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David Miscavige’s Attacks on Dallas – Reversed Scientology, or Gross Incompetence?

It’s time to revise and extend my remarks on an extremely devious attack on senior staffmembers of Celebrity Centre Dallas in 2002, by a David Miscavige, head of the corporate church of scientology.

A little background is in order, a lot of which makes my own chilling story of  “reverse scientology” aimed at reducing and/or destroying a person’s sanity, pale by comparison.

(faked photo to illustrate a reported event) someone – not wife Shelly Miscavige – relaxes with David Miscavige in Tom Cruise’s private jet.


This is the actual photo which was used to create the above airplane scene. Lou (his secretary) is out having a good time with David Miscavige. David’s wife has been “sent away” – location unknown.

After “power is assumed” in the early 80’s, when control of the church was covertly but systematically wrested from L. Ron Hubbard himself, with the use of government-connected lawyers, David Miscavige, through Ray Mithoff as newly-appointed Senior Case Supervisor International, engineered an interesting scheme whereby he overrode by authoritarian edict, strict policies of founder L. Ron Hubbard designed to protect upper-level solo auditors from case interference so that a positive theta-entheta (good spiritual energy vs. bad) ratio for planet earth could conceivably be achieved in short order.

(To this day, the church following David Miscavige in his greed, has utterly failed to even approach the simple and easy target of “10,000” people auditing solo upper levels)

This edict, mandating “6-mos. security checks” and expensive in time and money for anyone auditing the level, interrupting a major processing action as it did, extended it for most on the level, into a period of years (although it can be completed in at the most, a few months).  It was, as in most things David Miscavige, all about money.

This gross technical violation was uncovered a decade later in the late 90’s, by former Sea Org officer Virginia McClaughry, and the reference quietly and correctly pointed out to some other Scientologists in perfectly good standing, like Greg and Debra Barnes.

This technical change however, was making the “church” – and David Miscavige, steeped in inurement and in total control of church finance lines – a ton of money.  It was lengthening time spent on this level (OT VII) by pre-OTs on it, slowing or preventing progress.  But that mattered not at all to David Miscavige, whose cynical, arrogant opposition to the founder of the religion he and his criminal band took over, is becoming legendary.

Rather than relax this artificially and illegally (from the standpoint of strict application of Hubbard’s writings) imposed interference to stable auditing gains, Miscavige instead directed RTC (Religious Technology Corporation) representatives and HCO (Hubbard Communications Office) representatives in charge of parishioner ethics, to stop the spread of this revelation AT ALL COSTS.

No tactic was spared in their attempt to destroy the lives of Greg and Debra Barnes, including a blatant attempt to drive Greg insane with a “process” designed to do just that.

  • “What Overt Has Been Restimulated?”

is no part of Scientology processing technology, but its use on Greg was designed to send Greg into the same kind of spin that drove Lisa McPherson – yet another Dallasite – to manifest a psychotic break, which eventually killed her.

For David Miscavige, for whatever reason, DALLAS has been the source of a disproportionate number of the greatest “flaps” (situations out of control).  Dallas is, after major scientology centers in Los Angeles and Clearwater, Florida, perhaps 3rd on the entire planet, in CRIME traceable to the actions and orders of self-appointed dictator David Miscavige.  These very definitely include:

  • suicides and wrongful deaths (following mis-delivery due to financial considerations, or as above, deliberate misapplication of scientology processing)

As a matter of fact, as DSA (Director of Special Affairs) just put through full training for my post (including all of the secret OSA references on Intelligence and Public Relations), I was, by the time I returned from the Freewinds ship, where I had gone on my own dime in order to “become better able to sort out the overwhelming demands of my post,” sitting on the following “flaps”:

  • Lisa McPherson – legal back-up (intelligence research directed against the McPherson family, for use by church attorneys to defend allegations of criminal neglect which I now realize were very true)
  • Carol South – memorial service (death by cancer following Flag auditing)
  • Ruben Flores Sr. (my roommate on the ship, my companion on the flight home – dejected about his “services” on the ship, kept on the ship for an extended stay and all the money they could get, and about to commit suicide within weeks after he landed home)

This was in addition to a number of “Flag public” (upper levels) families and individuals who were leaving in protest as a result of their serious disagreements with the burdensome 6-mos. checks interfering with their spiritual progress and their lives:

  • Dossetts
  • Neuwirths
  • Coans
  • Haywoods
  • Geis

And several others connected to them.

So I had my hands full of human misery.  And yet I was cheerfully confronting it all, and doing my job.  Scientology worked for me.  I “knew” it would “all come out right in the end.”   And I worked an insane schedule to do it.  ~45 hrs/wk teaching public school.  36+ hrs/wk managing the defense of scientology in Dallas.  Week after week after week.

There’s an old, popular saying in Scientology – a kind of a cynical resignation to the cruelty of the universe and its inherent lack of justice:

  • “The only real crimes are ‘being there’ and ‘communicating’.”

I was of course, doing both.  Were one to come up and ask, “Who’s handling all this?”  (and it was asked!) the finger would point my direction.  Never mind that I was doing an awesome job suppressing the confusion and almost single-handedly getting all the commotion quieted down, settling all the refund requests with full legal protections for the church, signed and filed.

Ah, but I was -there – connected to it all.  The “WHO” (nothing to do with the awesome rock group).  A convenient “body to be hung” and a convenient “head on a pike” for the missionaires sent by Miscavige to quell this massive rebellion that, after the Carol South memorial service, where “in-good-standings” were forced to share space with “declared-and-expelleds”, was bursting at the seams.

This was something akin to a lone sheriff managing to keep a town from getting shot up by the bad guys from the big city – then the police from that same big city (Flag) ride in and throw the sheriff (and the mayor) in prison!

So now, here is what I posted at Marty Rathbun’s web log a few months ago:


I can attest that these are in fact, the primary tenets of an enforced moral code stemming from David Miscavige, that has taken hold of the corporate “church”. As DSA CCDallas in 2001, I dared to watch the video Greg and Debra Barnes sent out to the Dallas field (so that I would “know my enemy”). That, and being reported on, for openly mentioning that I “could not believe” the Dossetts were leaving the level (OT VII) because they were by all other indicators, “good people,” got me the following:

-Held on the Freewinds ship two extra days against my will (with my students waiting for their teacher to return and my livelihood put at risk) and interrogated on the e-meter, starting the following process:

-well over 3 intensives (that is 36+ hours, first started at midnight after getting off the plane) of ONE unvaried “rollback” question which I now realize was designed to cave me in and reduce me to blindly accepting orders (it didn’t work for long, I bounced back a few years later) – this question was:

  • “Who told you not to apply the PTS/SP tech?”

It is not nearly as bad as the question they gave Greg Barnes: “What overt has been restimulated?” (run for about an hour – designed to drive him insane – he wisely refused to continue it)

But though mine was more subtle and “innocent”-looking at first glance, according to a recent cognition in two-way comm with my auditor out of session, it does the following:

Causes the being to obsessively mock up answers that are NOT THERE (which process begins to go on continually, AUTOMATIC underneath the awareness of the being) and into this created vacuum one pulls in a world of trouble until the person has the realization that after a lot of corrective auditing, I finally had last week. That made 10 years and 6 months of “running” this unanswerable question, unconsciously.

It is in fact, illegal auditing (a listing question) and was designed to drive me “bonkers” (just ask my wife how much grief came off years later). It was never corrected, and instead, the misery was extended by assigning me “75 hours of objectives” in refusal to permit me to do a CCRD (Clear Certainty Rundown for the verification of the state of Clear).

This same type process was also run (2002) on the ED, the HES, the FBO, and tried unsuccessfully on the Course Sup. Only the HES (the rest of us were too “tough” and, by the end of the process, we “knew we deserved it”) requested help from the local C/S to recover from the insanity, but then was comm-ev’d (fired through kangaroo court proceedings) off her post, only to get more reverse Scientology at Flag as a paying public, where they led her by a combination of “ethics” and “auditing”, to decide to break up her marriage, and DM’s minions went after her upstat, highest-ever-bookselling husband, instead.

This is how David Miscavige “handled” an area (Dallas) that did not completely operate under his pet moral code.

He then sent in his own loyal followers as staff, commandeered off their org posts in California, to man up the new “Ideal Org”. There are NO native Texans in any position of control of that org!

That is what it took in DM’s sick, twisted mind, to bring Dallas under his control. Unfortunately for him, his plans continue to unravel as more and more staff and public wake up to what really happened.

Scott Gordon – DSA CCDallas, DSA Costa Rica, Auditor Cl 0

Added note: At no time during all that time period were any of us execs acting under any doubt that David Miscavige was “LRH’s man”. While the massive field mutiny of pre-OTs was confusing, it did not put any of us into doubt of his legitimacy. I dubbed in that Flag made some serious mistakes- that was all. We were loyal, hard-working, true believers who had NO IDEA that David Miscavige had his sights set on destroying Dallas just because his 6-mos. check secret was “out” in the field there. It was both an INSANE cover-up of his crimes and a Nazi-style “loyalty” test. David Miscavige has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he will DESTROY people – destroy their lives, marriages and sanity – solely for what he thinks they KNOW about him.

… – I don’t know about today’s “Ideal Orgs”, but back in 2002 it would be unheard of for an org C/S to do this. This could have been ordered by David Miscavige himself, for all I know, but it went through the CCNW Pgms Chief, down to Lead Msnaire Wayne Furness from Flag Bureaux. Who knows, who the C/S was. “Rollback” was the term used and it was always whispered with a dramatic sense of “awe”, like I was “privileged” to even know about this “Sea Org-only” process. It was REVERSE scientology.

The Flag Bureaux Missionaires (led by Wayne Furness) was not there to find the truth, but to confirm speculation that “Scott Gordon is compromised.”  In turn, at some point during my 30+ hours of interrogation, I openly speculated that the HES and her husband were “compromised” which probably contributed to some of their misery that followed.  (I was witness to a telex that she and others made the same sort of statements about me under interrogation.  It was a classic, Nazi-style, “rat on your fellow team-member” situation so that the pre-cooked “Org Evaluation” could put some staff “heads on pikes” – you were terrified it would be yours!)

A games condition ensued between Flag Bureaux and OSA Int:  “Look what we found your DSA doing!”  But I had long earlier confessed to watching the Barnes video, had already “handled myself on it” and was working effectively to defend the church.  So these assumptions, if one had cared to observe the actual products at that time, were unfounded.

I was loyal, willing and energetically doing my post with its job of “defending Scientology in my area.”  I talked people out of refunds, destructive actions and lawsuits.  I handled creditors, psychotics and internal dissension with professional aplomb.

I dutifully accepted the assumed “professional evaluation” of the missionaires and did “lower conditions”, blaming myself for the whole mess, struggling to “put it right” – my $5,000 “OT DeBug” to “get myself going up the Bridge” abandonedinvalidated – in favor of “proving my worth” to OSA and the group.

My pc folder (confidential file of counseling sessions) was ripped from the org, so there was no possibility of correcting the reverse scientology I had unknowingly received, and I got very, very sick from it, still managing to crawl in to work anyway because I would have lost just about everything I owned if I didn’t pay off my credit card for the wasted “OT DeBug” service on the flagship.

Ah – but it’s not all bad!

And then a beautiful woman walked into my life who talked me into re-joining staff in her home country of Costa Rica.  The first DSA in Costa Rica – posted as DSA COSTA RICA – assigned the entirety of Central America (a bit much for someone not even able to speak Spanish yet).  The first and only fully-hatted DSA in a Scientology Mission on planet Earth.

My wife through her patient listening, enabled me to disentangle from the deep introversion I was left in, from the “reverse scientology” of 2002.

Scott Gordon – Tatiana Lepiz – 2006

Tatiana Lepiz – my “hero” – whistleblower who stood up to criminal Costa Rica Mission Holder Erick Alvarez, a criminal who during the 1990’s behaved just like David Miscavige is reported to have acted – embezzling scientology org money, womanizing, abusing staff, corrupting tech staff with booze and women to cover his withholds, avoiding getting audited, etc. – There might not be much Scientology going on in Costa Rica without her brave actions in 2000 to shut his criminal team down.

But sadly, the reverse scientology process continued to run and PTS/SP activity fixed my attention wherever it appeared, and I got pulled into some ugly internal battles, which did not go my way despite the fact that I tried to stay impartial, heroically defending innocents from injustice, and applying scientology ethics and justice policies exactly (which virtually guarantees you won’t suppress others, since you are duty-bound to treat everyone fairly, check that injustice does not occur, and salvage the individuals).

The combination of the painful indoctrination of the reverse scientology process, and David Miscavige’s destructive policies and auditor training arbitraries, was brutal.  I knew not from whence was coming the cruel suppression I felt more and more in the orgs – and worse, in getting what little “auditing” was available.

Now what eventually “did it” for me (as far as getting away from David Miscavige’s criminal empire), was to find this same pattern – neglect and abuse of the best staffmembers – repeated for many years afterwards.  By the time the “Golden Age of Knowledge” appeared to require the burning of the books (“Fahrenheit 8008”), I was fit to be tied.  Repeated denials of staff auditing, neglect of our long, heroic, local group sacrifice to get resources together and RTC permission to operate as an org and train our own staff, all began to take its toll.

But of course, being heavily indoctrinated not to look at “COB” (Chairman of the Board RTC – David Miscavige), I remained quite blind to the reality of our situation – waiting in vain for years – to never have our submission for org status approved or even looked into.  I didn’t know how corrupt management had actually become (although even at my level, I had plenty of “indicators”, or “signs”).

Attacked by members of my own team, vying for position and power they knew they couldn’t get while I was on watch, I finally had my own – very brief but no less real – “psychotic break.”  For the first time ever in my entire life, for a few hours, I seriously entertained the thought of “giving it up” (letting go of my life).  But that passed quickly, and with the help of my wife I recovered my health and sanity.

(I have since handled that in counseling outside the church)

Then after weeks of begging to be “Sec-Checked” (interrogated about my transgressions), I left the country for a few weeks and re-ignited my music that I’d given up on to work on Scientology “full time”.  I proved to myself that I could succeed – wildly – at something I wanted to do.  After seeing David Miscavige remove management off post to “make money” rather than “expand scientology” I didn’t really “want” to do much.

I soon returned to my post on my own volition, under my own conditions, taking care of “special affairs” as good as ever, terminatedly handling “flaps” as fast as they “came up” (or more correctly, were “created” by management failure and criminal neglect).  Through hard, honest work and diligent study, I had become quite the professional, and my production records in Dallas and Costa Rica are impressive.  My ethics record was impeccable my first 15 years.  It’s the 2009-2010 period that I stopped following orders, intimidations and threats, to put my attention on delivering scientology counseling to my friends, family and mankind, “damn the torpedoes.”

Geberth Gamboa

Geberth Gamboa – Qual Sec Costa Rica
“…when help becomes betrayal…”

In my last attempt to get up the Bridge in the church, I was thrown out of the courseroom in January 2008, on the Qual Sec Geberth Gamboa’s false reports (same one who set me up for a “Non-Enturbulation” order in 2011 for defying his illegal arbitrary that I couldn’t audit anyone outside the Mission  – his false reports were used to declare me SP on May 1, 2012 in Dallas).

Then, as he lured me onto a months-long write-up of my “transgressions,”on which he marked in red pen a number of evaluative comments and sent me back to “write more” – never checking to see if I was actually “done” using an e-meter, I finally began to get whistleblower reports of the extent of the third-party campaign that had been directed against me, revealing that it was not limited to the field, but had gone through those persons I was supposed to trust as a staffmember, “the most”.  The minister (Jorge Valverde), my auditor (Julio Carmiol), the “staff care” officer (Geberth Gamboa).

And through it all, I utterly refused to burn my early edition books.  Or spend my last thousand dollars buying a sanitized version of the Philadelphia lectures that I already had two sets of on tape!

It took one viewing of church spokesman Tommy Davis spewing his filthy blast at Marty and Mike on the Truth Rundown (I watched the “church response” first to see if it was worth “getting in trouble”) for me to realize I wasn’t going back on staff there while Miscavige was around!

December 2009 – Thank you Bruce!

I finally cleaned up the remaining debris swimming in my head, from that nasty attack on my sanity in 2002, with a self-administered solo Introspection Rundown in 2011, that extroverted me nicely to a persistent F/N (floating needle – happy and free).  An emergency application of LRH tech well within my ability, where no other help was available, though not nearly as good as…

Scott Gordon gets auditing

A friend is salvaging a “wreck” – (me!)

…exiled from Costa Rica for “auditing without permission” (even though per LRH policy I was allowed -even encouraged – to do this as long as I did not charge money or misrepresent my certificate), my friends picked me up early this year and put me in session and I received real, personal care in the form of genuine Scientology auditing, and we undid more of the mess for each other by co-auditing, until finally I emerged able to blow the last vestiges of that Miscavige implant, fully recovering my sanity with even more abilities than before.

Today, Dallas is very definitely unraveling at the seams.  It stands as a huge, embarrassing failure for David Miscavige, who had sent his “very best” resources to bring it under control.  That “control” was short-lived, and few now stay around to endure it.  Today the org has no Academy students on course (supposed to be the primary product of a Scientology organization) and management has to pay whatever part of the $19,000 electric bill that the usual robbing from staff pay, can’t afford.

Staff has gone from ~150 (2009) to less than 75 at the latest count.

In the field this year, there are as many Independent Scientologists being counted in the field as there are corporate scientologists going in for services.  It is only a matter of time before more Independents are made and auditors among us activated and producing more than the org (if that has not already happened).

Project “UNDERGROUND RAILROAD” goes forward, invisibly, undetected.  David Miscavige can’t find it, can’t detect it.  Staff and public are in various stages of “pulling out” – and eventually they reach freedom and safety.

And now that we all know who the real WHO is at large, working all-out as he is on the destruction of the best technology yet developed for freeing a person from the traps of this universe, we’re not going to be killing (in the very literal sense) ourselves anymore.

Introduction – Ground Rules – Opening Communication to OSA

Welcome to my web log as the “Watchful Navigator

The Native American “Crow” Indians of my childhood Montana Indian Reservation home, gave me the name “CHIPABOOSH” (chipmunk).


Being an intensely loyal person and raised in a very strict Christian home, I have found myself at various times in my life, caught up in a number of  interesting affiliations and relationships that can only be described as “cultic”.  The most recent being my deep involvement in the IRS-approved, legal-corporate consolidation of the fringe group led by David Miscavige in assuming totalitarian control over L. Ron Hubbard’s Church of Scientology, where I served as a staff member for more than 15 years.

Extricating myself from these groups has been a lesson in recovering my own personal sense of humanity and responsibility, through rehabilitating especially, the qualities of honesty and compassion.  It has been a lifetime of intense personal growth.

Watchful Navigator” – was a name I carefully chose in early 2010, soon after learning about the corruption of David Miscavige through the video testimony of some of the the highest-toned, highest-ranking guys in management (Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, and Steve Hall) who were once my “leaders” and “role models” (though I knew little of their activities – just their appearances at events, and in Steve’s case, only the awesome and inspiring campaign slogans that expressed the unrealized potential of the empowering and helpful subject of Scientology).

The name “Watchful Navigator” was chosen out of admiration for the work of “The Pilot” (Freezoner – Ken Ogger) – one of the first to articulate and broadly disseminate common sense reforms to remedy David Miscavige’s disastrous impact on the church.  I remain an avid student of the work of L. Ron Hubbard and a successful and knowledgeable practitioner of “Standard Tech”, having left the church May 1, 2012 as a very thoroughly trained and experienced, Class 0 Auditor.

In fact, I love Scientology counseling (“auditing”) so much that I “made it go right” to train as an auditor, and to also audit dozens of fellow staff and public, in the middle of handling one of the most intense posts (besides the Executive Director post) available to a Class V Org staff member.

I’ve never met a case I couldn’t or wouldn’t “audit” (counsel, or help).  (My very first project as the new DSA CCDallas was to covertly coffeeshop-audit picketer David Alexander – not a bad guy, but a problem for our Public Relations – away from the premises for good!)


Scott Gordon

Scott Gordon – assuming the DSA CCDallas post in 1999

As the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) of the Church of Scientology International finally figured out on or about 28 January 2012, the true identity of the “Watchful Navigator” is in fact myself, Scott Gordon, 16-year veteran staffmember and DSA (Director of Special Affairs for OSA) Costa Rica 2004-2009; DSA CCDallas 1999-2004; PSS (Public Servicing Secretary) and Basic Courses Supervisor, Children’s Courses Supervisor, and Chaplain 1995-1999; PES (Public Executive Secretary) 1995; HDF Dir (Hubbard Dianetics Foundation Director) and Introductory Services Auditor 1994; Construction I/C 1993 CCDallas.

GOAL: To contribute my spiritual strength, knowledge and power to seeing the demise of the evil tyranny that has taken hold of the official organization that presents a limited and altered version of Scientology, which is ordinarily an effective subject of HELP (but by now taken far off its original course of providing honest help to the peoples of Earth) and to help restore the subject of free Scientology as once envisioned in its formative years by founder and researcher, L. Ron Hubbard.

“The work was free.  Keep it so.” – L. Ron Hubbard

PURPOSE: To present an understandable picture of my experiences on staff at 2 Scientology organizations; to help audit out (skillfully indicate truth until the lies blow) the group engram (trauma) that was leveled against my friends and associates with whom I served, whose dedication to the subject was used against them in betrayal; to identify correct source(s) of our failures to accomplish the mission of delivering the HELP we arrived to give and receive.





(A case can easily be made in a court of law, that local Scientologists in the Dallas area were fraudulently led to believe that their donations and work were to be used to further the original purpose for Scientology as envisioned by its founder L. Ron Hubbard.)




I am honest, and I try my best to deal in truth, and to subject myself to it.

I am inspired by the Underground Railroad of Harriet Tubman.  A Christian woman to her friends, a clever adversary to her oppressors.  My maternal family comes from a line of Christians in Ohio, who operated a way-stop for the Underground Railroad, now surviving as the “Africa Wesleyan Church” near my Grandparents’ farm in Westerville, Ohio.

Hiding my identity was a 2-year+ “covert operation” (as routinely practiced by OSA) to rescue my friends unaware of the abuses and gross betrayal of trust led by David Miscavige and a corrupt group of government-connected lawyers, and executed by greedy, corrupted associates – all “protected” from the rest of us Scientologists, by enforcing fear (terror, at times) through a carefully compartmented branch of the organization know as “OSA Security.”  This operation continues, and people have been freed from the trap.

So Hello Kirsten Caetano, Beth McKinley, Linda Peters, Pam Bowen, Kathy True!

All of you were at one point, social personalities – of this I have no doubt.  I have personally experienced the goodness of each of you as beings.

I love you all.

I had the time of my life working with you, though let’s say that I was “missing some data.”  (No, I am not being “1.1”)

I may not always be the “life of the party,” but I am (still) a “social” personality.   I will communicate to anyone about anything.

Your hard work and dedication was always inspiring to me and I “went the extra mile” for you many a time, as I am sure you did for me.

But we may have some surprises in store.

My pledge to my friends still in OSA:  I’m going to tell “all” – with discretion and common sense.  I am not here to damage anyone’s reputation undeservedly.  Send me direct communication on anything you feel I have gotten wrong and I will go back and forth on it with you until I am sure I have it “right”.  This goes for anyone else I feel compelled to mention by name (this should be rare).

(If you are “lurking” and posting under an assumed identity – that’s totally okay – post away – and let me know when you’re out!)

Additional pledge (includes all my friends on staff):  If you choose to leave (“blow”) from the organization, I will help you to the best of my ability, until you are fully recovered back to health, sanity – and fully independent.  I specialize in recovery counseling and I will audit you all you need – (only of course, if you want) – “for free” until you are back on your feet.


By the way, the “covert operation” my friends and I are engaged in, code-named “UNDERGROUND RAILROAD” has been wildly successful.  You will be seeing the products coming out of that over the next year.   Dallas is coming back into its own.  Delivery of services has been in progress for quite a while, now.  Our friends are joining us as they discover that Scientology is alive and well outside the “church.”

And I’m going to settle a mystery for you right off – NO, I was not in comm or in any form of “coordination” with Marty or Mike throughout my involvement in the church after learning that David Miscavige was a criminal.  I did have a personal chat with Steve Hall at one point, but it was strictly a social introduction.

All other “confessions” are there in your pc and file folders – the “Sec Checks” (Security-clearance Checks) I passed with flying colors and free needles (because I really was clean and told all) – and – this applies to anyone else curious about my positions and communications – you can find me posting as “Watchful Navigator” on Marty’s blog, Steve Hall’s blog, and Plain Old Thetan’s articles.  (I’ll be re-posting some of my best as we go along.)

(As a “misdirector” to my true identity, I did pretend to be a female in one posting, but all other posted data stands)

Most importantly, the fact remains that I could not have done all of this without my friends – you know who you are!


I did not lie to the media in any of my articles, interviews or appearances.

I –am– however, going to speak freely of things that I know were and are, “crimes” – or at the very least, violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I participated in crimes while I was DSA of the corporate Scientology organization run by David Miscavige.  In particular, incidents reported to the church of adult sex with minors (teenagers, -not- children) went unreported, for the most part (I did report one incident to authorities and a report was filed).

I AM A REFORMER – I am not here to jeopardize religious freedom or human rights.
References: The Way to Happiness: “Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others”; Ron’s Journal 68.

My hands are clean.  My “emergency SP declare” of 01 May 2012, is a joke and full of falsehoods, which were accepted without any confronting of me the accused, with my accusers.  I have never done anything harmful to the church or even any person in the church (with minor exceptions that I have fully apologized for).  I am only “guilty” of blowing the whistle on David Miscavige’s criminal mafia empire that he has been making out of our “church”.

Even as the DSA of a corrupt organization, I managed to refuse or evade destructive orders.  During the rocket-crash of the church 2004-2012 I served in a pioneer area, completely unaware of the disasters consuming the Scientology world until the release of the Basics in 2007 pulled ALL of church management off post (you know what LRH would say about that, so shame on you and I for finding justifications to explain that one away, OSA staff and those who are still “in”).

Okay, I have participated in some of church management’s questionable activities, and stood by observing abuses for too long, and on this I –will– be coming clean.  That is one of the purposes of this new blog.

I am a Christian and a Scientologist, both.  If you are also, please note that I will be posting on this topic in an upcoming blog: ScientologistChristian.wordpress.com


And a marriage is not a thing to be tampered with.

My wife was one of the most ethical persons I have ever met.  But she dutifully “disconnected” from me, to preserve her son’s “Bridge” – their “eternities” – and her own dreams of “OT”.

My Princess

Just Married, December 27, 2003 – CCDallas

Another enforced divorce.  Our marriage was in fine condition as of February 2012 when I visited her in Costa Rica.

There is only one thing now that can happen for her to have any chance of making it this lifetime, to where she needs and wants to be, spiritually.

David Miscavige must go.

The church must reform and first and foremost, must cease to break up families and cease and desist in suppressing the future of our people which requires appropriate, pro-survival procreation (the family being the building block of civilization).

International law

After the Holocaust, Lemkin successfully campaigned for the universal acceptance of international laws defining and forbidding genocide. In 1946, the first session of the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution that “affirmed” that genocide was a crime under international law, but did not provide a legal definition of the crime. In 1948, the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide which legally defined the crime of genocide for the first time.[12]

The CPPCG was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 9 December 1948 and came into effect on 12 January 1951 (Resolution 260 (III)). It contains an internationally-recognized definition of genocide which was incorporated into the national criminal legislation of many countries, and was also adopted by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, the treaty that established the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Convention (in article 2) defines genocide:

…any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;
(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II

This is yet another Human Rights violation.

Scott Gordon – The “Watchful Navigator