioned in its formative years by founder and researcher, L. Ron Hubbard.

“The work was free.  Keep it so.” – L. Ron Hubbard

PURPOSE: To present an understandable picture of my experiences on staff at 2 Scientology organizations; to help audit out (skillfully indicate truth until the lies blow) the group engram (trauma) that was leveled against my friends and associates with whom I served, whose dedication to the subject was used against them in betrayal; to identify correct source(s) of our failures to accomplish the mission of delivering the HELP we arrived to give and receive.





(A case can easily be made in a court of law, that local Scientologists in the Dallas area were fraudulently led to believe that their donations and work were to be used to further the original purpose for Scientology as envisioned by its founder L. Ron Hubbard.)




I am honest, and I try my best to deal in truth, and to subject myself to it.

I am inspired by the Underground Railroad of Harriet Tubman.  A Christian woman to her friends, a clever adversary to her oppressors.  My maternal family comes from a line of Christians in Ohio, who operated a way-stop for the Underground Railroad, now surviving as the “Africa Wesleyan Church” near my Grandparents’ farm in Westerville, Ohio.

Hiding my identity was a 2-year+ “covert operation” (as routinely practiced by OSA) to rescue my friends unaware of the abuses and gross betrayal of trust led by David Miscavige and a corrupt group of government-connected lawyers, and executed by greedy, corrupted associates – all “protected” from the rest of us Scientologists, by enforcing fear (terror, at times) through a carefully compartmented branch of the organization know as “OSA Security.”  This operation continues, and people have been freed from the trap.

So Hello Kirsten Caetano, Beth McKinley, Linda Peters, Pam Bowen, Kathy True!

All of you were at one point, social personalities – of this I have no doubt.  I have personally experienced the goodness of each of you as beings.

I love you all.

I had the time of my life working with you, though let’s say that I was “missing some data.”  (No, I am not being “1.1”)

I may not always be the “life of the party,” but I am (still) a “social” personality.   I will communicate to anyone about anything.

Your hard work and dedication was always inspiring to me and I “went the extra mile” for you many a time, as I am sure you did for me.

But we may have some surprises in store.

My pledge to my friends still in OSA:  I’m going to tell “all” – with discretion and common sense.  I am not here to damage anyone’s reputation undeservedly.  Send me direct communication on anything you feel I have gotten wrong and I will go back and forth on it with you until I am sure I have it “right”.  This goes for anyone else I feel compelled to mention by name (this should be rare).

(If you are “lurking” and posting under an assumed identity – that’s totally okay – post away – and let me know when you’re out!)

Additional pledge (includes all my friends on staff):  If you choose to leave (“blow”) from the organization, I will help you to the best of my ability, until you are fully recovered back to health, sanity – and fully independent.  I specialize in recovery counseling and I will audit you all you need – (only of course, if you want) – “for free” until you are back on your feet.


By the way, the “covert operation” my friends and I are engaged in, code-named “UNDERGROUND RAILROAD” has been wildly successful.  You will be seeing the products coming out of that over the next year.   Dallas is coming back into its own.  Delivery of services has been in progress for quite a while, now.  Our friends are joining us as they discover that Scientology is alive and well outside the “church.”

And I’m going to settle a mystery for you right off – NO, I was not in comm or in any form of “coordination” with Marty or Mike throughout my involvement in the church after learning that David Miscavige was a criminal.  I did have a personal chat with Steve Hall at one point, but it was strictly a social introduction.

All other “confessions” are there in your pc and file folders – the “Sec Checks” (Security-clearance Checks) I passed with flying colors and free needles (because I really was clean and told all) – and – this applies to anyone else curious about my positions and communications – you can find me posting as “Watchful Navigator” on Marty’s blog, Steve Hall’s blog, and Plain Old Thetan’s articles.  (I’ll be re-posting some of my best as we go along.)

(As a “misdirector” to my true identity, I did pretend to be a female in one posting, but all other posted data stands)

Most importantly, the fact remains that I could not have done all of this without my friends – you know who you are!


I did not lie to the media in any of my articles, interviews or appearances.

I –am– however, going to speak freely of things that I know were and are, “crimes” – or at the very least, violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I participated in crimes while I was DSA of the corporate Scientology organization run by David Miscavige.  In particular, incidents reported to the church of adult sex with minors (teenagers, -not- children) went unreported, for the most part (I did report one incident to authorities and a report was filed).

I AM A REFORMER – I am not here to jeopardize religious freedom or human rights.
References: The Way to Happiness: “Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others”; Ron’s Journal 68.

My hands are clean.  My “emergency SP declare” of 01 May 2012, is a joke and full of falsehoods, which were accepted without any confronting of me the accused, with my accusers.  I have never done anything harmful to the church or even any person in the church (with minor exceptions that I have fully apologized for).  I am only “guilty” of blowing the whistle on David Miscavige’s criminal mafia empire that he has been making out of our “church”.

Even as the DSA of a corrupt organization, I managed to refuse or evade destructive orders.  During the rocket-crash of the church 2004-2012 I served in a pioneer area, completely unaware of the disasters consuming the Scientology world until the release of the Basics in 2007 pulled ALL of church management off post (you know what LRH would say about that, so shame on you and I for finding justifications to explain that one away, OSA staff and those who are still “in”).

Okay, I have participated in some of church management’s questionable activities, and stood by observing abuses for too long, and on this I –will– be coming clean.  That is one of the purposes of this new blog.

I am a Christian and a Scientologist, both.  If you are also, please note that I will be posting on this topic in an upcoming blog: ScientologistChristian.wordpress.com


And a marriage is not a thing to be tampered with.

My wife was one of the most ethical persons I have ever met.  But she dutifully “disconnected” from me, to preserve her son’s “Bridge” – their “eternities” – and her own dreams of “OT”.

My Princess

Just Married, December 27, 2003 – CCDallas

Another enforced divorce.  Our marriage was in fine condition as of February 2012 when I visited her in Costa Rica.

There is only one thing now that can happen for her to have any chance of making it this lifetime, to where she needs and wants to be, spiritually.

David Miscavige must go.

The church must reform and first and foremost, must cease to break up families and cease and desist in suppressing the future of our people which requires appropriate, pro-survival procreation (the family being the building block of civilization).

International law

After the Holocaust, Lemkin successfully campaigned for the universal acceptance of international laws defining and forbidding genocide. In 1946, the first session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution that “affirmed” that genocide was a crime under international law, but did not provide a legal definition of the crime. In 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which legally defined the crime of genocide for the first time.[12]

The CPPCG was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 9 December 1948 and came into effect on 12 January 1951 (Resolution 260 (III)). It contains an internationally-recognized definition of genocide which was incorporated into the national criminal legislation of many countries, and was also adopted by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the treaty that established the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Convention (in article 2) defines genocide:

…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II

This is yet another Human Rights violation.

Scott Gordon – The “Watchful Navigator