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Virginia McClaughry – Malignant, Narcissist Bully – and Her Malicious Smear Campaign Being Waged Against Scott Gordon

This may eventually become a three-part post and updated right here, as needed. I am not going to clog my site here with multiple posts. I have made it known that the attacks need to cease, and when they are taken down in full, this post will be taken off-line.

I am moving on to resume my work which I largely interrupted giving up the bulk of my home space for two years, in trying to help a distressed couple, Mike & Virginia McClaughry, who had exceptional research skills and an important library of information uncovering L. Ron Hubbard’s (founder of the Scientology religion) intelligence background and his ties to the slavemasters running intelligence agencies across the planet.

Despite making it clear that their stay was temporary – giving them a full year’s notice and extending that by an additional 10 months later – and asking only that they pay a fair share of their use of utilities (no rent ever charged), Virginia threatened me several times that I would live to regret cutting ties with them – even though that was my right to have done at any time. This was the action of a bully, and several encounters I had with her regarding my reluctance to do her bidding were also done in a very bullying manner (reminiscent of Scientology Sea Org drama that women developed interacting in that authoritarian, militaristic environment she worked in). Recently she has been making good on those threats.

In fact, since they voluntarily left the premises of my house in March 2021, despite offering to extend their stay, Virginia has made no further research posts. The only posts she has found the time and energy to do have been attack posts that complain about me, or some aspect of my interactions and communications with them.

(Virginia has her own ideas about how she’s saving the planet by making the slavemasters recognize the error of their ways, at which time they will instantly become “good guys” again and stop oppressing good people)

This post is not about what we agree or disagree on. I obviously hold her work in high esteem or I would not have bent over backwards to see it continue…

Virginia’s attack posts have been coming at me on the Internet since April 2020, at which time I negotiated a truce and her attacks were withdrawn (for a while).

(Virginia’s idea of communicating with me is to send out a post on the Internet and to the in-box of her subscribers – this is known as “shame-posting”)

(more shame-posting, and this post has been restored as of this year, and is being used once again, as it was then, to accuse me of conspiring to commit a crime, which is in itself, a form of extortion)

The shame-posting and public attacks resumed at the beginning of 2022, and in these last months have been accumulating… Mostly these are based on wildly mistaken (or else intentionally malicious) interpretations of old, private e-mails Virginia has no business making public (even worse, many are taken from private e-mails furnished her by Loren Spethman, formerly my co-auditing/therapy partner who went behind my back and betrayed my trust in him sometime in the winter of 2021).

Loren Spethman has posted my personal e-mails and taken personal information out of context in some desperate effort to make me look bad in front of our mutual friends (some of whom were successfully turned against me). Loren accuses me of various things, including inventing allegations of criminal conduct, where he posts lengthy pages of laws he thinks I may have been in violation of, regardless of the actual situation and what my real actions taken were, all of them well within my lawful rights, most of them quite ethical and fair.

I am going to try to keep this short, and limit this at first, to furnishing proof that Virginia knew otherwise than what she accused me of in two of her posts.

If I decide to publish a full accounting or timeline, this will become Part III.

For now, here are some highlights:

  • V. continually interrogated me, starting with our first e-mails; in contrast, I was never interested in the barrage of details V. hit me with, and I often tuned her out; I was interested in information pertaining to her attackers – sure – who were also my attackers, but I did not ever take notes except on a few occasions after the fact, when she’d bullied me with ferocity and I needed to de-compress and document what had taken place
  • V. before I drove up to help in April 2019, never, ever discussed arrangements for their utility usage, nor did they once they arrived at my place; I told her clearly this was a small, older home, unfinished, extremely dusty and in the middle of several remodeling projects; the only thing I ever agreed to and that we discussed before I went up there to help them move out during an emergency eviction deadline, was to accept the risk of losing my job (a common ploy of CIA-$cientology hostile operations) V. was never promised any amount of time to stay, but the general understanding that I conveyed was that they were welcome to stay for a time until they could figure out where they could go
  • V. and Mike were given a clear verbal notice on 10 June 2019 – after V. attacked me verbally (screaming that I was an “abuser of women” and taunting me with nasty comments about my Argentine girlfriend whom she had never met) and attempted to get me to step outside and fight her (assault her), but did not succeed – that they had until 01 June 2020 to find another place to stay (this was extended later in April 2020, under the duress of cv-19 and in anticipation of Christine’s arrival, to allow an additional 10 months, which this time I put in writing)
  • V. was spying on me and particularly on my Facebook posts (see first article screenshot above)
  • V. made legal threats – implied and express – when she couldn’t otherwise get her way (see second article screenshot above); I once asked her point blank if she would actually use the state apparatus against me (when she did not want my friend Christine to arrive from Los Angeles to occupy an upstairs bedroom) and she affirmed with a snarling, “Yes, I would!”
  • V. – particularly making this a full-time problem in the last year after my return from Argentina (I traveled as often as I could to allow them space and time to complete their work, and to preserve my own sanity), made it impossible for me to get much of anything done during the day when I was awake, because she blackened the windows from any sunlight downstairs (I occupied the other upstairs bedroom) and insisted on sleeping during the day, when I needed and wanted to work on the house (I did not use this as an excuse not to take care of the place responsibly for all of us)

Virginia has had ample time by now to review my responses to her nonsense, kept to only one Facebook group (“Free Zone Scientology”), and therefore has no excuse for keeping up the libelous attacks on my character. I sent her a private e-mail message (copied openly to Loren) but she promptly put it up on the Internet on her site and published it, along with more personal details about my house and neighbors (known as “doxxing” – from the word “documenting”).

Part I – Here is the first post we are going to take up, although it is so over-the-top, especially for those who know me (including Virginia herself and including Loren Spethman), it seems ludicrous to even take it up for consideration. The proof I am going to furnish, however, reveals Virginia didn’t have a misunderstanding on my past associations, but took advantage of an ambiguous, private e-mail note in order to do so:

So Virginia depends on this maneuver in her attempt to convince the reader that I am a “life-long member” of a movement… Which movement? The pro-Nazi or anti-Nazi movement? It’s not clear reading that sentence alone, but anyone who knows what the original Black Panther movement was about should have no problem figuring that one out. (By the way, did anyone notice my response was to her interrogation of me about why I was even interested in the Nazi connections to the suppression of human freedom? the impatience on her end with my supposed naivete?)

So here is a timeline of anything Nazi-related over the course of my life:

  • 1972 – at age 7 I read an adult book, “The Hiding Place” – which is about a Christian family who hides a Jewish family in World War II until they are caught and sent away to a work camp (I cried at the part when she learns her sister dies). I resolved that I would learn all I could about evil in the world and do something to stop it. For a long time Nazis were a main representation of evil to me (and still are in the context of a larger picture including who their Jesuit-Vatican-British nobility masters are). Later in life, I watched more than a couple times, the movie made about the book.
  • 1988 – I attended a lecture given at the University of New Mexico by an Economics professor who called out Board of Regent member Frank Bormann as a “fascist,” and I started a student movement which resulted in an event during which the Board of Regents departed their meeting because the student protest was “too lively” (and resulted in the take-over of the President’s office in the Spring of 1989). At that time I thought the only way to fight for human freedom was to join the enemy of the Nazis – the communist movement (I became disillusioned with this approach within a couple years, but I did not drop my opposition to fascist government).
  • 1992 – I worked in support of the American Indian Movement (led by Russell Means) and the opposition to the celebration of genocide following the Columbus “discovery” of America, and led significant actions in support of the overall action, including writing articles exposing the Bush family Nazi connections (I was acquainted with the LaRouche publications that far back).
  • 1993 – I joined staff at the Church of Scientology, Celebrity Centre Dallas, where I would serve 11 years (plus an additional 5 years at the Costa Rica mission) in part, because I felt Hubbard was anti-Nazi and had answers to the abuses and over-reach of government of the kind often compared to the Nazis.
  • 2012 – After being excommunicated from the Church of Scientology, I took a renewed interest in promoting human freedom and exploring solutions to evil and totalitarian assaults on human freedom, and among other things, began following Mike & Virginia’s articles and work on exposing the roots of Scientology, learning more about the context of the Nazis and World War II and who really started that whole thing going.
  • In the interim V. and I had numerous conversations where it was clear that my central interest was in human freedom and the right to “alter or abolish government” (Declaration of Independence) – right in line with her work.
  • ca. 2017 – Scott Gordon is blocked from the Facebook group “SCIENTOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE” by its owner (Norwegian, neo-Nazi Tommy Stahl) for posting material challenging his holocaust denial…
  • even before these attacks started and long before she made such a ridiculous accusation, I was already a volunteer on a site documenting and indexing archives from death-camps during World War II…
  • the entire e-mail needs to be studied in full context:

(a little more context, as the full e-mail exchange from which Virginia has pulled one of my rushed statements out-of-context – note Virginia’s condescending attitude for me being “naive” at the time, about the role the British slavemasters – and the Harriman-Bush families on Wall Street – played to put the Nazis in power – and nowhere do I ever express admiration for Nazis – WTF?)

Part II – concerns Virginia’s attempt to shame-post me with the slur of “Slumlord”

(because “slumlords” work full-time energetically for weeks on end, and even hire professionals at their own expense to accommodate the new guests, setting up air conditioning for V. and paying the electric bill for it…)

  • When the McClaughrys arrived in April 2019, the plumbing drainage had been working fine for one or two people – the occasional guest. Within a couple weeks, the plumbing was backing up. It was an old system. We did not know what to do. I personally dug and had installed, a clean-out unit. That made it easier for a plumber to unclog, but it was still backing up every couple weeks. Thanks to Mike’s work, he dug around and traced the outline of the old plumbing. This made it easier to work out a solution (we were quoted about $12,000) and Loren and I designed this solution and I implemented it with Mike’s help – saving us a lot of money. I still spent the $3000 I made over the summer on this project, and by October it was fixed.
  • I paid for Loren to hook up their washing machine, and hook up the used gas stove that Mike bought.
  • I bought and paid for Loren to install, a nice ceiling fan for Virginia’s room.
  • I paid for Loren to run electricity wires to an air conditioning unit they had brought along. (This unit cost an extra $100/month in electricity, for which I paid half that cost the first summer, and all of the cost, the second summer of 2020.)
  • I paid Loren and joined in the work for two full days (and then more for later upgrades) to fix a leaky, shallow-pitched roof over the kitchen in the back.
  • During the first weeks and going into several months, I worked continually moving their stuff back and forth – sometimes three or more times – trying to get the rubix-cube puzzle adjusted so we could fit as much as possible into a small house with limited storage. I sometimes worked all waking hours doing it. Eventually I worked out enough room to save them their $90/mo. storage warehouse rental and bring all that stuff on site, safely inside.
  • I paid a mechanic (that Virginia found me) an extra $150 (yes, I was overcharged) to look over Mike’s brake light and advise him how to fix it.

Does that seem like a “slumlord” to you? (And consider that I resided upstairs in the tight spaces of a small house minding my own business and letting them get on with theirs.)

So I have been repaid for my efforts with heavy and repeated attacks, far beyond what most normal people will believe or confront, so that inevitably it’s easier to distance themselves from me in a state of doubt and confusion.

That is called, “black propaganda.” It is “black” because it seeks to darken the reputation in your eyes of me, my person and my work.

It was used for many years on Mike & Virginia by field agents and private investigators outside the Church of Scientology, and by intelligence agents deployed to flank that effort and make sure the McClaughrys were “utterly ruined” and silenced as much as possible.

It was used on me by those same people – albeit not nearly to the degree I witnessed it used against them.

Apparently now, Virginia has flipped, and is using these same techniques against me.

Virginia, shortly after I helped them relocate to my place for a shelter from the relentless bullying and attacks directed at her for her work in exposing the massive fraud of the Church of $cientology, revealed herself to me as selfishly controlling, and abusive. I have concluded after standing up to several attacks that became vicious beyond reason or justification, that Virginia is herself a toxic, malignant-narcissist bully.

I am not interested in taking credit for buying them two years with which to operate in relative safety and extend their valuable work. But that is what I did. Even for almost two full years after I had made it clear to both Mike and Virginia together, with their understanding and nod of agreement, that I was no longer part of any team or project of theirs, but would allow them a safe space from which to continue their work and plan their next move.

I was and still am, simply interested in getting on with my life, apart from theirs.

That is my right.

Anyone in violation of my rights is engaging in criminal behavior and is subject to laws against this. Libel and defamation always has been and always will be, unlawful.

So consider this a fair warning to anyone who even contemplates violating my rights.

Otherwise, and it goes without saying, you are respected and appreciated for taking the time to read this.